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Tom Cruise Touches Down in Tokyo

Tom Cruise Touches Down in Tokyo

Tom Cruise greets fans while arriving at Haneda Airport on Wednesday (November 30) in Tokyo, Japan.

The 49-year-old actor is in town to promote his latest movie, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

“When I jumped from a car that was traveling at about 60 miles per hour, [my wife] Katie and [daughter] Suri were watching, but [Katie] is used to me doing this stuff,” Tom recently shared about performing his own stunts.

Suri and my other two kids [Connor and Isabella] have grown up with it. They know I do everything to be safe,” he added. “[When I was young] I used to set up ramps and try to jump over gullies and stuff on my bike. Now I tell my kids, ‘If you’re going to do it, let me teach you how to do it right.’”

FYI: Tom is wearing an Alternative Apparel S/S Crew in White.

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Credit: Edo Kat; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Gorum

    what’s with his face???

  • katchimo

    Too much botox

  • Frozoid

    His eyes look different. Did he have a face lift?

  • Jemima

    EEEWWWW. He is vile. Poor Katie holmes having to be with that person. He has this huge ego like he is so important but he is actually very unappealing – creepy even. Is he actually Gay and lying about it? I don’t really care about if he is gay but if he is I think it is stupid to create this whole lie about himself. Did he actually pay Katie to marry him? again, I don’t know. Is he really Suri’s biological dad? I get that he is her dad- he is raising her. but there is so much presumed deceit around Tom Cruise- he thinks he is all that- why doesn’t he just get off his high horse and be real?

  • JJj


  • Female


  • Piper

    wow. “the man” has arrived. he’s so super and so manly that he does his own stunts because he’s a manly man.

    also “Suri and my other kids”? forgot their names, huh?

  • ck


  • ugh, he looks like Travolta

    dye hair, check
    BOTOX, check
    dies eyebrows, check
    juice to make get bigger, check(note: big nech)
    a whol;e mot;ey crue of of other crap that Travolta uses
    but T is fatter.

    why doesn’t he come out of the closet?
    we all know.

  • tiny sneeze

    Great. Now we have to have this a*s/hole shoved down our throats for weeks until that godawful movie comes out. We get to hear how superduper amazing he thinks he is as he pimps out Suri and leaves his “other kids” in the dust. Freakin’ jerk. Wouldnt see his movie if they sent me for free.

    PS. of course he had work done. if his face was any tigher it would split open. I even saw a pic of him in florida or somewhere in a bathing suit (had to wash my eyes out with bleach) and you can see lipo scars around his stomach. Yuck. He’s so sickening. Old disgusting jerk.

  • Richard P

    I like Tom Cruise

    I can’t wait Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

  • danielle

    He is NO Jack Reacher. Poor casting of an iconic mystery anti-hero. Not one fan who follows the series is going to believe this man is Reacher. 6’5, XXXL, huge muscled chest–vs. Tom Cruise 5’7″, size Medium, small chest. It doesn’t matter how many wooden boxes he is posed on to look taller or how short the rest of the cast is–Tom Cruise is NOT and NEVER will be Jack!

  • bobbyweiner

    Love Tom…can’t wait for MI4

  • Lisa

    Suri and my other kids”

    Really Tom really he couldn’t even call them by their names how sad and f*uck up is that and the Botox is beyond pathetic.

  • mika

    why do people “thumbs up” the negative comments?? it is not okay to criticize someone constantly, no matter who it is.

  • Bebe

    I rather stay home and watch my paint dry on my walls
    then to be dragged to any Cruise film.
    He grossed me out in ” The Interview w/Vampire”
    when I was a teen.
    When he gives interviews, there is nothing genuine or sweet.
    He is a narcisstic moron.

  • maxwithpains

    LOL that’s “Frequent flier’s face” You dumb ass! You would get that from coming out a airplanes frying high altitudes for long & just had landed. Air pressures are little off in planes. It’s nothing special. your dad ,mother would get that too if they were flying for ling time like going to Japan (it’s about 10 hours flight ) just came out of airplanes.

  • Mikado

    He is morphing into John Travolta.

  • danielle


    Oh puh-leeze. Your defense of him has you desperate doesn’t it–making stuff up. This is a bunch of bull. I fly all the time and this is just bull-crapola. Tom’s face looks off because he has had some work done on it.

  • yirt

    that’s not Tom Cruise..TOm has been abducted by Xenu and he’s on planet Nibiru. He’s been a bad boy.

  • bobbi

    Suri and my other two kids…He couldn’t be bothered to use this other two children’s names?

    This man is aging horribly.

  • Yaz

    When did Tom Cruise start looking asian?

  • Ariel

    A legend in his own mind.

  • FU

    Tom is alwsome….. he dosnt look bad for being 49 year old……. they zoom in to his face look at the other pics…..

  • pr person

    Oh YUCK!!!! Can’t stand the little crazy freak and won’t be wasting my money to see this movie or ANY movie that he is a part of.

  • http://none Dani

    The man’s obv. crazy but this might be the only good thing that’s ever come out of his mouth: if your kid’s gonna do something stupid no matter what, the best thing you can do is help them learn from it.

  • Suri is STIMMING

    ‘They imprisoned me on a cruise ship for 12 years’: Harrowing claims of a former member of the Church of Scientology

    Read more:

  • Punkinhead

    he is aging!

    whats with his yucky shirt? Looks very much like Katie picked it out!

    terrible taste as usual