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Gabourey Sidibe Covers 'The HF Magazine'

Gabourey Sidibe Covers 'The HF Magazine'

Gabourey Sidibe takes the cover of The HF Magazine‘s latest issue.

Here’s what the 28-year-old Tower Heist and The Big C actress had to share with the mag:

On one of her career highlights: “Being asked to host SNL was a huge deal. I consider myself to be a comedy nerd and being asked to do a show that has launched so many careers and has changed so many minds about what’s funny and what isn’t was such an honor. To this day, I haven’t been able to get over being proud or scared.”

On what she’d do if she weren’t acting: “Professional video game tester. That’s of course in the case that professional chocolate taster is unavailable.”

On where she sees herself in five years: “I’m not the kind of girl that makes plans for years to come. If five years ago, someone had asked what I’d be doing this year, I would’ve given a completely wrong answer. That’s what life is about – surprises! I just hope that in five years I’m even happier than I am today.”

Also pictured inside: Gabourey attending the New York Cares Coat Drive at Bloomingdale’s on Wednesday (November 30) in NYC.

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Credit: Mitchell Nguyen McCormack; Photos: Patrick McMullan, The HF Magazine
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  • Kim

    I’m so proud of Gabby! I’m happy that she is not being discriminated against because of her weight. Her career is really taking off!

  • Asha

    Omg that picture on the cover of the magazine is absolutely horrible and it is not even because she is fat. It looks like she is about to sneeze or is smelling something gross LOL.

  • mia

    i think shes beautiful, but it pisses me off that people have a problem with her weight but seem obsessed with anorexic celebrities. yes she shld get down to a healthy size for her heart etc but others need to EAT food for the same exact reason.

  • Eishia

    I get the feeling that Gabby’s not even trying to lose weight. I’m sorry but she looks so very unhealthy. She’s so obese that it looks like she’s about to have a heart attack any minute now. I wonder if she has diabetes. There must be *someone* who can help her with her enormous weight problems. I feel sorry for her :(

  • James

    I’m all for curvy women. I even got mad at Sara Rue for going on a diet with Jenny Craig because I thought she looked great just the way she was. But Gabby can’t continue on this path. She has to lose weight or else she’s going to have serious health problems like diabetes.

  • roy

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    I’m happy that she is not being discriminated against because of her weight. Her career is really taking off!

  • Polly

    OMG, look at her arms!! :(

  • lulu

    WOOOW I was just eating, thanks for that… Shes way too fat, looks unhealty and will dye sooner than later, people should talk to her about losing weight instead of promoting her illness everywhere, shes bad role model.

  • Polly

    @James: What people need to realize is that there is a BIG difference between being curvy (Kim Kardashian, Kelly Brook, Christina Hendricks, Marilyn Monroe) and being fat and obese like Gabourey. She’s not curvy, she’s not chubby, she’s dangerously fat and obese. She has stretch marks even on her shoulders. *shakes head*

  • huh

    @mia: First – no, shes not. Second – your point being? Because what you say makes no sense. Obsessed with anorexic celebrities? Yes, but pointing how thin they are and not in positive way. What pisses ME off is when people criticize too thin celebrities, but accept fat ones same time, and call them “curvy” or “real women”. Come one, being too thin is as bad as being too fat. Shes way too fat and that is disease, same as anorexia. Just kina opposite.

  • Love the shoes

    I love her but it’s not healthy and I’m not talking about high cholesterol and hypertension because even thin people can have these. I’m talking about excertion and stress on the body from excess weight. She doesn’t need to be bone thin. She could go down just 50 and she wouldn’t believe the difference. She knows breathing is laborous and walking takes her breath. She doesn’t realize that her taking one step is like lifing 3 times her weight. That’s what kills many. The bearing of the weight. She’s in denial thinking simply because she feels good all is cool beans.

  • umyeah

    ok ladies, lets not go call her beautiful just because you arent threatened by her, but the beautiful celebs who are TRULY beautiful get called every bad name in the book and would have over 20 comments in a row saying how “ugly” and “overrated” they are, LMAO. smh. I hate how people act like they can only uplift people like Gabourey who never get compliments. While with “hot” chicks (as in hot toned bods,,flat tummies,long slender legs,devoid of 100 double chins etc…) our first instinct is to “bring them down a notch” because consciously we know they get plenty of love, so why should we give them more when we can give girls like Gabe compliments. lmao. Dont even deny it. It reminds me of my exxxx BF who once admitted to me when I asked him why he could never uplift me when I got a promotion or compliment me, “you already know it , don’t want to blow your head up babe”. yeah he’/s gone now…major character flaw. Embrace beauty. Quit always bashing it. This girl may be nice, but she is NOTTT healthy and I’d hate to see something happen to her.

  • cara

    um my mom is a nurse and takes care of patients like this. morbidly obese and bed ridden with sores. how exactly is that ‘beautiful”?

  • Frosty

    Please do NOT call her “curvy”, wake up. Curves are beautiful. Fat is not. HUGE difference.

  • Oprah

    You go, Gabby! Girl looks FIERCE as hell.

  • True…
  • me-me

    She actually looks like she lost a little weight so, kudos to her. I love the eggplant colored dress on her.

  • plez

    love her response to the second question. Leave her alone. She’s real. She is funny, talentedt and has a great personality. You need to harass fakes like the Kardashian family. When Sidibe is ready she will lose weight. It is her life.

  • Ann

    I think shes amazing! And really talented too. But she needs to take her body seriously, or she wont live long.. :(

  • call me crazy but…..

    Yeah, well she may be amazing. But speaking as a guy, myself, what guy is ever gonna get close enough to her to find out. C’mon you girls, fat is not attractive. Not to the majority of us guys. And being this big is just repulsive. I don’t mind curvy. Curvy’s good but hippo isn’t and when ya start resembling a hippo that is the time to start busting the lard accumulation. If ya don’t wanna spend the rest of your life as a two tonne wallflower.

  • Jonny

    I want to be honest, I think I would refuse to eat anything if I would look even near to her weight…

    Also I guess I would’nt leave my house..

    But that’s just for me..

  • Lola

    Some of you guys, I swear are idiots. They WANT her at this weight! They meaning her managers and agency and the ones hiring her.
    They don’t want Gabby to lose any weight. She gets paid to look the way she does.
    They love that she is a stereotypical black ‘mammy’ type looking girl.
    I hate that they love to promote this stereotype because it’s NOT healthy and it’s offensive.

  • Sasha



  • Sasha


    ITA! I don’t like the cover at all. They could have used a better picture. Still lovin’ Gabs though.

  • Rocky

    @call me crazy but…..:

    Are you part of the Jersey Shore cast? That’s why women leave men like you. You only think of the ‘outside’ of a woman. She might look at you and say, “Hell NO!”.

  • Rocky


    That’s your insecurity talking. I have a friend whose daugther has an eating disorder and never leaves her house. If she goes out, it’s at night when she thinks no one is looking. The scales of life are not always steady for some people. It’s like Christina’s song, “Beautiful”. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and NOTHING or NO ONE should bring them down.

  • Jones

    OMG, the stretch marks are everywhere!

  • call me crazy but…..

    ITA, any woman I went out with who let themselves get that obese would be straight outa the freaking door….along with her suitcase! There is no point in having a relationship with a girl whose body physically repulses a guy and fat is physically repulsive.

  • Rocky

    @call me crazy but…..:

    I respect your opinions as I would like you to respect mine, but please don’t insult those who don’t fit into YOUR standards. One day and I hope this never happens to you, you will meet someone who you deeply love and you will not fit her standards. This may sound silly, but as my mother used to say, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”.

  • C

    This girl is not simply “curvy” she is morbidly obese and quite frankly one of the heaviest people I have ever seen, someone in her family needs to itervene, I would say its an emergency at this point!

  • C

    @umyeah: @umyeah:

    Yes so true awesome post!!

  • tiziana

    Jared, you are a freaking hypocrite. I posted a comment about this article and it was deleted, yet you allow nasty comments about celebrities’ children. I’m done with your double standards and you can stick up your stupid site up your gay a_ss.

  • Gia

    I’ve seen pics of Gabby’s mom and she’s almost as overweight as Gabby. I wonder if her father is obese as well.

  • call me crazy but…..

    OK, I respect your opinions but I don’t think ya know much about human behavior. Human perceptions are all about fitness to mate. Every time I meet a girl I assess her on whether she is fit enough to carry my genes forward into the next generation and vice versa. This process is entirely subconscious and we all do it, male and female. The first assessment is almost entirely visual which is not surprising considering that we are mammals that rely most heavily on our visual sense rather than hearing or smell. So our visual perception in choosing a mate is the first and most important perception in the mating game. It decides whether we will proceed or not. Obese women, in general, do not trigger that process. Subconsciously we perceive that obese women are unhealthy and not fit to mate. It’s a very normal and instinctive process. And that is why most of us are turned off by fat women. And why most women are turned off by fat men. It’s all about perception and fitness to mate.
    I’m also lucky enough to have a gf who thinks like me. She thinks fat is gross, too and can’t stand fat men esp ones with beer bellies and comb overs. I agree with her. Fat is ugly, unhealthy and indicative of a lifestyle that is all about indulgence, laziness and lack of self control. Not a lifestyle you look for in a prospective mate.