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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Romantic Stroll in Venice Beach!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Romantic Stroll in Venice Beach!

Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend Austin Butler hold each others hands as they take a romantic stroll down the boardwalk on Saturday afternoon (November 26) in Venice Beach, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress and the 20-year-old actor grabbed lunch at 26 Beach restaurant before hopping onto their bikes for a short ride.

Vanessa recently announced via her Facebook page that she is going to be sending out holiday cards. If you want to receive a card, make sure to subscribe to her updates now!

FYI: Austin is wearing a Levi‘s trucker jacket.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler spending a romantic afternoon together…

Just Jared on Facebook
vanessa hudgens austin butler romantic stroll in venice beach 01
vanessa hudgens austin butler romantic stroll in venice beach 02
vanessa hudgens austin butler romantic stroll in venice beach 03
vanessa hudgens austin butler romantic stroll in venice beach 04
vanessa hudgens austin butler romantic stroll in venice beach 05
vanessa hudgens austin butler romantic stroll in venice beach 06
vanessa hudgens austin butler romantic stroll in venice beach 07
vanessa hudgens austin butler romantic stroll in venice beach 08
vanessa hudgens austin butler romantic stroll in venice beach 09
vanessa hudgens austin butler romantic stroll in venice beach 10

Credit: Premiere2/Miguel2; Photos: Flynet Pictures
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  • Sarahx

    @Anna: She is just walking with her boyfriend. Whats wrong with that?

  • Nina

    Omg people are stupid on this site! She’s just having a good time with her boyfriend!

  • Sienna

    Stop accusing Vanessa for all kinds of lame things, she’s doing nothing wrong!

  • Dena

    I think they look super cute together, and Austin is handsome on these pics, especially without his cap!

  • bububububu


    So having a boyfriend = being a beard?

    Have you ever even had one?

  • Kenya

    @Sarahx: Exactly right? That’s all she is doing and all of a sudden people think she is bearing after clooney and other lame things! I know It’s only because they can’t get over Zanessa. Hey I loved Zanessa too, but that’s not a reason to hate V if she has a new boyfriend!

  • Raina

    I have to admit I’m a little disappointed because I miss Zanessa so much.. but whatever I’m still happy for Vanessa :)

  • sarah

    wtf is Zanessa? Zac Efron’s stripper name?

  • Shannon

    What’s with the Disney girls like Vanessa and Selena dating these younger guys?

  • Yo Landi

    Woh. So that’s definitely her type of guy! Blond…. Ha. All half Asian half Caucasian girls have a thing for blonds. I noticed that. ….. Well, I don’t blame them though

  • justme

    he is HOT he has blue eyes just like zac he is blond just like zac and he is taller than zac and if you compare zac when he had 19 years old with austin you will see what i’am talking about

  • lizz

    I worked with that guy on Zoey 101. He was pretty nice although all the other actors (jamie lynn spears) were getting the attention. Now it’s his turn!!

  • Pamilla

    Good to have V back! She’s been so busy with The Frozen Ground

  • yets

    i love V and i want her to Be Happy.

  • Athena

    I don’t understand the attraction….was she feeling old being with Zac? Well, I guess they wanted to experience being with other actors…. Oops, what a faux pas… I meant other people…lol.. Glad to see her enjoying herself.

  • really

    Austin Butler is sooooooooooooooooo SEXY!!!!!!

  • me

    damn just last year she was huging zac like that anyway i love her and i’m happy she’s moving on

  • em

    she looks gorgeous and happy

  • em

    she was missing like 1 month, she was back and we dont get even one airport picture… so, clearly not

  • em


  • em

    mmm… pretty sure you are a lame zanessa/zac fan hahha keep hating! trololol

  • em

    or maybe she was unhappy with Zac, they broke up and because her relationship with Ashley she got to meet Austin a little more, and she finally meets a guy who can love her the way she deserve to be loved.

    Vanessa and Zac broke up like a year a go – we found out on december, but someone said that they broke up in Hawaii- so wtf SHE IS MORE HAPPY THAN EVER NOW!

  • mell

    OMG I SHOCKED!!! AHHH V has a new boyfriend now.. i really wish at the end she will marry Zac Efron lol but if V happy im happy too!!! :)

  • me

    she seems like the type that always is in a relationship,

    i hate people like that and my best friend is like that and its annoying.

  • vaness

    OMG, immature people posting childish posts! paps love her and follow her – not the other way around. she’s not famewhoring because if she is, she’ll hook up with guys who are more famous than austin. lastly, she had 2 boyfriends since she started acting, how can others say she’s desperate? other celebs had string boyfriends in just a matter of months

  • em

    lol at your comment.. troll

  • vaness

    ****string of boyfriends

  • em

    i’m really happy now! Vanessa looks so gorgeous and her beautiful smile is shining! so glad that she found a person and she is ready to be back in a serious relationship! since we were hearing about Vanessa and Austin back in june it looks like he is the perfect gentelman, and really cares about her, and the fact that he is best friend with Vanessa´s best friends is a plus!

  • me

    how i’m i a ”troll”
    again i dont come on here anymore its because annoying bitches like you who attack me.

  • BOJI

    Nothing wrong with a person being in a relationship if she wants to and neither is it wrong if a person chooses not to be in a relationship. But isn’t it nice to depend on someone for companionship and have some TLC from that special someone? It all depends on the person in question. What I’m trying to say that just because Zac is not in a relationship and Vanessa is in one, does it make it wrong for her? Give her a break. She is not your puppet and let her live her life the way she wants to. I can’t believe the double standards some of you have. Maybe Zac has’nt found the right girl yet but Vanessa got lucky with her guy.

  • Ava

    Cute. Glad to see her moving on.

  • em


  • Hal

    This guy is sooooo ugly, also a little ridiculous I saw some pictures of him on Google Images, in some photoshoots is pathetic poses, raising his shirt and pouting “sexy” lol

  • Xox

    @me: lol what? She’s been single for a whole year! And yes, before that she always had a bf cause she was in a relationship for almost 5 1/2 years. What a dumb thing to say.

  • me

    i was referring to after zac,
    and you really believe her when she said she’s been ”single” for the past year.
    doubt that.

  • ?????????

    I can’t believe so many people here say V is happy NOW!! As if she wasn’t with Zac. Show me pictures with Her and Zac that they weren’t happy in.

    Good luck to her because she will need it with being in a relationship with another actor. She did say her self being away makes it too hard. Surely that will happen again but who cares her mistake!!!!

  • Gonzo

    Grow up, live your life, let the girl breathe. You all remind me of Vampires Suck with the whole Team Edward versus Team Jacob theme. Zac and her broke up – get over it. They have. You don’t see them crying over each other. Their life their relationship. Do you know Austin? Have you hung out with Zac and Vanessa? Then shut and the up. Obviously Vanessa likes Austin she is happy enough to come out and hug and hold his hand that is the sign she is OVER ZAC. Now get over it.

  • sony

    why do is hate sergio ? now i am regreting myselffff¡¡¡¡

  • Xox

    @me: Yes I do. She spent a good part of the year filming on location. I doubt she would start a new relationship when she knew she would be away for a few months. And the thing with Josh, they both have said they were just friends. FWB? Who knows? But that’s not a relationship. So yes, I believe she has been single up til now.

  • Asco

    i prefer hher when she wear hair extention short hair make her look old

  • Emma

    If Vanessa dates Austin, I’m happy. If Nessa & Austin are just friends, I’m happy. When V is happy, I’m happy too. Nothing else matters!!

  • maria

    @?????????: Being away was just the classy response to why they broke up. If a relationship and/or that one special person, is important to you, you MAKE it work. Vanessa and Zac did for FIVE years, they knew how to do distance. There were other issues obviously that broke them up. It’s done. D-O-N-E. Please move on. They have.

    As far as Vanessa and Austin, well, it’s so nice to see them enjoy a day out, and not be embarassed to be seen. Looks like a very sweet date. And to those who say he’s not as good -looking as Zac, grow up!! When you do, you’ll realize it’s about more than looks. He’s her type, beachy and cute, and she no longer has to worry about a guy with women throwing themselves at him! That has got to be a huge load off her shoulders. It sucks to be with a heartthrob, as she found out. I’m sure this relationship will be much different for her. And for the record, I think they make a very cute couple.

  • Haters Suck!

    Well Austin can’t possibly be worse then her last boyfriend, that dude was an ass so it’s unrealistic so they’ve got that going for them. When it comes to starting a new relationship Vanessa had nowhere to go but up. (yeah have fun with that one)

  • jess!

    so adorable <3

  • jess!

    lol you sound like one of those crazy zanessa fans all over twitter, making hate videos, photoshoping Zac face on Austin.. lmao… do you honestly believed they broke up because the distance?, Vanessa was being her gorgeous self during her promo time, she wasnt going to say the truth, because probablly she would going to say something bad about her ex, or going to make everyone think that the whole relationship was fake, and she is not like that… She was so respectful over her ex, and now almost a year after the break up she is out with a new relationship, dont you think she deserve to be happy? you guys should leave her alone, she is happy.

  • jess!

    i found really funny, all the “hate” comments always come from the same people.. “someones” fans a little zanessa fans who are still living in the Disney magic world! lol

  • Mslea

    Geez my first comment didnt send.
    But Why does everyone care who she is dating? I am not a Vanessa Hudgens fan at all but I do like Austin. I think he is a cutie, and he just seems like a sweet guy. maybe the perfect kinda guy for Vanessa? He isnt in the spotlight, he is here and there but not a whole lot. He seems low key and just fun to be with. SOO if you are a TRUE Vanessa fan, you would support her new relationship and just be happy for her.
    I also think they have been dating longer than yesterday. I read a article that said they were dating since mid August. Which makes sense. They look pretty loved up to just have started dating, unless they move quick. But I think they have been together since before the pap first spotted them together. So sorry to all the ZANESSA fans that want them back but it looks like Austin and Vanessa are kinda serious.
    Also, give it a month and no one will care about their new relationship because they will be old and there will be a new celeb relationship coming out. or maybe they will break up, who really knows. Crazy celeb life. (: SOOO just be happy for her!!!

  • jess!

    lauren we all know what you think about Vanessa, and you think your idol is perfect, so why you need to come here and talk about what YOU think is true?.. just leave Vanessa alone, if you hate her so much and were throwing a party when she broke up with her ex, you should be happy now, she is out with a new person and now her new relationship has just hit a point when she
    doesn´t want to hide it anymore, she is secure and happy now, she was so respectful over her past relationship so you can´t say nothing bad about that and the way she handled with the whole break up. No one is sayin she is getting married, but this is just her 2nd public relationship, she is happy, so you finally can stop the psycho stalker mode on Vanessa´s life

  • Raphaela

    He is a Big Lollipop..hahahaha

  • kkkkkkkkkkk

    “photoshoping Zac face on Austin”

    People do this? HAHAHAHA This is creepy