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Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes: Parisian Pair

Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes: Parisian Pair

Eva Mendes gets cozy with Ryan Gosling at Père Lachaise Cemetery on Saturday (November 26) in Paris, France.

The 37-year-old actress has been filming her latest project, Holly Motors, in the City of Light, where she shot some scenes at the same cemetery earlier in the week.

The night before, Ryan, 31, visited Eva on the French film’s set during a night shoot.

The Place Beyond the Pines co-stars were first spotted together driving around Hollywood last month.

FYI: Ryan is wearing Simon Spurr‘s “Carlyle” sunglasses.

15+ pictures inside of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes in Paris…

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eva mendes ryan gosling parisian pair 13
eva mendes ryan gosling parisian pair 14
eva mendes ryan gosling parisian pair 15
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# 1

lol @ his jacket. He looks gay. THay have absolutely NO chemistry. He looks bored and miserable. They’re even faker and less convincing than Andrew/Emma.

# 2
Anonymous @ 11/26/2011 at 2:46 pm

So many paparazzi shots! They definately didn’t contact them at all. *sarcasm* How long is their PR contract for? Until their movie comes out? Gosling can at least look like he’s into her.

# 3


# 4

I just don’t get it…he doesn’t look like he’s into her in any of their pictures together. she’s always leaning into him or hugging him. I hate to say it, but no wonder everyone wants him and Rachel back together.

# 5

I just don’t get it. He doesn’t look like he’s into her in any of their pictures together…she’s always hugging him or leaning into him. I hate to say it, but no wonder everyone wants him and Rachel back together – they at least looked happy.

# 6

@HDC22: why people has to call every single guy on Hollywood gay?? lol hes not at all hahaha but I have to agreed they dont see like a true couple…Ryan deserves so much better.

# 7

He has crappy taste in women. Makes him much less attractive tbh. And he does looks pretty gay in that jacket.

# 8

Are they still together, this is not working for me…

# 9

they look bored to death together. like Andrew and Emma.

but the sad part of this is Ryan doesnt even like to be in a PR relationship..he looks very unconfortable with all this…poor my baby :/

They don’t go together well, she looks like she could be his older sister, no chemistry.

I dont what is worse..Ryan with Eva Mendez or Bradley Cooper with JLo?? lol two hot guys with eww girls

I love the 8′th picture with all those paparazzi behind them :)) they have zero chemistry

It’s like them and Emma/Andrew are in a competition to see who can be the faker, less convincing couple.

bobjustbob @ 11/26/2011 at 2:58 pm

I wonder what he thinks of her acting when he watches her. She is a horrible actress, usually hired as the pretty girl but no depth to any of characters and can’t act. He seems like an “artiste” so would know that by watching her.

Am I the only one who can’t take them seriously? lol The public isn’t THAT stupid…

Ryan could have chemistry with a plank of wood but has none in any of his paparazzi photos with Eva. Notice the five paparazzi trailing right behind them in one of the photos. LOL.

Gosling is such a contrived act. Good actor, yeah but that’s the point. He’s much more PR driven than he acts. I don’t but this “couple” for a SECOND.

LMAO. you can see the paparazzi behind them setting up photos. This is SO fake and staged.

Body Language... @ 11/26/2011 at 3:07 pm

Hmm… she seems more into him, then he is to her.
Nah, they don’t match. I like them individually, but together, Nah.
But, it’s their lives.

LMAO. you can even see the paps setting up behind them to take pictures. This is SO staged and fake. Give me a break.

Please People! can you vote for me! I wanna see Maroon 5 in live in ROMA or VIENNA! I am their biggest fan
HELP ME!!! Thank YOU!!

Hypocrite @ 11/26/2011 at 3:16 pm

This reminds me exactly of BLEO. Exactly. They’ll “break up” immediately after their movie comes out. I’ve never seen Gosling look less comfortable and less into a woman before. This is the same guy who just recently said that the Hollywood ruined his relationships with Rachel and Sandra, now staging paparazzi photo-ops. I love the hypocrisy haha.

Well there’s a good thing to all this: looks (that “woman” is a tranny and is NOT pretty) and talent (one of the worst actors in films) and class (she’s gross) don’t play a part in his dating requirements. He’ll get with absolutely anything. This hag is bottom-of-the barrel. The definition of “basic”.

At least Rachel looks into her new man. Come on Ryan, you can do so much better than this!

In the picture where she’s snuggling close to him, there should be a bubble over his head that says, ‘What am I doing here? Wonder what Rachel is up to these days?” He doesn’t seem into her at all. A few years back the old Ryan Gosling would have flipped out with the paparazzi around him. He didn’t like the attention. It’s contrived things like this that make me miss the old Ryan Gosling because this is not the guy that made me a fan, this is the guy that’s making me dislike him more and more everyday.

I have a theory: not that I think that he’s romantically interested in her, but I think that Ryan might be jealous of the whole Emma/Andrew thing. A LOT of people shipped and still ship Emma/Ryan and I think his ego might have taken a bruise that Emma, who’s basically America’s new Sweetheart, chose to get with Andrew and not him. So he’s gotten into this whole PR thing with Drag queen has-been (or really never-was) Mendes.

movie sounds like it will be a flop anyway and this fauxmance will be for nothing, def has the leo/blake BS vibe

Is he taking tips from George Clooney now? Everyone knows gc relationships are phoney so he’s not the best guy to take pr tips from lol


I totally agree. He’s still a great actor (except in staged photo-ops lol) but he’s gone totally Hollywood. I miss the old Ryan circa Half Nelson. He’s a fake now. :/

I feel so miserable ! Haha, I’m french, from Paris. I dream every single night that he comes here in Paris, that I see him, and stuff, and finally, he’s here. But for his girlfriend, not me. Life sucks. snif ^^

this is 100% fake. They’re already more pap pics of him with Eva than there was of him and Rachel in their 2 year+ relationship. And it’s NOT because he’s more famous now.

Ryan is probably one of the nicest celebrities there is. Probably just getting some bad advises.

She is always hugging him while he keeps his hands inside his pockets, get a clue TRANNY EVA he is not that into you.

fauxmance @ 11/26/2011 at 3:56 pm

I’m pretty sure now that they’re faking this. They look so….off. They definitely set this up. He looks like he can’t stand her. She’s a huge downgrade from anyone he’s dated or was rumore to be dating…even Blake. Eva is trashy IMO.

save the money to feed poor children, you lowlife

to visit Pere Lachaise cemetery is not low-key:it’s as visited as Eiffel tower

They look bored to death with each other. This is the same photo setup as another actor and his ex…back in the day…PR is written all over this
Please stop taking advice from Clooney Ryan, you don’t need it.

Tranny Suprise @ 11/26/2011 at 4:50 pm

He and his former MMC buddy JT now have something in common- they’re both”dating” untalented trannies!

this couple has 0 chemistry

You people are pathetic! Half of you think he’s gay and the other half are jealous he is not with them!

He likes old chicks. You girls can just give up on him now. He’d rather get with your mother…..maybe even grandmother!

*Yawn* The more they stage these photo-ops, the less they convince me. They have no chemistry whatsoever.

mushaboom @ 11/26/2011 at 6:31 pm

so you go to paris to see your girl, and take her to a cemetary, for photos! I know he’s quirky, but I don’t see her putting up with this for long. may he likes her b/c they have no interest in common, ie, antique shops, concert going, artsy type things. she seems really boring.

they’re not really a couple, are they? with these hollywood couples you never know. they get the hots for each other while making a movie then when they discover the person they’re having s-e-x with is not the movie character, they part ways. these two are just hanging on to a few more months of the movie fantasy. won’t last long.

I can’t believe he would leave Rachel McAdams for that.

I can’t believe he would leave Rachel McAdams for that.

Stephanie @ 11/26/2011 at 9:00 pm

Good Luck to them. None of us know anything about their relationship, so we can’t really judge. Both of them have always remained private about their love lives.

sweetness @ 11/26/2011 at 9:21 pm

The paps in Europe don’t operate under the same guidelines that dictate their restrictive movements as in the USA so seeing them behind those two is no indication its a set up…it’s more like they are open game and the paps can take their pics anywhere and follow them however close.

He & Rachel have been broken up for YEARS. Jesus. Get over it, they certainly have.

Best Hollywood couple ever!

Three photo-ops and he doesn’t even smile ONCE? Either this is fake or this is their last hurrah. They have no chemistry. I wonder if he can last, doing these photo-ops till their movie comes out next year.

He is not even looking at her in any of the pics, he looks so disinterested it’s embarassing & as so many here say, it does seem off in some way….I do not think he would set this up with the paps though, since it’s Paris they probably just followed them.

I dislike his frivolous/haughty manner. He poses as a womanizer. He seems to say, ”****!! I’m stalked by a woman. She is a pain in my neck! It’s annoying every girls love me.” Ha!! Ryan. You can stop it immediately if you dislike such a staged photo-ops. Stop posing! Your complacency was absolutely disgusting!

After looking back at pictures of them together, I liked him best with Sandra. They were cute. Rachel is not going back to Ryan, if she wanted to she would have already. I have a feeling she and Michael Sheen are gonna get married in the next couple of months, just a hunch. As for Eva, I don’t like her, no class and no talent. And didn’t she JUST get out of a 9 year relationship? It amazes me how quickly celebrities move on. They do look “off” together, but maybe I just like and am used to seeing him single. I’m not seeing much from him to make me think this will last. Still think it’s just a fling, and a rebound for her. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Oh come on! Rachel dumped him. She is happy with Michael. Michael and Rachel unite in Terrence Malick’s next new movie again‎.

I am hurt,,I am literally hurt…Huhuhu..They dont look good together..He’s supposed to me mine…

Look, his face in profile. Ryan has a jutting chin. He and Reese Witherspoon must have made a good couple.

i wish they could clone him. i like eva mendes she is beautiful but these two do not look good together. not because she is old (many people in their 20′s dont look that good) there is no chemistry and looks fake.

To me he is just a bit shy and doesn’t like to show his feelings.

She looks like a dude, as always. Such a masculine face. I’m sure their PR people are reading these comments about how they have no chemistry and will instruct Ryan to act happier and more outgoing in their next staged photo-op, most likely tomorrow.

dont like Eva at all. sotty for Ryan. never thought he is a PR-affair kind of guy. and wait it was him who said showbussiness riuned his relationships. so why he date an actress again? and damn, Eva. she is so booring and talentless.
i thought he was better than all of that


Ahahahahaha! Very clever!!

Noooooo Ryan, not with this …creature

Sherry Jones @ 11/27/2011 at 9:53 am

Ppl need to kkeep their negative comments to them selves.. Eva is wonderful and just becuz u dont put out that do not mean u are boring!!! Best of luck to both of u:-)

lafamepoma @ 11/27/2011 at 10:53 am

I don’t think he’shandsome why everybody think so? A handsome actor is Jonathan Rhys Meyers

@sweetness: usually the french paparazzis are low-key and in France,the private life is protected by the law so if Gosling or Mendes aren’t happy to be followed by paps,they can call the police to arrest the stalker paps

In other words just get back with a WHITE girl – such racists. If this same pics were with Rachel and Sandra and he had the same expressions you’d swear it was love.

Grow up and get over your issues – btw he doesn’t show much emotion in any pics and that includes Rachel and Sandra.

Finally I am so annoyed about people labeling every young guy in Hollywood gay it’s getiinmg ridiculous.

@sweetness and Carrie
was thinking the same as Carrie. Normally mainland Europe paps are more subdued, unless there is a major story happening (and no, gosling and mendes are not that big in Europe)

well. i’m getting tired of hearing that just because you dont like someone who is latina that that makes you a racist. Eva Mendes has a pretty bad rep and she’s not exactly a great actress, so should i still like her because she is latina
If this guy was hooking up with Sofia Vergara or Salma hayek, I would be paying to see the pictures. I would love to see him with someone like Zoe Kravitz or Saldana.
Agree with you on the gay thing though

LALELILOLU @ 11/27/2011 at 3:32 pm




No it’s not racism dummy. I’m a black girl and even I don’t see the sense in this…they don’t seem to fit. It’s odd. More because she seems self centered and complains about being considered sexy when shes posing in her panties every 10 seconds lol For instance, Kate Winslet is nude in movies but thats for roles, I don’t see her posing in a see through top or nude in magazines, it gains her respect that its not for attention. Same for Kerri Washington.

Anyways don’t be too quick to say that, this is coming from a black girl..ok. lol


No it’s not racism dummy. I’m a black girl and even I don’t see the sense in this…they don’t seem to fit. It’s odd. More because she seems self centered and complains about being considered sexy when shes posing in her panties every 10 seconds lol For instance, Kate Winslet is nude in movies but thats for roles, I don’t see her posing in a see through top or nude in magazines, it gains her respect that its not for attention. Same for Kerri Washington.

Anyways don’t be too quick to say that, this is coming from a black girl..ok. lol

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He’s hot, she’s pretty but… something is wayyyy off about them. Not a cute couple at all. Maybe it’s because I’m jealous, or maybe it’s because they’re just mismatched. Like him & Rachael were a CUTE COUPLE!!! She looks like an older aunt or something.

Oh noooooooooo! Ryan is million times hotter than Eva. Please Ryan!

I think the only legitimate relationship was with McAdams, all these are just PR stunts, I bet you the movie sucks, dont get me wrong I adore Gosling but he’s had some misses, but if they “hook” up after they make a movie together and before the actual movie comes out just means the movie sucks. Look at J-hoe and Affleck in that sucky movie that I cant even remember the name of.

Exactly, no chemistry, their like…friends, what they are.
If Ryan is really cool and handsome, who do you suggest he should be dating instead of Eva?
Rachel was so damn perfect! He said that Sandra Bullock was also an amazing girlfriend.

I love that jacket.

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