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Miranda Kerr Takes Flynn to a Photo Shoot

Miranda Kerr Takes Flynn to a Photo Shoot

Miranda Kerr walks through Rockefeller Center with her son, Flynn, to head to a photo shoot on Wednesday (November 23) in New York City.

The 28-year-old Aussie model recently surprised the staff at a Victoria’s Secret store in Manhattan, who at first didn’t recognize she was one of the lingerie company’s supermodels.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

“The sales girls kept looking at [Miranda] and then at the displays with her photos, which naturally are everywhere in the store,” a source told the NY Post.

Also pictured inside: Miranda stopping by the Salvatore Ferragamo boutique the same day.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr out in NYC…

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  • Lola

    She’s gorgeous, we get it, but the amount of posts she gets on this site is getting ridiculous!


    That baby looks like Orlando spat him out of his mouth. Baby Bloom.

  • ha ha

    more pics of this ho and her freakin kid

  • YAY!

    She’s so gorgeous, and Flynn is just too darned cute!!

  • AdrianaLimafan

    uh so now she’s doing photoshoots with him? ENOUGH! ppl if you don’t comment, it will = less posts from Jared. So don’t pay this cabbage patch attention. good bye.

  • MrsFrog

    eww ugly knees and big head/little body combo. (no not cute little flynn, lol but the supposed “se*y lingerie model”)

  • WTH

    Mini bloom is just too cute! God bless him, still wanna kiss his fat cheeks though =)

  • gfgh

    Wow and one would think she were the movie star and not her hubby!!!!! He hardly is posted on about anymore and she is? Don’t get it…

  • mailey

    I love all her outfits lately!
    random thought, but I think she would’ve been much better in Transformers than the model they chose!

  • SMH

    Bar Refaeli is so much better than this fug chipmunk.

  • I Ate a Thesaurus

    That is one cute baby

  • Dieter


  • zurichgirl

    Flynn makes me like Miranda .)

  • kami

    miranda is a very hands on mom. and he’s such a cute and happy baby. he does look like a mini orlando. ♥


    that dumb bimbo should protect the boy and keep him away from the public.

  • Yo Landi

    Aww I can’t get tired of that little angel’s face. He reminds me of my nephew. Too adorable for words! Look at those cheeks aww <3

  • @6

    She’s not doing photoshoots WITH him. He just went with her TO the shoot.
    big difference.

  • awwww

    Such a beautiful boy!
    Just like his daddy!

  • oh god

    Why won’t she disappear with that HUGE baby of hers!?

  • LeeSeol

    @oh god: Lol he is a giant! But soo adorable!

  • zoe

    Just love her and the baby. They make such a beautiful mother son pair. Don’t care about the daddy anyway. He is TOO lucky!

  • Bee

    Flynn just gets more precious with every picture! He already looks just like Orlando. I can’t believe he’s already ten months. How can she keep herself from just kissing his cheeks all the time?

  • Mari

    Lol, very solemn looking kid. Somehow I don’t think he likes the cameras much. Too bad that he is so beautiful that everyone wants to take pictures of him.

  • pily

    Jared explains himself very bad. I think he should have specified more that the photoshoot was for herself and that Flynn was just going with her

  • cute

    soooooo adorable! Love them!

  • James

    May gad they so boring every time and every weeks and every minut and every day whos care they family

  • Megan

    so ugly moms of the topic

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    Where Orlando we have not seen Orlando for a bit. We need a new pic of him.

  • H&M

    He just orlando not flynn

  • oops

    @gfgh: Since when Orlando Bloom become a star? He’s best known for marrying one of the hottest supermodel and having a lovely son, no more than that. Mr. Bloom must be the luckiest man in the world. His son is so adorable and Miranda always looks so effortlessly beautiful. I’m kinda glad JJ stops posting daily Orlando like he did few weeks ago. Seriously, I would rather see more Miranda and baby (even though it’s getting boring) than him walking around like a compete hobo.

  • @oops

    Orlando isn’t in NYC at the moment; he is in New Zealand for Hobbit filming. There are lots of Tweets from people who are excited to spot him or excited that he’s in their town – which is a type of Tweet Miranda rarely gets. But no photographs.

  • really?

    Wow it seems like Orlando has more haters than Miranda does. I’m a bit surprised actually because I’ve always thought the opposite. Maybe her sweet personality finally wins people’s favor, who knows? Good for her anyway.

  • @oops

    You are determined to post this stupidity on every thread, aren’t you.
    If you seemed more intelligent, I would say that you are being sarcastic. But I’m leaning more and more towards the fact that you are dumber than dirt. How else could someone claim that one of the stars of two of the biggest franchises in history is only famous for marrying a model?
    Dumber than dirt.

  • @really?

    Surprised? No actually Miranda is more likable than Orlando. She’s very nice and down-to-earth in person…as for him…not so much. The way he acts and talks just shows his big ego.
    “How else could someone claim that one of the stars of two of the biggest franchises in history is only famous for marrying a model?” – True, he did appear in those franchises, but he was never the main character and somehow dispensable. Viggo Mortensen contributed to the success of LOTR, just like Johnny Depp to the POTC. Orlando? N-o-t-h-i-n-g!
    Calling him successful or star is just ridiculous. If he is star, then some like Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt must be the king of the world. You may think my comment is nonsense, however, most critics never agree with you (fangirls?) either.

  • @34

    HUH? Why are you picking on Orlando? He hasn’t done anything but remain one of the few true good guys in the shark tank that is Hollywood.
    Orlando has proved to be one on the nicest and most likeable people in the business. When Johnny Depp was interviewed recently his face just lit up when Orlando’s name was mentioned. He called him “the sweetest guy in the world”. Orlando is known to go out of his way for fans, and has travelled extensively to support UNICEF. Everyone, and I do mean everyone who has ever worked with him sings his praises. In LOTR, he contributed just as much to the success as anyone else. The beauty of that film was the bond created in the fellowship. And his popularity drew in many people that had no prior interest in the books. And Captain Jack would have beem insufferable without the stiff-backed Will Turner playing his straight man. If you don’t understand that basic dynamic, your opinions carry even less weight than those screaming fangirls. Claiming that his characters contributed “nothing” is beyond ridiculous.
    You sound like one of those bitter ex-fangirls that are mad because Orlando fell off the very narrow pedestal where you had placed him. If you don’t like him, fine. Just stop being so ridiculous.

  • mary

    both very beautiful creatures!!! <3

  • @34 too

    Would you like to give an example of how he acts and talks that shows his big ego? I’ve never noticed anything like that. In fact people are always saying that he’s very unassuming and normal and unpretentious.

    I’ve also read people (not Orlando fans but fashion fans on the Australia Vogue site) saying that Miranda is full of herself, though I tend to think they’re just being jealous. Though in the Victoria’s Secret backstage videos she’s kind of not taking herself seriously, yet at the same time she’s showing off and seems very pleased with herself.

    I have the impression that they are both quite unpretentious which is one of the reasons they’re well-suited.

  • Hanna C.

    Flynn looks like a sweet little girl in that hat, in a always-super-cute-no-matter-what way.

  • unknown.

    The constant walking posts are bad enough… WHY is she on featured posts all the time? Find it kind of ridiculous and her pr team isn’t fooling anyone

  • @unknown

    The featured posts seem to be the ones with the most replies. I just had a look at a sampling of the others and they rarely get more than 25.

    Perhaps people are losing interest in JJ.

  • http://Tj Slig o ^_________^ cute

    Flynn something like mom mirenda and orlando zero

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    If you like Miranda fine. And if you like Orlando well to me that even better. There fans for him and there fans for her way is it ok for Miranda fans to have lots post of her. But its not ok for Orlandos fans to see him on hes post. I think if you dont like to look at Orlando than dont look just go to Miranda post and look at her that why she has one and he has one so both fans can be happy. ORLANDO IS A GOOD MEN and if anything Orlando sometimes puts himself down.

  • lil

    Flynn looks cold!

  • Nevenka

    Najslada beba!

  • question

    I like to buy her long padded jumper. Do you know brand name?