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Aaron Carter Interview - Exclusive

Aaron Carter Interview - Exclusive

Aaron Carter returned to the New York stage last month in the long-running Off-Broadway production of Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt‘s The Fantasticks.

The 23-year-old actor/singer sat down with at the Snapple Theatre Center to chat about everything from returning to the stage and the direction of his new album to his relationship with older brother Nick Carter and his crush on Lea Michele.

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Aaron Carter Interview – Exclusive

JustJared: Hi Aaron! How did opening night for The Fantasticks go? How did you first get attached to the project?
Aaron Carter:
It was fantastic! It was a lot of work leading up to it and it was just really good to go out there and do my thing.

My management team is amazing and we were bouncing off ideas of what we needed to do for my career. Melinda Bell, part of my management team, got the offer and said, “This would be great for you!” I did a little bit of research but not too much, because I really wanted to learn every aspect of the show as I was doing it. But I really didn’t have any clue about what the show was previously.

JJ: What really engaged you about the material, what made you want to do it?
Well, it’s very mature material and it’s in a baritone register, so it’s not as if I’m singing pop songs up there. It’s very sophisticated and very beautiful music. So once I got a chance to listen to it, I was very impressed by it. I was saying to myself, “Man, this is gonna be a challenge! This is gonna be some hard work.” And I want to do some hard work! I want people to see my [work] ethic and see how much it means to me to be an entertainer.

JJ: How much do you relate to your character, Matt, who is a rebellious young romantic? Are there similarities and differences?
It’s funny that you say that, because there is quite a bit of similarity, which makes it a lot easier for me to make this role more believable for the audience. There’s a lot of things.

JJ: What are the similarities?
The fact that the character, Matt, is a lover. He loves to be very romantic and he loves to seem like a very intelligent man, like he has it all figured out, and he’s in love with this girl. He’s doing everything he can to conceal it from his family and so is she and they never really have a real connection. Not physically. They’ve been talking to each other, like, over a wall.

JJ: What’s one of the most romantic things you’ve ever done for a girl?
Most romantic thing I’ve ever done…hmm. I’ve taken a girl to this big rock out in Malibu and it’s one of my serene places that I go. I love to spend time, enjoy the waves crashing. There’s this little cove that’s almost impossible to get to, but I got it figured out. So when I get down to the cove, that’s all she wrote.

JJ: You did Seussical on Broadway, right? Are there any comparisons between that show and The Fantasticks?
Honestly the only comparison would be that the schedule is very, very difficult. There are eight shows a week. But when it comes to the show, they’re two completely different monsters. Two completely different, amazing shows. And I was a kid doing Seussical. I’m a man doing this show, and it’s amazing that almost ten years later I’m doing an off-Broadway show and it’s just incredible that I still got it! (laughs)

JJ: You said the material for this musical is much more mature. Does that go for your music as well?
Absolutely! It’s definitely all a training process for getting me ready to get back out there in the world and do what I do and what I love the most. I’ve been an entertainer since I was seven years old and not just an entertainer performing around in little local spots, you know. First show I ever did was opening up for my brother (Nick Carter of The Backstreet Boys) in front of 50,000 people, I mean, that’s insane. So it’s just awesome and I’m so happy to be doing it and I love it. I really do.

JJ: Where do you and your brother stand? Do you guys always keep in touch?
We have a very, very good relationship. My brother is my best friend and he’s always there for me and he’s always there to help guide me and be the best big brother anyone could ever ask for, you know? That’s how I look at my brother.

JJ: Have you seen him on his latest tour? Is he going to see your musical?
I actually haven’t been able to have a chance to see the NKOTBSB tour, but I plan to, and he is gonna be coming to see me in January.

JJ: Awesome. Your song “Winner,” is that going to be your first single?
I hope it is! It’s a very powerful song to me. It means so much and a lot of the lyrics explain a lot of things that people have in their minds, and some of the first lyrics are “They said I was done, said it was over. But I wouldn’t stop, wait, watch what I’ll show you.”

The bridge, some of the lyrics are, “So tomorrow, right now, I’m gonna make it, no turning back now, no way I’m a loser, too much to prove, and I’ll be the best at what I do.” Those are some of the lyrics that go into that song and that really make it. When I listen to it, I feel good about myself and it’s real, you know?

One of the many things that Ray Charles said that I always admired was, “If I feel the music, it’s real.” And I feel the music and music is something that’s really real to me, especially when I turned around 18 years old, it wasn’t the easiest thing for me to get a big name producer or somebody who was a writer, so you know what I had to do? I had to do it on my own because I so loved what I did and I had so many fans out there waiting so I had to continue doing it, had to make it real and I had to get that material out there.

JJ: Do you have the rest of the album recorded, or how many songs have you laid down to go through, to choose from?
I’ll be honest with you, we had pretty much an album done by March or April. And I told my team, I said, you know, this isn’t real to me. So we need to go back into the kitchen and we need to cook up something a little better. It’s gotta be more real. I think a lot of different entertainers have more respect for artists nowadays that are going to give you something real and that’s worth listening to and something that they’ve put their heart in. Not something that some producer does for you and then some writer comes in and you just sing the song. I mean, that’s not really that much fun.

I’ve done that for five albums and honestly, it wasn’t really that real to me. So when I release my new music, I want people to understand that I’ve been through a lot of experiences – obviously they know that – and I want to be able to, in a sense, give back and show them that there are going to be hard times in life and yeah, things are gonna suck sometimes, but you can always bounce back and I feel that’s what I’m doing with my life right now.

JJ: What direction musically do you think the new album will take?
If it was up to me, the music would be kind of a hip hop/pop feel with a dance feel as well but I enjoy hip hop. That’s what I grew up with. What I like to do a lot of the time is I like to take hip hop beats, something you think a rapper would go on to, that has almost like a pop melody to it and put pop lyrics and pop melodies and top lines over it. So “Let Go” was one of the songs I had that got leaked, unfortunately, but that was clearly a version of something like that. That beat ended up being on a Flo Rida record – “Rewind” with Wyclef [Jean] – and I recorded to the song previously before it even came out with Flo. Just goes to show you that with the hip hop beat that had Flo Rida on it and I put some pop melodies over it and made it a love song.

JJ: Your 24th birthday is less than a week away. Do you know where you’ll be and how you’re going to celebrate?
I will be here with my cast of The Fantasticks and I will be doing a show and it’ll be amazing. It’ll be a Monday or a Tuesday, one of the two, and either way, that’s gonna be a day I’m performing with the cast and I couldn’t be happier than to celebrate my birthday with them. It’s a little unfortunate that I’m not going to be able to celebrate it with my twin sister [Angel], but I love her and she loves me and we’ll have a Skype birthday together.

JJ: Where does your sister live and what is she up to?
Angel is living out in Los Angeles and she is absolutely stunning. I mean, it’s making me that overprotective little brother. She is absolutely beautiful and she’s pursuing a modeling career and it’s starting to take off really, really great for her as well!

JJ: Awesome! How did you celebrate Halloween?
Halloween was pretty simple for me – I studied the show! (laughs) I went over to a friend’s house – a friend of the cast, Matt Dangler – I went over to his house for a little bit and I dressed up in an ugly green sasquatch onesie and I went over, I said hi, stayed for about 20 minutes, and then I left.

JJ: Do you have any current obsessions? Food, TV, movies, actors…?
I think I’m starting to become obsessed with Glee. I was putting it off for the longest time but it’s…I don’t know. There’s something about all the talent on that show that’s just amazing. I haven’t really watched too much of it, but I started watching a little bit of it two days ago and I’m like, “Oh my God, I’m gonna be obsessed with this show.”

JJ: Do you have a favorite character from the show so far?
I love Lea Michele (Rachel Berry). She sang Katy Perry‘s “Firework”. I think she’s cute!


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