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Tallulah Willis: Le Bal des Debutantes on Saturday!

Tallulah Willis: Le Bal des Debutantes on Saturday!

Bruce Willis and his daughters, Rumer and Tallulah Willis, touch down at France’s Paris Charles de Gaulle airport to celebrate Thanksgiving together on Thursday (November 24).

The family is also in town to support Tallulah, who will be joining princesses and heiresses in a debutante ball on Saturday called Le Bal des Debutantes, which will be held at the Hotel de Crillon. Her sister, Scout, was part of the 2008 ball.

Bruce, who is expecting a child with his new wife Emma Heming, recently saw his ex-wife Demi Moore thrust back into the spotlight when she announced she was seeking a divorce from husband Ashton Kutcher.

FYI: Rumer is wearing an AllSaints “Nahara” trench.

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  • jillyro

    The Moore-Wills offspring, those genes together did not mix well. I always thought Tallulah was Demi and Bruce’s very last chance at producing a cute offspring. I see now that did not happen, third strike they are out of chances. Hey at least these girls have parents with mega-$ and fame so likely that makes up for that!!

  • Jessica
  • mojo


  • WTH

    Le bal des débutants is only accessible to the haute bourgeoisie of Paris … how did she was she allowed to attend it??? I guess she need to thank willis brandname… useless as the ball.

  • alexandrA

    bruce willis is a wonderful father! you can tell even after these photos what a great contact he has with them!
    i am little bit disappointed, i always thought that Tallulah will be prettier

  • sara

    omg rumer what happened to her face ?????????????

  • Holy Catwoman!

    Those shades are NOT flattering on that young woman! Sorry.

  • jk

    He seems like a good dad.

  • rada

    i’m thankful i’m not one of their daughters :-/

  • sunsui

    You can call them whatever you want, but the pictures show an intact and loving family. That is worth something.
    Rumer looks so happy talking to her dad and he is kinda cute with his daughters.

  • NYC

    It’s so silly that they are trying to social climb in Paris.
    What a joke.
    They have no idea what debutante means.

  • Hampton

    Every young lady deserves a chance to come out if she wishes. it is a wonderful experience,you meet new friends not to mention the dresses.the Willis family are not “social’ so she could not come out at the Philadelphia or New York Assembly, the Boston Cotillion or Charleston’s St. Cecilas. its is possible or her to come out at The International in NY (the Nixon girls, a few disenranchised princesses not to mention the fablous Texas girls doing their full court bows) The Thanksgiving Ball in Washinton and this one in paris-which is going to cost daddy between $25-100,000.. The Bush girls came out here as did one of Ralph lauren’s kids. lots of noveau riche daughters and some real nobility.Go for it and have a good time. And lunch at crillon.

  • Cheryl

    Demi Moore is beautiful and Bruce Willis is handsome. WTF happened to those three kids of theirs? Good grief they are sad looking for having such good looking parents. Genetic rejects?

  • what


    Exuse me Demi Moore is nor was ever beautiful. She is not known for her beauty llike Halle, Angelina,Catherine Z Jones or Charlize are. She is known for that gravelly voice and being married to Bruce Willis then the douchebag of all douchebags Ashton Kusther. . Her girls look just like her.

  • janie

    Cheryl @ 11/24/2011 at 11:47 pm #13

    Demi Moore is beautiful and Bruce Willis is handsome. WTF happened to those three kids of theirs? Good grief they are sad looking for having such good looking parents. Genetic rejects?
    I accidentally gave you a thumbs up. Disregard one of those thumbs up. Demi Moore is NOT beautiful, and never has has been. She invested in a million dollars worth of plastic surgery.

  • dud

    u shouldve stuck to bruce, demi. he was a decent man, far better than ur toy boy soon to be ex hubby..

  • Eliza


    Nobody from Paris really goes. Its a wannabe event, mostly foreigners trying to be something they are not… IE not stars, not princesses (no such thing as an Indian princess), not honest humanitarians… Silas Chou.. big business billions from using virtual slave labor… Founder of CP Group… noted for their attempts to influence at least three former presidents with loads of cash… to allow China to the free trade agreement despite their humanitarian abuses… its unbelievable … but true… just takes a little digging on the net.. When the wife of Jaques Chirac went, she gave a few hundred Euros and was trying to make their family look good, since he was under indictment for embezzling millions from the people of France(and found guilty soon later)
    This is not a real debutant after all, and I am sure Tullulah would have been welcome at the International at the Waldorf (far more respectable). But it does not cost money for the girls to attend the Crillon event, so you do not have to worry about the budget as much. And from what I understand nobody really gives to the charity… in 2008 they(one of the owners of the Crillon at the time) say that only 30,000 USD was donated. And the charity Enfant D’Asie sort of correlates that with their annual report on funds received in donations. Oscar party benefits make around 1-7 million in one night for charities. Apparently the debutante ball is just a big promotional event. Products getting media exposure. People getting media exposure. and even criminals trying to launder their reputations to higher status… in 2009 a grandaughter of Triad mafia was honored as an invitee. But this year is just as bad or worse. The room will be full of those that made billions on the exploitation of immigrant labor in tough places like Burma or Saipan… (Specifically Hilfigar, Gapo, J Crew Brands) along with those known to try to influence and controil The US political elite with money… to sit across the table from Demi Moore and family? Demi who has spoken out against human trafficking? And the charity feed to benefit starving children who may be starving because of the virtual slave labor of their parents? Its just unbelievable. Poor Tullulah… and the other girls… just young but thrust into this den of snakes. Of course Lauren bush knows about the likes of CP group… her Daddy Neil Bush has worked for / with them many years ago. Indeed most of the people know each other. They cooperate, along with media.. Especially Conde Nast media, to make we the public believe it is a genuine charity event when that could not be further from the truth. Maybe I do not know all the truth, but I do kow that ‘billionaires’ like them can have real parties out of the limelight when they want to. (CP group family worth 6.5 billion, Chou family worth 5.5 billion). They can afford to buy their daughters brand new haute couture… but instead the girls borrow gowns from last season that never quite fit. Something rotten stinks in Paris and it is not the food.

  • Think of your children

    When you’re having kids. Don’t go and “take up” with just anything in a man or your kids will automatically be at a disadvantage in life. Certain features go together well, and others, not so good. I believe Bruce and Demi’s features would be better on boys. Their girls look somewhat masculine. Also, Angelina Jolie would have been better to have all boys. Brad’s features are not fitting for a girl (too big), and his features seem to overpower Jolie’s. Valerie Bertinelli would have had a really cute boy with another man, but Eddie Van Halen’s face is kinda weird and wonky. He really never was handsome. He has a big nose and an ugly mouth/lips, so her son Wolfie did not get the luck it seemed he would get. Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr, well, they are both good looking, but their features are not super strong to clash. She has a round face and moderate jawline, etc. He is handsome, but he has more of a mild appearance. I think their features meshed super well in their kid.

  • reality show will be next

    All of his daughters are pretty laughable. They dont really do much and just live off of having famous parents. I wouldnt be surprised if their three daughters end up on a show called Keeping up with the Willis’ soon enough because they look like they are trying to dress and climb the social later like the Kardashians. Such a shame, we dont need more of those in the world.

  • Halli

    @Think of your children:

    You’re really going too far… you’re walking the line of eugenics with your silly argument. Yeah, Demi and Bruce don’t make cute girls. Move on.
    Angelina and Brad’s daughters are beautiful, so I can’t see you’re argument on how they should have had all boys. What do you suggest? Abort all girls if you don’t think they’ll come out cute enough? Damn.

  • Lisa

    If you Google picture of Angelina as a child she and shiloh could be twin so shiloh could grow up to look just like her mom or mabye not but won’t be able to tell until she grows up, just like Orlando Bloom and Miranda Ke son they are young children who’s fetchers will mature and change as they grow . Unfortunately for Rumer and her sisters they are past childhood and they are stuck with though faces.

  • aimee

    Angelina and Brad’s daughters are very pretty and probably will be beautfiul. I think shiloh is already prettier than angelina as a child, the willis girls, not so much.

  • James

    He looks old. Time to rest!