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Suri Cruise: Ice Skating with Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes!

Suri Cruise: Ice Skating with Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes!

Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes take their adorable daughter Suri, 5, around an ice skating rink on Saturday (November 19) in Pittsburgh, Penn.

Looks like one super fun family night out!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Suri Cruise

At one point during the evening, Tom planted a sweet kiss on Katie‘s forehead. And earlier in the day, the trio went window shopping around the area.

Just the day before on November 18, the happy couple celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary. Congrats Tom and Katie!!

FYI: Katie is wearing an Isabel Marant sweater.

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suri cruise ice skating 05
suri cruise ice skating 06

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65 Responses to “Suri Cruise: Ice Skating with Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes!”

  1. 1
    Suri is STIMMING!! Says:

    A faCe of full makeup with PROTRUDING RIB CAGE!

  2. 2
    Suri is STIMMING!! Says:

    A faCe of full makeup with PROTRUDING RIB CAGE!

  3. 3
    Suri is Stimming Says:

    Sorry for the double posts.
    Forgot to mention the lifeless stares.

  4. 4
    Chris Says:

    Their anniversary was on the 18th? How were we NOT bombarded with photos of them celebrating their big ‘non legal’ big day? Did they forget to pay their bill for photo posting on Just Jared? LOL!

  5. 5
    Susie#1 Says:

    Tom Cruise looks so bad; he’s obviously had a lot of plastic surgery and botox recently. They do not look like a happy family, just poseurs.

  6. 6
    Denise Says:

    Don’t know why there is so much irrational hatred here; but that seems to be America today. A nice family enjoying themselves. Lighten up, and take a chill pill people before you choke on all that bile.

  7. 7
    villedeville Says:

    Something is very strange. Clint Eastwood gets very old and wrinkled but still looks like Clint Eastwood; Val Kilmer gets old and fat but still looks like Val Kilmer; Charlie Sheen gets wasted from drugs and became gaunt and skeletal but still looks like Charlie Sheen. Tom Cruise doesn’t look like Tom Cruise anymore.

  8. 8
    joel Says:

    Suri with summer’s clothes and no mitts.

  9. 9
    POLO Says:

    zzzzzzzz…………..Boring family, pimping out their retarded daughter.

  10. 10
    Speak Now Says:


    Suri is not retarded, so stop bullying kids.

  11. 11
    @chris Says:

    wish i could vote twice green for you.

  12. 12
    Gigi Says:

    Why is Katie even there?

  13. 13
    kay Says:

    Really? post # 7 You compare Tom Cruise to the fat bloated Val Kilmer who has not looked like his old self for at least 10 years. I think Tom looks pretty good for his age so stop hating and get a life!!!!!!!!!

  14. 14
    Congrats Kate! Says:

    5 more to go!

  15. 15
    deutschland Says:

    tom Cruise looks like Christopher Reeve….interesting. I guess my questions about Tom’s whereabouts in the past few months have been answered. He’s been getting his face done. Maybe that isn’t him, maybe it’s just one of his clones? Who knows, all three of them could be robots, it’s not like I can tell the difference.

  16. 16
    violetle999 Says:

    suri is so cute…nice girl

  17. 17
    violetle999 Says:

    suri is so cute…nice girl

  18. 18
    violetle999 Says:

    @Suri is STIMMING!!:
    No one can more cheap than you!!

  19. 19
    violetle999 Says:

    @POLO: 你们全家都是拉皮条的!****

  20. 20
    Suri is stimming Says:


    Please place a ‘be’ between “can” and “more” in your line of comment.
    Practice your grammar, you’ll find it rewarding.
    That brat is malnourished. You have to be blind not to see the protruding rib cage. It’s scary. I bet Suritad must have a pouch for belly from all the sugary treats Tommygirl and her pimp as birth mother bribe her with.

    Full makeup, lifeless stares and protruding rib cage, great combination.

  21. 21
    Suri is stimming Says:


    Please place a ‘be’ between “can” and “more” in your line of comment.
    Practice your grammar, you’ll find it rewarding.
    That brat is malnourished. You have to be blind not to see the protruding rib cage. It’s scary. I bet Suritad must have a pouch for belly from all the sugary treats Tommygirl and her pimp as birth mother bribe her with.

    Full makeup, lifeless stares and protruding rib cage, great combination.

  22. 22
    julie Says:

    There really are some disturbing details in the photos. Suri’s face is made-up and her ribcage is showing! But the choice of clothes is even stranger– compare parents’ and Suri’s outfits. Why is she so unprotected?!

  23. 23
    paprika Says:

    @julie: She’s an alien from another planet, her body temperature is much more different than that of humans. Should be obvious by now. She is one weird little girl. She’s the reason little girls creep me out.

  24. 24
    ellie' Says:

    I have no clue whats your problem with this wonderful family..Tom is a great actor,beautiful daughter, beautiful wife..and all around a wonderful father to all his children…Tom doesn’t deserve all this bull crap from you morons..nice family day out and always have something crappy to say..Get a life..There enjoying there.outing..

  25. 25
    bytheway 28 Says:

    Check out the site, “Katie Holmes Daily” and you will see about 75 pics of this outing. Katie looks MISERABLE. Definitely something wrong. There is absolutely no JOY in this woman and something is obviously making her morose. People constantly comment on her “robotic-ness” because they’re not stupid… they can see with their own eyes that something ain’t right in this trio. Unfortunately, Suri is probably on the autism spectrum too. A difficult situation all around, but Kate doesn’t want to be remotely genuine about anything. All her answers to questions are planned and ridiculous. And before people start screaming at this comment, realize that the general public is not blind. Give them a little credit for being able to call out a train wreck when they see one.

  26. 26
    Awkward Says:

    Seriously? A Cake?

  27. 27
    Frozoid Says:

    Why are the parents all bundled up and the little brat is in her usual summer attire?

  28. 28
    The Holmes-Cruise Fund Says:

    Collecting donations to help the malnourished and undergroomed.

  29. 29
    Suri is stimming Says:

    Katiebot has legs thicker than Regis’.

  30. 30
    Awkward Says:

    and each leg equals one Kelly

  31. 31
    CJLOVE23 Says:

    Verrrrry strange family. Constantly behaving like Suri is a 3 year old. That little girl should be in school, around other little kids, in proper clothes. Look at the way Tom is holding her. I’m surprised she’s even walking! And what a surprise, Stepford Katie looking the same with her fake half smile. Something is extremely wrong with this clan.

  32. 32
    dragon girl Says:

    I hate Tom “Xenu” Cruise his schtick is so apparent, he doesn’t try to hide it.

  33. 33
    Chrissy Says:

    There are so many things wrong with this ‘family.’ 1.) WHY is this kid dressed like it’s summer while her parents are dressed for the arctic? 2.) When was the last time this kid has any solid food? Some little kids are naturally skinny, but there is something wrong with how skinny she is for this age. 3.) Does she EVER attend school? 4.) Is that unfinished sweater of Kat(i)e’s from her line? It looks like it would be. 5.) Holy crap, does this kid look like young Joshua Jackson in that photo! My friends and I always joke that Suri is really Chris Klein’s (cause let’s face it – she ain’t Tommy Boys) but maybe we should take those Pacey rumors a little more to heart. LOL!

  34. 34
    Punkinhead Says:

    ugh….in every single talk show Katie does……its the same old boring hand gestures and stupid face expressions. Just want to slap her silly!

    The biggest airhead in Hollywood. Yes…worse than Paris Hilton

  35. 35
    Amy Says:

    Does that child ever smile?

  36. 36
    Jenn Says:

    If Suri is so gifted why isn”t she skating circles around everybody?Is she so jaded that she can’t even crack a smile?Most kids would be smiling & laughing & having a good time.Katie’s sweater is fugly!

  37. 37
    hag Says:

    suri is a beautiful 5 yr. old child, but her face looks like a 10 yr old. her parent’s religion believe children should be treated like adults. that’s scary.

  38. 38
    sad Says:

    please dont label a kid autistic.. hope’s she not.. suri seems to be in the spectrum but lets hope not.. i have asd kid and life is tough..

  39. 39
    ????? Says:

    @Suri is STIMMING!!:
    I don’t see a pic of Suri in a face full of make-up….

  40. 40
    it's Robo-Bride Says:

    Ohmigod. Jared just posted a thread on Rachel Bilson and her ShoeMint line–and she is wearing the exact same dreadful sweater. Doesn’t look good on either one of them. Katie must like it because this is at least the second time she has been photographed in it. Sleeves are too short, washes her out and it does absolutely nothing for her (or Rachel). Those thready things are way too distracting.

  41. 41
    MeganFoxRocks Says:

    Tom is awesome cool guy , and whats with the hate how old are you people wow

    if you dont like him why bother and comment

  42. 42
    just suri tard Says:

    Isn’t Suri Tar d athletic enough to learn to skate alone?

  43. 43
    Morgan Says:

    @Suri is stimming:

    Everytime I se Suri she is eating a cupcake. She looks very pale to me.

  44. 44
    @MeganFoxRocks Says:

    If Tom were awesome and cool, he’d be protecting his daughter instead of constantly pimping her out to the paps.

  45. 45
    C-lo Says:

    Suri looks so beautiful here. Tom is starting to show his age and Katie looks like a tag along or a homeless person- where went her stylin?!

  46. 46
    noelle Says:

    suri has no make up on…its just that shes sooo cold her lips turned purple!

  47. 47
    Alice Says:

    It’s photo op time for the Cruises. Talentless famewhores!

  48. 48
    SC Says:

    Its obvious Tom bought skates for Katie and Suri and himself at the pro-shop. I couldn’t imagine the Cruises wearing ‘rental’ skates. Yes, as usual, Katie looks horrible!

  49. 49
    SC Says:

    Its obvious Tom bought skates at the pro-shop for the family. I can’t imagine The Cruises wearing ‘rentals’.

  50. 50
    annie Says:

    you all try too hard to knock them- you know what that means- the 3 of them are gorgeous.

  51. 51
    Rosie Says:

    I can’t believe they went to Light Up Night…

  52. 52
    NG Says:

    Here is the video that goes with this ice skating outing.

    It shows Suri and Cruise ice skating. Suri is holding onto
    Cruise but she is attempting to skate and at times seems
    like if she is going to fall back but Cruise is holding her.
    Considering that Suri probably doesn’t regularly ice skate
    I think she is doing pretty good and is becoming less fearful
    and more confident probably thanks to the fact that she goes
    regularly to ballet/dance classes and was seen earlier this
    year swimming with Katie and Cruise at a Miami hotel. I think
    all of those activities will make her a better athletic although
    she is not naturally a well balanced gymnast. I saw a video of
    her trying to walk a gymnast bean which was on the floor and
    she kept falling off due to be being uncoordinated. But she
    is young and has many years ahead of her to be coordinated.
    I think she did good. She didn’t seem to be afraid.

  53. 53
    jenna Says:

    Suri is one overexposed and arrogant kid! And what’s wrong with her parents?? Suri’s NEVER dressed for the weather!!

    And I’m so not buying the happy-family-stuff. Katie always looks miserable and Tom has become a ghost of his former self. He’s obviously clinging to his youth for Katie’s sake…and it’s not working.

  54. 54
    Shelle Says:

    @Susie#1: I agree. It has got to be getting hard for Tom to smile with all the plastic surgery and botox. Photos of him 5 years ago – to today – he looks totally different. Even a different nose structure. When he has his shirt off you can also see his liposuction scars. He is holding what he has left together with a highly paid team of professionals. I also feel it is wrong to set up photo-ops for publicity. Which Cruise does. They registered this child for school in Texas? Then why isn’t she in school being a child and learning instead of being dragged cross country to benifit Cruise’s movie career? Cruise and Holmes are the fakest couple inside Hollywood. He has 3 children, only keeps one around and uses her for PR. Reportedly Suri hates the press. In my opnion, they are both exremely bad parents. Mostly due to Cruise’s huge ego and Holmes naitivity..

  55. 55
    mary Says:

    spoiled brat.

  56. 56
    Dee Says:

    OMG he is such a sissy boy. Everything they do is for the camera. See how happy we are, we are a wonderful family, see how in love katie and I are,.

  57. 57
    two faces Says:


    i know, right?

    how can you (=katie holmes) love and be proud of your man if you know that he is so fake and has two faces.

    i really think that the tom at home, is very serious , never cracks a smile, and is so very controling.

    the tom cruise that we see outside is completely staged and fake. he always walks with that big fake smile on his face when he is outside.

    in the pictures you see tom skating with suri and katie is far behind. if i didnt know them , i would think that tom and katie were strangers to each others.

    katie looks so miserable, and why do she always stare to the ground?

  58. 58
    cari Says:

    @dee and @twofaces

    I’m not sure Tom has two faces. It seems more like that he truly bought into his fame. He became famous early and it is like he can’t believe that he isn’t the adored, beautiful boy of Risky Business any longer. He grew up so used to being the number one actor in polls, People’s sexiest man, an actor who was one of the few that could open a film etc. that personally I think you have to look very hard for the “real” Tom Cruise. He needs that validation of people worshipping him. I also think that is why he loves the Cult of the Aliens. He is a big wig there. And somewhere in all of this craziness he thought because he was so adored by the public he could force his crazy views on the public and they would bow down and kiss his feet and say “Tom you are so right.” Well as WE know it backfired big time. I still wonder if he truly knows the damage he did to his public persona.

  59. 59
    danielle Says:

    Tom Cruise is definitely no Jack Reacher. He looks like a 5’7″ twerp trying to bulk up to play a 6’5″ hugely muscular XXXL jacket wearing Reacher. If Lee Child wanted an A plus lister to play his character than he could have chosen Pitt, who at least could look the part, with the caveat that he bulk up. And there are plenty of A and B listers that would much better than Cruise and Pitt. Based on the backlash on so many book and gossip boards, I don’t think Child thought this through at all. He doesn’t seem to be taking comments anymore from Reacher fans. He brags that he used to work in the industry. Well so did I and you don’t take a beloved character from a book like this and miscast him so flagrantly without a backlash.

  60. 60
    Suri Queen Says:

    suri,you are so beautiful

  61. 61
    Kyung Kloeppel Says:

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