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Zac Efron Returns to LA!

Zac Efron Returns to LA!

Zac Efron looks cool as can be as he makes his way through LAX Airport on Thursday (December 1) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old actor pushed a huge cart full of luggage outside to his awaiting limo!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Zac Efron

Zac landed on a plane from London, where he spent a day chatting about his upcoming film New Year’s Eve at the ITV Studios.

In case you missed it, check out Zac in the newly released featurette for his upcoming flick The Lucky One, hitting theatres in April!

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zac efron pushes luggage through airport 02
zac efron pushes luggage through airport 03
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zac efron pushes luggage through airport 05

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  • me

    here come all the haters on here,

  • June

    Love him!
    How can you hate in Zac?
    He’s such a cutie

  • Leeza

    Yay! More Zac :)

  • Jakie


  • Ashley

    What a beauty

  • loserwinner

    Beautiful as always =)

  • derek

    dig the shirt! he’s a cool dude.

  • florence

    See he brought his latest hook up with him in picture 3.

  • florence

    See he brought his latest hook up with him in picture 3.

    Thought he would have gone back to ‘ The Box’ and had a rerun of his last time their which obvioulsy was a good time considering the state of him and the stains on his crotch that he came out of the club with. Maybe his favourite dancer he hooked up was’nt on this time.

  • alex

    dosnt worth the comment at all. we all know that he isnt atalented actor,but we cant convince you so we stoped writing comment on this loser becous he isnt worth the efford.if you think this guy is a movie star you are all crazy.

  • Derp

    Lame actor.
    And the producers know it. They only use him because of his fan base (7-14 ys old, who find him the human version of Ken, 14-16 ys old, desperate, without boyfriend, and most of all, gay and horny boys).
    So, is any retarded person here who REALLY expects him to win an Oscar?

  • Merlin’s Mum

    Beautiful young man. Bitter and twisted haters. He must be doing something right if all these people take time out of their day to comment on him!!!

  • wicked wench

    @allessia: And all of the hateful comments come from one person – unless Zac’s hate club is ubiquitously comprised of linguistically inarticulate, semantically incoherent dolts. If I were Zac, I’d be pleased that my naysayers weren’t able to put two words together to form a logical thought..

  • wicked wench

    I find it incredibly sexy that he’s willing to push his own luggage, and doesn’t hire someone else to do it for him. I see that sexy blue bomber too.

  • Derp

    @wicked wench
    So only proper english speakers/writers are suposed to not like Mr Efron?
    Go and play with your dolls sweetie.

  • lauren

    that ”hook up” is his publicist, wow your mature.

  • Nicky

    @florence: Wow, you really think you know all the answers. I’ll tell you something you know NOTHING. And your so called “hook up” is his publicist Gina Hoffman. Leave the guy finally alone. If you hate him so much, why the hell are you here? For people like you and all the other haters here just fit 2 words: BACK OFF!

  • florence

    Why should I@Nicky:

  • Derpina

    @alex: Zac is in evidence in the media since 2006, SIX YEARS, don’t seems too much, but it is, I like Zac and admit except Hairspray and Me and Orson Welles he never made ​​a good movie (for me) and never shiiiine as an ACTOR (in Hairspray for example, he is a little overshadowed, but I think the cast is homogeneously good) but come on guy, he is NOT a star? His name in New Year’s Eve poster is very clear, and the idea is collect a lot of STARS in one movie, maybe he’s not a good actor, I’m sure now he is not one of the greatest, talented, brilliant actors of hollywood, in the same way Shia Labeouf isn’t too (and I use him as example just because you are obsessed to convince us that) I’m not delusional like you is with this ugly jerk, I am very conscious Zac IS NOT a unanimity, but I know he’s now making a lot of films, working with directors with some credibility, and sharing the scene with unquestionably REAL STARS like Michelle Pfeiffer and Nicole Kidman, under a lot of doubts about his talent

    I just believe in Zac potential and will support him in everyone he does, cause this guy deserves all the best for him

  • leave zac alone

    To the idiot who said Zac was leaving the box with his favorite dancer , you have know Idea of what you are talking about, the people he left with was the son and daughter of his Producer Host and Their bodyguards. The stains spilled drinks. I was there

  • florence

    Big deal he is pushing his own luggage how the hell is that sexy, if anything he looks really arrogant in these photo’s as if he thinks he’s so much better than the people around him.

    So like I say why should’nt he deal with his own luggage that’s what you do when you fly. Sexiness has nothing to do with it.

  • http://Peggy Sue

    @florence: Florence what is wrong with you. Why do you hate Zac so much? Do you know him personally because to have that much hate you have to have a personal connection with someone. So please help me understand the hate because your feelings take to much energy and time out of your life.


    @ florence get a life, zac, even vanessa carry there luggage after they land, you need to grow up, sometimes they have the person who picks them up, when they land seen. saw them carrying their luggage, when they land, you are so dumb.your hate has controll of you, you need to seek god, hate is really bad. when he was at the nite club yhe box, he is single, he was with his friends, you and all your friends believe all those lieing mag, rumors are 98% false, that leaves 2% true, that is not very good odds.. Zac’s not your concern anymore, guess want when you have interviews, your publist is always there, for them. are you really that dumb? God bless you, you need help.

  • leave zac alone

    To the idiot that said he brought his latest hook up with him see box 3 For your information that is Gina Hoffman, one of his agents, i was there.

  • kaskaskas

    The line between obsessed hate and love is very thin, don’t forget it

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • florence


    And Zac’s not your concern either but that does’nt stop you from making a comment so don’t tell other people to stop commenting all because you don’t like what’s said, if you don’t like it then don’t reply to it nobody is forcing you to answer me.


    @ florence, i never wanted to coment with you, but you are really sick person, you have so much hate.

  • ?????????

    @florence awwwww I see u r here again, definately a secret fan of Zac I think.

    Zac has nothing to do with you now that he gave u’r precious Vanessa the boot and she has shacked up with that little boy. Why don’t u go hate on him because soon enough he will dump her too and u will be hating on him.

    Enjoy being a bitter, twisted little girl. Karma is a B***h it will turn round and bite u back.

  • E

    Zac’s hot – for sure. But, am I the only one that sees the massive sweat stain seeping from his armpits? I mean, everybody sweats, but seeing this is distracting. Love him though.

  • ?????????

    @ I think it has something to do with the 9 hour flight.

  • ?

    Hypocrite. I don’t agree with what Florence is doing but u are no better so who are u to talk?

  • ?

    Hypocrite. You are no better then Florence so don’t even talk. You both need to cut the crap.

  • wicked wench

    @Derp: **So only proper english speakers/writers are suposed to not like Mr Efron?**

    Au contraire. It seems all his haters are under educated.

    >Go and play with your dolls sweetie.

    Chucky doesn’t want to play right now.

  • wicked wench

    @E: Actually, some of us would eat bugs for that sweaty shirt.

    I find it sexy that Zac carries his own luggage because many celebrities (J-Lo, cough, cough) have entourages to do such menial work.

  • LMAO

    @wicked wench: Sorry to disappoint uou, but not all his haters are undereducated. I don’t hate him, I just don’t give a damn about him or his career. I don’t like who he is, I don’t think he’s “hot”, and I don’t like any movie he’s done since Hairspray. Don’t like his excessive drinking, his love of risque and trashy burlesque shows, the way he tries to look so cool with his stupid pursed lips and smug expressions, the way he dresses so gay,the way he wears his hair, the people he hangs with like Rumer Willis, don’t like the way he allowed himself to be wined and dined by some rich Arab producer for his birthday instead of being with his own friends, and well, I could go on. I don’t need to spout stupid crap, like you do, and put everyone else down cause I don’t like him. I…..just……don’t…….at…….all.

  • sam

    is he dating rumer willis? saw a pic of them on the ph site and he says they are dating. hmmmmm so maybe that story about them going to t&c last jan was true.

  • LMAO

    @sam: It was true, he was there, and they absolutely deserve each other. He needs to date someone ugly. He couldn’t handle it when Vanessa got more attention than him!! LMAO

  • Amber

    @LMAO: You read and write a lot about him for someone who doesn’t give a damn about him. Just go away and worship Vanessa Hudgens instead of writing craps. And when did she get more attention than him?lol She wishes she were, but she won’t ever be more relevant than him however she keeps blogging about her life or showing up at every random premiere.
    You delusional Hudgens fans are just unbelievable. You judge people based on how close they are with Hudgens. You guys may love Austin Butler right now, but once he breaks up with her you’ll start trashing him saying he’s an awful person.

  • wicked wench

    @Amber: Lol, Amber. I was thinking the exact same thing!

  • lauren

    did you even read the article? no?
    he said IF THEY ARE.
    just stupid you just assumes they are.

  • wicked wench

    @LMAO: I wasn’t the one to start the war…that was one of your wing girls who insulted Zac’s fans (her post is no longer here.)
    No matter how often you insult Zac and unleash your hate on his posts, I will not grace Vanessa’s posts with even a single hit, not only because I would be giving her more hits (supporting the haters’ agenda) but because I honestly cannot hold and sustain such animosity towards another person. I’m motivated by love, not hate, so I spend time on people I like.

  • LMAO

    @Amber: Um, Zac himself said she always got more attention when they were together. And I wouldn’t want her to be anything like him. Sorry, but she’ll quietly go about her career, and not be sickeningly overexposed like he will be soon.

    @wicked wench: Don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. I was arguing your stupid comment about her fans being uneducated. His fans are equally so then, as they have the same set of spelling and grammar skills as hers. You are just rude, spouting your cheesy, verbal diarrhea about his body, about paying for smelly shirts, etc. That kind of “love” is disturbing and sick. Efron could use “tough love” from his fans at times. Not your linquistic mumbo-jumbo.


    Zac’;s pr said rwo months ago they are just friends, afew weeks ago him and ryan, and rumor went to a party, in was in people mag, they ssid he was talking to all kinds of girls, and he left ryan, and rumor, at the club, i think you are dating, i don’t think you are going to leave, her there, they said, he was interested in emma roberts, he is single, and just enjoying him self, i also thing she drives him around, because know one knows her car, and he could have a couble of drinks, and not worry about being stop. they were at a comedy club.

  • zac-is-wack

    He’s a loser…doesn’t get any more douchier than this

  • LMAO

    @BARBARA: For someone who tells people not to believe in rumors, and that you know inside information that you can’t tell, you sure believed that story about Roberts. You certainly have changed your tune!! LOL

  • trilily

    these vanessa fans are soooooooo annoying

  • asjdasd

    Maybe Zac is dating this ugly girl Rumer Willis, this is not absurd if we consider that he was dating Vanessa Hudgens, I thought he fu*cks vanessa 5 years for charity, she will never have the chance again to grab a man like him, now I think he has some fetish for ugly girls

  • wicked wench

    @LMAO: You have no sense of humor. How sad.

  • LMAO

    I don’t find your kind of humor funny at all. Like I said, it’s sick and disturbing to read the things you say about this guy.