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Miranda Kerr Loves Winters in NYC

Miranda Kerr Loves Winters in NYC

Miranda Kerr carries her adorable son, Flynn, while out on Tuesday (November 22) in New York City.

“LOVE nyc in the winter!!!” the 28-year-old Aussie model recently tweeted.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

The day before, Miranda got to work on a photo shoot for Australian department store David Jones.

In case you missed them, check out some fun black and white shots from Miranda‘s work with celeb photographer Terry Richardson.

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Credit: Dara Kushner; Photos: INFdaily
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  • OB

    she’s so cute. I never get tired of seeing her here – over and over again.

  • zoe

    The baby is so adorable, and Miranda is beyond gorgeous!!

  • BEAN

    God that baby! Im not a kids person but he’s is SO precious. You can’t look at that face and not fall in love with it!

  • http://deleted wingy

    That cute baby hates the camera……

  • Mr. Turtle fan

    I love Flynn, he’s too cute for words…

  • Ammie

    beautiful mom and cutest baby boy!

  • Tinytina

    whats up with all the stories and pics of miranda kerr on this website? does she pay this website to continuely cover her coming and goings? she’s ok but not someone i want to read about and see every frickin day on this site which i used to enjoy but that’s slowly diminishing

  • Sweet

    Love this woman! She’s gorgeous and that baby of hers is just adorable.

  • @tinytina

    Did you just want to say the same thing twice?
    And if she isn’t someone that you want to read about every day….then why the heck are you reading about her?

  • sara

    She is gorgeous! And Flynn is just too darned cute!
    Such a beautiful little family.

  • YAY!

    Love them!

  • xploxite

    He’s the most Beautiful baby boy I’ve ever seen.

  • Yo Landi

    Aww how ADORABLE that little Cherub is<3 well, I guess that’s what you get when you mix a very handsome man’s genes such as Bloom with a woman’s like Miranda who has the cutest babyface of the sexiest VS angels XD

  • j

    That baby looks so sweet and well behaved.

  • cookie

    Im anxious to see Flynn lose the baby weight

  • fspt

    wow new candids everyday of this chick? Its getting outta hand. sick of seeing that huge round alien head.

  • ummm

    that is one big head for such a tiny body…and no not talking about the cute baby…

  • jenna

    Flynn is beyond cute!!!

    Miranda on the other hand…uhm, anyone remember the cabbage patch kids? She could’ve been their mother…

  • pily

    I like Bratz. Bratz are cute like Miranda. Girls love Bratz.

  • Ka simply


  • Mikado

    Okay that she loves the spotlights (although I wonder why the spotlights like her…..). But she should protect her child from all the flashlights and yelling paps.

  • @15

    Why would you want him to lose the baby weight when he is still a baby?
    After all, that’s why they call it BABY wright.
    He looks healthy and happy. That’s all that matters.

  • ck

    If she thinks this is winter, she should come back in January ;)

    Cute baby

  • ha ha

    Baby is her fave accessory like Charlotte in sex and the city, such a show off

  • http://Tja Slig o ^_________^ cute

    Nice face

  • cookie

    @@15: I mean, I’m anxious to see baby Flynn grow up.

  • fantasyWorld

    the reason she “loves winters in NYC” is because she doesn’t have to wake up extra early each morning to warm up her car and showel the snow out of her driveway. All she has to do is put on her pumps and walk 5 steps from her apartment into the cab, and vice versa. Spoiled brat, of course she loves the winters. I’ve lived in NY all my life, and I am fed up with the damn snow!

  • fantasyWorld

    It’s not like she has a job to go to anyway haha. She can hybernate during winter. That’s not the real world Miranda. Winters aren’t the same for you and us average folks!

  • @fantasyworld

    Haters gonna hate.
    Your jealousy is showing. If you hate the snow. MOVE! Or quit yer beetchin’.
    Rich people live different lives be it in snowy NY, or sunny LA. It”s not their fault that you don’t have the means to live like they do.

  • @26

    OK, that makes more sense.
    I can’t wait to see him grow up either!

  • fantasyWorld

    @@fantasyworld: Hey twit, you totally missed the point of my argument. You must be one of those delusional people who worship the rich & famous and refuse to accept reality and make something out of their own lives. Reality isn’t having an option to fly out to Hawaii in your private jet any time you conjure the thought. So there is no point in expressing your view of winter if you don’t live in the real world. Get it? Crawl back in your momma’s basement and fantasize about becoming rich&famous, because that’s as far as you will get. Loser.

  • @31

    But she does live in the ‘real world’, just not yours.
    Yor argument is as stupid as saying that people shouldn’t enjoy the changing fall colors in New England because some people have to rake those leaves up after its over.
    You’re bitter. Get over it.

  • michele

    actually are you kidding me? we can sit round and hibernate after work,school etc…these models have to leave their comfort and do phootshoots at 4 am call times…so yes while they are “spoiled” in the material/money sense, they still have to sacrifice simple things that we normal people might take for granted. Being away from family at weeks/months at a time, keeping their bodies in tip top shape even during the holidays as they shoot bikinis in Christmas time,wake up extremely early. have their hair and face messed with all day long…standing hours on end in front of a camera (not being able to sit one time!) I work at fashion shoots and trust me, I much prefer my job behind the scenes than in front, put it that way. All I have to do is watch and direct. The models are the ones who can’t sit down one time. Not as easy as it seems trust me. If a girl doesn’t have a thick skin she wont last. Ive seen new models in tears at the end of a 12 hr no lunch break, standing on her feet in 5 inch heels, long day and never wanting to model again, LOL.

  • @fantasyworld

    What about Summer? Do you like Summer? Or do you hate NY all year long?

  • jessa

    love her outfit

  • LOL!

    My goodness the haters are desperate!
    Now she is a “spoiled brat” because she likes a particular season?
    You morons are working overtime aren’t you!

  • longchamp

    Miranda GPS – she’s in front of the Desmond Tutu center in Chelsea. In unrelated news, that is one cute punkin baby.

  • @38

    Sorry, English is my second language. Thanks for being so kind as to tutor me.
    You, however, could use a lesson in manners. I would rather get a bit of grammar wrong, than to appear to be as angry, hateful and bitter as you do.
    IMO, whining about someone else not having to “showel” snow is the most ‘ridiculous comment’ on this entire thread.
    BTW, what does “showel” mean? Since you are such a vocal member of the grammar police, I thought that you would be able to tell me.

  • @38 here

    Awww, her comment has been deleted.
    I hope that she sees my note to her kindness.

  • fantasyWorld

    @@38: Hahah typical response from an uneducated moron to use the “engwish is my second yawnguageeee” card..quit whining and go to school kiddo!

  • @iliveinmyownfantasyWorld

    Oh, so you are not just a whining pathetic hater, but a BIGOTED whining pathetic hater.
    Your mom must be so proud.

  • @40

    I think that I do quite well with English.
    It’s a pity that you are so ignorant of the rules of common courtesy. Not everyone in this world is going to agree with all that you have to say. Responding with insults will not get you very far in life.

  • Frozoid

    It’s not winter yet.. not for another month. As it’s in the fifties this week, it most certainly doesn’t feel like winter either.

    Wait til she experiences NYC in February. She’ll be running back to LA so fast!

  • julie

    Who doesn’t love Flynn? Let’s have photos of him dayly!

  • fantasyWorld

    @Frozoid: Don’t say that. Miranda Kerr worshippers won’t accept the facts. They just nod their heads as Miranda showers them with more bs.

  • RM

    Horrible skinny toothpick legs. The baby is a cutie though.

  • BlueCrushed


    Models get paid ridiculous amounts of money and lots of perks for their “suffering”. No one is forcing them to do it. It’s not like they’re third world workers working in inhumane conditions doing back breaking labor for 16-20 hours a day for 6/7 days a week for very little money.

  • Bored

    @@fantasyworld: Oh grow up! Fantasy world – appropriate for your name to post here.

  • @45

    Won’t accept what facts? That fantasyworld is a bitter, hateful, jealous bogot who hates the city that she lives in?
    Oh, we accept those facts. No problem there at all.

  • @47

    “It’s not like they’re third world workers working in inhumane conditions doing back breaking labor for 16-20 hours a day for 6/7 days a week for very little money”
    But yet poor little fantasywhore complains about having to wake up a little bit earlyto shovel snow.
    Poor baby.