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Stacy Keibler: Cabo Cutie with George Clooney!

Stacy Keibler: Cabo Cutie with George Clooney!

Stacy Keibler rides some waves in the gorgeous waters of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on Thursday (November 24).

The 32-year-old actress vacationed in picturesque Mexico with beau George Clooney and their families over the Thanksgiving weekend. Also joining the duo was Cindy Crawford, Molly Sims and new hubby Scott Stuber.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Stacy Keibler

Earlier in the month, George and Stacy rented a villa in the same area and enjoyed some fun in the sun alone time together.

George is currently recovering from elbow surgery – hope he feels better after catching some rays!

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  • UYH

    George could have afforded a better looking escort.

  • tiffany

    i wonder how long this one would last.

  • bonna

    ugggh! she’s only 32!?? i didn’t know she was that YOUNG!!! isn’t he pushing 50???

  • Fame Hores Smellbad

    She should wipe her plastered phony smile off her face since fameho sluts look stupid in phony smiles.

  • fgd

    no cindy crawford jared? bigger celeb and beauty than this chick could ever be.

  • Whatever

    Stacey Keibler = This year’s model. Soon to be replaced by another “girlfriend” in 22 months. His parade of ladies is so obvious for what it is already. “Thanks for playing, here’s your check. Feel free to keep all the gowns I made designers give you. Take care and oh, keep your mouth shut too,” says George (every 22 months).

  • Creed

    George has a thing for trannys

  • FayeFaye

    If this were Brad and Angie, you’d hear how Brad took Angie to the haunts he took ss. Isn’t this the same place he’s taken all his two-year paid escorts? IMO he could have chosen one that is much prettier.

  • looker

    First of all, “cutie” does not belong in the same sentence as “Keibler.” Keibler has the hard appearance of a used-up hooker who looks ten years older than her supposed age. She’s a publicity escort famewhore. Second of all, George is not with her, which is why there are no pics of him there. He does occasional photo ops with her, but he prefers to spend Thanksgiving with his actual family and friends rather than with a famewhore escort with whom he only has a business arrangement.

  • Saph

    Stacy worked very hard for this she even went to the trouble of announcing to People they would be in Cabos for Thanksgiving. Stacy needs to get all the attention while she can the clock is ticking. This one won’t be around long, just look at all the negative stories out already. The one comparing George to TomKat is funny and so true. This showmance is for his Oscar campaign. But if he keeps her around he won’t win. Together they are such a joke no one likes being fooled and everyone knows these two are not a couple. He can go to as many football games and Cabos as much as he likes together no one is believing this. And it ‘s mostly to do with Stacy and her tweeting their every single move and how he is in love with her. Funny because George said he liked her cause she was private. Someone needs to tell this extra tall blonde what that word means. Taking pictures of your “boyfriends” dog about to take a dump is just tacky. Stacy is being called an escort a few places her career is going to be even worse then it was when George picked her up from the gutter once he puts her back there. Stacy is exactly like the Italian Queen they are both famewhores with little talent makes you wonder why George can’t have a real relationship with someone who doesn’t want to use him for their own career. He needs to grow up and Stacy needs to stop dressing like a hooker and acting like she is the A list star. If she make it too awards season and going by George’s usual M.O she will, be dumped right after. Surely the academy voters don’t want some d list wrestler who gives lap dances to audience members showing up and acting like it’s all for her. But then maybe they do! Whoever is guiding George these last couple of years needs to be fired if anyone thought having these brainless bimbos on his arm made George look cool it makes him look stupid and shallow. Stacy is your typical blonde bimbo I’ve seen blowup dolls more lifelike and way more intelligent then she is.

  • theresa

    to Tiffany

    i would guess this relationship will last until Stacy opens her mouth and mentions anything resembling the words “marriage” and/or “children”


    all these escort girls semm to be having the time of their lives. maybe it’s not that bad to get paid for dating someone as long as sex is not allowed.
    where can I send my application to?

  • signage

    George is currently trying to break free from the Opus Dei cult. Please pray for him. Opus Dei hired Keibler, as they hired Canalis. Opus Dei starts and spreads the false rumors about George having kinky sexual tastes in an effort to hide his celibacy and injuries that are inflicted on him by Opus Dei. I know this sounds crazy on the first read, but it’s true. It’s as true as Katie Holmes being stuck in Scientology, and as true as Nicole Kidman not being allowed to see her adopted children anymore because she left Scientology. People are very aware of Scientology. Opus Dei is another cult.

  • oh

    Stacy looks fabulous ,she is just stuninng .

  • Tiziana

    Sorry, to me she isn’t stunning at all. Her legs look fat , she has no upper lip and I’ve seen many many better looking women than her who do not earn their money by flashing their boobs and butt.
    I think she is just disgusting.

  • looker

    @Tiziana: I totally agree with you. Her legs have a weird shape to them. Also they aren’t particularly long, just in proportion to her height. The length she says they are isn’t the inseam but measured outside the leg, meant to be deceptive. Anyway they aren’t very pretty legs, just very butch legs on a tall big-boned woman. Actually her whole body is kind of weird looking, and her face is kind of weird too. I guess her mediocre looks are why she couldn’t get an actual modeling contract when she was younger, so she decided to do lingerie wrestling instead.

  • adam

    you are just jealous ,what fat are you blind ?she have legs to die for sexxxxxxxy . she is really stunning .

  • eve

    Legs to die for?
    She’s an overgrown giant! She has Hulk HOgan legs!
    Steroid abuse!
    Big muthertrucker bi*tch.
    Does she use a strap-on to service her client?
    What a fugly egghead.
    And Canalis was even more grease-monkey hideous.

  • FYI

    George Clooney posts on as “phys major” & “it’s me.”

  • no one

    @FYI: Still at it, huh, Katiebuttplug? I wonder how many unsuspecting people have given their personal information to your sockpuppets “it’s me” and the others you use at your forum for datamining and control purposes.