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Miranda Kerr Relaunches Victoria's Secret South Coast Plaza Store

Miranda Kerr Relaunches Victoria's Secret South Coast Plaza Store

Miranda Kerr helps Victoria’s Secret relaunch their South Coast Plaza store on Tuesday (November 29) in Costa Mesa, Calif.

The 28-year-old Aussie model made an appearance on Chelsea Lately on Monday night to chat about being a new mama and more!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Be sure to catch Miranda and all the other Angels on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, airing on CBS TONIGHT (November 29) at 10/9c.

FYI: Miranda is wearing an Emanuel Ungaro dress.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr relaunching the Victoria’s Secret store in Costa Mesa…

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miranda kerr victorias secret costa mesa 01
miranda kerr victorias secret costa mesa 02
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miranda kerr victorias secret costa mesa 04
miranda kerr victorias secret costa mesa 05
miranda kerr victorias secret costa mesa 06
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Credit: Charley Gallay; Photos: Getty
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  • wow

    So gorgeous and chic!
    Can’t wait to see her on the runway tonight!

  • sara

    She looks so beautiful!

  • jess
  • OhMiranda

    Usually I have something negative to say about her daily appearances on this site, but I’ll allow it b/c she is actually WORKING. She looks good!

  • Rose

    she looks more beautiful since becoming a mom

  • Crawford

    too big head. Not into this alien beauty at all.

  • yes!

    She looks amazing!

  • Bee

    I’ll give her props, most of the time she’s got a nice smile, but in these- maybe the photographer was just taking pictures at the wrong moment- she just looks lost…

  • satchel

    I don’t like this dress. It’s not flattering and she has an amazing body!

  • Shannon

    Is it just me or does it look like she’s not in the best mood? The few smile pics just looked so forced. Today’s the big VS fashion show airing so she can try to look a little more excited!

  • Big Yawn

    She looks like is bored posing for VS, and her recent interview was just embarassing. Does she take delight in showing Orlando to be nothing but a tool? Really people – do we really need to know that she bought him silk boxers to get in the mood for 3M (major flop) and get in the mood to be with her in the bedroom? Now that I can understand…and her little flirting of “I won’t tell you what he got for me!” Yeah who cares – why did you mention it then? Bet he didn’t get her anything. With her being a VS model, she probably gets her lingerie for free. Oh I get it, she thinks most of the free world is stupid.

  • vicks

    Ok she has a killer bod but its like a child like chipmunk head placed on top of the neck. Just really weird and mis proportioned.

  • Jess

    Of course she is pretty. My problem with her lies in that she speaks about how healthy she is, how she eats healthy when it is obvious – and as a person within health-governed practice I’ve some accumulated experience in the area – that she does not. Green smoothies, sure, but very likely any solids. It just sends out the entirely wrong message to growing, developing young girls!

  • Amanda

    Well, I saw her on chelsea lately last night and I was amazed how beautiful and confident and articulate and attractive she is! In photos she is pretty but on tv, talking and being her, I found her to be gorgeous! I love her personality.

  • zoe

    Miranda looks beautiful!
    @Big Yawn: Bloom should feel satisfied that she’s still his wife, you know, being a useless tool around her is much better than being dumped by her. She can do better, and obviously he knowes it.

  • Frozoid


    No, I noticed that she looks uneasy and uncomfortable in the lot of the photos… Maybe she had a fight with her hubby or something. Cause she does not look confident.

  • @11

    Are you really that stupid? Or do you just have no sense of humor?
    As you well know, Orlando mentioned in his interview that he wore purple silk boxers to help him get into character as the spoiled, foppish Duke. Chelsea brought them up, but couldn’t remember why he wore them. She insinuated that ‘getting into character’ was for the bedroom, and Miranda laughingly played that up. It didn’t make him look like a “tool”, it made him look like a man smart enough to get a gorgeous wife who knows how to laugh. And of course he didn’t get her anything. IT WAS A JOKE you moron. It seems that everyone laughed but you. I guess that makes YOU the stupid one.

  • @13

    Beautiful, shiny hair. Gorgeous, glowing skin. Sparkling eyes. Great muscle tone. Exactly how can you tell from such a great distance that she is not healthy. She sure looks healthy to me.

  • what a shame

    This woman is flawlessly beautiful and sexy. Shame she settled down so early and what’s even worse she married to one of the worst actor in Hollywood. Honestly Miranda, you have awfully BAD taste in man hon. Why pick that fugly old idiot when you could have chosen someone a lot better? I’m sure there were dozens of successful young men pursuing you, but you just picked the worst.

  • @big yawn

    Three Musketeers isn’t a big flop worldwide. It’s not exactly a hit either, but it’s at $128 million worldwide according to Box Office Mojo, and even in the US it’s still in theatres (drive-ins by now, apparently) and people are still going to see it. So mentioning it is a good thing.

  • gee

    Hmmm, tthe sockpuppets are still attacking Orlando? What did he ever do to you? We know. Nothing.
    You are just continuing the theme of praising Miranda and bashing Orlando, hoping that his fans will say mean things about Miranda in his defense.
    It didn’t work in the last dozen or so threads that you tried it in, why should it work now?
    Or are you just too stupid to learn from experience?
    No need to answer that one.

  • @11

    3M wasn’t really a flop if you count worldwide totals.
    It’s a shame though. This was supposed to be a big coming out (snerk) for Luke Evans and Logan Lerman, but no one was interested. If it wasn’t for Orlando’s presence, I certainly would have stayed home. He was fantastic as The Duke, but all of the other characters were weak and forgettable. And they used Milla waaaay too much. Many of her scenes were just groan inducing and stupid.
    Speaking of ‘coming out’….when do you think that Luke will come back out of the closet? Maybe that’s another reason that no one wanted to see him as Aramis. They are mad that he is pretending to be straight, when he came out YEARS ago. It’s almost a betrayal to the GLBT community.

  • @gee

    Um okay so no one is allowed to like Miranda only? I don’t get it. Apparently there are some fans only attracted by Miranda and feeling she’s too good for her hubby. Why those comments make them sound like Delphi? Miranda has a large fanbase, and I’m sure there was never a rule for that if you like Miranda you are supposed to like whoever becomes her husband as well.

  • @23

    You can like someone without bashing the man that they love. You didn’t HAVE to insult Orlando, but you did. You’re as bad as the Orlando fans who do nothing but live their lives to insult Miranda.
    And speaking of delphi… one mentioned them. You did. BUSTED.

  • Big Yawn

    @@11: Up yours, you rude idiot

  • Big Problem

    @@23: What is your problem? What – you don’t believe in freedom of speech? Not everyone likes her – not everyone likes him so why can’t people express their opinions without you jumping down people’s throat. You are a rude little person.

  • chuckydoll

    overrated ET look a like. Only appeals to pedos and little fat faced girls with braces and pimples. *yawn*

  • zoe

    @Big Problem: Totally agree with you.

  • ali

    she is very pretty with an amazing body
    oh and she has a cute baby :)

  • Your Cuteness!

    Beautiful, but also so darn CUTE! I had a grown man tell me once years ago that he would take a cute woman over a mysterious beautiful woman any day. Cuteness is usually full of personality and fun, happy times, charming. Dark and mysterious is usually aloof, stiff and boring. Miranda is not starving herself. She’s a busy lady who is in love with her man and her child. If you “get on the go” like her and enjoy your life, you probably will stop overeating immediately. She looks like a healthy, thin young woman. You don’t see veins popping out or bad skin or even a frown. Some of you who struggle with your weight must know that everybody is different. I have a friend who is married with two kids, and she struggles to put weight on. She’s thinner now than she was in school — skinny! Her life is very hectic, fast-paced and full. She hates being thin, but so far, she can’t keep the pounds on. No eating disorders either! I know this for a fact.

  • Maeva
  • @26

    Freedom of speech goes both ways. If you can express your opinion, we have a right to point out how rude, obnoxious or stupid it is.

  • @@26

    Glad you see it this way – your opinions are notoriously rude, obnoxious and stupid.
    Also, anonymous.
    ‘ta’ indeed