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Brad Pitt: 'Moneyball' Screening with Jonah Hill!

Brad Pitt: 'Moneyball' Screening with Jonah Hill!

Brad Pitt attends a special screening for his film, Moneyball, held at the Cary Grant Theatre on Sunday (November 27) in Culver City, Calif.

The 47-year-old actor was joined by his co-star, Jonah Hill.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

Brad recently shared that he has no set date for his retirement.

“I wasn’t putting an exact deadline on my expiration date (as an actor) but I just see it coming and I do have an interest in the producing side,” Brad expressed. “I’m interested in a mixed bunch about complex stories that might have difficulty getting made in the current system or getting behind the talent they might be needing.”

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Credit: Eric Charbonneau; Photos: Getty, WireImage
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  • Godsofgold

    Jonah Hill is one lucky guy for being with Brad Pitt

  • wow

    Mr. Pitt is still beautiful.

  • Angie

    Old troll and ugly troll. What a great couple.

  • Carla Havar

    Anyone who believes he is retiring probably also believed Steven Soderbergh, Amanda Bynes, Alec Baldwin, Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman when they said they were going to retire/retiring..LMAO.

  • Asianfan

    @Angie: get a life

  • briseis

    @Carla Havar: So he cannot change his mind? Michael Jordan and Brett Favre never got flak for actually retiring, and then unretiring (Jordan even did it twice!). So if Brad and Angelina are mentioning it, those are musings and NOT WRITTEN IN FREAKING STONE! Jeesh!!!

  • Lara

    He looks so gorgeous, and happy and relaxed. He and Jonah seem to get on great.

  • Jasmine

    Brad keeps talking about quitting…Angelina does the same thing…if they really intend on leaving acting behind, then go ahead and do it. Stop talking about it like anyone’s going to care.

  • adel

    i saw angie’s necklace… so sweet

  • Rose

    @Jasmine: If you don’t care why spend time to leave a comment.? I guess he is the only person an JJ that you care about. Why else would you be here spending precious time to leave a comment or even read about. I guess he owns you.

  • busted

    I guess the hags could not find much to complain about. So they scrape the bottom of the barrel for Brad and Angie should retire.

    Moneyball is fast approaching 100 worldwide. so lets hope it continues to do better.

  • GGGive

    He is very beautiful

  • AJ

    Angie’s necklace?

  • WilliamBradley

    he looks gorgeous in these photos.. and happy. i wish him luck in the oscar race for all his hard work. an excellent and intelligent actor.

  • lylian

    hey!! where did my comment go??

  • WilliamBradley

    also i admire his committment to his family and his partner. many comment on these blogs about his declining sexiness, attractiveness, etc. but as a grown up i can only applaud his choices and the way he conducts his personal life. his children are among the cutest on the planet. and if being a father and partner negates the lust the masses feels for him, i have a feeling he is okay with that. he is watchable in the same way robert redford was and just as handsome.

  • mary

    hello gorgeous brad!

  • teri

    Moneyball was brilliant, now just counting down days to see ITLOBAH!!!

  • Anustain Wants Limelight


    “My mother was a full-time mother,” Angelina said. “She didn’t have much of her own career, her own life, her own experiences … everything was for her children, I will never be as good a mother as she was. She was just grace incarnate. She was the most generous, loving – she’s better than me.”

    “My mother is a cancer!!!!!”

  • Jen the HAG

    #3 Angie @ 11/28/2011 at 5:50 am

    Oh yes MANISTON and her boytoy therox are really UGLY inside and out.. both are both desperate C list actors

  • ab

    jen the hag
    true desperate “Y” list actors

  • Love B&A

    Great interview! So proud to be an Angie & Brad fan.

  • Love B&A


    Moneyball Boxoffice results. 95M and counting!

    Total Lifetime Grosses
    Domestic: $73,160,000 77.0%
    + Foreign: $21,800,000 23.0%

    = Worldwide: $94,960,000

  • Love B&A

    Happy Feet 2 Boxofficemojo update.

    Total Lifetime Grosses
    Domestic: $43,773,000 75.8%
    + Foreign: $14,000,000 24.2%

    = Worldwide: $57,773,000

  • Laranjen

    Looks tired and worn out —sad eyes

  • Love B&A

    Washington Post coverage of gorgeous, intelligent & very articulate, gorgeous Angie, videos at link.

    Posted at 08:32 AM ET, 11/28/2011
    Angelina Jolie, the ‘60 Minutes’ interview: What we learned
    By Jen Chaney

    “60 Minutes” aired its interview with Angelina Jolie on Sunday night and attempted to show a side of Jolie that — after years of intense study of Jolie-ology — we somehow missed. But the 13-minute segment, which can be watched via the video below, didn’t, really.

    Jolie, recently photographed in Vietnam with sons Pax and Maddox. (Reuters)

    The interview — pegged to the upcoming release of Jolie’s directorial effort “In the Land of Blood and Honey,” which focuses on the war in Bosnia during the 1990s — mostly rehashed tidbits about the Oscar winner’s life that we already knew.

    As previously noted in this blog, we learned that Jolie lived through some dark times and is very thankful that she didn’t die young. When reporter Bob Simon pressed her to elaborate, Jolie would only say, “I think people can imagine that I did the most dangerous and I did the worst, and I, for many reasons, I shouldn’t be here.”

    The interview also conveyed more previously known facts abut Jolie, including:

    — The fact that she toyed with a becoming a funeral director after her grandfather’s death.

    — That she and ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton wore vials of each other’s blood around their necks. This was breaking news back in the year 2000.

    — That she is now a humanitarian and U.N. Ambassador who no longer wears vials of blood around her neck. Or at least not publicly.

    — That Jolie is still a bad girl, despite her do-gooding ways. “You know, I still have that side of me that is, it’s just, it’s in its place now,” she said. “It belongs, it, you know, it belongs to Brad. Or it belongs to our adventures.” This comment has predictably spurred several celebrity blogs to run items with headlines like “Angelina Jolie is still a bad girl for Brad Pitt.” Some of those headlines even include exclamation points.

    — That she finds tabloids shallow: “They’re not who I am, they’re not what I spend my day caring about,” she said. “ I find them quite shallow and often very wrong when I do hear about what they are.”

    — That she plans to direct another film about war, this time focused on the conflict in Afghanistan. (This was actually somewhat new information.)

    — That discussing her mother, a woman who she says was “better than me,” makes her cry. This was the most genuinely emotional part of the interview. If you want to skip all the Jolie rehash and just watch that moment, you can find it at the 11-minute mark in the video below.

  • elizabeth

    As always………Brad such a handsome guy.

    I watched the 60 mins of Angie she is so awesome and knows how to answer at all times….intelligent all the wayi

  • MIMI

    The man is gorgeous.

  • Another Lurker

    For me, the Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor for 2011 (Brad and Jonah – see photo for this article above).

  • Brad’s Hot is GONE

    Brad looks severely worn-out and smelly.

  • pittstain&da spearsweave

    no wonder he keeps his mullohland drive justin theroux glasses on

  • pittstain&da spearsweave

    somebody please make him put his glasses back on. nobody give oscar to grandpa like dat unless you George clooney. @Brad’s Hot is GONE:

  • pittstain&da spearsweave

    Omgah can you imagine if he takez he weave out and have hairline like he brother? Or just have gray hair instead of bleach? omugah he would look like shitt. jajajaj but he already duz.

  • cute

    Brad looks really good, such a handsome man. looks the same age as Jonah Hill and Hill is not even 30 yet.

  • pittstain&da spearsweave

    jonah hill offically betta looking than pittstain. Justin theroux officially betta looking too

  • Love B&A

    This is from UK tabloid dailmail. Oddly enough it is a pretty good write up of Angie’s interview on 60 Minutes.
    But as we all know by now, that will change and tabloids will go right back to their negative crap & lies very soon in order to make $$’s with their continual lies & JP coattail riding!. (some good pictures)

    ‘She was grace incarnate’: Angelina Jolie chokes back tears as she opens up about her late mother Marcheline Bertrand

  • Ellen

    Finally Brad is doing some push for his movie Moneyball. It is a fantastic film, he is amazing in it. I hope he will win Best Actor. A nomination seems a lock. It has been a great year for Brad.

  • pittstain&da spearsweave really? he wrinkle eyes look like worse than American President Bill Clinton on cnn da otha day@cute:

  • pittstain&da spearsweave

    Finally? da movie has been promoted all summer and beyond. @Ellen:

  • pittstain&da spearsweave

    Finally? da movie has been promoted all summer and beyond. @Ellen:

  • jp fan

    I am reading AwardDaily Sasha Stone’s article, looks like Brad, George and Matt could be in Oscar Best Actor nods this year. Ocean’s gang and sexiest men alive.

  • lil


  • QQQQ

    Jeeze, Jared, fix your fr*gging site. Issues logging on (3/4 tries), submitting posts, missing posts, moderation hell for no reason and list go on. Move your site from buzznet since this sh*t has been going on for more than 2+ yrs and they cant seem to fix it.

  • Love B&A

    Matt talking about working with Brad on HF2 LMAO!

  • Love B&A

    Longer version of the interview with Matt talking about HF2 & shooting with Brad.

  • Cold Hard Math

    Just got an email from Anderson Cooper’s show, ITLOBH will be screening on Dec 5, then a discussion with Angie at the taping. I have tickets, but I have to decline. So fans that do have tickets, have a great enjoy the screening, etc. Looking forward to hearing about the movie.

    4Q , Diana if you are lurking are you guys going?

  • QQQQ

    Cold Hard Math @ 11/28/2011 at 1:42
    I am not going to the AC show. I really don’t care for him but I am gonna try to make it to the premier later that day.

  • charlene

    he is nobody after he is with angelina jolie. she destroyed him.

  • Nina


  • nOliVEbuStdebrsegulLoveB&A

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    nojobguliLove B&A brangefanBA+6JPSjpfan !
    Dang , how many phoney aka’s debra and guli got ?
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    @rse’s @t jj’s !))
    rose debra busted back forth lmbao !
    unemployeddebrarose @n AARPguli !
    no job fineing video”s daile’y @ jj’s AARPguli aka LoveB&A aka jp fan !! bawaah ! u no ang AARP56guli !
    AARPguli unhapiley maried lmbao !! jaja))));> bawaah!
    LoveB&A aka nojoblivAARPguli , LMAOpImp !! bawaah !