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Emily Browning: 'Sleeping Beauty' Trailer!

Emily Browning: 'Sleeping Beauty' Trailer!

Emily Browning strips down to her bra and underwear in the trailer for her new movie, Sleeping Beauty.

Here’s the synopsis of the film: “This coolly shocking retelling of the classic myth poses its heroine as a rarified sex-worker, confronting ideas of feminine sexuality with bravado and precision.”

“With her skin pallor verging on translucence, and a long, tigerish mane, she could be a Victorian dream of the untouchable, and you can picture Millais and Rossetti dropping their brushes at the sight of her,” The New Yorker‘s Anthony Lane said of Emily.

Sleeping Beauty, which also stars Rachael Blake, Ewen Leslie, Peter Caroll, and Chris Haywood, is in theaters TOMORROW (December 2).

‘Sleeping Beauty’ Trailer
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24 Responses to “Emily Browning: 'Sleeping Beauty' Trailer!”

  1. 1
    Chanel Says:

    When did Sleeping Beauty turn into a sex worker? What…

  2. 2
    anon Says:

    Hasn’t this trailer been out for a long time? You are just posting it? As always, JJ, you are slow.

  3. 3
    Teal Says:

    looks interesting.
    however im not sure it should be marketed as having a connection to the original story.
    the original princess is pure and innocent in every way.
    so making her a sex worker just doesn’t go along with that.
    it’s not a “re-telling” if the foundation of a character is destroyed.

  4. 4
    Alan Says:

    wass up with all the disney movies being remade omg stap it come up with new stuff

  5. 5
    Yo Landi Says:

    This Emily Browning has a beautifully featured face. Great face shape. But WTH is it with this version of Sleeping Beauty??? A sex <worker, really? I’ll still watch it because it intrigues me and I like the girl. But I’m reluctant as to judge it as sounding “amazing” right now.

  6. 6
    Megan Says:

    A girl standing almost naked and everyone staring at her. How artsy and original!

  7. 7
    Truthie Says:

    Lame attempt at sexifying a children’s fairtytale = FLOP!

  8. 8
    @dih Says:

    Wait.. I’ve seen this movie quite a while ago.. ._. This is so not new, what’s going on?!

  9. 9
    Trilily Says:

    This girl is a ugly white lizard

  10. 10
    ernie Says:

    That quote is from one of the very few positive reviews, actually.
    The film is terrible, full of try and pretension. And Emily’s performance beyond annoying.
    And I’m no prude, the premise does sound intriguing. But the film sucks.

  11. 11
    ha ha Says:


  12. 12
    whoa Says:

    Trilily if she’s ugly then i would love to know what you think is beautiful. I’m also pretty sure she’s more stunning than you

  13. 13
    marq Says:

    As much as her previous role of Baby Doll was, this too, is an intense psychological thriller. “Sleeping Beauty” gets darker and darker and the accomplished Browning takes the audience into a terrifying place, where perhaps the extraordinary actress Browning, is perhaps only but one of a few, that could have delivered such a piercing, penetrating, soul-stirring performance.

  14. 14
    ethel Says:

    the girl isn’t a sex worker per saying, because there is no actual intercourse between her and her clients,nevertheless the movie is just awful in my opinion, after watching I just thought that I wanted the last 90 minutes of my life back…

  15. 15
    tom Says:

    Emily is growing up.

  16. 16
    Lucie Says:

    I saw it last week, it came out in France already. It was the weirdest film I’ve ever seen after “2001 a space odyssey” ! It was so EMPTY ! Meaningless. Beautiful images but nothing behind. I think I didn’t get it right. It was long too. I wouldn’t see it twice.

  17. 17
    Anonymous Says:

    Emily looks beautiful but the film does not look that good.

  18. 18
    OK Says:

    This has NOTHING to do with the fairy tale at all.
    In the movie, a “Sleeping Beauty” is what men who want to be with a woman who is totally asleep is called. Some weirdass fetish thing.
    It was a strange and disturbing movie. I wouldn’t recommend it if you like blockbusters. If you like little art-house movies, then.. I still don’t know if I would recommend it.

  19. 19
    -.- Says:

    this looks interesting.
    im gonna watch it because the trailer doesnt give away much.

  20. 20
    ClearPerspective Says:

    Emily is like a smaller version of Angelina Jolie. Naturally full lips. She’ll be around a while.

  21. 21
    Kari Says:

    This movie is so stupid old men touching her while she sleeps it’s boring too.

  22. 22
    Emily Says:

    hey, Does anyone know where I could find the bag that the character has in this film? please help.

  23. 23
    sweetitart02 Says:

    check out thissssss new article at BULLETT…such a good article! and gotta love the BULLETT + emily collaboration..

  24. 24
    anto Says:

    es re piola pero menca
    nta el cuerpo de emily es hermoso te amo re amo

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