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Kate Winslet: 'Carnage' Paris Premiere!

Kate Winslet: 'Carnage' Paris Premiere!

Kate Winslet is red hot in Stella McCartney at the Parisian premiere of her latest movie, Carnage, held at Cinema Gaumont Marignan on Sunday (November 20).

Joining the 36-year-old actress was her co-star, John C. Reilly, and the film’s director, Roman Polanski.

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The comedy, based on the play God of Carnage by Yasmina Reza, tells the story of two sets of parents who decide to have a cordial meeting after their sons are involved in a schoolyard brawl.

FYI: Kate carried Roger Vivier‘s “Pilgrim” clutch.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Winslet at the Parisian premiere of Carnage

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Credit: Pascal Le Segretain; Photos: Getty
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  • yuri

    She looks great!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry but she is TOO FAT for this dress. Nice hair and nice to see wrinkles but she is busting out of the dress. No wonder she chooses to wear the ‘illusion’ dresses with a double tone because she is getting fat

  • lola

    wow a movie directed by the man who raped and sodomized a 14 year old girl wow just pat yourselves in the back hollywood and i expected better from Kate Winslet i suppose money speaks louder than morals

  • lola

    wow a movie directed by a man who raped and sodomized a 14 year old girl wow hollywood just pat yourselves in the back…And i expected better from Kate Winslet but isuppose money speaks louder than morals

  • bruna

    if this is fat… holy christ. jealousy will kill man some day.

  • J12003

    @ Anonymous
    Are you serious? I think she looks amazing. Hell, if I had a dress that looked that good on me, I’d wear it in all sorts of colors too! She is absolutely NOT “too fat” she is perfectly fine. If she is “fat” to you, than I’d love to see your definition of “too skinny”

  • lola

    sorry for the double post Jared your site is very slow

  • ewwwwwww

    ewwwwwwwwwwww, they will do anything for money, they have no morals,posing with that guy, i’m going to boycott Kate Winslet and never see anymore movies she does

    Boycott Kate Winslet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • remember da truth

    Fat? I see a larger framed woman in a dress that is very unforgiving and no rolls of fat on her. Agreed, maybe the dress is too tight, but really, it just shows how NOT fat she is…..

  • ^..^

    She’s only 36? I bet she’s another actress that lies about her age. She look no less than 40, and I’m being generous. Always liked her as an actress, she is talented, but she cannot be 36.

    Also I agree with #2 kind of. She isn’t fat, she’s obviously fit, but that dress should only be worn by size 0 body types.

  • Anna

    What happened to her face? Her body looks great (as usual) but there’s something off with her face. Her hair is equally horrid.

  • bobbyweiner

    boycott child rapist Roman Polanski

  • @

    Size 8 should never wear a skin tight dress. Leave that to a 20-something supermodel.

  • Rose

    Kate has this same dress in like 5 different shades of colors lol!

  • remember da truth

    The “girl” in question was a known party girl, regardless of her age. That’s why she was at a party with drugs and older men without her parents in the first place — and then her parents saw a way to make some money and publicity for themselves by crying victim on her behalf. She was there of her own accord, had been at these kinds of parties lots of times, and was not having sex forced upon her as if she were an innocent virgin who was kidnapped and drugged against her will.
    If you look around, there are an awful lot of 14-year-olds having sex and looking and acting many years older than they are, and back in the ’70′s, yes, it happened quite a bit with drugs, too. The woman has long since forgiven Polanski for their encounter, and it’s about time people who weren’t there and only read sensational tabloid versions get a clue and leave the man alone.
    If he were the pedophile you think he is, there would be a long history of teens in his wake, but there hasn’t been. He’s been persecuted for this long enough.

  • Amy

    lola – well said! the only consolation here is that Kate looks horrible! Horrible skin, horrible face and face – just horrible.

  • remember da truth

    Part of the problem with the dress is it makes her shoulders look like she’s a linebacker.

  • okay

    I just love the double standards in hollywood and in society so this man Roman Polanski Raped and Sodomized as Lola pointed out and Hollywood sent a petition to get him freed due to him being famous and talented and then gave him an award…And then we have Mel Gibson who made a racist slur and did his fair share of bad but Hollywood hate him and black listed him they were both in the wrong however what Polanski did was terrible and horrible and just wrong what Mel did was wrong however it not unforgivable.. it sickens me that Polanski is allowed to still make movies and people just turn a blind eye to the truth thumb me down that only makes you and the rest of hollywood a rape apologist

  • Amy

    she looks 45!

  • schlafen

    There are other ways she could’ve shown of her body if that was her goal. She definitely isn’t fat but she needs to dress for her age and body type.

  • hhaha

    @remember da truth: Do not even try to justify it the gives no one the right to rape anyone you rape apologists and your theories i do not care if you was a party girl that does NOT MEAN SHE DESERVED TO BE BLUDDY RAPED HE ADDMITTED TO RAPING HER YOU IDIOT PLEASE GO DO YOUR DAM RESEARCH HE ADMITTED THEN FLED THE COUNTRY

  • ER

    @remember da truth: But he admitted to raping her then fled the country and was never actually brought to justice you make no sense

  • carrie

    She has already worn a similar dress.

    she is a good actress.. but I can’t stand her.. Won’t be seeing any of her films.. she is so smug and thinks she is all that.. well you are not.

  • Kate fan

    Amy you are pathetic! LOSER!

  • booo

    @okay: Totally agree with you all the way. This rapist who fled the US to avoid his sentence should be banned from screening his films in the US. In France or Israel maybe, but not in the US. Disgusting!!!

  • Kate fan

    Amy you looks like an old lady!! Horrible!

  • Alice

    The shape of that dress does not flatter her figure as much as she thinks it does. I agree with another comment that the neckline broadens her shoulders. Plus, she’s already worn it’s fraternal twin to a previous award show.

  • funny?

    I find it funny how most of America is so obsessed with getting Lindsay Lohan behind bars but the real criminals like Oj simpson, Roman Polanski, and Casey Anthony just get off free funny world we live in right?

  • Kate fan

    Hey guys you are pathetic on this website! Kate Winslet looks GREAT!

  • kim

    I should love and respect her more if she hadn’t cooperated with Polanski director.

  • Issy

    Her black and white dress is similar but damn she’s a hot mamma

  • Lilia

    Child rapist should go to prison but wait he is jew and very famous that make everthing easier.

  • Lilia

    By the way Kate looks horible but that is the real Kate without photoshop.

  • kim

    I would love and respect her more if she hadn’t cooperated with Polanski director.

  • Jessica
  • Jessica
  • Issy

    Why are you being so harsh towards kate when maybe his past never came to her attention. Whatever he has done in his past doesnt reflect to Kate’s actuall acting ability. Isw the movie based on HER performance, not some Boycott?

  • Marisa

    @remember da truth, very well said!

  • Marisa

    LOL at the people acting like Kate has anything to do with his personal life. She made a movie with him. That’s it. A year from now she’ll do a movie with another director. I don’t see her praising Roman Polanski’s past actions or defending what he did. It’s none of her business. She just focuses on the work. And LOL at the person who called her fat. Are we looking at the same pictures?

  • Issy

    @Marisa: Couldnt put it better than you… well said

  • Issy

    Kate would have been 2 years old when this offence took place. It’s not something they’ll teach you in a History lesson at school!

  • Issy

    Kate would have been 2 years old when this offence took place. It’s not something they’ll teach you in a History lesson at school.

  • Maguire

    Kate is so voluptuous and sexy. She should really make the most of her prime and wear something a bit more exciting instead of concealing her incredible physique.

  • Kate fan

    Leave Kate alone! Your Hollywood stars are horrible!

  • Mina

    She should start using botox like all the other celebs. She looks old. And she was only 21 while making titanic…

  • kate

    @Issy: You have to be stupid or living under a rock NOT to know he is a child rapist. Whether you like it or not people including Kate, get judge on who you work and hang out with…just sounds like you are trying to justify him and her…pathetic

  • WTH

    She must be the only actress aged 36 to not have had botox… thank god cause she express her feelings ! + She is way too gorgeous and not fat at all jokers !

    @booo: @okay: Polanski is jewish contrary to Megan Fox and Mel Gibson… jewish lobby governs America – and please I’m not antisemitic just because I’m stating a real observation on jewish lobbying here, could have said the same thing about ACLA (christian lobbyists association) or other powerful religious lobby.

  • WTH


  • Issy

    @kate: actually i dont, maybe coz im only in my 20′s. I just dont think working with a specific director can degrade her acting skills….

  • lk

    Roman Polanski is a trully artist ! a genius ! a one of a kind.. for all of you who are giving him titles.. thinking you’re so cool.. what have you done in your pathetic lives ? polanski keep doing your great work ! love you mate !