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Miranda Kerr: Don't Feel Bad About Who You Are!

Miranda Kerr: Don't Feel Bad About Who You Are!

Miranda Kerr and her adorable son Flynn meet up with model pal Lily Aldridge on Sunday (November 27) in New York City.

The 28-year-old Aussie beauty and her little boy were all smiles as they greeted mama’s fellow Victoria’s Secret Angel together!

Miranda recently spoke with New York Magazine about the first time she met some of the other Victoria’s Secret Angels.

“I just remember, like, the first time I met Adriana [Lima], she was so beautiful. I was like, ‘Why would they want me? I mean, look at her. She’s incredible.’ And then I met Heidi and Gisele and I was like, ‘What am I doing here?” Miranda said.

“I can’t feel bad about being who I am, just like the girl next to me can’t feel bad about being who she is,” Miranda concluded.

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Credit: Jackson Lee; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Anonymous

    Um…That’s Lily Aldrige, another Victoria’s Secret Angel…Not just “a friend.”

  • Sadie

    How does Jared not recognize Lily Aldridge?

  • Lisa

    She is NOWHERE NEAR the league of Adriana Lima, not even in the same category. Adriana is gorgeous beyond words!

  • :)

    @Kiko: lmao

  • ha ha

    this chick everything she says is phoney baloney

  • Yes

    I wonder why they picked Lily. She looks quite old and a little rough.

  • sandra

    @ the first poster – read below (Jared DOES know who that is)

    The 28-year-old model and her little boy were all smiles as they greeted mama’s fellow Victoria’s Secret Angel together!

  • Well now,

    Different strokes for all us folks. That’s for sure. I never cared much Lima’s looks at all. She’s beautiful and dark, but she has never wowed me. In certain circles, I’ve seen women who look similar to Lima. No joke. Especially, among beautiful Latinos. But I think Miranda has a much “fresher” look. Some girls look trashy, some look sexy, some look plain and some look very wholesome. That’s Miranda. To me, that freshness is NOT common every day — even in women you see in your real life. She looks like she’s lived clean. That’s very unique bc a lot of young ladies cannot say that today. They’ve been into drugs and slept around with lots of different guys, heartache, depression — and that kind of living shows on your person after a while. By Miranda’s words, at least she’s not acting smug and stuck up about her features. That is SO REFRESHING! If you want to twist what she said into a negative, I’d just say you’re probably jealous of her anyhow. She has a “happy radiance” about her. I doubt this girl would do a lot of stupid things. She seems smart too.

  • josie

    @Well now,:

    You are right about one thing…..Miranda is VERY PLAIN!

  • Obama’shere

    Cute baby


  • awww

    Flynn is just the cutest little thing! And his mamma is drop dead gorgeous!
    The ladies must be on their way to La for more promotion for the fashion show. I’ve read that Miranda will be a guest on Chelsea Lately on Monday. Then I bet that she will be on another plane to NZ to meet up with Orlando.

  • @3

    Adriana is gorgeous until she opens her mouth. And she always has the same expression in every photo. She isn’t as versatile as some of the other girls. That’s why she wasn’t walking the runways in Paris like Candice and Miranda.
    Miranda is my favorite VS angel. She isn’t as overtly ‘sexy’ as Adriana, but just as gorgeous IMO, and much more versatile.

  • woo-hoo!

    Just saw on TFS that Miranda got the S/S 2012 summer Bally campaign!
    You go girl!

  • @9

    Reading comprehension isn’t one of your strong suits, is it.

  • Kiko

    The hat doesn’t even fit that fat kids head.

  • Amerie

    Damn……..she is UGLY. She wonders how she’s a Victoria’s Secret model….I wonder the same thing.

  • @kiko

    So you are just going to keep re- posting that idiocy as soon as it gets deleted….again?
    Just remember, karma can be a real b*tch. And people who stoop so low as to insult babies are due for a whole lot of kama payback.

  • YES!

    She is so gorgeous!

  • paulie_rls


    you are fcuking blind lol- miranda’s head is shaped like Stewie Griffin’s on Family Guy. That chick is not cute and far from gorgeous

  • I Ate a Thesaurus

    it’s time to remember that commenting on celebrity gossip and being a ‘fan’ or ‘hater’ is really an exercise in self hatred.

  • Lola

    So overxposed it hurts. It really says something about why he’s posting her and not many other models too when Justjared puts up a post about Miranda without recognising the friend as another famous model… but hey, good publicity team!

  • Dolce

    She has the face that only a mother could love.

  • zoe

    Flynn is so cute and Miranda looks young and BEAUTIFUL! How dare you haters say her face ugly but consider Bloom’s OLD face handsome? It’s all because of those pathetic fangirls’ jealousy I guess? Anyone who consistently bashes this woman’s looks is obviously BLIND!

  • UYH

    That baby could do no wrong. He seems like a happy baby. Always a pleasant expression on his face. Good job Miranda and Orlando.

  • Didier

    I envy her. She looks so happy with her baby and her baby makes her more beautiful.

  • @19

    Vulgar, obnoxious, and believing that your opinion is the only one???? Yep, you’re a delphite alright.
    Miranda’s success really does chap your hide, doesn’t it.
    Poor, pathetic hater.

  • @21

    Still as dense as a brick.
    You’re posting. Fans are posting. That’s why she has threads.
    You really are stupid, aren’t you.
    BTW, Lily is NOT someone that most people would recognize. JJ is a gossip blogger, not a fashionista. MOST people wouldn’t recognize her.

  • @22

    I’m sure that her mother does love her face. Her husband does too, evidently. And since she is employed by a brand known for its beautiful models, and since she CONSTANTLY appears on ‘most beautiful’, and ‘sexiest’ lists, millions more must also find her beautiful.
    I sure do.

  • @22

    I’m sure that her mother does love her face. Her husband does too, evidently. And since she is employed by a brand known for its beautiful models, and since she CONSTANTLY appears on ‘most beautiful’, and ‘sexiest’ lists, millions more must also find her beautiful.
    I sure do.

  • rachelxx

    I know what she means, the others are total sex bombs, and she has this cute little girl factor (not a bad thing) its just I can see her wholesome sweet self feeling threatened by total sex bomb supermodels. I think many women would, lol.

  • Thomas

    meh Lima has teeth I just can’t look past. She can’t speak English and she giggles too much. She doesn’t have any business savvy like Miranda and her modeling photos put me to sleep! She has like 2 big fashion campaigns ever and has been around for over a decade, LMAO. and only 5 Vogue covers (all the small editions) I dunno she’s overrated in the looks department to me. Miranda’s fashion portfolio is much better than hers.

  • ta

    She’s so beautiful! And Flynn is gorgeous!

  • Bored

    over exposed, over rated and over the top.

  • @33

    Still here?
    I guess that you must be bored with your life if you stalk this girl across the web just to say the same thing over and over.

  • aww

    Such a cute family! I adore all of them…Miranda, Orlando, and Flynn!

  • @34

    Still hating strangers on the internet? Practice what you preach.

  • @36

    Nah, not a stranger. We know people like her very well. She tells us everything we know about her, and those like her, every time she posts.
    Oh, and if they didn’t come to EVERY Miranda thread to spout their irrational hatred, we wouldn’t have to bother with them at all. They (you) shouldn’t dish it out if they (you) can’t take it.

  • Cora

    omg he is seriously one of the most beautiful, chunky baby boys i’ve ever seen!

    usually when you have two beautiful parents the kid doesn’t end up that great but he is an angel!!

    he is a beautiful mama and a good-looking dad

  • Peru

    @Well now,: Adriana Lima is Brazilian and she’s beautiful besides, there is no such thing as a Latino.

  • sara
  • Peach

    if the lights are off Orlando might think a woman with a pumpkin mask is coming at him yeesh that thing is huge and round.

  • sal

    Can’t wait to see her gorgeous face on Chelsea Lately, tonight!

  • sam

    Miranda was great on Chelsea Lately tonight!
    Funny, sweet and gorgeous.
    Love her even more now!

  • @44

    I guess that you are one of those haters who think that you should be able to throw out any insult that you want (over and over again), but if one of Miranda’s fans answer you, they are “obsessed, stalker, crazy people”, right?
    Yeah, I thought so.

  • hollywood girl

    @@44: @@44:

    Um, because you are obsessed? Celebrities are terrified of “fans” like you that can’t separate fantasy from reality. You are the type of person who dreams of saving Miranda Kerr from an accident and she will become your best friend for life. IT IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.

    Look at how many comments you left. Which comment doesn’t show what a complete freak you are?

  • @46

    See, there’s a perfect example of what #45 was talking about.
    Haters claiming that anyone who defends Miranda is a crazed stalker, when they post more than any fan.
    And you people say that we don’t know these haters?

  • #46 here

    Now the post that I am refering to is #44.
    I hate it when posts are deleted, and it messes up the numbering. It always seems to be the hater posts that make them look the most foolish. I actually think that since they aren’t vulgar, that it’s the haters themselves who are ‘reporting’ them, because they are embarassed by what their compatriots have said. LOL!

  • Bee

    Flynn is the sweetest baby in Hollywood, no wonder there’s so many updates on JJ with Miranda. He is the cutest!

  • ellie’

    Miranda is beautiful..and Flynn sis adorable..

  • ellie’

    Miranda is beautiful..and Flynn
    is adorable..