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Olivia Wilde: I Empathize with Kim Kardashian

Olivia Wilde: I Empathize with Kim Kardashian

Olivia Wilde heads to dinner with ex husband Tao Ruspoli at Cafe Cluny on Friday (November 18) in the West Village neighborhood of New York City.

The day before, the 27-year-old actress stepped out in a bright blue peacoat!

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Olivia recently spoke to the New York Post about Kim Kardashian‘s highly publicized divorce from Kris Humphries.

“I empathize. It’s not easy. It’s the hardest thing in the world. People judge you because divorce is seen as failure,” Olivia said.

“No one should be attacking her. Our attention should be focused on things that are truly scandalous,” Olivia concluded.

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Credit: Brian Flannery; Photos: Flynet Pictures, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • ingrid

    I think thats her ex-hubby Jared…

  • Ashley

    Oh, please. People aren’t judging Kim because her “marriage failed”. People are judging Kim because her marriage was a sham.

  • LOL

    people judge Kim because her marriage DID fail and for MANY other reasons.

    the kardashians are such a public family that it’s fun, easy, and accesible to mess with their lives.

  • LOL

    people judge Kim because her marriage DID fail and for MANY other reasons.

    the kardashians are such a public family that it’s fun, easy, and accesible to mess with their lives.

  • Lola

    Regardless of the smartness of this statement, Olivia truly does seem like a really nice person.

  • Yui

    That’s Tao.

  • call me crazy but…..

    LMAO! People aren’t judging Kim Kumdashian because her ‘marriage’ failed. They’re judging her because the entire can of baloney was a big publicity stunt in the first place designed to make her money. Basically turning the concept of marriage into nothing more than a sl*tqueen’s business venture. That’s why people judge.

  • Girl

    Don’t make be barf … again.


    of course she does… olivia is f-ing fame whore too

  • Maguire

    Love Olivia Wilde, very attractive and sexy. She should really make the most of her prime and wear something a bit more exciting instead of concealing her incredible physique.

  • Lorraine

    It is such a shame that Olivia’s and Kim’s marriages collapsed. Marriage, in my experience, takes work. A lot of work.

  • Erin

    Okay she normally comes across quite intelligent in her interviews but that’s an incredibly stupid statement. They’re nothing alike. She was married for years and didn’t do it publicly and money unlike Kim Kartrashian. No comparison.

  • Keilee

    What does anyone expect from Olivia Wilde?? She drops names in EVERY SINGLE interview in an attempt to sound better,bigger, more famous than she is. She thinks name dropping gets her more publicity so she does it every chance she can get. The Kardashian thing is getting publicity, how can she get publicity for herself out of it? oh, comment on how hard it all is. GROW UP. she likes to put herself forward as this politically savvy, intelligent mover and shaker and yet every time she opens her mouth its just bubblegum nonsense. how she became the new IT girl I’ll never know. she was a guest star on House, and did Tron, which was mediocre at best and suddenly…I dont find her good looking, I dont find her talented and I dont find her interesting. I wish her 15 minutes were up

  • A Woman

    and here is her response that she wrote on twitter:
    “I’ve never seen the Kardashian show. My point was that our collective brainpower is wasted on judging her. Let’s end wars and feed people.”
    and she is right!

  • nililah

    Glad that she is still friends with her ex-husband.

  • Leenah

    That’s her ex..Tao,maybe now he’s just a buddy :))

  • Anya

    Keilee, Olivia makes you really nervous. Jealous much?
    I expect Everything from Olivia Wilde, she is talented, beautiful, funny and smart.
    i can see it becouse i dont envy her.

  • kkak

    she is right though. I cant even turn on my tv this whole month, without seeing Kim and her dreadful no pigment black hair and botoxed face on my screen!!!! It needs to stop the MEDIA is disgusting and obsessed with scandal. Nothing new, but…ugh. Dont even know why Im on a gossip site tbh. so fed up with it, when there are more important things to be getting this much publicity than the vulgar Kardashian family. If they didnt want hate, they shouldn’t have aired their WHOLE lives on tv,cheap tabloid photoshoots for all too see. and now they want privacy? HA! biting the hand that fed them? Because talent surely isn’t what got them into the public eye….famew*oring did. but agree with Olivia that there are more important things to worry about.

  • Mark

    @Keilee: She was probably ASKED about Kim Kardashian’s divorce since she herself recently went through a divorce as well.

  • Keilee

    @Anya: Oh lord save us from amateur psychiatrists. Its possible to dislike someone on the basis of what they say without it being because your jealous of how they look or their life. Whilst I agree with the basis of her statement-that the K family stupidity is minor blip on the radar but how shes said it is idiotic. ‘Took a chance’ bollocks, she made a sham of marriage and did it for money money money. The entire first half of the statement is ridiculous in the extreme and sounds ignorant.

  • Keilee

    @Mark: Seriously?Doubt it.

  • ^..^

    I didn’t think there was a bigger airhead attention starved wh0re than Kim..but Olivia has proved me wrong.

  • Jessica
  • Mark

    @Keilee: Well, it doesn’t seem like that big of a stretch to me. What else would they talk about with Olivia Wilde? The financial crisis?

  • carrie

    I like Olivia but WHY would anyone stick up for Kim is the biggest head scratch-er. Kim’sbehavior on her awful show disgusted me. I knew there was no love or chemistry with her man from the get go, on their family Island trip they aired on their stupid show. He threw her in the water (like most loving bf/gf’s do on vacations!!! and enjoy it) and she cried and was mad at him bc her diamond earring fell out. so superficial and when you’re like that, I dont think you can love anyone else.

  • Annie

    The thing is, with Kim’s “marriage” it wasn’t a case of honestly giving a marriage her best shot but eventually having to move on and it wasn’t as if she married someone on an impulsive whim and then realized it was never going to work (like Elizabeth Taylor and Britney Spears did). It was a cold, well-organized SCAM from the beginning. Olivia is just taking the backlash against Kim personally because she recently got divorced, however Olivia and Kim’s marriages really had nothing in common. Olivia – this woman is a leech and not worth your sympathy.

  • Jacqueline

    A marriage/relationship only exists when 2 people want it to exist and both do the work it takes. When theres only 1 trying, it wont exist. You cant force a relationship and you cant continue a marriage all by yourself. How can you tell when your marriage is over, when the other person beings cheating. It is a clear sing he no longer wants to invest in the work but just show up to take credit.




  • Tim

    Olivia is just as shallow as Kim. Olivia dumped her husband of many years when she thought it would further her career. She’s man-hopped every guy she can since her divorce. Two superficial girls who somehow think they are relevant.

  • sam

    her and tao are going to get back together.she married him when she was 18,im sure she cant love anyone else like him

  • sam

    @nililah: she’ll get back together with him.he’s an italian prince and he’s been with her since she was 18,theyll probably re-marry sometime next year

  • minty fresh

    Oh please! What Olivia said would be true and fitting if Kim actually was in love and then got an unfortunate divorce. However, it doesn’t take a genius to know that everything regarding that trashy Kim is a publicity stunt. Everything about the Kardashians is FAKE including her now defunct “marriage.”

  • minty fresh

    @A Woman:

    Wilde is right, we should focus on things and people that matter, however, she could do her part by not bringing up that tart in any interview because that is all that will be focused on.