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Leonardo DiCaprio Shoots 'Great Gatsby' in 3D

Leonardo DiCaprio Shoots 'Great Gatsby' in 3D

Leonardo DiCaprio looks dapper on the set of The Great Gatsby at Centennial Park on Friday (November 18) in Sydney, Australia.

The 37-year-old actor, wearing a white suit, was joined by co-stars Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire.

“What’s really cool is working with [director] Baz [Luhrmann] and this 3D format that’s being used for drama,” Leo recently told Access Hollywood.

“Most of the time, you associate 3D with the spectacle of it, but he really wants to use 3D to create emotional impact with the characters and almost use it like what it would be like to immerse yourself in a theater production,” Leo explained.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, and Tobey Maguire at Centennial Park in Sydney…

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Credit: Andy Athineos; Photos: INFdaily
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  1. 126
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@tinkerweird: In a word,


  2. 127
    tinkerbell Says:

    and before you say it, this is a GOSSIP site. Its NOT a be nice to Leo site–we are fans, and I find him fascinating—but I know that NO ONE is HW is a saint.

    I was a researcher in the media for five years—I researched all the old HW scandals in the UPI archive- everything from Charlie Chaplin’s underage wives to the Black Dahlia to Marilyn’s death and Rock Hudson’s “roommates” back in the fifties. For books, tv, and film. I dont do it anymore, but I know my HW babylon. So please dont come out with that crap up there anymore.

    You wanna reality check read the last Paul Newman bio that came out—he was always portrayed as a monogamist while he was alive but he was doing everything including Joan Crawford, (she’s a whole category in of herself) or about the real James Dean or Clint Eastwood gay lover back when he was starting.

  3. 128
    tinkerbell Says:

    that no one wanted to work with Bar/Tzipi, that they lost their Reebok contract, that her mother threatened to “out” an entertainment reporter who was researching whether bar took money from men in Israel to go to parties with them….I remember him being interesting, just go to Bellazon and look.

    all I know is they actually sued one of their own clients, (Samsung)entered into contracts that were mutually exclusive, and set up phony shell corporations in Singapore and Cyprus to avoid paying taxes to the Israeli goverment. Who then busted them to the tune of 500K any way. They are/were VERY shady and thought they were just too clever for their own good.

    Still do, as a matter of fact.

  4. 129
    LOL Says:

    … and the pathetic self-conversation keeps going on and on! The crazy took over another Leo thread and keeps talking about Bar! Tink, don`t you realize how pathetic, laughable and just dumb you are ?????

  5. 130
    LOL Says:

    @200: Or maybe she has a life. You know, friends and family. Unlike you who seems to be a pathetic, sad and lifeless woman who doesn`t do anything else besides spreading hatred.
    Obsession is an understatement in your case and it seems like Leo is just an excuse for you. Him being her ex gives meaning to your sad life because you can come to his threads and keep bashing someone who is not even part of his life anymore.
    You are aware that real Leo fans just laugh at you, arent`t you?
    Bar should get a restraining order against you or sue you for all the cr*p you posted about her over the years. You need some serious help!

  6. 131
    tinkerbell Says:

    ive only been a leo fan since the departed-when I saw it on TV in 2008. Before that I could not have cared less. If you’re talking about kristen zang, his mother set them up, she dumped him after titanic because she knew about the colossal overrun of girls that was going to happen. She was right.

    scary that I know that’s but that was the public explanation.

  7. 132
    tinkerbell Says:

    @LOL: that’s what you would like to think. This is a tiny, rather silly part of my life but its fun. Its just that the bar crowd managed to offend me so much I didnt forget it. Nor do I think she deserves it.

    Bar COULDNT get a restraining order against me if she tried. you couldnt even FIND me if she wanted to! The lack of practical and legal info on her side always AMAZED me.

    What is a “real” leo fan? I dont think there is a single “real” leo fan who posts here regularly. People like him but know he’s flawed, and most of them hated bar too when she was around. they didnt like blake either! They wont like the next one either!

    I’m sorry if you dont like me, but i just dont care and will skip your silly and repetitive posts from now on.

  8. 133
    tinkerbell Says:

    they’ve insulted me now for years, and still are. They also lie and are racist and homophobic. They used to tell me to go “straighen my nappy” head because they knew I was pro multiculturalism….I’m white/irish–that is how smart they are.

    me personally, NO. But I hate morons, especially blond female morons and the men that like em. Just a personal thing, Ihate dumb women who think the fact of hair color or breast implants makes them deserve some rich guy to bankroll them. I find it especially offensive. I also dont like liars.

    I am willing to let talk of her go if whomever is writing the “they are getting back together” rumors go. Because I am going to put a stop to it one way or another.

    I also did not like the fact that she got jobs and cash she didnt deserve for being his fcuk toy. NOONE did. BUt like I said, I’ll let her drop if EVERYONE else does.

    Like on her empty head.

  9. 134
    milk Says:

    tink, what’s your opinion on leo’s friends? lukas, kevin, danny etc. are they using him too?

  10. 135
    tinkerbell Says:

    @milk: No, my opinion is that they have all been friends since childhood, so no. But you have to understand, of them all, he is the BIG KAHUNA. Not one of them can even touch him….the one who comes close is Tobe, but he’s married
    to Jennifer Metro Goldwyn Mayer (some just told me that).

    I think they all need him and probably resent him a bit. Because he takes them on great trips etc, but they are wing men, the “entourage.” Hell, Kevin’s TV career is based on his being in the Leo Pack. At one point Luke was living with him—probably because he couldnt afford a big HW address himself. You think Ethan’s there in OZ on his own nickel? Or in Bhutan?

    So that’s why I think they would spill on him—they need him but he also has the power/juice. You think Luke would be in Inception without

    I think Kevin is sympathetic but shares leo’s sex addiction tendencies.
    Sex addiction is running away from intimacy–read Crawley McNuggets.

    Danny is a professional party giver. Leo is a big name client.

    Im enjoying your questions. at least they are about something not fencing about old news.

  11. 136
    tinkerbell Says:

    I like the fact he’s had the same friends since third grade-it speaks well of him.

    He’s still screwed up about women, though, although part of it is the massive, overweening opportunity he’s given by golddiggers of many stripes. What I am interested is in is will he ever change?

    The fact of the matter is most womanizers dont. But there are some guys, who for some inexpliable reason, DO. I’ve just seen it. They meet the one confident woman who can keep him in place, and they do. Or they have kids and that makes a difference.

    as the guy in hes just not into you wrote:

    “Most men get married. Just not to YOU.” Jack Nicholson got married twice, has grandkids. Clooney, already married and divorced. James Woods too and he’s a known starletizer, that’s why Sean Grey probably went nuts with him. Will he change—I really have a strange feeling that someday he will.

  12. 137
    tinkerbell Says:

    But the chick that does it is really going to be something ! blistering beautiful, supertalented, and cool as hell. Someday.

    Or we’ll just have the Bimbo Parade to make fun of. That’s almost as good.

  13. 138
    tinkerbell Says:

    milk—if you are here in a professional capacity to get traffic for the site or just traffic for leo I dont care—that’s ok with me. I give the man his due.

    Intelligent, articulate, smartest actor in HW, philanthropist, artistic risk taker, skilled actor….yes I love him for all that.

    But such a disappointment in the woman arena to everybody- even I think to himself. Certainly to his Mom, certainly to the women whom he dates and really like him. Sorry its true–there are 100s of Leo’s all across America, I’ve known a few.

  14. 139
    tinkerbell Says:

    IMHO Leo was BORN to play Gatsby—just the right combination of things in his personality/life to be right……

    screw robert redford-he was a good actor but does not have the depth.
    If you have seen him lately he also dyes his hair this unbelievable fire engine red.

    Its sad that a lot of the great 70s actors dont work anymore—I’ve been watchin Hoffman in his heyday and he was GREAT. No redford, jack we get but not in things that are good for him….jon voight does movies like anaconda for christ sakes. Eastwood is around but he’s getting geriatric on us…

  15. 140
    milk Says:

    tink, what do you make of all the soulmate talk?

  16. 141
    tinkerbell Says:

    my hope is yes, there is such a person. She will pop up whether he’s expecting it or wanting or not.

    but the bimbos he’s been with of late havent been that–or else he’d still be with them. and he would not have broken up with them every five minutes if they were. Supposedly he broke up with Blake like twice and they were only together for like five minutes.

    my analysis is he is afraid to visit old wounds from his father’s leaving, he’s afraid to have a family and fail. But also he gets so much womanhood thrown at him it would be hard and ridiculous to say no…
    but then again look at ashton kutcher-he could have stayed single and flogged the HW thing until it dropped. Insread he married someone like 15 years older and stayed with her for a long time—though she did help boost his career at the beginning.

    the best thing for leo to do is one day just jump in—have a family, trust the process, see if he can do it. it would be healing to him. Then again (leo)pards supposedly dont change their spots.

    I’m glad he’s in the Oscar race this year because if he wins he can slow down and look for a mate. that is what the reliable incog has been saying. Not just another fill in the blank bimbo, but an honest to goodness WOMAN. Then again, it could just be blonde-a-rama.

    People have a way of suprising you though.

  17. 142
    milk Says:

    tink, i loved your insights on the sm situation. what’s your opinion of giselle? do you have a history with her or her camp? do her people come on here?

  18. 143
    tinkerbell Says:

    gisele is gone daddy gone. she got what she wants ! hates boston though. So do I actually. No history.

    Gisele is the most sucessful female model in history, just as Leo is the most commercially sucessful actor for one film-Titanic was the first to hit the billion mark, Leo is the Face That Sank A Billion Ships. They are actually neck and neck in lifetime earnings, Gisele might even be ahead. (around 200 million for each)
    Leo might be the most succesful actor in COMPENSATION as well, because he took point on Inception, he made $50 million, twice the going rate for an A-lister nowadays (24-26 million) nobody said anything about that but I dont remember having an actor EVER having a bigger paycheck,

    I dont think she gives a rats a s s about justjared. I dont think Leo does either.You have to be a B through D lister to care. But someone named “cookie” wrote some nice things about Gisele, that I think was Leo’s Mom, or could be because that is her nickname.

  19. 144
    Loser Says:

    How pathetic this idi*t tinkerbell is? Just look at this thread! NOBODY cares about her blabbing so she keeps having a conversation with herself! Isn`t it just sad? 15 comments from the same person in a row! Someone needs a life and some medical help!
    PS: It`s not `insulting` you. It`s stating the facts. You are a mental case who needs some serious medical help because you are pathetic and completely delusional!

  20. 145
    Amused Aussie Says:

    @@amused aussie: all I will say is it raised a few eyebrows….. Tobey didn’t get up to any mischief (I’m told)- he actually seemed like a fish outta water- standing- seeming like he was off in his own little world. It was almost like his body language was saying “Dude your my friend, its your birthday so I make the effort But this really isn’t my gig anymore” (bless his cotton socks). I adore Tobey (just wanna hug him- but I think being close to 6ft I’d prob crush him!!). Don’t know about the other guys. Whilst I don’t doubt there was some playing up going on I do think the reports of ph numbers and sleaze was a bit of exaggeration…. (shrug).
    @sab: I don’t know re actual schedules. Going by the book the Tobey’s character is the lead and would have more shooting than LD- HOWEVER being Baz I’m not going to pretend to understand the way he’s doing things. I can say we’re having crap weather here at moment so any outside shooting has been waylaid- unsure of how much they’ve still got to film inside the actual studio…

  21. 146
    puleaze!!!!! Says:

    Tinkerbell, please STOP, you are so BORING!

  22. 147
    @Tinkerbell Says:

    You do have interesting info
    Especially on the tax issue I think itts funny Barf is travelling to Brazil, Morroco etc.
    Not becos she has modelling jobs, unlike Gisele whose in Jamaica shooting for Givenchy
    But probably cos those were the conditions of her tax deductions
    She thot she could skip on pay if Leo put a ring on it and she became American, didnt happen now its Plan B/C LOL LOL

    Where is Luvie?

  23. 148
    SHUT UP Says:

    will you FOCKING PSYCHOTIC PEOPLE STFU and stop TALKING ALREADY. YOU ARE RUINING Leonardo dicaprio’s threads with your BULL SH!T talk, STFU already and go away! Nobody cares about Bar or Gisele or their taxes or any of this **** you are talking about; SHUT UP ALREADY FOR GODS SAKE

  24. 149
    @amused Aussie Says:

    You are really trying hard to make people believe you have inside info but now I’m sure you don’t. When Leo flew back to the USA to promote Hoover you said he got one week and then he has to be back on set. In fact he was away for two whole weeks. Clearly you have no info about the birthday party either. Just because you are from Australia it doesn’t mean you are in the know!

  25. 150
    @222 Says:

    This person has been off on a lot of suposed ‘insider info’
    Leo’s still here – He was in US
    Blake’s not in Aussie – She was
    Leo’s left – Didnt fly out till the next day
    Pinch of salt people

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