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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian Land at LAX

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian Land at LAX

LeAnn Rimes is all smiles as she and hubby Eddie Cibrian touch down after a flight to LAX airport on Sunday (November 20) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old entertainer and Eddie watched the American Music Awards on ABC last night but apparently didn’t recognize everyone at the star studded awards show!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

“I think Eddie & I are getting old when we turn on the AMA’s and keep saying ‘who is that?’ LOL,” she wrote on her Twitter account.

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  • Winter-iz-coming

    This chick’s voice was awesome….but her shenangians with twitter has dulled her talent and is dsitracting.

    She should live her life and put out more music and stop parading around, posting pix and twittering every thought…..has she not learned anything from the Demi/Ashton public

  • Lookie

    Old, stupid, and ugly.

  • Pauly

    Watching the AMA’s she asks “Who’s that?” That’s what everyone is asking about these two.

  • cjohn

    horible smile grinch


    Old, nah, more out of touch. The same reason why these 2 have no clue how disliked they are.

  • SouthernGal


  • Dayana

    nice couple!

  • AaaOoooo

    Winter and Pauley are right. And funny too.

  • cubby68

    SEE! THIS is why I don’t come to site as much anymore! YOu have to put this pathetic human on. YEEESH! It was kinda nice not having to see her ugly old fake smile….leave her off! She’s useless

  • btuno

    Another Jj scoop. LR walkimg in an airport. Her tickeys are going 3 for 2 @ nnowhere venues. The reason she dosen’t recognize the new stars is because she is irrevalent & doesn’t travel in the same circles as they do. EC is pathetic & angry he must want to slap her eyes open. And she is so ugly especially when she is laughing like an idiot in her “candid”pictured.

  • bruno

    @skinnybitch. If we’re fat we can lose weight. She’ll have that ugly mug for the rest of her pathetic life. And it’s going to keep getting uglier.

  • Dobbi

    She looks like a braying donkey.

  • Lou


  • Kat_Chou

    Old ?? No
    Irrelevant and useless ? Yes

  • Longhorn

    Does Rhimes get a discount from the airlines for providing her own baggage handler?

  • Diana

    She and Eddie are “old” ????
    1) Maybe she’s trying to minimize the age gap between them. (For one thing, it’s evident from the different ways they use Twitter that she’s immature and he is not.)
    2) Maybe it’s not about age at all but her way of presenting them as an old married couple who are “settled,” sitting in front of the fire and glancing at the t.v. to wonder at the young whippersnappers who’ve taken over the music world while she and Eddie are drowning in happiness?
    3) Maybe she’s trying to distract us from how old she has made him look after just six months of marital bliss … and maybe he’s smiling to distract us from the happy reality that as long as she’s paying the bills, he’s happy to carry her jock.
    Or none of the above as no matter what she says or how much he is smiling in this photo op, she should sue her dentist for botching up major dental work. There is no reason why, with her money, she must look like a horse’s face, in addition to being a horse’s ass. But maybe that’s why he’s smiling … it is funny, he gets to spend her money, and he carries her jock.

  • Kaylyn

    Well dang! looks like Eddie appears awfully happy in this pic. love the way they have this great sense of humor between them-like they share some great secret! Love couples like this!

  • Athena

    Next thing you know she’ll be making a “guest” appearance at some gay bar off the Vegas Strip where the first 300 through the door get a free pair of boxer briefs! Nothing says “not relevant” like that, eh?

  • btuno

    EC’s not smilig he’s gritting his teeth trying to figure how soon he can have her committed and be free. Eddie,Eddie, Eddie what have you done hitching your wagon to crazy. AND only this website would post a picture of a couple who’s claim to fame for the day was that they watched the AMAs.

  • Lisa

    Unfortunately for Leann, that is what everyone says when they see her CD’s. “Who is that?” It must be really difficult for her to accept the downward trajectory her career has taken. Maybe if she started recording good original music again and stopped with the senseless photo ops and insincere tweeting, people would remember she used to be singer.

  • SouthernGal

    I see my post was deleted. Go figure! Again, I stand by what I say. It boggles my mind on how ppl support an unfortunate looking country bumpkin who wedged her way into a family. Stalks a man by moving down the street from his family even though he publicly dissed her.

    Sorry I’m a mother of three and have been married 20yrs. If a tramp tried something like that with my man it would be an old fashion street fight.

    Brandi doesn’t deserve any of this. I choose to stand by a woman who has to share her children with a woman that caused the demise of her marriage. Brandi is strong and for that she’s got my respect.

    Money or not…LeAnn will never be the same in the public eyes. I find great satisfaction knowing this. Can’t wait for the day her smug a** is dumped.

  • lane black

    Just saw those pics of Leann picking her nose on the web, whoooa hope she is not fixing the stuffing this year. Just to think where those fingers have been. Yun yumm leann this is such good stuffing, poor ignorant Eddie says. thats one reason Deane did all the cooking, he saw those pictures

  • Val

    @lane black Yum, boogerlicious!

  • Kara

    Who smiles this much leaving the airport?? Planned photo op much? Ugh. Leann Rimes reminds me of a home-schooled who has no clue about life in general.

  • Gianna

    I have never read her tweets but have seem people mention them so decided to check it out. She could not be more inappropriate in what she says about those boys. They are not her children. She is a step-parent and while she may claim to love them, she is completely overstepping her boundaries with them. No wonder people have no respect for her and post such awful things about her. I thought the photo ops with them were bad enough but had no idea that she was tweeting the crap she does. Her twitter friends are just as off as she is. My opinion of her just got even lower. I didn’t think it was possible. Entitlement issues much?

  • Gianna

    seen people mention them not seem

  • SouthernGal

    @Ginna….that pisses me off. She use the word “our” which is so disrespectful. When did her fugly a** ever carry or birth those kids. She does to torment Brandi. This is why ppl hate this chic. Not bc of her lame broke a** husband. As a mother, she is way overstepping her boundaries. Brandi is so much better than I could ever be. Take the man who can easily be replaced but my kids would be off limits.

    Karma…she’s nothing to eff with. LeAnn will soon realize exactly how Brandi feels.

  • Diana

    Watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade today and could not help but think of Leann and Eddie. NBC has always heavily promoted its shows during the parade telecast. They are shameless about it and I don’t doubt they would have plugged a certain show … if only it was still on the air. Too bad Eddie’s show flopped and was canceled in October. But we can still imagine a parade float with Eddie and the Playboy Bunnies, with special guest Leann in a bikini, trying again to promote her album by singing “Swingin.’” If only, if only … What fun we all missed because her music is a flop and his show is a flop. So they stay home, holding his children hostage. She tweets all day on Thanksgiving. And after the holiday weekend, they can visit the airport again and have their picture taken. And we can all do this again!