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Anne Hathaway: Occupy Wall Street Protestor!

Anne Hathaway: Occupy Wall Street Protestor!

Anne Hathaway holds up a sign that reads Blackboards not Bank$ at the Occupy Wall Street protest on Thursday (November 17) in New York City’s Union Square.

The actress, who celebrated her 29th birthday this past week, had a variety of signs she held during the demonstration – another read “Blackboards not Bullets.”

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Anne‘s boyfriend Adam Shulman joined her at Union Square – and eventually the twosome marched with the masses to show support.

Many protestors noted Anne‘s presence, and one even took a picture!

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  • Rose

    She’s not exactly the 99%, but ok.

  • FFer

    Adjusted for inflation, we are spending over three times more per student than in the 60s. Let’s go back to the 60s!

  • Gorum

    Well if it isn’t the million dollar hollywood star.

  • marq

    in solidarity

  • Butters

    Well I’ve to investigate what she does with her income.

  • WTH

    … remember her ex ?!!!

  • Val

    He’s in jail, maybe she wants to join him.

  • sadly

    Obama and the Presstitutes are stoking violence dividing us by race and class. . Dictator tactics.

  • laneti

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  • Charlie

    Sorry, but a celeb who makes millions per movie going to these things seem a bit hypocritical.

  • l0nely-girl

    Why don’t you give some money to the school boards, Anne?

  • huh

    Did she roll up there in a Mercedes as well?

  • Dieter

    The banks must go down !!!!

  • You

    I wonder did she join to protesters with bodyguards around her? I don’t get celebrities joining this kind of protests (well, if it was about changing some law then their joining would be ok, but this one is weird) when they earn millions of dollars only for one movie.

  • XYZ

    Occupy movement has become a joke, get real and get over it. As for the celebs joining it, please… They’re doin’ it for more publicity, its obvious even to a full retard and blind.

  • NYC

    @Charlie: I totally disagree.
    OWS is about inequality and corporate greed which exists for all of us.
    This country is having a huge crisis. Wake up!

  • ha

    Considering her ex boyfriend/fiance stole money from people and then used it to live a lavish lifestyle and buy Anne gifts. Supposedly without her knowledge. I find it funny she was there. Maybe she went there to use the protesters for more Batman scenes like they already did for the new movie. If she thinks schools don’t have enough money she could always take her Batman big payday and um DONATE IT to schools!!



  • THE MAIL 2



  • Lisa

    HEY Anne you are a LEFTY IDIOT !

  • THE MAIL 2



  • THE MAIL 2

    #20 RIGHT ON!!!!!!! HAHAHA


  • Hypocrite

    Her ex-boyfriend the wall street wizard squandered milllions of dollars on luxuries for her and himself. Now he is in prison for it and she is out protesting? Remember she is a beneficiary of the evil deeds of wall street, not a victim like the rest of the protesters. Go home Anne.

  • marq

    Did you all miss what she did by being in “Love and Other Drugs”? She helped take a swipe at Big Pharma’s corruption of politics and medicine.

    If you don’t know why that’s so important, get your hands on John Braithwaite’s, “CORPORATE CRIME in the Pharmaceutical industry”.

  • anacacho

    Like most celebrities, her head is up in her a_ss.

  • lafamepoma

    How many reason she’s got. I can’t understand why people in USA can get guns so easy in my country is impossible to think that. They should give more importance to the education rather than army.

  • brenda dubois

    @Charlie: you don’t have to be poor to recognize inequality. she’s showing that she would have no problem paying higher taxes.

  • biker mike

    have lost all respect for her, why would she march with the communist? d

  • jena

    well i can’t say she should be one complaining…

    anyone remember her wall street scamming boyfriend? i do.

  • John M

    She is NOT complaining! Anne is supporting the cause of the movement. I applaud her for doing so and she should be commended for putting herself out there knowing she will be scrutinized by some….

    Good for you Anne…..

  • John M

    BTW. Biker mike ( hahaha ) you think they are communists??? Try opening a history book for once and researching how this nation was born! It was done so in exactly the same way. Our founding fathers demanded a system that wasn’t stacked against them…. Now does that sound familiar mike? Yeah it’s precisely what these protesters are fighting for!!!

  • Facts

    Actors are ripped off all the time by managers/agents/producers/hollywood in general. She has every right and freedom to protest. She’s the 1% demanding CHANGE. It’s that the whole point of the protest?

  • shadow

    I saulte Anne Hathaway for showing her support just like all the other celebrities who have come forward. Just because they are rich it doesn’t make them any less capable of choosing a side. There are good rich people, being rich is not what Occupy is against. It’s against multinational cooperations putting money into politics and buying up congress and politicans and installing laws that best serve THIEIR needs. It is also against the derivatives gambling of wallstreet and the ‘no regulation’ policy that corrupt traitors of both the banks and the cooperations want to impose.

    So GO ANNE HATHAWAY your support means a lot. We do not resent your lifestyle just so long as your money goes to the right places, follow the law, and your movies employ people – which they do.

  • dina

    like when Angie goes to 3rd world countries with bodyguards????

  • dina

    oh but when Angie flies in private jets visiting poor kids its not hypocritical right?

  • Safireskeye

    She is standing in solidarity with the protesters. As for her bf, I thought she gave all the stuff back he gave her and helped prosecute him. If anything, you’d think this issue would be close to her. I’m sure she was heartbroken to be deceived by her ex, and saw the greed/was victimized firsthand.

  • Tonya in Texas

    The fug just leaps off the screen at you doesn’t it?