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Daniel Craig & Rooney Mara: 8-Minute 'Dragon Tattoo' Trailer!

Daniel Craig & Rooney Mara: 8-Minute 'Dragon Tattoo' Trailer!

Check out the extended preview for Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara‘s new film, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo!

The 8-minute clip gives viewers a more in-depth look at David Fincher‘s thriller before it hits theaters December 21.

PIC: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Poster

Rooney is massively impressive. She took [the role of Lisbeth Salander] on under a massive amount of pressure because obviously there’s a lot of expectation,” Daniel previously said about his co-star. “People are hopefully going to be incredibly surprised and happy with her performance.”

ARE YOU EXCITED to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo?

‘The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo’ 8-Minute Trailer
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  • Don’t Forget the Soundtrack!

    @Don’t Forget the Soundtrack!: (not sure if the link worked the first time)

  • Next

    Too much hype

  • omg

    I can’t wait for this movie! But I refuse to spoil myself watching this trailer! I mean.. 8 minutes? wow! No way i’m watching this, I can wait a few more weeks!

  • Lily

    The book is so good and so is David Fincher’s movies!! This is definitely going to be awesome! :D I can’t wait to feel bad on this christmas!

  • Quinn

    Oh, Daniel is considerate and solicitous. So Rooney must be awesome!

  • Irena

    Love it! Cant wait!

  • Rosie

    In the trailer: Rooney ” He’s honest”
    We all know Daniel is honest and correct!! Love+adore him!

  • Morris

    Looks awesome. I have a premonition I will go to see it several times!! Can’t wait ’til Christmas!

  • jiji

    The trailer is freaking me out! I’ll take my grandma. :D

  • susan

    @Love the shoes

    no this film is not getting way too much push. you forget that this film is coming out this month so it can be considered for Oscars. the PR department involved is doing the same thing it does for other films up for Oscar contention. sorry that upsets you but that’s how it is. by the way, it’s more than unfair to compare this film’s promotion to that of other films. also, this film’s promotion is not any more over the top than that of “War Horse”.

  • Guilio

    Looks scary…
    But Daniel Craig is in it….
    That’s why I want to see this.

  • BJ

    Daniel Craig has good taste in insight or clear and deep perception. Another reason why I surely am going to see it. CAN’T WAIT!!!

  • LaCroix

    Hoping I will get to see a good young actress.. hopefully Rooney Mara will deliver.

  • Riley

    First, seeing the Swedish movie I was impressed. Then I read the original books. Damn it! The movie was NOT faithful to the books!!!!!! Swedish movie that had absorbed my interest suddenly paled into insignificance beside this one. I expect the American version to do their best.

  • Lilod

    Rooney looks perfect, really!!!!

  • EMMA

    I wasn’t that excited about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo until I saw this 8-minute trailer…now I’m SUPER EXCITED!

  • tommie


    I agree. :)

    It’s a really great trailer in my opinion, it gives the random viewer (who hasn’t read the book yet or won’t) a good idea what the movie is about. :) The story is actually … very long and complex. So again, good trailer, me likey. :P

  • Rie

    Can’t wait!! However, I have to wait until Feb next year. I call it unfair!

  • vid

    The Swedish movie was amazing ,, hope the english one is good too

  • DaTruth

    The swedish version sucked and that girl was terribly miscast. Rooney wasn’t my pick at first, until I saw her spread in W magazine, then I was this American version is gonna be off the chain.


    “MEA CULPA.”




    AMEN!!!!!!! HAHAHHA



    AMEN!!!!!!! HAHAHHA

  • USW

    Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz want to start a family

    At the filming of Skyfall – the 23rd installment of the James Bond saga – Rachel Weisz had come to visit Daniel Craig’s husband actor on the set.

    The latter could not help but show pictures of Rachel Weisz’s son, Henry, she had with her ​​ex, director of Black Swan, Darren Aronofsky. You know what it is, you always bounce back on this kind of time to deal with sensitive subjects.

    It has not failed, the couple was asked if he intended to begin.
    Us Weekly says that Daniel Craig’s response was unequivocal:

    « We’re trying! « Have launched the actor in the wings. Bond a baby on the way, then? It would probably be too early to advance, but a friend of Daniel Craig told that for him,

    « Having a child was very important to him since he found that with which he sees a family. »

    To be continued in Craig / Weisz. . .

  • Reuters

    Sony Furious Over New Yorker’s Plan to Break ‘Dragon Tattoo’ Review Embargo

    Sony Pictures is steaming over the New Yorker’s plan to review David Fincher’s “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” on Monday. That will be eight days in advance of the Dec. 13 embargo that the studio imposed on all critics and journalists who attended early screenings of the long-awaited film.

    Early Sunday morning, Sony’s executive VP of motion picture publicity, Andre Caraco, sent an email to those who’ve attended advance screenings of the Daniel Craig/Rooney Mara film, including TheWrap, calling the New Yorker’s plan to publish a review by critic David Denby on Dec. 5 “completely unacceptable.”

    Also read: 10 Burning Questions — and Answers — About This Year’s Oscar Race

    “As a matter of principle, the New Yorker’s breach violates a trust and undermines a system designed to help journalists do their job and serve their readers,” Caraco wrote. “We have been speaking directly with the New Yorker about this matter and expect to take measures to ensure this kind of violation does not occur again.”

    Caraco also emphasized that other critics and journalists who saw the film early are still expected to observe the embargo. When one outlet breaks a review embargo, others typically follow, frequently with the approval of the studio.

    “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” first screened on Monday, Nov. 28 for members of the New York Film Critics Circle and the National Board of Review. It began screening later in the week for other members of the press; a condition of the invitation was that writers acknowledge that they would honor the embargo with their RSVP.

    The embargo extended to Facebook, Twitter and the like. Apart from scattered hints that indicate some early viewers loved the film, those platforms have been silent about “Dragon Tattoo,” which opens on Wednesday, Dec. 21.

    One blogger, Jeff Wells of Hollywood Elsewhere, wrote something about the film but quickly took it down.

    While it is not unusual for a site to violate an embargo, it is far more common for the embargo-breaking to come from a trade publication or a site like Ain’t It Cool News than from an established mainstream publication like the New Yorker.

  • Fio

    I want to hear what Daniel commented on that!

    DuncanHoust: “Women want to be him. Men want to sleep with him. Daniel Craig!” – Chris O’Dowd absolutely killed at the #BIFAAwards
    13 hours ago via web

    And Daniel is clean-shaven. How do you like it? :)
    Daniel Craig presents the final award for Best Film #MoetBIFA
    More pics on Getty…

  • Fio

    Daniel Craig – Daniel Craig Considered War Reporting In Beirut

    James Bond star Daniel Craig seriously considered life as a war journalist and almost found himself on the front lines in Beirut, Lebanon.
    The actor admits a boozy night with war correspondent pals made him think about reporting from conflict zones.
    He tells Men’s Journal magazine, “They’d asked me to come along with them. We had late-night drinking sessions where Beirut was an option. Over a couple of drinks it seemed like a good idea at the time.”
    But Craig quickly saw sense: “That takes a level of bravery I don’t have.”

  • Fio

    Daniel gives Kardashians a dose of reality
    Like many of us media-watchers, Daniel Craig has thoughtfully weighed up the pros and cons of reality television and concluded that America’s reigning queens of confessional telly, the Kardashians, are ‘f***ing idiots’.

    ‘You can’t buy your privacy back,’ he said in an interview with GQ this week. ‘You filmed your birth and showed us the placenta and now you want some privacy?’

    I’ve always liked Daniel Craig. No, not because of the rugged good looks but because even when he was a shambling homeless eccentric sporting a matted beard and multi-stained overcoat (in BBC drama Our Friends in the North), his talent shone like a Quality Street wrapper.

    His interviews showed a keen intelligence and unstaged frankness. But the best James Bond ever frustrates the tabloids because he works so hard not to drop gossip-worthy crumbs, even managing to keep his marriage to A-lister Rachel Weisz secret earlier this year.

    He’s absolutely right on this. Fans of Kim Kardashian’s car crash TV show – who lapped up her 72-day marriage like soft-brained puppies – will feel slighted. And the TOWIE-heads will call Craig a po-faced spoilsport. But the gradual acceptance of celebrities who make life-choices on the basis of what makes good telly (like the allegedly ‘cash-strapped’ Jordan reportedly assuring her financial advisers that the cash will pour in again once she secures a ‘man and a baby’) isn’t just idiotic, it’s grotesque. The collusion between exploitative TV makers and ‘f***ing idiots’ should be publicly scorned. Bold, gifted and a bit gorgeous, Craig is just the man to nail it.

  • Fio

    Bond likes to climb up to a roof, huh? lol
    bigurl: Daniel Craig filming on our office roof today and now we’ve been kicked out for fire alarm. #bloodybonditscold
    2 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

  • Fio

    I agree with his interpretation to a large extent. Daniel portrays Blomkvist as this, “What I like about him is that he’s very happy to hold her coat while Lisbeth beat the s**t out of somebody. He’s got a huge ego but not over stuff like that. If you’re good at that job, you do it. I like that. He’s totally non-sexist.”
    Well, while she beats a man, he likes that he stands behind her and holds her coat. lol
    Yeah! He doesn’t mind she is more aggressive/storong than him. He doesn’t intend to show off power as a man. He has no intention of meddling in her affairs. I can get the girl such as Lisbeth is in love with him!! :)

    Daniel Craig admits accent struggle
    Daniel Craig claims that he sounds South African when he puts on a Scandinavian accent.

    The British actor plays Mikael Blomkvist in the new movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The film – which is based on the popular Millennium book series written by Stieg Larsson – is set in Sweden.

    However, Daniel decided not to try and perfect the accent for the movie.

    “I didn’t do it. I had a conversation with him [Fincher]. I said the Swedish people I know [slips into accent] speak like this. God that’s a dreadful accent. I sound South African,” he laughed to the January edition of GQ magazine. “Anyway, they have rid themselves of the accent because they’ve spent so much time in the UK or America. I said, ‘Can I just not do it? Can we have a go and see how it sounds?’”

    Daniel loves playing investigative journalist Mikael. He found it a refreshing change to let his co-stars film fight scenes, while he stood back and watched.

    “What I like about him is that he’s very happy to hold her coat while she [Salander] beat the s**t out of somebody,” he quipped. “He’s got a huge ego but not over stuff like that. If you’re good at that job, you do it. I like that. He’s totally non-sexist.”

    Daniel has enjoyed working on the project with director David Fincher. The filmmaker often asks his cast to act out the same scene several times, and Daniel has admitted he was happy to spend more time in front of the camera.

    “He does do a lot of takes. But he didn’t really do a lot with me. Besides, I’m an actor. I like dressing up and showing off. The more the better,” he added.

  • E-mails

    You Can Now Read Scott Rudin and David Denby’s Dragon Tattoo Embargo E-mails

    Early Sunday, a panicked e-mail from Sony Pictures Entertainment announced that New Yorker film critic David Denby would be publishing his Girl With the Dragon Tattoo review in this week’s magazine, violating the studio’s December 13 embargo. A small firestorm ensued, mostly stoked by Nikki Finke, who chimed in to call Tattoo producer Scott Rudin “the biggest baby.” (A few film critics also had some opinions.) But what does Denby have to say for himself, you might be wondering, or how is Rudin feeling? You’re in luck! The Playlist has gotten ahold of the e-mail exchange between Rudin and Denby, and it is really something! The highlights:

    Rudin, to Denby:

    I’m stunned that you of all people would even entertain doing this. It’s a very, very damaging move and a total contravention of what you agreed. You’re an honorable man.

    Denby responds with some thoughts on the hardships of film criticism:

    The system is destructive: Grown-ups are ignored for much of the year, cast out like downsized workers, and then given eight good movies all at once in the last five weeks of the year.

    And then he offers a three-part explanation as to why he broke the embargo (below, an excerpt from Part 3):

    We had a dilemma: What to put in the magazine on December 5? Certainly not “We Bought the Zoo,” or whatever it’s called. If we held everything serious, we would be coming out on Christmas-season movies until mid-January.

    Rudin answers:

    The fact that the review is good is immaterial, as I suspect you know. You’ve very badly damaged the movie by doing this, and I could not in good conscience invite you to see another movie of mine again, Daldry or otherwise…You will now cause ALL of the other reviews to run a month before the release of the movie, and that is a deeply destructive thing to have done simply because you’re disdainful of We Bought a Zoo.

  • to 32

    Rumored it is marketing trick now….
    I read his review. so it was a positive review but a predictable one.

  • to 33

    to 32

    Oh how I wish it were a marketing trick. Unfortunately, it’s not. When producers like Rudin invite critics to see early screenings of a film there is a verbal agreement that that critic won’t publish his or her review before a set date. Denby just broke that agreement proving that his word can no longer be trusted. Rudin is more than angry. even if the review of Dragon Tattoo is positive, which i hope it is, Denby may just have guaranteed that he will be not be invited to another screening by Rudin or anyone associated with him.

  • Trick

    Rumored it is marketing trick now….
    well, the bubble is slowly bursting out….
    ehe, erm.

  • Guinness

    My first impulse is to say that all these people are going to make more money than me in my own lifetime-the NYorker dude and Sony- To quibble and to sensationalize to make MORE money on this movie is disgusting, but predictable. i agree with the NYorker dude-he had to make a decision, what did he gain from it? Doing his job, and a gentlemans’ agreement??? is Rudin serious? whatever. this is stupid. Is this real? “i won’t invite you to view another movie of mine? and

    i predict this movie is going to explode box offices. regardless of one critic’s writtings about it and the timing of the release vs articles about it. Just move the screening times FFS and stop crying cuz you gonna git yo money Rudin. blah-stop trying to control the media.

    anyhoo–thx Fio. and i am sad to say, I had to watch Smurfs at the “family night out” at the local school–it was cool idea. So, how the smurf are you cheeky Brit, you’ve been lurking? when is your day to watch TGWTDT? i will go that weekend I think-24th maybe.

  • Guinness

    thx fio

  • Trick

    I’m the Reuters and E-mails poster (Gina, ha!) and I am surprised that my posts got some likes because articles I have posted indicate that there begins something wrong with Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I said before that bubble will burst out one day and there are first cracks, a little eructation.

    Sony is furious and Scott Rudin argues with critics and I am pretty amused by that. I wait for me, what the next thing will be. it’s better than I thought.

    Politely, I ask you to get the likes down because articles really aren’t that nice for the movie Dragon Tattoo and you aren’t a true Daniel’s fan, hypocrite! (:-

    Do you remember how I said Dream House won’t be released and when the big day of release had to come so there was nothing, no pics, no premiere and it was like funeral.

    I said Cowboys will fail financially, budget was $163 million + $152 million put in distribution and marketing = $315 million and when the movie earned a little over $170 million so you find out that Cowboys failed totally.

    One thing, tell me who created that title Skyfall?

  • Trick

    i predict this movie is going to explode box offices.
    I predict something different. Do you know the worlds end in 21.12. 2012 and Dragon Tattoo release is set to this date?
    Well, I don’t think that there will be earthquake, floyage, tornado or something catastrophic but I highly recommend you to not buy “Dragon Tattoo theater tickets.”

  • Elle

    Other critics are keeping the agreement. In any case nobody follows Denby.
    For the moment.
    I also read the whole review. You do not have to read his review if you read the review of the 8-minute trailer. It was positive but nothing new.
    He did not mention even Plummer/Skarsgård.

  • Trick

    predict this movie is going to explode box offices.
    I correct you: Dream House and Cowboys exploded box office.
    as for Dragon Tattoo, so you could tell: explode BUBBLE.

  • thumb up

    in my posts articles tell about furious Sony, mad Dragon Tattoo producer and hurry-hurry critics and some posters here give to it thumb up, unbelievable.

  • thumb up

    ha, release date is 21.12. 2011, my mistake! haha!

  • Answer

    So for long time I wrote that Daniel didn’t make any significant movie and still didn’t find the biggest and best part for himself yet. Cowboys, Defiancé, FOAF, Dream House and other his movies were nothing much and really just Bond made him name. Bond is iconic but has no real meaning for Daniel as actor.
    I asked something for long time and now Daniel finally gave an answer.

    “Daniel Craig is ‘not satisfied’ with his career.”

    The ‘James Bond’ actor – who resumes his role as the iconic British spy in the next instalment of the franchise, ‘Skyfall’, next year – is ‘constantly’ unhappy with his work, as he is a perpetual perfectionist.

    He said: ‘I’m definitely not satisfied about my career. I don’t know how you can be; it’s the very nature of things. I’m always trying to figure it out and I’m kind of unsatisfied constantly. I always want to get it right and I don’t know what the answer to it is.

    ‘But I do know that it’s out there and I do know it’s worth looking for.’

    The 43-year-old star also admitted he finds it ‘extraordinary’ he was cast as Bond at a time when he had done nothing similar in his career and is still unsure how he was successful in the role.

    He added to Britain’s GQ magazine: ‘What’s extraordinary is that at a point in my career when I was enjoying making movies and working with wonderful directors and just getting a big kick out of it, I was given this opportunity to do something for which I had no benchmark, no experience whatsoever.

    ‘I threw myself into it full bore and it was a success. But I’m not quite sure how.’
    Dream House failed, Cowboys failed, Defiancé failed, FOAF was released in just 2 theaters and failed too, so I am not surprised that Daniel is kind of frustrated and even if fans weren’t delighted to hear it before so Bond in the only role that makes him.

  • follow

    when Dream House and Cowboys failed so Dragon Tattoo and Skyfall will follow, just wait you’ll see.

  • Elle

    David Denby’s review: Metacritic: 90/100 RottenTomatoes: Fresh

  • funeral again?

    when is your day to watch TGWTDT? i will go that weekend I think-24th maybe
    I wonder if we’ll see some Dragon Tattoo pics and videos from premiere at all.
    Fans waited for Dream House pics and videos from premiere and NOTHING!
    They also waited for great numbers for Cowboys and what has happened – Cowboys made painfully little money while The Smurfs made fabulous $561,541,997. So you can guess if there will be another funeral for Dragon Tattoo. prepare “goth clothes.”

  • to Elle

    David Denby’s review: Metacritic: 90/100 RottenTomatoes: Fresh
    yes, this guy had an interesting e-mail correspondence with Rudin, haha.
    I think Rudin does not care for his review and rather he would love to tell him where to f… get off. But wait, 90/100 means that Denby didn’t give to it 100%? what a cheeky man! Fincher is a genious, they say, oh.

  • rocking

    when I see what is happening this moment so I ask if furious Sony and mad Rudin will be doing screenings for Dragon Tattoo next week and if critics will be allowed to go in. It’s funny how things first move very slowly like damn snail and then quickly turn into drama or disappointment.
    Daniel’s life rocks up and down. In the beginning it seems he has all the luck but then he himself sees the real truth. He must again balance what he did actually this year, things seemed good for him but turned into something what made him frustrated. I always see his and Rachel’ face as they walked to a store in summer, just after they found out trouble with Dream House, Sheridan and producers.

    Just Jared putting this article with question: ‘Dragon Tatto’ Drama – What happened:” at the top of main site and link directing to huffingtonpost is pertinent.

  • Daniel and Naomie together!

    Bond is back: Daniel Craig is spotted filming scenes for upcoming film Skyfall on a London rooftop alongside Naomie Harris