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Lady Gaga: 'Marry The Night' Video Premiere!

Lady Gaga: 'Marry The Night' Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Lady Gaga‘s new video for her latest song, “Marry The Night.”

The video clocks in at nearly 14 minutes and was directed by the 25-year-old pop star herself.

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“I am so nervous and excited to share this part of my past with you. It airs on both US coasts at 8pm on E! Get the wine,” Gaga wrote on her Twitter account earlier in the day.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Lady Gaga’s video for “Marry The Night”?

FYI: Lady Gaga is wearing head-to-toe Versace.

Lady Gaga – ‘Marry The Night’
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  • Adele

    I’m not going to waste 14 min of my life.

  • Mark Nicky

    @Adele: You seemed fine wasting it writing that comment.

  • marianna


  • Fran

    The Oscar to Gaga!!!! <3 <3

  • Shiitake

    She’s batshit crazy but her music is so catchy…

  • lulu

    Its way too long! I thought she will never start singing! I stopped it after 11 minutes (still not that bad), besides – her songs are shit, ok, Just dance was ok, Poker Face too, but thats it, everything after is shit, so you feel confused when you see “artistic” video made for something that sounds like the cheap pop from 90s. Overmade videos with some plot and storyline like for a big movie, mixed with lyrics and music that totally dont match it.

  • LoveGaga

    Love it!

  • Adele

    @Mark Nicky

    Life is an art of choice.

  • Zach

    And the point of your comment was?….. To hate. I knew it.

  • ladypop

    I like but I think it’s going intense, it starts to bore!!!! :(

  • emmerson

    Kinda boring….

  • Jenny

    Ok, from what I can tell, we have a mashup here of ‘Girl Interrupted’ and ‘The Black Swan?’ I’m just not deep enough for all the profound imagery?

  • jess

    erm….it was ok… not her best video…she dances weird..

  • jj

    Her music is starting to all sound the same. And she really needs to stop trying to be sexy.

  • wicked wench

    “No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.” – Oscar Wilde.

    “I like to remember things my own way. How I remembered them, not necessarily the way they happened.” – Fred Madison, Lost Highway.

    “A thing may happen and be a total lie; another thing may not happen and be truer than the truth.” – Tim O’Brien, The Things They Carried.

    “Fiction is the lie that helps us understand the truth. A lie, sometimes, can be truer than the truth, which is why fiction gets written.” Tim O’Brien, The Things They Carried.

    “The very definition of the real becomes: that of which it is possible to give an equivalent reproduction. The real is not only what can be reproduced, but that which is always already reproduced. The hyper real.” – Jean Baudrillard, Simulacra and Simulation.

    Imitation in post-modernism is mere simulation of what already exists. Hence Girl Interrupted, The Black Swan. Did she try to kill herself, asks Emma? In a roomful of mirrors there are only reflections. (I doubt it).

  • :)

    @Jenny: thats her formula mix other works in hopes that people will think she came up with her “art”. Thats why nothing makes sense copy n paste cause when no one completely gets it its art right lol.

  • Grammys

    Awesome!!!! LOVE IT!!!

  • Nick

    The video was about her life. She got signed to a label (images to her ballet dancing), then they kicked her off without giving her a chance to even sing (phone call she got). She became depressed (hospital scene) and got in to drugs and drinking so she could numb everything (bedroom scene with dying her hair and cheerios, etc). Her life began to spiral out of control and it was affecting everyone around her (outside in the streets with cars burning). Then she decided to get her life back on track and work hard to get to where she is now (dancing with her backup dancers), and she got picked up by Interscope (clip of Interscope written on her hand). The last part with the fire and she’s in red and you can’t see her face is signifying the fire that burns inside her to keep pushing to greatness and the unknown of what’s to come. She’s going to be a legend <3

  • Dl

    Lady Gaga has done it again!!!
    She is greatness
    Haters stay MAD!!

  • Kilo

    @wicked wench: LMAO!!! You are a waste of time and energy… How sad your existence must be.
    Go fly a kite :)

  • Blowme

    Stay mad haters!!! Lady Gaga rules your face!!!!

  • marq

    Dazzling. I feel so very privileged to view this. Lady Gaga is largely without peer in her distinctive style of avant garde. Where some devices she incorporates may appear derivative, that is clearly purposeful, as this creative savant hardly wants for originality. She is one of the least risk-averse contemporary artists around and she constantly works so very, very hard to pioneer.

    Her choreography works well for me in this. Her music does too. Costuming is sui generis. She gives us story line. Kudos on the fine work-of-art.

  • Gaga

    @Adele: Go ahead, WASTE 15 minutes of your “life” sitting in front of the computer, I doubt ANYONE would notice ….

  • http://@YAHOO.COM PAT


  • gracerz

    shes trying so hard. nothing about gaga is interesting or surprising anymore. it looks so contrived and pretentious…

    - copying black swan in the beginning
    - copying madonnas denim outfit and the aerobics/dance studio from the “hung up” video
    - copying beyonces burning car scenes from “crazy in love” video
    - copying christina aguileras dance scene on the street from “not myself tonight”

  • GoD

    Why does lady Gaga HAVE to be surprising and shocking all the time?
    Her videos are an extention of her music, if you ALREADY KNOW you are NOT going to like it, Why are you here?
    Oh, yeah, to waste your “life” on hating someone…
    Loser! Gaga could buy you screw you and then sell you again….

  • http://@joseattackedyou Jose

    Ahhh! Lady Gaga :’D
    This video is awesome!

  • Scoobie

    Rad video!!!

  • kristyna

    EPIC!!!! GAGA IS BRILLIANT IM GNNNA Marrry the niiiiight <3 <3

  • benji

    EVERY OPINION is VALID!!, haters and likers get over it. Stop dissing each other, and let opinions be themselves. No one is asking you a direction question on how you feel on their opinion. duhness.

  • J

    Could have done without the crazy and long intro but the point when the music plays til the end is phenomenal!

  • Charlie

    @gracerz: what the heck is “not myself tonight”?? Is that the video where Christina COPIED Madonna’s entire “Express yourself” video? COPIED Gaga’s outfits and COPIED Britney’s dance scene from the “Outrageous” video??
    THAT ONE?!?! Lmao!!
    Never use Floptina as an example, She’s COPIED everyone! Hahaha!!!

    Anyways, Great video by Gaga!! Future #1 obviously

  • annasophia

    Awesome vid. Pure artistic vision.

  • NYC

    I am SOOO grateful I grew up with Van Morrison, The Dead, Led Zeppelin, The Stones, David Bowie, Springsteen……etc etc.
    REAL artists that made great music.
    Not this junk, looking for $$$ and fame.
    Pa leez

  • Alex A Aguilar

    i like the song but the video does not trasmit any feeling.

  • http://broztom Tom

    Still cannot view the video :(((

  • Hypocratia

    So Great, So Frigging Great!

  • huh

    gaga fans make sure all negative commets are hidden due a low rating. Pathetic.

  • Sammi

    @Jenny: gaga is so sad. lol

  • Shy

    Oh God. Another meaningless long video about nothing. I liked you Gaga. Very much. I used to like YOUR SONGS. And then, starting from Born This Way, you began to release awful annoying songs and awful videos to them. You believe you own hype. You believe that you are some God of music entertainment and that everything you touch is genius.

    You have great song on the album – Bloody Mary. And instead of that you release Marry The Night and You and I. Such a bad choice.

    Gaga was born in wrong time. When Madonna did those things back in a day that was controversial. It was scandalous. Madonna was a rebel. When Gaga does the dame things NOW – she just looks ridiculous. I look at her another idiotic video and just laugh at her “try hard”. She tries so hard to look sensational and controversial. But looks just stupid.

    And dear Lade Gaga . If you want to be an actress then go and audition for movies or TV. Stop doing all those 15 minutes videos with you “acting”. This is video clip to a song. It’s not a mini-movie.

  • nev



  • Brit&Xtina

    Only 41 comments?! I think the lack of comments is the best comment.

  • Summersu

    Ga gaa goo goo!La la

  • Beamie

    cool concept. strange but nicely expressed. the only thing: she’s got only 2 sentences in FRENCH appearing on screen and the two ahev mistakes… even with all her money, she can’t hire someone to spell check her stuff?


    GAGA The GREAT !! Thanks Gaga for telling some of your story. Gaga is proof that you should never give up on your dreams. Gaga was rejected over and over until Interscope Records took a chance on her. Thank you Interscope.

  • brenda

    I loveeeeeeeee Gaga.,she has a great voice and talent..but this video is too much,and too long..and I said WHAT?! in the minute 1:12..”the nurse on the right has a great ass?!”…omg…that’s was weird,well and that song is so 80′ ..,not good at all,I dont like the video and I dont like the song too.I’m still waiting for songs like Just dance or poker face…

  • WTH

    Her music is catchy & awesome, her outfits are fantastic but her attitude is starting to killing the whole art. Indeed I don’t get the first part of the video, and her gymnastic moves in the second part. Otherwise, it would have been perfect. The end is absolutely beautiful. SAD.

  • ilia

    There are only couple of tracks on her latest album that I like; Marry the Night and Bloody Mary.

    Pros: the song is awesome, very catchy, dance-pop.

    Cons: the video is contrived and completely devoid of any substance or character.

    Question: if, as an artist, you decide to appear topless in the video, why then in post production put black bars over your tits and release it that way. It makes sense for television, but why do it on VEVO as well. I thought we would get an explicit version of the video on-line.

  • Sera

    That’s not her life. She’s mixing people’s experiences and adapting them to her fake reality. A person who had gone through all that, would have been way more down to earth and wouldn’t have exposed it in a video to earn money and fame.

  • Jak

    Beautiful video! Gaga is Queen