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Daniel Craig: 'Skyfall' in Trafalgar Square!

Daniel Craig: 'Skyfall' in Trafalgar Square!

Daniel Craig films scenes for the new James Bond movie, Skyfall, in Trafalgar Square on Saturday (November 19) in London, England.

The 43-year-old British actor reprises his role as 007 in the Sam Mendes-directed flick, which also stars Javier Bardem as the villain.

“It, I think, has all the elements of a classic Bond movie, including, to quell any rumours, a lot of action,” Sam said during a recent press conference.

Though he was tight-lipped on details, Sam shared that British actor Ben Whishaw “will be playing a part I can’t tell you about … and Albert Finney, who will also be playing a part I can tell you nothing about in scenes that I can’t really tell you about and Ralph Fiennes, who, similarly, I can give you very little information about.”

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68 Responses to “Daniel Craig: 'Skyfall' in Trafalgar Square!”

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  1. 1
    Rough Says:

    Looking old and rough.

  2. 2
    Groan Says:

    Not another bond movie with him in it! Short, ugly man. Can’t stand his thin, pursed lips and wooden acting.

  3. 3
    susan Says:

    to Groan

    yes, another Bond film with Daniel Craig. and he is signed up for more Bond films after Skyfall. you know, if you don’t like how he looks or acts then don’t see the film. the rest of us will.

  4. 4
    anon Says:

    Ben Whishaw is in this?! Now I have to see this! That man is so pretty!!

  5. 5
    Caleb Says:

    If you dont like Craig as Bond then dont post on here….go watch your nostalgicly corny Bond films from before this series…
    Overrated series gets an amazing reboot and people cry because they live in the past.

  6. 6
    BEAN Says:

    Look how suave he looks OH MY GOD. I not attracted to Daniel Craig himself but I am certainly attracted to the character he plays in the James Bond series. Same with Christian Bale and Batman. Weird!

  7. 7
    bissgirl Says:

    He looks so hot!!!!! Cant wait for the movie. Best Bond by far

  8. 8
    Ka simply Says:

    Look Old remember ‎‏old days

  9. 9
    marq Says:

    And with Albert Finney? Oh this will be BIG.

  10. 10
    Kay Says:

    He is by far the most interesting Bond, and tied for the sexiest with Sean Connery. Absolutely can’t wait to see the new movie. It sounds like they are packing it with some terrific actors.

  11. 11
    Slig o ^____________^ cute Says:

    Oh wrong room

  12. 12
    old Says:

    he looks sixty.

  13. 13
    Daniel and Rooney Says:

    They both look incredibly hot. PERFECT CHEMISTRY!!!!!!!!!
    Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig for Empire by Jean-Baptiste Mondino

  14. 14
    Kevin Says:

    I can’t wait Daniel Craig is the bedt Bond by far.

  15. 15
    Elle Says:

    to 13
    Thank you. I haven’t seen it so far. I don’t know why, but Daniel and Rooney make a lovely picture always. I am sure these two are a good combination as Blomkvist/Salander!

  16. 16
    for more Says:

    yes, another Bond film with Daniel Craig. and he is signed up for more Bond films after Skyfall.
    when you are sure so tell me if he’s signed ip for more Cowboys&Aliens movies?

  17. 17
    bissgirl Says:

    Daniel looking good as always. He always looks so cool.

  18. 18
    Reliance Says:

    “DreamWorks lost nearly $30 million on Cowboys and Aliens, panned severely by critics. Its Fright Night joined the list of underperformers.”

    “Another person familiar with Reliance’s movie operations hinted that there is friction between the company and DreamWorks because of the results so far. Reliance has also ended many deals with stars and is pulling out money from “unviable” contracts, the person said, asking not to be named.

    A Reliance spokesman denied that there is any strain between his company and DreamWorks. “Everything is absolutely fine.” He said though Cowboys and Aliens didn’t do well, it was made up with The Help. The perception that the movie deals are not doing well is wrong, he said.”
    Anil Ambani belongs to the best group of businessmen in the world but he should step away from Dreamworks if he doesn’t want to lose all his money.

  19. 19
    Meyer Says:

    Hollywood, CA – Mediocre, stunk, crap, sh***y. These are all words used to describe some of Universal’s recent movie releases, though none of them were used by critics or even fans. All of those terms were used by Ron Meyer, the head of the studio which oversaw all the productions, acknowledging what many film lovers had been saying for a long time.

    “Forget all the smart people involved in it, it wasn’t good enough. All those little creatures bouncing around were crappy. I think it was a mediocre movie, and we all did a mediocre job with it,” Meyer said of last summer’s flop ‘Cowboys & Aliens’.

    Mediocre, stunk, crap, sh***y. – Meyer used the right words for C&A, what a pity he didn’t heard what I saidd before filming Cowboys started, haha, never mind at least he spoke about it now.

  20. 20
    Movies Says:

    Why We Can’t Have Great Movies

    Universal Pictures chief Ron Meyer caused a splash late last week, when he admitted that “we do make a lot of ****** movies,” and listed Land of the Lost, The Wolfman and Cowboys & Aliens among the studio’s clunkers.

    But the really fascinating thing about Meyer’s presentation at the Savannah Film Festival was the insight he gave into why so many movies are crap: there’s a kind of downward spiral where the more movies flop, the more risk-averse the studios become, and the more they make movies that are probably going to flop.

    Meyer’s comments came just before Universal had a bad weekend — Universal’s Eddie Murphy comedy Tower Heist crashed and burned at the box office, being beaten by Puss in Boots. Meyer had been trying to set up a controversial deal to release Tower Heist on Video on Demand just a couple weeks after it hit theaters, and now he must be wishing he’d succeeded.

    Now Tower Heist looks likely to join a long line of recent flops for Universal, including Dream House, The Change-Up, The Thing, Your Highness, Scott Pilgrim, Repo Men, The Wolfman, Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant, and many others. If it wasn’t for the Fast & Furious and Fockers franchises plus Despicable Me, Universal would have had a pretty dismal last few years.

    Movie Line’s account of Meyer’s remarks in Savannah is pretty fascinating, and well worth reading in its entirety. Super briefly, here are the highlights:

    1) He goes into the problems with The Wolfman and Cowboys & Aliens, and says Land of the Lost was “just crap.”

    2) He says 3-D only makes sense for a small number of movies, like the otherwise-unappealing Journey to the Center of the Earth 3-D.

    3) Says that the projects he recently killed, The Dark Tower and At the Mountains of Madness, were just too risky.

    4) Says almost nobody can afford to do what James Cameron did with Avatar, and he’s proud of A Beautiful Mind — but he wouldn’t do it again because he’d rather make money than make critically acclaimed award bait.

    What’s interesting is the innate contradiction there — Meyer says, on the one hand, that he hates the fact that his studio puts out ****** movies like Land of the Lost and The Wolfman, or mediocre movies like Cowboys & Aliens. On the other hand, he says that aiming too high, with potentially brilliant projects like Dark Tower, Mountains of Madness, or something visually ambitious like Avatar, is too risky. And he wouldn’t do Beautiful Mind again.

    So Meyer wants movies that are better than Cowboys and Aliens, but not as good as A Beautiful Mind. Not mediocre, just not great. (What’s in between mediocre and great? I think the answer to that question would be worth a billion dollars in Hollywood.)

    Let’s just state the obvious — Meyer wouldn’t be apologizing for Cowboys and Aliens and Land of the Lost if they had made money. If Land of the Lost had been a runaway hit, he’d be talking about how Land of the Lost 2 was going to be a lot of fun.

    It also seems likely that Universal’s recent box office misfortunes have made the studio more risk-averse. Meyer says that Dark Tower and Mountains of Madness were both going to be super-expensive films that might not make enough money back. That calculation might have turned out the same way regardless, but it might be easier to justify a big outlay for a couple of prestige projects if the last several gambles had paid off.
    Some fans here were excited about The Dark Tower and Meyer said this project isn’t greenlighted at all.

  21. 21
    to 20 Says:

    Oh boy, The Dark Tower being postponed a uncertain amount of time is really OLD NEWS. That’s the reason Javier is free to take on the baddie of Bond23

  22. 22
    to 21 Says:

    Gina (16, 18, 19, 20) is always too late, she brings an old and negative news as usual. Ignore her.

  23. 23
    sara Says:

    my fav James Bond!!! After casino royale I actually started liking James Bond, some of the previous guys have made him quite sleezy, but Daniel Craig is sexy and sauve!!!

  24. 24
    Fio Says:

    You know, Fincher has a three hour cut of TGWTDT and SONY wanted nothing longer than two hours and twenty minutes. But, now, Fincher seems to win. If it’s true, I’m so exciting! Go, Fincher!!

    From IMdb Board: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)
    by aprileshowers 17 hours ago (Sat Nov 19 2011 12:35:03
    I just bought a ticket at a NYC AMC theater and they said the runtime is 2 hours and 52 minutes. Yes!

  25. 25
    to 22 - old or new, no matter Says:

    Hey, first of all, no matter if news is old or new but it just confirmed the things that I said about Cowboys and Dream House before and that some people, expecially executives and head of the studio, themselves got to sense finally. I am glad that all people working in the film industry now are more careful, learned that famous names have no effect on a film and box office. Some fans were excited that Dream House will be directed by Oscar director Sheridan but I wasn’t impressed by his status because I knew it won’t help to the movie. I wasn’t impressed by names like Favreau, Ford and Craig who were involved in Cowboys&Aliens while fans were too excited and in the end they let Cowboys fail financially. Now the head of Universal said the same and I think most of producers won’t too much trust in big names and maybe there will be more space for more talented and unknown actors. I noticed that Dragon Tattoo is still post-production and they plan to release the movie next month so hopefully all is doing well with Fincher but somehow I doubt, like in the case of Dream House and Cowboys.

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