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Chloe Moretz: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!

Chloe Moretz: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!

Chloe Moretz waves to the audience as she drops by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday (November 22) in New York City.

The 14-year-old actress, who wore Proenza Schouler, chatted with Jimmy about becoming interested in acting as she grew up and her new movie, Hugo!

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Chloe also talked about her plans for Thanksgiving and how her family was heading home from New York on Wednesday morning, picking up a Butterball turkey, and frying it. Yummm!

Chloe Moretz on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’

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Credit: Jason Kempin; Photos: Getty
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  • jenna

    Who the hell is that and what on earth is she wearing???


    something’s wrong with her and it’s not puberty


    She looks so old for 14, looks more like she’s in her late 20s!! Don’t really like her, she has not wowed me on screen yet.

  • m

    something about her gives me the creeps. she has a strange nose


    This kid has a lot of potential, glad she covered up and was not inapp.dressed for her age.

  • weirdos

    She is 14 get over it she dresses better than most 14 year olds do these days at least she is covered and she is very talented her nose looks fine

  • Ka simply

    Looks cute like little girl so beautiful

  • unknown.

    @SORELLA: Do you have any grasp on reality? She looks maybe 16 at the oldest.

    and a 14 yr old shouldn’t be showing off the legs like that.. look how hiked up her shorts are when she’s sitting. This girl seems to want to grow up fast

  • Irena

    It’s not much to do with her dressing (rarely any Hollywood starlet dresses appropriately nowadays) but the way she talks and carries herself – already in her 20s o.O I mean, Emma Watson sounds younger than her!

  • http://none Elle

    I’m 15 and honestly I am nowhere near jealous of her. I mean, am I the only one creeped out that this child looks like she’s in her 20′s… In fact I’m happy I personally look like a 12 year old, at least when I do turn 20 people won’t think I’m 45.

    And on the topic of talent, she hasn’t shocked me yet. I’ve only seen a few films of hers and they are all mediocre.

  • rachel

    chloĆ« looks great! i’m sure she’s gonna be one of the best actress in Hollywood. ups, she did it

  • lizzyb

    glad to know that i’m not the only one who is disturbed by this “14 yr old.” it’s frightening how precocious she is.

  • Nina

    You can see she grew up with 4 brothers, she’s got lots of attitude, I like it :)

  • http://b Looky

    Haha!!! You can tell she grew up with four brothers. I see nothing wrong here, very cute personality.

  • Jesse

    I loved her a lot then recently I read she is not so nice. Supposedly she has a bad habit of accidentally saying some racial slurs. “accidentally”

  • Anna

    wooow she’s got a mouth on her and she’s only 14. It’s going to get a lot worse folks. How can anyone in their right mind be that rude and obnoxious to Jimmy Fallon?

  • marq

    She’s wearing makeup, she’s dressed expensively, she comports herself as an equal to Fallon. Apparently, her “fault” is that she hasn’t learned her “place” as you detractors here would seem to prefer, as you would discredit her, demonize her and vilify her to, in order that she would assume that “place” that you would have her shrink to.

    It’s not about keeping her “down”. Chloe Moritz is already on top.

  • Melissa

    I’ve heard she’s got like a 30 year old something boyfriend and chain smokes…..of course…..these are all ‘blind items’ so you never really know.

  • Melissa

    I’ve heard she has a 30 year old bf and chain smokes, of course, these are all ‘blind items’ so we won’t know for sure….but I sure hope not.

  • Raichill

    She needs to get her squint fixed.

  • debbie

    Haha! “Accidental” racial slurs… 30 year old boyfriend…who is your source for these statements? Sounds all far fetched to me…I think she is great and witty!…so talented…loved her in let me in…ps:can someone get me this shirt? Freaking amazing!

  • JR


    I’ve heard she tortures small animals just for the fun of it….

    You shouldn’t believe everything you read, particularly from people speculating on gossip sites.

  • db

    I heard that she can only orgasm from clitoral stimulation and that while she finds penetration unsatisfying she declares it a necessary evil.

  • Jack

    Am I the only one who thought she was being oddly flirty with Jimmy (especially during the game they played in the next segment)?
    This girl was smart, funny, yes — but she needs to calm it down and not tell every sarcastic joke that comes to mind.

  • jk

    another Hayden Panttiere… dressing like she’s ten years older
    those shoes, bad choice

  • JR


    I thought she was sarcastic in an adult humor kind of way that didn’t go over all that well. I’ve seen her be that way with her close friends over Twitter, but you can’t really get that chummy with people you don’t know. She’ll learn, I think.

    I did not, however, feel she was being flirty. At least not in any sensual way.

  • Chloe

    What is the BFD about this girl? Stop posting about her, JJ.

  • Warren

    Chloe has a great personality. Such a hot little woman!

  • Wolfie

    Did anyone else notice the quick ‘full body glance over’ she did on Fallon during the little game they played? It’s like she was checking him out. I swear, when I saw it, I was thinking, “Is she crushing on him? Is she HOT for him?” Almost like she was hoping he’d make a move on her so she could let him score.

    Of course, that’s only based on the view provided. Could be something caught her eye (not related to Fallon at all) and she looked at it and then looked back up at him. Almost like seeing something blinking in the corner of your eye and you take a look to see what it is. Still though, it looked like she was checking him out.

  • Annabelle

    Can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something terribly unsettling about this girl.

  • cardinal sin


    I’ve watched a couple times and I don’t see her being either of those things. Fallon seemed to get defensive when she corrected him early on and the audience, almost certainly unfamiliar with her, appeared to get defensive with him. I thought he then relaxed and they exchanged good-natured barbs shortly after. At worst, her attempt to use adult type humor might’ve fallen flat. But some people seem determined to make her into something she’s not.

  • almostno1fan

    is her voice really sound like that, ive watch some of her videos before and it wasnt like that, her voice sounds huge. lol

  • Cierra

    There is nothing wrong with this little cutie. And all this talk about her nose? Lmao! People will find just about ANYTHING to dislike a person for.

    “I hate her nose. She scares me.”

    “Congrats, you’re a moron.”

  • M

    I love Chloe but she’s seriously suffering from a case of Madonna accent changing. In the course of one interview, Chloe went through about five different regional dialects. Stick to one and make it work girl! Otherwise i love you.

  • http://Tj Slig o ^_________^ cute

    So pretty and sweet ^_^

  • paul

    why do people like her? she’s so pretentious

  • J.

    So young to be drunk on a talk show.

  • ellie

    I used to really like her but recently she has started acting really different in interviews. She is constantly sarcastic/thinks she is being witty when in actuality it just makes her sound conceited and obnoxious. The way she poses is really ridiculous and she tries to act like she is irresistible (squinting and biting her lip) for the camera. I really really hope this is just a phase she is going through or something but even so, I have lost a ton of respect for her.

  • Gia

    As right as you all may be in on way or another, remember that we were all 14 once, and most of us wanted nothing more than to slap on lipstick or whatever was trendy at the time so that we could look and act more fabulous than we were. We’ve all just forgotten what it’s like – and I’m sure it’s especially difficult to find yourself if you’re a young, naive girl growing up in a profession of mature, witty and amazingly dressed people. She’ll grow up, and when she does, I’m sure she’ll have won us over by then.

  • jen

    she sounds like a pretentious little brat in this interview.

  • jen

    she sounds like a pretentious little brat in this interview.