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Angelina Jolie: 'In the Land of Blood & Honey' Poster!

Angelina Jolie: 'In the Land of Blood & Honey' Poster!

Check out the poster for Angelina Jolie‘s directorial debut, In the Land of Blood and Honey!

The drama, set during Bosnia’s 1990s civil war, is “about what happens to people, not just a couple,” the 36-year-old actress explained.

WATCH: In the Land of Blood and Honey Trailer

“It’s a father and son, it’s sisters, mother and child, friends. What happens to all of these different relationships when you live inside [war] – even if they’re great, strong, loving, tight relationships,” Angelina added.

In the Land of Blood and Honey will be released in the native BHS language of Bosnia with subtitles.

The movie hits New York and L.A. December 23, with a wider release slated for January, Deadline reports.

Bigger pic inside

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angelina jolie blood honey poster

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  • @dfg

    I’m excited for this movie even if i’m not the biggest fan of drama and romance! I’m sure Angelina did a great job directing!

  • Lee

    I will certainly see this movie.

    Hope the poster has the image of main characters, they are great actors.

  • lurker

    looks amazing,i cannot wait to see the movie,us fans are already proud of angie

  • lurker

    i really like the concept of the poster

  • cari

    Great poster. Very artistic and layered with meanings. Can’t wait for the movie.

  • Lara

    I love this poster, so stylish and yet so chilling.
    Really looking forward to seeing this.

  • No shiit

    I love the way she talk she is always on target. Brad is right she is BRIGHT. I hope this movie be fab looking forward to it.

  • erm

    The poster is okay but this movie will be too controversial therefore it won’t do so well good luck to her though

  • No shiit

    I love the way she talks she is always on target. Brad is right she is BRIGHT. I hope this movie be fab looking forward to it.

  • No shiit

    Jared and his double posts it is not my fault.

  • luvangie4ever

    I’m so excited for this movie! I honestly can hardly wait, the trailer looks so good.

  • adriana

    woww!!! the poster is amazing…. very artistic and telling…


    Sasha Stone
    AwardsDaily Sasha Stone
    Angelina Jolie to appear on 60 Minutes this Sunday. Her new film is being quietly buzzed, in a good way.
    Courtesy from Awards Daily

  • tish

    The poster is great!!!!!! it makes me want to see this movie even more. So much meaning to it. I love a good story and many of the w

    ar stories thru the yrs were my fav if done right. Angie looks like a real pro already.

    Can’t wait to see it, will be the first ones in line just like for Salt.
    Getting excited just thinking about it. Is there anything Angie can’t do?
    Such an intelligent woman, gotta love her.

    Angie girl You ROCK!

  • imao

    ugly and boring

  • 60 Minutes

    I’m so glad to hear she will be appearing on 60 minutes, December 23 feels like it can’t come soon enough.

  • There’s Blood, Where’s Honey?


  • Love B&A

    Bringing over the new Angie clip from 60 Minutes interview.

  • an oldie

    I love the poster. Looking forward to the movie.

  • tish

    Amazing!!!! Highest best actress out there and now a film writer and director. Angie blows me away No wonder Brad adores her.

  • Love B&A

    A new Angie fan video with clips & pictures/posters from many of her movies.


    So good to be an Angie’s fan. Our girl is rising to major heights slowly but surely while others are doing circonvolutions, blowing hot air with PR stunts selling their mediocrity in stupid projects..
    Angeline Jolie : quadrule threat : actress, writer, director and producer.
    She doesn’t talk too much but she get the job done in no time and like a pro.
    You go girl ! So proud of you !

  • anustin

    very nice.poster.

  • no

    You should see the amount to dislikes the trailer got on youtube not many people are liking the typical war tale

  • Arianne

    Looking forward to it, love the poster.

  • tish

    Bring it home Angie Darling ! We love You as it seems everything you touch turns to gold. Yep You do good and Good always comes back to you…


  • ab

    she is soo amazing !!!

  • anustin

    moron!!! those comments from the trollnistons?????what do you expect from FF grabin peen?

  • tish

    LOL Of course Trolls only know ppl who don’t like the poster .
    They should stop coming here and stay at FF or ICU and continue to stay with other trolls who agree with them.

    Angie is a Genius!!….

  • XIII

    The poster is so perfect! A+

  • Angie Oscar Bait

    Angie is surpassing everything she started out to do.
    Best actress to best director… The woman is unstoppable.

  • wow


  • Richard P

    My girl Angie has good taste.Beautiful poster.I can’t wait In the Land of Blood and Honey

    My dream
    The Oscar goes to Angelina Jolie.


    @ 25 no
    Those posters are the same fed day in day out with Sandler scato like humours product. when you are a Maniston fan, your IQ is too limitted to appreciate adult movies of that superior quality. Maniston fans probably think Balkan is the name of someone..
    Maniston hens are just like mushrooms : fed with shiit and kept in the dark.
    That’s why those people you are belong to are the same who consume Jack & Jill and spend their time speaking about their idole like she is a Playboy aging centerfold with her fab body at 40, at 50 at 60….

  • gracie

    I love the poster, the artist did a fabulous job. I like Angelina Jolie’s name at the bottom as the writer and director. Trolls eat your hearts out. Looking forward to seeing the movie.

  • anustin

    wtf!! jared!!! after all?

  • anustin

    yeah “tish.” bring all the karma,anjie.

  • The Lady is a Jewel

    Bravo Angie You got yourself a hit. We as in JP Fans are so proud of you. I never dreamed you would take it this far. But when i look back you said you wanted to become a pilot, look at where you are today. Flying in the skies in your own airplane. Also Riding 750 pd. motorcycles is one of your hobbies., Winning an oscar at such a young age. I could go on and on and the list would be long.
    You truly are inspirational. I am as Proud as a peacock my dear Angie. You are an exciting lady..a Gem..a Jewel…

  • Agatha82

    I can´t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks JJ

  • Wonderbust

    CLINT EASTWOOD: I saw the film the other day and really enjoyed it. I thought what you did was great. I don’t think people will think that it is a first-time film.
    ANGELINA JOLIE: Oh, thank you so much.
    EASTWOOD: You must have had good influences along the way.
    JOLIE: Yeah, you being one of them. [laughs] When I was on set with you, I thought, God, Clint makes this look really, really easy. And it’s really not that easy. But you seemed to surround yourself with great people and let them do their thing and encourage it. And I had a great team and let them do their thing and they were amazing, so I got lucky.
    EASTWOOD: There is some heavy violence in this movie, which people don’t usually associate with a woman starting out on her first film, but they don’t know you as well as I do. [Jolie laughs] I was also really surprised at how good the art direction was. It really added to the authenticity and the feel of the whole thing.
    JOLIE: Oh, Clint, thank you. And that’s Jon Hutman [production designer] and Dean [Semler, director of photography]. We had the good fortune that all the actors are from the area and lived through the war, so they could call us on it if it wasn’t right.
    EASTWOOD: You got the feeling that everybody was connected to it in some way. The actors looked authentic. Either that or they were just brilliant, which maybe was the case as well.
    JOLIE: I’m biased, but I think they are a bit brilliant.

    Source: t1270374

  • Patti

    Beautiful Gorgeous Angie makes movies that bring her on stage for best actress noms. Has an Oscar already from long ago days .
    Makes movies now with 6 children at home while she travels the world to give to others .

    Angie can do anything. She is a winner.

  • lurker

    wow looking foward to this movie i see the jen hens started their sabotage mission,fans need to be careful pathetic jen hags even open twitter or post from blog to blog pretending to see the movie

  • Wonderbust

    yup and I know the tweet aisha was referring to on AD..i thought it was highly suspect that the person first opened a twitter trashed the film then never tweeted again..then someone who actually saw the film and enjoyed it tweeted the person asking what they didnt like about the film and of course NO RESPONSE..probably an FFer or go by Ehrenstein’s review rather than a randon tweeter that just so happened to open an account to trash the film

  • bdj

    Nice Poster. I am looking forward to the movie.


    @ Wonderbust
    Thank you !
    I am so proud now ! I like being a Jolie fan, not only of the actress, but the woman with her flaws and talents. She is so inspirational, so precocious and so mature.
    The epitome of beauty and brains, through and through.

  • tish

    A BRILLIANT actress and now a director and writer . ALL OF THIS AND ANMGIE NEVER BOUGHT ANYBODY!!!!
    For every bad thing that was ever said by the sicko nutjobs you get paybacks from Angie showing her brilliance in all she can do.

    Looks good on the poor trolls that Angie has actually made a joke out of them. HEY! Whats the sad spook doing hiding behind a curtain in her own apt. all f.c.u.k.e.d up on her coke and smoke with her baby boy Squiggy?
    F.c.u.k.e.d. out of her tree. Probably putting baby booties on him as we speak. cute lil p.e.c.k.e.r.

    No but really…So what has Ticky been doing lately besides bedding down Heidi Bivens little girl man. Or did she break up another relationship you all are keeping hush hush about????
    Is Anustin the sad spook going to write her own movie and direct her own film now too? HUH??? well is she??? Just wondering b /c she likes to copy Angie .

    Anustin and Heidis BoyToy are one big JOKE!!!!!



  • Lauren(BestTrendz)

    It should be a good movie but most good films do not get much appreciation especially when they are based on true stories. I am a fan of Jolie; I will be waiting for this

  • http://computer Susan

    I think people that want to see the movie will go, hens are all talk, that is what they’ve been doing for the last seven years. Angie works when she wants to, who knew she was writing a script and would direct it.
    So when they’re running from blog to blog, Angie is living her life and laughing at her kids antics, so the trolls can keep doing what they’re good at, eating s h i t.

  • lurker

    i know right because the loser is from ff ,these losers are obsessed with angie,they are sick,who opens a twitter account just to bash a movie you have not seen,it only has one tweet,am sure the loser saw the good reviews and read on fan sites that that tuesday was a screening then the FF freak opened that account to do what they are known for,spreading lies, big fail hen