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Miranda Kerr: David Jones New York City Photo Shoot!

Miranda Kerr: David Jones New York City Photo Shoot!

Miranda Kerr slicks her hair back and strikes a pose for a photo shoot in New York City on Monday (November 21) for Australian department store David Jones.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Later in the day, the 28-year-old Aussie model changed outfits and posed for more shots. After the shoot, Miranda received a bouquet of flowers!

Miranda recently did a photo shoot for The New York Times . “The waistline is low, the hemline high and the stock market just as risky today as in the Roaring ’20s, era of the flapper dresses now making a swinging comeback at Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Gucci,” T Magazine writes. Check out the pic at!

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  • superfly


  • sara

    She looks amazing!
    So beautiful in green!

  • ta

    So stunning!

  • Dieter

    How beautiful is that girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr Mister

    Alien head. Must be heavy.



  • I Ate a Thesaurus

    She looks wonderful here!

  • Yo Landi

    Woah, I love the color! Her eyes look amazing<3 She has a perfectly featured face, why are some complaining?! Do people think the most beautiful faces are like Gisele Bundchen’s? ‘Cause I personally prefer faces like Miranda’s and Angelina’s! Much more stunning!

  • Lola

    She cleans up nicely, but her head is so out of proportion to the rest of her body.

  • G

    She’s gorgeous but her face just doesn’t say high fashion to me. Maybe it’s because she has the round face/head of a cute 10 year old girl, cheeky dimples and all.

  • ole

    Dear Miranda’s PR people,

    You better watch out, you are on a slippery slope for overexposure and ruining your cash cows long term career potential.

    You don’t notice?!

  • @10

    She isn’t the typical, near androgynous model that is normally used for HF, but it seems that a lot of designers have warmed up to her. And with her doing so well for Dior and Chanel, maybe she will open the doors for other ‘pretty’ models.

  • @11

    uhmmm, please explain what Miranda’s pr people have to do with JJ?
    are you going to keep going on and on with the idiocy that Miranda pays him? I thought that we had cleared that up. That it’s the haters who post over and over again who pays him.
    how dense can some people be?

  • Bored

    @@11: No, it isn’t the haters who keep posting over and over again. It’s people with brains to know she is paying JJ to put every little thing she does on this site, and if you think she isn’t paying him, then you know jack shit about how pr works.
    How dense can you be?

  • @14

    OK, if you’re so smart *coughcoughhackcough* please explain why Miranda and/or her team would have to pay JJ to feature her when he makes all of his revenue from the advertising on his page. That revenue relies on hits. Her posts get a lot of hits. JJ makes a lot of money.
    Everytime you post with an insult or a complaint, you are putting money in his pocket, and encouraging him to make even more threads for her.
    She doesn’t HAVE to pay him. You, and your fellow idiots are making him lots of money.
    So keep on posting! I want all of the Miranda threads that we can get.

  • wow!

    She’s GORGEOUS!!!

  • charlie

    oh please she is not a classic beauty nor stunning one. she is a total “alien” chipmunk looking girl and it doesn’t look like a model to me. I grew up in the 90s when models were TRULY stunning. thin faces,small heads,long necks,high cheekbones. absolutely spectacular looks. this chick looks more like the girl who served Linda Evangelista water and champagne all day.

  • HuggaBunch

    @Yo Landi: Please don’t mention Angelina and Miranda in the same sentence. Angelina has beautiful chisled striking bone structure and very famous face. Miranda looks like a skinny chick who eats too much salt, utterly bloated and alien like.

  • ha!

    I love these haters who come here to complain that “she doesn’t look like a model” to them.
    But I guess that the people who pay her millions per year to MODEL disagree with you eh?
    But what do they know, right?
    If she’s a successful model….doesn’t that mean that she looks like a model?

  • Princess

    I shop at Victoria Secret on the internet and her photos there are very
    airbrushed to give her cheekbones. These photographs here
    make her appear like a child with makeup on. She is very cute but
    Marilyn Monroe sexy she will never be.

  • zoe

    She looks so beautiful. Bloom is lucky, so d*mn lucky!

  • looks like a doll

    I love the blue dress. She looks like a doll!! So young and breathtakingly beautiful. It’s funny that she still has her youthful looks after having Flynn, while Orlando looks as if he has aged for ten years!! Parenthood surly suits Miranda well (she looks even more radiant) but somehow doesn’t suit her good-for-nothing husband.

  • @22

    Wow. What did Orlando ever do to you?
    BTW, her “good-for-nothing” GORGEOUS husband is busy making millions filming the biggest movie of 2012.
    If that’s “good-for-nothing”, I’ll take him in a heartbeat.

  • @23

    He’s nothing special imo that’s all. There are lots of young actors who are better looking, more talented and apparently more respected. Orlando, as a actor, is indeed not as big as Miranda as a supermodel. She’s far more beautiful and always looks radiant as ever. Also, she has established a successful modeling career and well respected among the fashion industry. Orlando should feel very lucky, like some have said previously, he couldn’t have asked for a better lady to be his wife. I bet there are huge crowd of men dying for his place, you know, supermodel’s hubby.

  • @24

    You can like Miranda all you want. But why do you feel the need to drag sweet Orlando down? He’s a major star and highly successful, and Miranda loves him. As the other person asked….what did he ever do to you?

  • @23

    What exactly is that big movie you’re talking of? The Avengers? The new Batman? Some other new role that will show his range?

    As for Miranda, the only reason I ever click on her threads any more is to poke fun at her obsessive fans. She could have been so much more, yet she chose the famewh*re way. To each their own, I guess.

  • @18 @ Yo Landi

    I agree! Its a historical, epic, utter, huge blunder to mention Jolie and Miranda kerr in the same sentence!!!!!! Worlds apart in both substance and standards!

  • @19

    She’s a good poser …

    of course! An overpriced Australian department store (their counterpart Myers.. who sell the same stuff.. hired Jenifer Hawkins to save a few bucks!)
    …and Victoria’s secret a lingerie company pay her in millions…(highest being 3.5mn$.. which Swanepoel made in like 4yrs tops )
    … wonder why Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs or even Lagerfeld don’t figure that even they can get good business off her… interesting … no?(conveying your tone)

  • @26

    So agrreeeeee… finally someone gets the drift

  • @27

    Miranda does charity work without paying a camera crew to follow her around! And she actually touches the children without demanding that they be washed first!
    And Miranda never slept with someone else’s husband! And she never adopted a baby for publicity!
    Jolie is dirt. Miranda is soooo much better!

  • kerrazy and her crazy friends

    Can you imagine? Kerrazy and her friends from Delphi now think that Flynn is not Orlando’s son, but he is the son of Miranda’s business partner, only because this man has also brown eyes! Aren’t they so crazy that they are almost hilarious?

  • Oh miranda

    She could have so much more, of course. But sadly she married a man who fails to earn his life better than she does. O is of no use, so I guess Miranda must work harder, and having her photo be taken is just another way to gain her fame, which usually means making more money to a supermodel. If there’s anyone to be blamed, it shoudn’t be her, but her husband, like someone said, good-for-nothing!

  • @31

    Yeah. To those idiots it makes more sense that Flynn is the offspring of a guy on the other side of the world than to have his daddy be the man that was actually WITH Miranda.
    And that also shows yet another aspect of their hypocrisy.
    They claim that just because Flynn has Orlando’s brown eyes, doesn’t mean that Orlando is the father. But his brown eyes ARE ‘proof’ *cough* that her partner is the daddy.
    Psychopaths. All of them.

  • @32

    This must be some weird tangent that the dephites have gone off on. They’ve come full circle. Using a woman that they hate to insult a man that they used to love.
    P A T H E T I C !
    BTW….just for the record. Orlando earns more in residuals every year than Miranda and Doutzen combined.
    But keep trying.
    You, and your socks, are always good for a laugh.

  • @31

    Bealze and her buds just have waaaay too much time on their hands. And they are DESPERATE to find something to complain about.
    So now they aren’t good parents unless they are buying Flynn diamond encrusted strollers?
    And they wonder why we call them delph-IDIOTS?

  • Oh miranda

    You are foolish enough to believe that everyone who does not like Orlando as you do must be ‘the dephites’
    Well I liked Miranda, and I feel kind of pitiful for her marriage because I’ve always expected and believed she could do better. Orlando seems to make a weak match to her, populartity, career and looks wise. I’m not going to say his career is dead or something like that, since he was never a superstar or anything big enough to be remembered forever. On the contrary, I thought Miranda once had the chance to make herself big and well respected. Anyway she’s still young and still has the chance, but she should search for a better match first, for the sake of her brighter future.

  • @Oh Miranda

    Are you wishing she married Brad Pitt or someone like that?

    And what sort of career are you envisaging she would have if she married this great guy? What would she be doing that she isn’t doing now? And what would she go on to do as she got older?

  • @36

    You think that the highest earing actor of the last decade has a bad career? Or the guy that was chosen to play a character described as being “fair of face beyond the measure of men” is not good looking? Or the man that has already played two characters that will be remembered for decades to come won’t be remembered?
    Well, OK then.
    Delusional, party of ONE, your table is ready.

  • longchamp

    David Jones, the late 80s twittered they want these looks back. Greens and florals, oh my.

  • @39

    I guess that if the late 80′s “twittered”, they must be current again, yeah?
    Also, David Jones is a store, not a designer. So I guess that it is the designers bringing back color and florals. But what do they know. They olny do this for a living. I’m sure that a random, anon poster on a gossip site knows much more than they do about fashion. *eyeroll*

  • James Joyce

    So beautiful in green!