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Angelina Jolie: Lucky To Be Alive!

Angelina Jolie: Lucky To Be Alive!

Angelina Jolie gets profiled by Bob Simon on CBS’ 60 Minutes, which will air on Sunday (November 27) @ 7PM ET/PT.

“I went through heavy, darker times and I survived them,” the 36-year-old actress shared. “I didn’t die young, so I’m very lucky. There are other artists and people who didn’t survive certain things.”

Angie continued. “People can imagine I did the most dangerous and the worst. For many reasons, I shouldn’t be here. You just think [about] those times when you came too close to too many dangerous things, too many chances taken, too far.”

“I’m still a bad girl,” Angie added. “I still have that side of me…it’s just in its place now…it belongs to Brad [Pitt]. Or…our adventures.”

Angelina Jolie: Lucky to be Alive!
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363 Responses to “Angelina Jolie: Lucky To Be Alive!”

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  1. 51
    The ORIGINAL Miami D. Says:

    I used to really like Jolie, even while she was crazy, because she OWNED her attitude. I could respect her for being true to herself. Now she’s just covering her freak with lies = FRAUD!

  2. 52
    No shitt Says:

    @awwww: I went awww too. That is cute.
    @The ORIGINAL Miami D.: having “fans” like you who who haters. Fcuk off her she doesn’t want you.

  3. 53
    thelookoflove1365 Says:

    Such raw honesty and the unwillingness to care about what others think of her. She knows her TRUTH and that’s good enough for her. Can you say the same thing about others and some so called American sweetheart? Nope!.
    The AS sent press release or called rags to let her lemmings know that no, she did not steal her current boyfriend, who was in a 14 years relationship with another woman. AS is all about public image while Angie could care less. Yeah, Angie has THE BALLS. It should be an interesting interview, but then again, ALL her interviews are interesting. Can’t wait to watch it.

  4. 54
    Melissa Says:

    Love her interviews, can’t wait for the rest….I do wish she would gain 10 lbs…..

  5. 55
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    Da trolls are having a fcuking melt down. Love it.

  6. 56
    Doan Trang Says:

    she’s the most down to earth person!!! the biggest figure alive!!!!!! My biggest inspiration.

  7. 57

    @ 44 MANELINA
    Maniston, is that you ? How is your coke addiction ? We KNOW you’re still at it and smoke pot day in day out. You bragged about it !…all those trips to Joe Francis mehicooo places and your bizarre boyfriend are to be for something shady.

  8. 58
    No shitt Says:

    @pittstain & spears weave: he is her man disgusting infamous. He hers she his deal with it. What taken you so long? lol

  9. 59
    Rose Says:

    Angie, you are showing others that there is light at the end of the tunnel if you are willing to change. You are a inspiration to so many, and you always come from a honest place. Your fans love and support and respect you because you are so honest. Love you Angie!!

  10. 60
    The ORIGINAL Miami D. Says:

    @thelookoflove1365: She hasn’t spoken a word of truth since she hooked up with Pitt. And I hold him personally responsible for canceling the freak show, formerly known as Angelina Jolie. GRRRRRRRR!

  11. 61
    No shitt Says:

    @pittstain & spears weave: he is her man disgusting infamous. He hers she his deal with it. What taken you so long? lol She talk about her man he talk about his girl. That is how it goes.ok

  12. 62
    No shitt Says:

    @The ORIGINAL Miami D.: the tabloid freaks and comps are worried their money aka hating on Angie touched. panking

  13. 63
    TRES JOLIE Says:

    So proud being her fan!! She has a beautiful heart who always wants to helps people in needs. She is not a pretentious person like many other celebrities. A beautiful woman, wife and mother!!!!

  14. 64
    Vanessa Says:

    I bet she and Brad have the hottest sex life.

  15. 65
    Richard P Says:

    “I’m still a bad girl,” Angie added. “I still have that side of me…

    I love it

  16. 66
    passby Says:

    I agree with Doan Trang…Angie is a person I look up to.

  17. 67
    queen jolie Says:

    wow.thanks jared.i can’t wait to see this .she looks gorgeous in that video.what a face.this is why i love angie, she’s always been honest about her past and never make excuses and acknowledge it which for me is really admirable.i am not perfect or anyone here , so who am i or you trolls to judge her.what is important is the she turned her life around and do a lot of good things to a lot of about you trolls have you made some good things to some less fortunate other than bashing and atacking this woman.angie, you are one admirable woman.

  18. 68
    The ORIGINAL Miami D. Says:

    @Vanessa: Sure, if you’re into having sex with a rake! Sounds lovely.

  19. 69
    queen jolie Says:

    i bet now that angie will be visible , her stalker will be seen again strolling in new york.

  20. 70
    Paris Says:

    “I still have that side of me…it’s just in its place now…it belongs to Brad [Pitt]. Or…our adventures.”

    Very lucky Brad, mainly sexually ….
    I love Angelina and her side “bad girl ” ….

  21. 71
    heres Says:

    a comment for you to downrate

  22. 72
    Carly Says:

    Her bad girl side belongs to Brad in their bedroom. HOT

  23. 73
    TRES JOLIE Says:

    Swooooooonnnnnnnn swoooonnnn swoooonnnn hearing Angelina and Brad adoration to each other…..

  24. 74
    toomuchanistontalkhere Says:


    with pleasure *thumbs down the self aware troll

  25. 75
    No shitt Says:

    Let see if any of this interview in a good light make it the main stream “Media”. They can’t have this because it is M o n e y.

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