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Chloe Moretz Did Homework for 'Hugo'

Chloe Moretz Did Homework for 'Hugo'

Chloe Moretz lands at LAX Airport on Wednesday (November 23) in Los Angeles.

The 14-year-old actress was in NYC where she promoted her latest movie, Hugo, at the film’s premiere and on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

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Chloe recently shared that working with director Martin Scorcese meant she had to do some “homework” before tackling her role.

“You speak to him for, like, five minutes about a movie and he’ll send you a big box of everything that director has ever done. He gave me a lot of silent films and then Funny Face, Roman HolidayAudrey Hepburn‘s stuff because we were basing my character on her,” she told EW.

FYI: Chloe is wearing Stella McCartney pants.

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  • ray

    don’t wanna sound like a prude but that top is totally inappropriate for a 14 yr old!!!

  • cardinal sin


    You sound like an idiot who needs his eyes checked.

  • Lily

    @cardinal sin:
    everyone is entitled to their opinion. No need to be so rude

  • Turkey Tom

    Why is the old lady pushing the cart?

  • http://boss ipfreely

    trainwreck waiting to happen…hope she has good parents

  • marq

    A fall from grace? Are you kidding? Grace is her middle name!

  • Warren

    @ray: Huh? I don’t see anything wrong with Chloe’s top. She looks completely covered. What am I missing?

  • pinkydoo

    um..she really should not be dressed like that for 14..come on. A black bra showing through a lace top like that? I would not let my 14 year old dress ike that unless she was on a beach.

  • Creed

    For those of you who cant see it she is wearing a sheer shirt and a visible black bra. It is a provocative shirt… her parents need her on a tighter leash. I love her as an actress but not even LiLo was dressing like that at 14

  • Reg

    I could stare at Chloe’s face for hours. So much beauty to go with so much talent.

  • http://ear lohan#1


  • Ka simply

    Beautiful cute chloe

  • no

    @Creed: you make no sense so you don’t mind your 14 year old in a bikini but what this girl is wearing you find inappropriate? someone needs parenting classes asap!


    I feel sorry for her

  • Creed

    @no: I was going to write a reply.. but I realize you are probably the same age as her and youll understand by the time your at least 16

  • Creed

    @no: I was going to write a reply.. but I realize you are probably the same age as her and youll understand by the time your at least 16

  • paul

    It’s not just the see-through t-shirt, her pants are terrible, and she claims to be down to earth but she’s wearing heels at the airport. Don’t even let me start with the age factor. And please, basing your character on Audrey Hepburn? You wish you were Audrey Hepburn. This girl is an idiot and I can’t wait for the day she stops getting work.

  • jessica

    pinkydoo, creep etc etc… dudes where did you grow up ? in a monastery? i think she looks great! and regarding it being age appropriate of course it is..she looks cute…and whatever..,she is 14 and enjoying to experiment and obviously has fun with it…heels no heels who gives a damn… She looks a lot better than i looked when I was 14… I think if i see one more “proper” mickey mouse club childstar i might have to fall asleep… Snooze off seriously! So many people also always critises chloe sevigny and i think she is amazing too…I can see chloe m going this way…And snookie …why exactly do you feel sorry for her… she is a great actress ( which is really the only thing that counts at the end of the day) and has got some amazing movies coming out and gets to wear nice clothes… i don’t see anything wrong with that… oh and i read she works really close with her family…tick! …so I don’t see where you are coming from….
    all i can say is i can’t wait for dark shadows next year… She will be amazing in a tim burton production…

  • unknown.

    When you’re shaped like a box and obviously haven’t grown into womanly curves.. you really shouldn’t be dressing so mature. This is just one of many examples from this girl

  • cardinal sin


    Give me a break, Lilly. Do you read the comments to Chloe Moretz posts? The only people being rude are those who go out of their way to make ridiculous assertions in an effort to rip her. I’ve never seen as much idiocy as I do when I read responses to anything involving her.

  • cardinal sin


    That’s not a bra. It’s a vest underlay that’s part of the Dolce and Gabbana she’s wearing. She wore a similar top at the Scream Awards.

  • cardinal sin


    Oh no! She’s wearing heels! And you don’t like her shoes! My god, is there no end to her evilness?

    Yo Lilly, do you see what I’m talking about?

  • helloo

    I used to really like her but her recent behavior in interviews has become painful to watch and really obnoxious. I hope this weird phase she is going through ends soon because I feel like she has the power to be a unique young actress. She talks about being compared to Audrey Hepburn, which is ridiculous quite frankly. And just presents herself and poses as though she is irresistible. I don’t know. Its just disappointing she is getting all of this praise that is only fueling her oversized ego. And I am all for being confident, but there is a fine line between that and being conceited.

  • cardinal sin


    Sorry you feel that way about her. I’ve followed her quite closely for more than a year and have never come away thinking she had an ego. Don’t know where you see that. Also, she didn’t say she was compared to Hepburn, but rather that she was basing her character for Hugo on Hepburn. Big difference.

  • helloo

    @cardinal sin
    It was recently just in the past two interviews I have seen with her. In one she stated “My favorite part about working with Martin was when he compared me and my acting to Audrey Hepburn.” which I found a bit strange. I know there is a big difference, I don’t mean to sound like I am attacking her I have just noticed a drastic change in her behavior. I too have been following her for a while which it why I am disappointed.

  • helloo

    @cardinal sin:
    sorry I messed up the tagging

    as for the way she is dressed, I am a teen and see multiple girls my age dressing similarly. However, because she is in the public eye, I think it would have been a bit more appropriate to go with something a bit more conservative, especially at an airport. I feel like sometimes she dresses/poses (ie, biting her lip in most pictures) to fuel a kind of sexy image which does not really work for her. I dont know…just my opinion.

  • Cheryl

    This young girl was absolutely rude and immature on the Jimmy Fallon Show. She was self-indulged and boring and very, very , very immature even for a 14 year old. She is a huge disappointment. Very rude young child.

  • JR


    Would you mind pointing out this rude behavior? I certainly hope it’s not her banter with Fallon because that wouldn’t even have been noticed if she were an adult.

  • Jessica

    @cardinal sin:
    Well spoken…totally agree.
    I also don’t think she has got a big simply get more mature when you are surrounded by adults or people older than you most of the time I guess. I think you just got to be thick skinned to not take harsh comments so serious at this age…comments like “I hope she will soon not get any work”…rude i think ..I would have really taken this personal at her age… I hope she doesn’t …I really think she has got a great future to look forward to…she is so talented

  • 14 going on 35

    Chloe Moretz was quite obnoxious on Jimmy Fallon. She’s 14 going on 35…Good luck to her parents!
    ITA with helloo, in most of her posed pics she looks like she is trying to come off as Lolita. Creepy!