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Bradley Cooper: Fluent in French on Europe 1!

Bradley Cooper: Fluent in French on Europe 1!

Bradley Cooper flashes a smile making his way out of the Plaza Athenee Hotel on Wednesday (November 30) in Paris, France.

The 36-year-old actor made sure to sign autographs and take pictures with awaiting fans before heading off to the Europe 1 radio station.

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Bradley is in town to promote the DVD release of The Hangover Part II and spoke fluently in French as he chatted about the film on the radio show – check out the video below!

FYI: Bradley is wearing a Superdry jacket.

Bradley Cooper on Europe 1

10+ pictures inside of Bradley Cooper leaving his hotel in Paris…

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  • Lexie

    He speaks a good french and without a bad accent, it’s cute !

  • meh

    Still boring but better actor than goosling.

  • Yas

    That has got to be his biggest selling point when getting women! Oui Oui take meeee!

  • Cece

    Why is it such a big deal when an American actor speaks french, but when a French one speaks a perfect english everybody considers it normal and not at all impressive?

  • Lian

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: there are few things in life sexier than Bradley Cooper speaking French. Unless he was shirtless while doing so, of course. (:

  • anon

    I cannot stand this guy.

  • Melrose

    Still not sexy.

    Upclose HQ shots have me horrified.

  • ya

    He so full of himself.

  • loverducky


    Well, it is more common for people to speak English, who are not English than for people who speak English to speak another language, unfortunately. It’s a lot rarer for English speaking people to be bilingual than for other first languages. So, it appears to be more impressive when an English speaker is multilingual than the other way around, because it is more uncommon..even though it’s not really more impressive, obviously..English speaking people just assume and expect that everyone else can speak English.

  • minnie


  • ?????

    Is he gay ?

  • Jen

    Regardless of the fact that I don’t understand what he’s saying, it is so sexy. Love Bradley.

  • Gorum

    I wish I could speak French…or Italian, or Spanish, etc.

  • Chaanie

    I’m french et I was surprised when I heard him speacking. He is really good. He explains that he learnt french when he was a student in south of France… He’s cute :)

  • Sandy

    Very interesting interview. He’s actually with his mom in Paris, said that he lived in the South of France for 6months with a family that only spoke French so that’s how he’s so good at it. He also had dinner with ppl that knew him at that time ( when he was 18, so he’s not THAT full of himself) And, to my surprise, at one point he actually says that he once worked in a hotel as a bellboy and helped Leonardo Dicaprio with his bag up to his room. When the interviewer asked if he had told Leo, Brad said that no, that at the time it was like “wooow a big star with me in the elevator”.

  • Frozoid

    Yuck- I hate his tacky gold chains.

  • LeviKlein

    Sa voix est super sexy, surtout quand il dit “tu connais le mec?” lol. And I’m really impressed by his flow, it’s crazy that his french is that good only after spending 6 months in France!

  • Finanas

    @loverducky: well, but still French people are famous all around the world because “they’re so bad in foreign languages”… a lot of English speakers when travelling in France are just rude to French people because they can’t answer simple questions…

  • Mirbfs

    @Finanas: as well as french are rude to people who dont speak their language.

  • shimmy

    @loverducky is right, and also English is basically the language that connects all countries, it is the international language of business.
    and yes, I agree w @Finanas too French ppl are known for being bad at other languages than their own too.
    –But I’ll say this too, being a native french speaker from another country when I go there they assume I live there so I’m able to see how tourists get treated and the french are not very nice to them especially if you’re american. If you’re in need of help say for directions, well good luck. Whereas in NY (dunno about the rest of the USA) even though locals seem to always be in a rush, someone will always volunteer their help without needing to ask for it
    - just my own observations.

  • hy

    I also hate the French. They suck. Everyone hates them.

    I am trilingual’s fun to talk about people in another language when you know they don’t understand you haha. I do it all the time with my friends.

  • maria

    nikos aliagas <3

  • Grow Up

    Michael Vartan from Alias/Hawthorne speaks French as well. I don’t know what’s the big deal. Michael was born in France.

  • Laurie

    There’re 2 things americans are bad at:
    - geography (most of them can’t even tell you where France or any other european country is on the map lol)
    - speaking other languages

    Bradley is the exeption

    Bradley’s french is phenomenal great accent, great grammar he’s on point !

  • Laurie

    @hy: then what are you doing here ?@Finanas: see this is something I don’t get you’re an english speaker coming to France you’re not going to impose your language here you have to at least try to express yourself in the language of the country you’re going to visit. I’m french I spend 3 months in NY when I needed something I did not start asking questions in french to people in the street it makes no kind of sense !

  • loverducky


    Totally. I don’t as well know the reputation of French people, as English around the world. But having just been in Europe, as an English speaker, with a bunch of other English speaker, you get the impression that even though they are the foreigners, they expect people to know their language, and can be rude about it as you say. Not that I was to make total generalizations, as there are, of course, exceptions.

  • scully


  • Teal

    @shimmy: I have to say that when I was in Paris a couple of years ago, everyone was quite nice to me. Everyone in stores, the train station, at the sites etc
    Generally if you are a nice person to others they will respond similarly wherever you are. This is even if you do not speak the same language. I know it sounds cheesey, but everyone can read the vibe off a smile and kind intonation. Just some thoughts :)

  • sneg

    “- speaking other languages” So true!! I wonder why it is so hard for us!!! I’ve studied Latin, Swahili, a little Japanese and learned some French words in the past. To this day I can’t remember any of them!!! Maybe since I don’t use them regularly. But I am really impressed with his understanding and speaking French like that. In fact, I’m a little jealous!! LOL!!

  • Nonmay

    @Finanas or Bananas
    You are expected to speak French in France my dear. People who have a bad experience in France are usually rude or uneducated:)

  • Nonmay

    @Finanas or Bananas
    You are expected to speak French in France my dear. People who have a bad experience in France are usually rude or uneducated:)

  • ethel

    @Cece: I still don’t get it why americans make such a fuss over people who speaks another language besides their own, it isn’t big deal in Europe…

  • Whatever

    Hot & sexy!!! Physical attributes not the only gauge for being sexxy – not that he isn’t an eye candy!

  • Paola

    I personally do not care of him speaking in French and I truly don’t understand all this mess!WTF??yes, he’s gorgeous, talented etc..but who TH cares if he speaks French??Then, he always says that he’s half-Italian, he loves to cook thanks to his Italian grand-mother etc..and he continues speaking French??I’d prefer he stops saying that he’s half-Italian bl bla..because that’s not true!thanks

  • mwannir
  • emma

    Paola you are idiot! i’m Italian from my dad and live in France, I speak french and not italian, waht’s the problem?!

    Oh & French are nice, we respect people & try to speak english with the tourists…

    He’s cute but smart, funny and his little accent is the cutest, it’s not a big deal but it’s great to see a celb who speak French and do a itw in French. USA & the english is not the king in the world

  • Finanas

    Well for everyone who DIDN’T understand what I was saying… or missed something: I never said that you should speak English to French. I said quite the opposite… you shouldn’t be rude to the people of a country you’re visiting, especially if you don’t even make an effort of trying to speak their language.
    BTW I am French and this summer I was in France in a train. A couple of Americans were just in front of me. The woman asked me questions about stuffs in English. I didn’t really care but, the fact that I could possibly not speak/understand English didn’t even occurred to her (even if she was in the middle of France…)

  • brenda

    I dont find him attractive at all..he is not the sexiest man alive for sure…and Gosseling either..

  • Bother

    @Cece: Because English is the first language , and it’s way easier to learn than French ! And I’m french !

  • I say

    You rock Bradley Cooper!!!

  • Mirbfs

    @Nonmay: Est-ce que tu veux parler en français? Parce que si tu veux on peut parler comme ça

  • Camille

    Hi ,
    I have to say that it’s true , french people are not very good for foreign languages and you know why ? For us ( I’m French) learning french is as hard as you guys . And most of the time we don’t use the correct conjugation when we are speaking. there are so many tenses and it’s very difficult to learn them all and to use them correctly . But even if it’s hard you can learn a few words , which will be usefull if you come in France . I live in Paris and it happens that american people come to me in the street to ask me about a place or things like that , but I am very happy when they try (even one or two words ) to speak french and I tell them that I speak english so they are always relieved . But when someone come to me and talk to me in english just like if I was supposed to speak I don’t appreciate it at all and I never answer because i think this is rude . I mean , every time I’m in N-Y or in a place in USA I ask questions in English because I’m not sur that people speak French . And , yes , it is possible that people don’t speak English , this is not something appoling .

  • Paola

    @emma: I just wanted to say that if he were a real half-Italian,he’d have learnt Italian for first and French after it!!

  • Angelo

    there must be something wrong about his being Italian..He spent some months in France for learning the language and he actually speaks it fluently but he says “it’s a pity..I haven’t been able to learn/speak Italian”..WTF??He should consider that being Italian is not only cooking maccheroni,pasta,ravioli etc…on the contrary there’s something more behind it. And the Italian culture is not after/less important than the French one. I personally don’t like his behavior..But I often realise that the 90% of the Italian-Americans DO NOT speak Italian which is absolutely ridiculous. I’m not saying that they should speak it fluently, some sentences could be enough..Italy is not only pizza,pasta etc..but there’s much more starting from our culture,art and history.

  • Birba

    Madonna, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are always like: I’M ITALIAN, MY MUM/FATHER/GRANDFATHER ‘s Italian but they all speak French!!!!This is so stupid. That’s why I don’t think they’re real Italians. That’s all.