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Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck: Lunch with the Girls!

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck: Lunch with the Girls!

Jennifer Garner and her husband Ben Affleck grab some lunch with their daughters Violet and Seraphina at the Brentwood Mart on Saturday afternoon (November 26) in Brentwood, Calif.

The 39-year-old actress will be welcomed into the March of Dimes’ 2011 Celebrity Stork Club later this week!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Garner

Jen, Jessica Alba, and Connie Britton are just a few of the ladies that will be celebrated at the sixth annual March of Dimes Celebration of Babies luncheon, according to E!

FYI: Ben is wearing an Inhabit sweater, while Jen is wearing Union Skyline Skinny jeans in McKinley by Paige Denim.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck at lunch with the girls…

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jennifer garner ben affleck lunch with the girls 01
jennifer garner ben affleck lunch with the girls 02
jennifer garner ben affleck lunch with the girls 03
jennifer garner ben affleck lunch with the girls 04
jennifer garner ben affleck lunch with the girls 05
jennifer garner ben affleck lunch with the girls 06
jennifer garner ben affleck lunch with the girls 07
jennifer garner ben affleck lunch with the girls 08
jennifer garner ben affleck lunch with the girls 09
jennifer garner ben affleck lunch with the girls 10
jennifer garner ben affleck lunch with the girls 11
jennifer garner ben affleck lunch with the girls 12
jennifer garner ben affleck lunch with the girls 13
jennifer garner ben affleck lunch with the girls 14

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  • miserable []ucks

    this is just sad. rich people imprison themselves too, they just do it with more expensive stuff.

  • Can I just say…

    I love this family!! So cute, and loving… and their kids always look happy!! Can’t wait to find out what they are having… poor Ben if it’s another girl!! Lol.

  • Ariel

    Beautiful family!

  • samantha

    i think its disgusting that hes only staying with her for his reputation.

  • annie

    You nasty sarcastic bogans need to get a life – Jennifer and Ben have a beautiful family and you are only showing how jealous you are that your lives must be so miserable and sad. They have two beautiful daughters that they are trying to give a normal a life as possible under the circumstances they have to live – how would you like it if everytime you went out of your house you had dozens of cameras flashing every movement you make. Violet and Seraphina are little girls who shouldn’t have to experience this kaos everytime their Mum and Dad want to do something normal with them – like shopping, going to the park, ballet or going to frickin’ school., they have these idiots following them. The reason they carry the girls is to keep them safe from this stalkers. Just because Ben doesn’t have a smile on his face doesn’t mean they have problems in their marriage – they’re not stupid people and they wouldn’t be bringing another baby into a marriage that is in trouble. You haters wouldn’t know love if it hit you in the face – just because you have miserable lives doesn’t mean everyone else does – you just don’t like it when you see a loving couple like Ben and Jennifer and their two adorable daughters out and about. I wish them all the happiness they deserve – those two little girls are very lucky to have such wonderful parents that treat them with so much love and also treat them like little girls – not little spoilt brats like Suri Cruise and when she’s older Harper Beckham. Beautiful parents and gorgeous children – can’t wait for the arrival of the new little Affleck.

  • annie

    You should read more about her before you make these assumptions – she does a lot for children’s education – and as a mother she’s a damm good one – she is giving her girls a normal life – they don’t walk around with make up on and wearing clothes that are far too old for them – and besides what is wrong with being a mother and having babies!!!!!! With all their money and celebrity I’m sure one thing they would love to be able to do and that is to take their children out for a meal without the circus following them. They show such dignity and restraint so that their children can enjoy what other children take for granted.

  • Scotiagirl

    lol @Jess so what if she does, she is right!

    love this family!

  • Jess

    Wow, love how my comment got deleted.

  • DD

    It must bother Jlo that her ex is so happy.She thought by marring Marc she would forget Ben,. But it turned to bite her in the butt.He cheated on her and now she’s left with the K-fed wanna -be dancer.So low you have gone J.lo If you were half as humble ,sweet and a good mother as Jennifer Garner ….you would be in her place right now.Too bad.

  • chris

    Prolonged Misery. I give it another six months. The charade has gone on from the word I Do.

  • SAD

    I love reading the comments. They show how miserable a lot of the people commenting are. Sad, very, very sad!!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Some of you people are so pathetic and jealous. You just can’t see a family being happy. If a celeb couple who are happy together, they are faking it. If you don’t see them together, you say they are unhappy, broken up, misable, don’t take their marriage vows seriously, blah, blah. blah. What da fcuk do you want from these people? Happy or not happy? Probably not happy like you.

  • Aly

    ugh not these disgusting hogs again

  • Aly

    ugh not these disgusting hogs again

  • megan

    Poor JLO must weep buckets when she sees photos of Ben and Jenn and their gorgeous children.

  • shamrock7

    Take a photo for what it represents, a family going out to lunch. Whatever is going on in this family, is between them. It’s called, “PRIVACY”.

    Since Ben and Jen have united, they have built a beautiful family together. Both have been very successful in their careers, and support such good causes to make a change or difference for others around the globe.

    Most hollywood marriages have such challenges, demands, pressures, it’s difficult to keep the marriage strong. We must support them and hope they can be the Paul Newman and Joann Woodward of our times.

    Let’s be happy for them~

  • double life

    Well I take offense to being told how to live and think by people who are overpaid to play pretend.
    BTW it must be really exhausting for both to cover up his double life.

  • sneg

    I don’t keep up with them a lot but I rarely see them in the same photo together. Even here not one photo of them side by side. Weird!!

  • Ariel

    @sneg: Not weird, that’s the way they planned it. (however, there are a few shots of them all together on other sites). No money shot for the pap.l Get it.

  • jill

    @megan: gorgeous???? where do you see the gorgeous??????? i really doubt she gives a rats a** about his boring family, she has a hot career going on right now!

  • Aranka Paul

    I like the Affleck family. Both parents are hands on parents, at leat when they are being photographed. Some women are natural born mathers and Jennifer is one such woman. She truly enjoys her children and it shows. People are not being fair to Jennifer Lopez. Her relationship with Ben is the thing of the past, so much water has passed under that bridge. Besides, I don’t know how people can be so cruel as to call her children “ugly”. Some people are not all that attractive as children but do grow up to be stunningly attractive adults. Why does exterior beauty matter so much. JLO’s daughter may end up being a great doctor or a novelist. To me, all children are beautiful because they are innocent and free of any malice (almost all children). Even if Jennifer Lopez is still mooning over her lost love, what business is it of ours to comment on it. All these celebrities are just folks not at all different from other people. Haven’t any of us moon over our lost love?. Think about it. I wouldn’t trade my life and my freedom with either Jennifer. At least I can go to lunch and to the Farmer’s Market free of intrusive cameras and paps. Everything and I mean everything in life costs you a price. It just depends how badly you want the alleged “material wealth” over the illusive and quite often misunderstood “freedom”. Remember, these folks still have to put the trousers on, one leg at a time.

  • jaspisgirl

    sweet girls, parents in love(i am sure they are!!!!!!!!! so stop saying it is for his reputation,i mean, no man is dumb enough to make 3 children for rep..please u must be stupid as a rat to destroy your own life) and who really means that these kids are not happy.always smiling ,do sports and they are obviously well educated.soooooo where is the problem??? jealousy much?????? wanna have gorgeous kids too?????or is it the money????? or the chances they have?????? the future the kids are having???? or r u plain dumb????? ok no more caff 4 me?????