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Jessica Simpson: FN Achievement Awards!

Jessica Simpson: FN Achievement Awards!

Jessica Simpson shows off her growing baby bump at the Footwear News Achievement Awards on Tuesday (November 29) at The Museum of Modern Art in NYC.

The 31-year-old entertainer hit the carpet with fiance Eric Johnson, where she touched her tummy and told the daddy-to-be, “Aw, the baby’s kicking!”

The event honored the achievements of top shoe designers, fashion brands, style stars, leading retailers, and industry icons.

Also pictured: Jessica returning to her hotel earlier in the day.

FYI: Jessica is wearing a Donna Karan dress with YSL shoes, H.Stern earrings, and a bracelet from her Jessica Simpson fine jewelry collection for Zales.

10+ pictures inside of Jessica Simpson at the FN Achievement Awards

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Photos: Justin Campbell, WENN
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  • jeannie

    “Brooke” – Seriously?! I mean really, this was a legitimate comment you thought needed to be made? Are you really that concerned with her marital status or the fact that she is pregnant, really? Does it also bother you that in order for her to become pregnant she performed an act that someone who isn’t married should do?! Because, if we are criticizing her for getting pregnant before marriage, we should probably bring light to the act that led to this pregnancy that you have such an issue with. Do yourself a favor and get yourself some, so you aren’t such a complete — what do they call it, oh yeah, it starts with a B, has 5 letters and is one syllable — (In case your brain isn’t working, it is also a female dog!) We aren’t living in a time where a man and woman have to get married to have a child, it happens everyday and is clearly accepted by NORMAL, everyday society. You’re pathetic. You’re comment is pathetic. You’re putting down a child that isn’t even born into this world yet. What does that say about you? I don’t need to answer that for you. Get over it, Jessica, along with many other unwed mothers-to-be, is going to have a baby. A he/she will be loved just the same as if she were married.

  • danielle


    No Brooke, the only people who call an innocent child the B word are cruel, ignorant, a$$holes like yourself.

  • Mari

    That dress really suits her well. The colour compliments her skin, it is fitting for her pregnancy belly and she does not look awkward. Better than the pictures yesterday. :)

  • lexy hates bilson

    Wow! This must be a pretty lame award if SHE’S invited. We all know she doesn’t know how to design a stick figure woman – let alone a show.

  • barbie

    Jessica Simpson looks wonderful here; she is definitely the prettier Simpson sister.

  • booo

    when is she due?

  • jess-oink-a

    She looks like a giant sow that got wrapped up in a red tablecloth after being chased out of a farmer’s dining room for eating all their dinner.

  • mel

    Jessica told Access Hollywood that she is having a “Spring baby”. Spring starts on March 20 and ends June 20. That means she the most pregnant she could be is 5 months. She may only be 3 months if due in June. So she is 3-5 months pregnant. But because she started this pregnancy at least 40 pounds overweight, she looks like a bloated hippo at 3-5 months pregnant when most women 3-5 months pregnant with their first child aren’t even showing.

  • Shawna

    She looks beautiful. And how can anyone call her overweight? She is not in the slightest. That is a baby belly, not fat. My close friend is a size 4 pre-pregnancy and is due in March and is also that big in the belly. That is not abnormal at all. Obviously she is further along than 3 months. What a stupid comment.

  • Carla

    It is shocking that such a young, privileged woman who doesn’t really work let herself go to this extent. She looks awful and much older than her years. And goodness, that hair – I guess she thinks that it balances her body, but it only makes her look cheap, tacky and crass. Time to cut off the barbie extensions – you could feed a couple horses with that hay on her head.

  • mel

    By Jessica’s own admission, she is no more than 5 months along, so that poor fetus must be drowning in all of Jessica’s pre-pregnancy blubber for her to look that abnormally huge at 3-5 months pregnant. The doctor’s must have trouble locating the fetus during ultrasounds because Jessica is so fat.

  • Karih

    Beautiful – she is well dressed for once!

  • Karih

    Beautiful, she is well dressed for once!

  • leigh

    is there really any reason for all the hate and negativity? this is a beautiful pregnant woman. “Mel” not sure if you’re a guy or girl, but if you’re a guy, how about YOU try carrying around a fetus for 9 months, lets see how you cope and how well YOU look. If you’re female… well then I have nothing to say but shame on you. You should be embarrassed. I highly doubt you’d look even 1/4 as great as JS does. She’s not a hippo, or trashy looking. This woman is not a Kardashian. She’s a smart, beautiful, successful entrepeneur. She has many talents beyond shaking her body on a stage like most singers. She’s business saavy, has a line of shoes TO DIE for, she is motivated, exceptionally stylish, and she’s going to be a wonderful mom. She’s not a “britney” or a “lohan.” She’s a true role model.

  • @ Leigh

    It makes me sad that this woman is the best you can do for a role model. She pimped out her virginity, her marriage and her body for many years in an attempt to get and stay famous. She has never once sounded intelligent. That her gross dad is a good image maker does not make her strong, intelligent or talented. She’s just been willing to sell every bit of her privacy and dignity like most of the young girls in Hollywood today. Sad that talent is no longer needed, just a willingness to act and look like a stupid tr*mp.

  • general lee

    leigh is Jessica Simpson buying into her own pr. Sorry, “leigh”, Jessica is not business savvy. She may be lucky that a savvy businessman and shoe designer paid her for the use of her name as a brand for things he designed a few years ago, but that is the extent of her involvement in the business. And as far as this comment goes “She has many talents beyond shaking her body on a stage”, have you ever seen the soft pron video where this talentless beast simulates sex with a car while wearing nothing but a wet bikini? Of course this was before she gained a lot of weight and lost her figure. Now in addition to not being able to sing, act, or think, she is fat.

  • -.-

    so fake. now her ass wants to show off her belly after lying and denying all that time.

  • Brooke

    Calling me a b-word is completely uncalled for. Why would you call me that? Oh yeah, because I stated the TRUTH? It looks like you have your undies in a twist the truth hurts. I never called Jessica, her unborn child, or any other woman who has children out of wedlock bad people. A child who is born to unwed parents is called a B. It’s up to you if you want to take it a negative way. I mean you call a spade a spade! I’m sure Jessica will be a great mom. Yes, I know that these days lots of people are having children out of wedlock, but that still doesn’t change it’s meaning. It’s not like if anyone has illegitimate children it would automatically make them bad people or bad parents. I also won’t deny that you said that unwed parents would love a child just the same as married couples. All I did was called the child what it really is. What’s wrong in that? Look up the dictionary and see what it says. Just because you don’t like it’s meaning, it doesn’t change its true definition. The only people that get hyper and angry by using that term are people who are B’s themselves.

  • Brooke

    @danielle: No Brooke, the only people who call an innocent child the B word are cruel, ignorant, a$$holes like yourself.

    The only people who would get so touchy about this are B’s themselves :) so were you born to unwed parents?

  • Ginger

    So the baby is a bastard? is that what all the argument is about? Technically, the baby will be a bastard… It doesn’t mean it is a bad word. It’s just the definition of the word (bastard: a person born of unmarried parents). .. LET’S MOVE ON TO BETTER THINGS… Like how Jessica didn’t beat Nick to a marriage proposal and wedding, so she goes head first with the baby…. Regardless, I wish them both well… They are nice people and not malicious in any way… Congrats to both Nick for his marriage and Jessica for her new baby…

  • Ginger

    Dang, JJ… B A S T A R D is not a bad word if it’s in the Webster’s Dictionary… We are getting F U C K all wrong too… It came from Germany means to plow a field. =0)

  • Mariska

    I don’t understand those negative comments, look at her! she looks AMAZING! she is so pretty and expecting a child! how do you look in the morning?

  • Mariska

    @barbie: YOU are SOOOO RIGHT!