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Miranda Kerr Visits A Pal

Miranda Kerr Visits A Pal

Miranda Kerr smiles and waves to a pal as she heads into their apartment on Friday (November 25) in New York City.

The 28-year-old supermodel, who wore The Row Pablo striped cashmere sweater, walked to visit her friend on the pleasant NYC afternoon.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Be sure to check out Miranda in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, airing on CBS on Tuesday (November 29).

“The show fulfills a fantasy, and not just the obvious one of gorgeous women in their underwear,” Glamour contributing editor Tracey Lomrantz told CNN about the show. “It lets the audience have a kind of escapist moment to a place where everything is sparkly and idyllic.”

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  • Lola

    She’s pretty but so overexposed on this site. I mean, what is the real reason she gets posted about to this extent? There are so many other models of the same fame and stature that don’t get post about even half as much.

  • Frozoid

    Jesus, give us a break! Day in, day out we have to look at pumpkin-head.

    Please let’s have a moratorium on this person.

  • Frozoid

    Jesus, give us a break ! There’s no reason for you to be posting a pic of pumpkin head, day in, day out.

    From now on, let’s have a moratorium on her.

    And Jared, please fix your site. Posting comments here has become impossible.

  • Jo

    Omg I’m getting sick of this woman!!! Every single day is there no one else to write about?!

  • cierra

    i agree with both of you. but i think the reason he posts some much is two reasons:
    1) he’s obsessed with her and her family. (MAYBE)
    2) when he posts something about her, its probably because we keep commenting on her pics.
    my theory, no comments, no posts all the time. i looked at posts of like gisele and others, not as many comments so, therefore, no comments, no posts and he’ll find some other girl of the moment.
    but that is just my thinking, don’t bite my head off if you don’t agree.
    oh, and the only reason why i am commenting is just to post wha i said. thats all.

  • Truth

    Why is it that everything about this woman seems so fake and staged?

  • Tinytina

    “Miranda Kerr visits a pal” Oh my effin god… this site is just getting more and more pathetic. i still think she is paying some dough to get some exposure on this site. for what reason? i don’t know.

  • Bored

    @Tinytina: Totally agree. She is an over exposed under rated model, but then we will be called “haters” by those who kiss her backside and swoon over her.

  • bubbalima

    I’m now convinced she calls her own paps. This is just crazy, she even has more than Alessandra Ambrosio who press agencies have confirmed calls her own paps. She is not Angelina Jolie status! enough already. but yes more comments = more posts on that person. He used to post on models like Doutzen ,Karolina, Naomi,Cindy but they only got like 5-10 comments max, so haters do make people more relevant.

  • Oh dear….

    The haters are too DUMB to work out that the more posts they make about Miranda means more hits for JJ which means more advertising dollars. Instead they claim she’s paying him……..Could they be any more stupid???

  • luna

    yeah funny haters want certain celebs to go away but with each click on one of their links, its actually doing the opposite, lol. Miranda will probably be on The Forbes Celebrity 100 list this year if her haters keep it up. They count money earnings AND media/web impact. I wouldn’t doubt to see her there this year.

  • Sandy

    She always looks beautiful. Am excited for the VS show. If the haters don’t like seeing her, don’t click on her thread. Why can’t they understand that? Miranda is the best of the VS models.

  • @16

    “Could they be any more stupid???”
    Oh yeah. There’s no limit to their stupidity. Just go and visit one of their blogs.

  • yay!

    She has such a sweet, beautiful smile! So gorgeous!

  • wow

    So many of the posts pounting out how hypocritical and dense the haters are have disappeared.
    And they claim that Miranda is controlling JJ?
    Miranda is gorgeous, successful, a mother to a beautiful, healthy child, and married to an amazing, successful man.
    Nothing that you idiots say or do will change that.

  • @9

    She is much more famous to the general public than Ale, so her photos are worth more money to the paps. Miranda’s photos sell because she is not only a successfeul model in her own right, but she is married to one of the most well liked actors out there. And to top it off, she gave birth to his beautiful son. People are interested in her, so her pictures sell. Ale may have to call the paps, but Miranda doesn’t have to. They are already there, waiting outside their building.

  • brand

    miranda is a fugly chipmunk head. gross.

  • cougsf

    yes more comments = more posts on that celeb. Bar Refaeli is a perfect example. When she dated Leo his fangirls/her haters made her comments go into the 100′s and would post about her constantly. Since Leo dumped her and his fangirls no longer are help making her relevant by clicking and commenting on all her posts, she is long gone pretty much. lol.

  • ta

    So gorgeous! I can’t wait until Tuesday to see the VS show. It should be great!

  • @cougsf

    RIGHT NOW Bar is up there on the top of the page because she has 38 comments. So I think you spoke too soon.

  • @20

    Since many of those comments come from the same person posting over and over, her comment still rings true.
    She gets a lot fewer posts now, than she did with Leo. But with all of the sockpuppets posting, she is alamost guaranteed more threads.

  • cougsf

    @@cougsf: Because one of her stans is posting over and over again spamming Bar’s topic. duh. I’m speaking of the last what 6 months since she and Leo have been apart, her topics are dead. other than a few stans. Before Bar’s posts were madness and she easily got over 100 comments in a small amount of time. why? bc of haters.

  • Abs

    Anyone else tired of Miranda getting so much coverage here?

  • @23

    Well, evidently you aren’t tired of her, because you keep going back to all of her older threads over and over again.
    You’re obsessed with her, it would seem.