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Angelina Jolie Opens Up to '60 Minutes'

Angelina Jolie Opens Up to '60 Minutes'

Angelina Jolie gets profiled by Bob Simon on CBS’ 60 Minutes, which aired on Sunday (November 27).

Here’s what the 36-year-old actress had to share:

“I always felt not traditionally beautiful. I have big features…as I get older I look like my mom. And I love my mom. You start to kinda put your lineage in line of the different things you are. I see the Native American in me I can see the German from my father’s side and you come to love the combination,” Angie said.

“As long as Brad [Pitt] thinks I’m beautiful…I wake up and I want to be a smarter person. But I feel like that’s certainly what I’m encouraging my girls to do,” Angelina continued.

Angie teared up when talking about her mother.

“My mother was a full-time mother,” Angelina said. “She didn’t have much of her own career, her own life, her own experiences … everything was for her children, I will never be as good a mother as she was. She was just grace incarnate. She was the most generous, loving – she’s better than me.”

Angelina also discussed negative tabloid stories.

“I don’t see those things. I don’t know who they are but I assume they’re not me. They’re not who I am. They’re not what I spend my day caring about. I find them quite shallow and often quite wrong.”

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199 Responses to “Angelina Jolie Opens Up to '60 Minutes'”

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  1. 51
    Passing Through Says:

    # 37 lurker @ 11/27/2011 at 11:06 pm
    I was going to reply but I see 4Q already posted the qualifications. It’s a good thing someone answered you before BBOQ weighed in…

  2. 52
    sam Says:

    hello. i am new to this site. i am a fan of angelina. she is so beautiful xx

  3. 53
    Observer2 Says:

    It was an OK interview. I’m liking the parts posted that were edited out. Jaques is a rock star. LMAO!

    She seems happy and content. And for those whining that Brad is keeping her from working. Listen to what Angelina said. She likes being at home with their kids.

    And PT and a few called it on Lenny and hello widow’s peeeaaakkkkkkk! I mean, Squiggy.

    It’s nice that his pay includes him picking up Dolly’s sh i t. He’d rather do that then let Lenny have the umbrella when it’s raining or opening the car door for her and making sure that she gets in and out of the car all right.

    What a guy. Dude, don’t wear a hat that lets everyone see just how far back your hairline really goes. Lenny, does not like that. Tsk, tsk.

  4. 54
    lurker Says:

    Kara KJ Miller

    At #SonyPictures right now. After #moneyball screening. Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill a few feet away discussing the film. #wonderfulmovie

  5. 55
    lurker Says:

    Sasha Stone

    “The beauty of this story is that it’s about values, not about success or failure.” Nice, Brad.

  6. 56
    lylian Says:

    Good to see the guys are putting in the leg work to promote their oscar chances without having to resort to dating ex wrestlers …

  7. 57
    Passing Through Says:

    Something I forgot to mention yesterday – this week’s Outta Touch. I was going to do a tabloid report on their bogus story based on the French woman who’s suing Brad and Angie, but after reading the article I decided it wasn’t worth the effort. Of course they had no direct quotes from the woman and claimed that “other former staffers” had “come forward”, all breaking their confidentiality agreements and risking being sued, but that’s beside the point… And that’s the basis of their story – fake former “staffers”. But here’s the hilarious thing – most of the crap they claimed supposedly happened during the family’s recent stay in Budapest. And this is how the tab report became unnecessary – they kept saying such-and-such happened at the HOTEL Brad and Angie were staying at while he shot WWZ. For instance – Brad and Angie left the kids on one floor with nannies and got a room on another floor where they ate dinner and drank multiple bottles of wine. This is why I get annoyed at the tabloids lack of research – Brad and Angie rented a house in Budapest, the same house they rented LAST YEAR. Ergo, they weren’t staying at a hotel and the only times they were at a hotel is when they had date nights – when they left the kids at ther rented house with his parents. But, Outta Touch is only $2.99, folks…
    Also, the Star had a hilarious story with supposed inside info from celebrity stylists. One fictional “stylist” claimed that designers don’t want to lend Angie clothes anymore because Angie, who’s skeletal, has no ass and wears a padded butt shaper to give herself an ass and that it ruins the lines of their clothes and stretches them out, so they don’t want to lend anything to Angie. I was reading this in Walmart while chewing gum. Just for your own personal edification – It’s never a good idea to chew gum while reading the tabs. If Angie has no ass, then Brad’s been coppin’ feels from Platex for the last 6 1/2+ years…

  8. 58
    MJ Says:

    @Me: Bet, honey! can you please tell us exactly what you meant ‘coz your sentence doesn’t make any sense. Please, go back to school or if you don’t want to do that, just don’t comment at all. Okay, Bet?

  9. 59
    lurker Says:

    even sasha stone from awardsdaily is drooling over papa pitt

    Sasha Stone

    It’s always bizarre looking at extremely pretty primate humans like Pitt. They are so easy in the eyes

  10. 60
    lurker Says:

    tabloid are so trashy that is not funny anymore,the lies they make up is just too obvious

  11. 61
    lylian Says:

    Well, ssigolo gets a thread walking the dog. Brad and his 4 kids don’t get his own thread?
    Yep, JJ is being paid to put up ssigolo threads.

  12. 62
    lurker Says:

    calling it a night,always fun to be chatting with jp fans

  13. 63
    dianad1968 Says:

    Another “celeb” that JJ can’t stop covering is Mirand Kerr. If this woman sneezes, she gets a thread. Before she got pregnant and marred OB, she was lucky if she was mentioned more than a few times a year, now JJ has her on every day, with or without the baby. And she is sure enjoying the attention, as she can’t seem to shut up. She is challenging Gisele Budchen (sp) to be the most annoying super model.

  14. 64
    QQQQ Says:

    Not taking up for JJ… u all know how I feel about him and I agree with what most folks say but the movie pixs with Brad and the kids are from X-17. I don’t think JJ has a real contract with them. Occasionally he’ll post a pic from them but he usually post it with a link to the same pics on their site which he doesn’t do for other agencies. Also Popsugar has an exclusive on these pics, they are not posted any where else. DailyFail buys pics from x17 and they don’t have the pics either.
    My point is, JJ doesn’t have access to all the pics/agencies out there.

  15. 65
    julie Says:

    can i just say, she is gorgeous, smart, caring,great mom and partner to brad, brad is all of those things too, they belong together.

  16. 66
    LadyOscar Says:

    the part when she talked about her mother…it feels like we can feel her…she truly admires her…we love you, Angie!

  17. 67
    dianad1968 Says:



    OK, that explanation makes sense re Brad and the kids at the movie pics.. It doesn’t however excuse him for putting up pics of Ticky and her gigolo going walking her dog.

  18. 68
    Cookie_Monster Says:

    You know when celebreties can’t stop talking about their significaant other so many times in 1 conversation–they’re headed to splitsville

  19. 69
    Cookie_Monster Says:

    You know when celebreties can’t stop talking about their significant other so many times in 1 conversation–they’re headed to splitsville

  20. 70
    Justanotherfan Says:

    I saw the full interview tonight but can’t remember half of it because I was so mesmerized by her beauty….it’s like you’re in a trance. She is drop dead gorgeous in all of the shots of the interview. Brad and director of the tourist were right about her beauty, that it makes you stare and stare and it doesn’t go away. But I did snap out of it enough to notice she is very articulate and lives life to the fullest. You could tell Brad, the kids, and her mom mean so much to her. Her world revolves around them. I like that she answers with real answers and doesn’t play games. She’s not only the most beautiful woman but she remains genuine, grounded, and intelligent.

  21. 71
    Zenith Says:

    Angelina is a great mom. Brad is a great dad. They both are amazing human beings,They are so caring, so loving, so authentic. Hope more people like them in Hollywood.

  22. 72
    Passing Through Says:

    # 64 QQQQ @ 11/28/2011 at 12:41 am
    Plus, x17 sold Popsugar an exclusive on them. Anyone who looked at the pix at Popsugar couldn’t have missed the big blue EXCLUSIVE! They had in the title of the thread. Sheesh. x17 didn’t even have the pix up on their own website until 9pm PDT tonight. Jared can probably buy the pix now that the embargo has ended.
    This is at least the 3rd or 4th time this year Popsugar has had an exclusive on J-P pix from x17. Yet only hens and haters post in their comment section – and they know it. But they that’s what makes them money, so they continue buy exclusives and letting haters shite all over Angie and cash the checks. And that’s why we’re still ragging on Ticky, hens. Because you mofos won’t leave Angie alone, so wo why should we leave the biggest celebrity fraud since Milli Vanilli slide…

  23. 73
    gracie Says:

    Angie is gorgeous, look at that face and her skin is to die for, so smooth like a baby’s skin. She will always get emotional when talking about her mom, you can never forget and the passing will always remain fresh in your mind especially if you were close to your mom. People say time heals but I don’t think so, not with a loving mom.

    I also like what she said about negative tabloid stories, it is more about them than it is about her. I hope they’re listening. Angie doesn’t give a ratsass about your lies. She is happy, in love with Brad and living her life to the fullest with her family while you scums are losing nights bashing her to no effect. Haha. You don’t exist in her world and you all mean nothing to her. Lol. You go beautiful Angie!!!

  24. 74
    Passing Through Says:

    # 64 QQQQ @ 11/28/2011 at 12:41 am
    BTW – I’m sure Star and Outta Touch will slap this “near miss” on their covers Wednesday with the headline that Brad and Ticky met up on purpose so Ticky could meet the kids – for the 50th time, but hey, why bring up the fact that they’ve already done this story a few dozen times…and that Angie was livid when she found out and she and Brad are now living in separate parts of their Los Feliz compound. Everybody keep their barf bag handy…

  25. 75
    Angie great interview Says:

    Angie is a role model, a real inspiration. I love everything about her including her past. Her past is a part of what she is today. I admire her for not letting the tabloids daily attack bother her.

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