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Bar Refaeli: I Absolutely Love Sao Paulo!

Bar Refaeli: I Absolutely Love Sao Paulo!

Bar Refaeli heads back to her car after enjoying a night out with friends on Friday (November 25) in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

“Walked in Starbucks, ordered, paid- and left. With no coffee in my hand. I think I need to catch up on some sleeping! Hahaha. #SpacedOut,” the 26-year-old Israeli model tweeted earlier in the day.

“I absolutely love Sao Paulo. I am going to come here much more often!” Bar wrote in another tweet.

Bar is currently featured in SodaStream’s 24-page magalog, which introduces the company’s new campaign, “A Sparkling Life.”

The magazine/catalog for the home beverage carbonation system was photographed underwater and also includes other top models, according to a press release.

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  • Sasha

    Yeah baby! Most beautiful model in the world. Best smile, best figure, best hair. JJ, you made my day:)

  • Naomi Fan

    Cool pictures! She looks so happy. I read that she’ll be in Sao Paul for the F1 racing event. Bar, please…. it would be awesome to see you date one of the hunky racers. A nice hot-blooded Brasilian Pirelli racer, for instance?

  • Miss Ellie

    Gorgeous, I LOVE BAR!
    @2- Naomi Fan: No, she looks happy and fine “BECAUSE” she is single and free. Let her be like that for a very long time. She sure doesn’t need some jerk who will dump her for a new starlet and other bimbos in her life. She learned from her mistake and that’s why she’s a happy single woman.

  • shoo

    @Sasha: except she’s not a model. 95% of her “modeling” career is event or partying pics. sorry but how is that a model? she should get a new title.

  • vika

    i hate her shes not so cuite as u think she is ..cause im from israel and i know what im talking about

  • charmante

    @vika: what do you know? how do people feel about her in Israel?

  • Luiza

    YAY, I love Sao Paulo too!

  • tinkerbell


  • tinkerbell

    What a gorgeous woman! I’m so jealous of her! I wish I could have her life and her face!

  • tinkerbell

    I bet her mom is so proud of Bar! She must be an incredible woman, too! She raised a beautiful and successful daughter. Cool!

  • tinkerbell

    Pure perfection!!!!!!!!

  • tinkerbell

    Thank you for these great photos of Bar. Jared, you should post about her much more! Bar is the best, my absolute favorite! My role model!

  • @tinkerbell

    Please don’t put too much icing on the cake…. we know you are a member of the DiCaprio’s Bellazon rah rah junior highschool girls who can not stand. LOL!

  • Duh

    So DiCaprio let go that woman…and whith whom is he at the moment?

  • @tinkerbell

    Please don’t put too much icing on the cake…. we know you are a member of the DiCaprio’s Bellazon rah rah junior highschool girls who can not stand Bar.

  • tinkerbell

    I follow her on twitter as well. It’s like I’m completely obsessed with this amazing woman! I’m totally disappointed that she is not with Leo anymore so I keep posting about her on the Leo threads as well. I just can’t get enough of stunning Bar! I’m her biggest fan!

  • tinkerbell

    I can’t take it that after the breakup there are barely any posts or news about her. Since I’m completely obsessed with her and my life revolves around her and her life I post wherever I can even though people don’t want to hear it! But who cares? It’s not like I’m completely sane or capable to understand it so I just keep pushing my stories….

  • tinkerbell

    Hey, everyone! Just ask me anything about gorgeous Bar. I follow everything she does so I can tell you virtually everything about her or her life. Feel free to do so. I spend hours in front of my computer searching for info about awesome Bar and I’m happy to share my knowledge.

  • @#15

    I think that deep inside they are afraid her and Leo might go back together. That’s too much to take for them. They would have prefered to see him dating that siliconed escort from Romania/Italy.

  • tinkerbell

    Just to be clear whoever disagrees with me belongs to … them. Yes, THEY are everehere. I’m convinced that all kinds of forces are behind gossip sites and comments. Not to mention PR teams and celebs thmselves! Please, ask me about these conspiracies! I’m not paranoid at all! THEY exist! I still haven’t figured out who are ‘THEY’ but I know THEY are all against me. Because I know the truth. I read blogs and comments all the time and I know the truth. My guidance is Perez Hilton and his book.
    So just ask about Bar or ask who are ‘THEY’ and I will spill some tea….

  • @19

    Its the Bar fans that are DESPERATE for her and Leo to get back 2gther.
    No one else believes it, is saying it or wishing it

  • tinkerbell

    Can you see what I mean? #19&21 are talking about the conspiracy already. THEY ( whoever they are ) are everywhere and just like me they spend their life obsessing over Bar and Leo. FYI #19 & 21 are my other personalities. You know I tend to scary people away from these threads so what else can I do other than talking to myself? My other personalities come handy to do that.

  • kiki

    Leave Sao Paulo bitch we brazilians don’t like sluts like you .

  • tinkerbell

    Oh, Kiki, come on! She is such a nice girl! Do you want me to write stories about how awesome she is?

  • Why?

    Why is she still called a model?
    Photoing for catalogues is Paris Hilton, Kardashian territory

  • l0nely-girl

    Guess who’s from Brazil?? Oh right, Gisele Bundchen! I bet you like that Bar!

  • @26

    So what if Gisele is from Brazil? What does she have to do with this?

  • The REAL tinkerbell.

    the barfie took my name, guys.

  • The REAL tinkerbell.

    thanks for that Kiki!.

  • tinkerbell

    There are 29 posts here—13 are bar’s PR flack, Adira Ronen. Guess which ones. I’m out.

  • tinkerbell

    As I said before whoever is not in my team is ‘TGEY’. In my delusional and sick little universe ( I admit it’s a psych ward ) ‘THEY’ means Bar, her mom, Adi and her whole PR team. Of course I have no proof but it helps me and my sick brain to deal with the fact that I’m a miserable and pathetic creep who stalks Bar. I don’t have any other ways to deal with the fact that sane people are just laughing at me and are sick and tired of my gibberish. My conspiracy theory helps my delusions. Everyone who is not me is Bar!

  • Oh my

    So the mental institution let “Tink” play with her computer once more…. I wasn’t expecting her to post on a topic that had nothing to do with DiCaprio (LOL). I guess her Bar obsessive passion is worse than I imagined.

  • sherlock

    wow Bar’s fans are weirder and weirder everyday….Whatever happened to that nut job Ms Gaga Jolie Pit? Guess she finally got locked up eh?
    and yeah this chick needs a new title ASAP. I think Snooki and Kim K even get more work than her. pretty bad, lol.

  • funnybarf

    I think Bar’s fans are the ones constantly insinuating he and Bar get back together. Not Leo’s. Leo’s fans actually have things to talk about as he is an A list in demand movie star. Bar’s fans have nothing better to do than dwell on the past and wish she would finally get her first Vogue cover at almost age 30.

  • becca

    she looks sunburn and has weird face shape.

  • Oh – My, My

    @Oh my:

    There is one Oh – My, My, and I’m her. Stop trying to start figths. Tink always has some good points. Why so nervous?

  • lol

    I don’t think she should ever get back with Leo he is a manwh@re anyway

  • Love u Bar

    Gorgeous. Most beautiful model in the world..

  • Love u Bar


  • tinkerbell

    @funnybarf: And don’t forget about me! I’m a weirdo who won’t realize that the Leo fans have other things to talk about other than Bar but I keep going to his threads with my Bar obsession and I just keep posting about her. I ignore the fact that they hate me and my comments, I don’t bother about the fact that Bar is his past. I’m so obsessed with her and I need attention so much that I just keep doing what I want even if people think I’m a complete nut job.
    @Oh my my: It’s two different screen names so just take it easy!

  • @tinkerbell

    This proves you were right Tinkerbell
    These are the has-been catalogue model fans that infect Leo posts
    And call u crazy
    Even the grammar/hysterical ramblings are the same!

  • Cyrus

    That’s my kind of girl! Healthy, beautiful and self-confident. LOVE YOU BAR.Who is with her in Sao Paolo?

  • tinkerbell

    I’m always right! All the delusions in my head are true! I know the truth! Don’t forget, Perez said it in his book! It’s my bible! I know THEY keep callin me crazy! But who am I kidding? I’m crazy! Clearly I have issues and I need professional help! You should know, #41, you are one of my personalities. Good to have you! At least I have supporters and most importantly I have someone to talk to! Everyone should have multiple personalities! It’s so much fun!

  • notamodel

    Models are being shot by Testino,Demarchelier,Meisel,Mert&Marcus for Vogue,Harpers Bazaar,W magazines. Models are stars of Versace,Dior,Chanel campaigns. Models are stars of and opening and closing every Versace,Dior,Chanel runway. What does Bar’s checklist look like? lol yeah thought so…leo,party,bikini,catalog,party,some unknwon cheap commercial brand,party,party,party….*yyyyyyawn*

  • mara

    I love and respect her still

  • @Duh

    He prefers the company of his single male friends. Some guys can not commit and are unable to be involved emotionally. Some guys can not grow up and become mature on a personal level. He’ll probably turn 50 still dating early 20s models or still hire h**kers from escort agencies or introduced by Danny A. Abeckaser. Good thing Bar is no longer linked to him, near or far.

  • voguette

    these are TRUE models, sorry bar.

  • Randa

    she has early signs of jowls already, yikes.

  • chan


    i don’t like bar. i think she played leo’s doormat to advance her career. but if leo fans have so much to talk about they should go talk about it and leave her alone. bombarding his ex with negativity reeks of insecurity. if he is so great there is no reason to act that way. i think both of them are sad characters. he has a good career, but his personal life is ugly. that she was part of it off and on for so many years reflects badly on both of them.

  • chan


    his lifestyle is pathetic but why do you think she put up with him for so long? not because she loved him. not because she had self respect. she did it for her career .for the trips. for the gifts. he couldn’t make her a supermodel. she doesn’t have the body, the face, or the personality for that. but she owes most of what she does have to him.