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Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart: Hawaiian Helicopter Ride!

Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart: Hawaiian Helicopter Ride!

Jennifer Lopez and dancer Casper Smart prepare to embark on a helicopter journey together on Sunday (November 27) in Kauai, Hawaii.

The 42-year-old entertainer and Casper, 24, spent Thanksgiving weekend in the tropical paradise with her kids Max and Emme.

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Casper was great with the kids. He was twirling them around and doing flips with Emme and she seemed very comfortable with him,” a source told Us Weekly.

“I hope all my #LOVERS had a great thanksgiving with your families!!!!” JLo tweeted over the weekend.

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Credit: Zeus/Poseidon/Stevie/Simon; Photos: Flynet Pictures
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  • Anna

    He really is the worst looking person she’s ever dated.

    Would someone explain to me how twirling kids around and doing flips qualifies as being “good” with kids? To truly be good with kids you have to do a lot more than that. JLo needs to stop running to Us Weekly and telling them what a good future step-father this guy might be. At least when Madonna gets a younger man she doesn’t BS like he’s going to change her family somehow.

  • Blur

    Gurrrrrl I hope this is just you getting yours because really? did you learn nothing from your first and second marriage?

    It’s really not my place to say anything, but I really don’t think it’s a good idea to have your kids around someone you just started to date.

  • G.F or E

    @ Anna
    Its a source from US weekly, aka its a completely made up nonsensical bit of drool to keep IDIOTS discussing and perpetuating the story.

  • Anna

    @G.F or E:

    The “source” is from JLo’s camp. They give these little tidbits to the tabloids to keep her relevant because really…who is JLo now? If the tabloids want anything it’s something that’ll make the celeb look bad. Recently there have been stories about Casper having a criminal record. What better way to make people forget about that then to go to the tabloids and say good things about him. If you don’t think celebs run their mouths to the tabloids themselves then you don’t know how the industry works and honestly, I wish I was you because I feel like I know too much. Celebrities are a strange breed.

  • dud

    sorry for saying this but she’s quite a wh0re

  • Lydia

    I’m glad to see Jennifer Lopez happy again and having fun in a relationship with Casper Smart after all that she has been through even though he is 18 years younger than her. Casper Smart is so lucky to have such a sexy, curvaceous and sensual woman be a cougar for him.
    I have always liked younger men. I have never dated or had sex with anyone older than me – it hasn’t been a conscious choice, just a fact. I love their youthful energy, it makes me feel young. Not that I am old – really, 35 isn’t, and society is more accepting of cougar relationships these days.
So beware guys the cougars are on the loose – and if they lure you in you might just be in for the best ride of your life.

  • Sartain

    I think she is interested in being a cougar now so she would be the more mature one who’s in control of the relationship and has the power

  • huh?

    UGH! j.lo you need a MAN not some douchey BOY!

  • Amazed

    I used to like Jlo now i think she is just desperate.

  • Ruth

    huh? @ 11/28/2011 at 2:49 am 0

    UGH! j.lo you need a MAN not some douchey BOY!
    Perhaps JLo should try being by herself, with her children and family and without some new toyboy to play with for a couple of months.

    She has run from man to man for years and if you look at these images which haven’t been airbrushed, she looks her age ++. I don’t care how she lives but as the mother of two children for whom she waited a long time, she should start thinking a little about her behaviour and allowing the kids to come into contact with every single man she is dating for a short time.

    She just looks cheap and used, an image she really doesn’t need.

  • niki

    He is ugly , Jlo is Ugly too looking at her pics without makeup and all the great outfits you see she is not pretty . I hate older women with some toy boys just because they are famous and can buy any toy boy to play and make me sick she has already introduced her kids to this guy.

  • Felix

    haha, i thought J-Lo and this ugly “guy” is a joke, but it’s a true story!
    He looks like the ugly brother of Alan Harper! :)

  • J&J

    Sloppy tats

  • roy

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  • sin

    Wow..I mean I love jlo, but come on this is extreme cougar status..what kind of adult conversation can you have with a 25 year old..I at 30 wouldn’t date a younger guy men take allot longer to mature..and your a mother of 2 what kind of step father can he be he is still a boy not a man .intolerant of that your with a guy you are gonna be paying for most of the time..did you not learn with Chris judd about not dating your back up dancers…I don’t know if your doing it to piss of Mark but ur making yourself look desperate not good you must be going through a mid life crises or will always feel insecure dating someone that much younger than you cause once you hit 52 and he’s on 34 he will be leaving u for a hot young 21 year old sorry men are visual its a fact. I hope you snap out of this if you kept this dude as a booty call cool but you should have kept it on the DL and not let your kids meet the guy. Your old enough to be his mom!

  • Annie

    This boy is pretty fugly – plus he’s a midget. He says he’s 5’8 but I saw some pictures of him standing with other people and he’s more like 5’3.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Why isn’t she wearing her Kohl’s clothes on this trip??? How nice – instead of spending the holidays with your family you can spend the holidays with mommy’s new boyfriend!!!

  • She Stinks!

    What cradle robbing trash she is! Didn’t she just say in some magazine about how she needs to respect herself and blah blah blah about men? And then she is caught canoodling with a boy? Just another example of what a selfish low class egomaniac she is! Looks like she’s ignoring her kids yet again. Trash is, as trash does, I guess…..

  • dud


    her marriage to MA was her third time, just saying..not twice but three times and counting …

  • sindywhereyube

    she sure knows how to change people’s lives ,one moment he is in the dance studio shaking it off then the next day he is off to a helicopter ride…..wooooooooooo

  • lola

    This b*tch’s a cougar!

  • pg

    Why does she always have to show off her men everywhere.She did this in her Bennifer era but at least Ben is smart ,funny and talented.This guy is a Vanilla ice wanabee criminal trying to get his pay day.Nice example for your kids JLo! I’ll Lmao when Marc gets custody of the kids

  • Kay

    That is the worst outfit she has ever worn. Without heels and all of the fuss, she appears to have a pretty dumpy body. And while I could care less if she’s having fun with some young guy, I do think it’s a bit much to involve the kids. Power to her for getting out and having a fun time with any man she chooses, but it’s unnecessary to involve the kids, who have no choice and who are likely confused.

  • duddu

    Without airbrushing, heels, extensions, make up etc. she is not even pretty.

  • silvina

    JHO is trash. She couldn’t wait until her divorce is finalized to start parading around with her new man. I feel really sorry for those kids. They must be very confused with mommy’s “new friend” situation.

  • brenda

    Jennifer is a Wh@re. Who the hell starts dating so soon after breaking up with their spouse. She goes through men, like I go through toilet paper. Have no respect for this person at all. Only in Hollywood do they go through spouses like they meant nothing to them at all.

  •!/AnaQuinteroA ANI

    she had to have separated from marc anthony, but sadness that the family has disintegrated

  • ohboy

    Mid-life crisis for JLo. She’s a mother now and should at least TRY to be mature and respectable. Her lapdance while wearing next to nothing on the award show and now this – something is wrong here.

  • kate

    Her poor twins not even divorced!
    If her fans are confused her kids must be!

  • liam!

    where is marc anthony? i wouldnt want my kids having loads of daddies

  • Jas

    why are you all mad? If you had a life you wouldn’t be online bashing someone who does. You all should realize that dude has been dancing for her since May, so I’m sure that is not the first time he has met/played with her kids as with the other dancers. And who are you all to call him fugly? he’s a hell of a lot better than MA lol. Also to the ones saying you’d never date a younger man, bulls**t. Let’s be real every woman has a little cougar in them. All we should worry about is if Casper makes her happy & by the looks of it he does (for now) you are all praising MA like he was a saint “Get Real”

  • Mikee25

    Even I, Jennifer’s #1 fan, can’t support her on this. Her lewd behavior and slovenly antics have pushed me over the edge. I have officially joined the haters. It’s time. I will also stop doing her in my drag act. I’m tired of people boo-ing me.

  • Horrible Mother

    This woman has to be the biggest tramp and worst mother in Hollywood. She brings man after man into the lives of her children irregardless of how confusing this is for them. Isn’t it bad enough that their father is a crackhead who is never seen with them???

  • Well Now

    Jlo doesn’t like her twins very much because they are unattractive that’s why she cares nothing about their emotional well-being.

  • sandy

    ew..3rd pic, the guy in the hat is checking out jlo’s butt……

  • Ginger

    If I get her age, I would not date someone THAT YOUNG!! He’s too young. Perhaps someone in his 30s would be alright but he is too young and I don’t want to think how old she was when he was just 10 years old. kekeke

    Didn’t she learn her lesson from marrying Chris Judd? He was her backup dancer and it didn’t work out… Cause the next man that comes in her life who has a career of his own which she doesn’t sign his paycheck, she will leave him too but I’m sure Casper is having a great old time hitting J.Lo in the mean time!! He’s probably bragging that crap to his friends… HELLO, J.LO? Wake up!!

  • She Stinks!

    Where are all the JHO Bag fans that usually support their diva’s disgusting behavior? Even they are shocked by her horrid trashy low class display. It would be hysterical if this child knocked up this self absorbed no talent sk*ank. I’d love to see how her PR team spins it!

    Can you imagine the conversation with Emme and Max? “hey kids, here’s Mom’s new slam piece…if the camera’s are around, act like you like him, or I’ll put you in the basement! ‘….what a horrible mother she must be! Call DYFUS on her!