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Demi Lovato Goes Glam for 'Glamour'

Demi Lovato Goes Glam for 'Glamour'

Demi Lovato is sultry as can be in this spread for Glamour magazine’s January 2012 issue, on newsstands Tuesday (December 6).

Here’s what the 19-year-old singer had to share:

On her tattoos that cover her scars: “I think scars are like battle wounds—beautiful, in a way. They show what you’ve been through and how strong you are for coming out of it. My tattoos say ‘Stay strong’ ‘Stay’ on one [wrist] and ‘strong’ on the other. Now I’m able to look at them and be thankful for being alive. I think that I’ve been blessed over the past year to be able to start over.”

On what she looks for in a man: “Someone who’s not only supportive in my career but also in my [emotional] recovery. It’s a big responsibility dating me. Because I come with a little bit of baggage, you know? I’m completely open. I’m honest about the journey I’ve been on, so I definitely don’t take dating lightly anymore. And they have to make me laugh!”

On her hit song “Skyscraper”: “It’s to every person who tried to bring me down. Everyone has the bully or the mean girl or the ex-boyfriend who tried to bring them down. For me, I think of the people who really weren’t there for me when I went into treatment. It was a really dark time for me because I had only a few people—I had surrounded myself with so many artificial friendships. It’s about those people too.”

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FYI: Demi is wearing a 3.1 Philip Lim sweater, a Vera Wang dress, a necklace by TenThousandThings and bracelets from the Ashley Pittman Collection.

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Photos: Matthias Vriens-McGrath
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  • vanessa

    but she looks so sad

  • Dina

    that’s a very bad angle her face looks so weird almost manly

  • huh?

    “It’s a big responsibility dating me.” yeah, I can see guys lining up to date you with comments like that >.>

  • Why So Serious?


  • BEAN

    Although they are trying to make her look natural, I think it’s plain to see that amount of make-up certainly isn’t!!! Still, this look suits her. She looks pretty.

  • l0nely-girl

    Wilmer does not fit the her description of a man.

  • lillyb

    lol, from all the comments on here from women.

    I think she looks great, and is stunning. I give her a lot of csedit for getting past what she has, and speaking about it, and bringing awareness to a very serious disease that affects many people.

    Some of the comments on here just sound like pathetic, sad women who obviously need to focus on more important things.

    U N R E A L

  • Merson

    Demi is so voluptuous and sexy. She’s amazing. That woman is incredible.

  • marq

    I guess wearing her heart on her sleeve, takes on a whole new meaning. She is every bit glamorous.

  • Sara

    I liked the photo. She is better like this. Without too much make up.

  • From Paris with Love

    boo freakin hoo

  • mel

    her arms have been photoshopped. she’s gained weight and it shows on her arms but on this photoshoot she looks so damn skinny

  • mel

    she was the bully and bullied so shut up demi I’m sick of hearing how much of a saint you are when you actually did really bad to a lot of girls when you were young

  • S

    SHS 19? She looks so much older!

  • Kaylee

    I might of had more respect for her had she not come right of rehab and gone on a press tour with her pity party campaign. I mean look at Michel Douglas and Kathrine ZJ they have been through a massive amount of struggles this year and you dont see them in any interviews talking about there problems. This girls career is based on her stint in rehab, how sad.

  • Krissy

    @jeezzum: What, exactly, does a rape victim look like? What a HORRIBLE comment you made.

  • Winter

    I do not care for Demi Lovato. There’s just something about her that doesn’t sit right with me. She just doesn’t seem as nice as she wants everyone to think she is.

  • Mary

    I want to like her so bad she seems to contradict herself in every interview.
    “I don’t wear that much makeup”. She always has it caked on!

    She’s trying to hard to be sexy and inspirational.

  • Bre

    wow. It’s sad that people don’t get that she’s a 19 year old who just got out of rehab. Let her grow up. Stop expecting perfection and stop nitpicking what you think is wrong. She’s an amazing singer and has quite a career ahead of her if she stays strong.

  • bre

    wow It’s amazing how negative people can be about a 19 year old who got out of rehab for bulimia, cutting and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder this year in the public eye. Just think about what you’re saying. Stop expecting perfection and try to be considerate. She’s an amazing vocalist who will have quite a career ahead of her if she stays strong.

  • Torii

    what a self-obsessed twat

  • mel
  • china

    @huh?: The whole is so that not just any guys will date her. Only the good kind. It’s okay to have standards.

  • Alex Welch

    Type in “Demi Lovato myspace photos” into Google Images and you will find out just how lovely she has always been.

  • mel

    @bre: she got out of rehab because she was a junkie. Get your sh*t straight. She’s not the person she wants us to believe. Don’t get me wrong, I really like her music until this las album because she went all urban on us but she seriously needs to stop with all this bullying thing.

  • Gossipgirl

    She looks fab without makeup; she should ditch the Wilmer guy….he looks gross.

  • Jasmine

    Really, you need a tattoo to remind you to ‘stay strong’? People do stupid things.

  • google

    wow she looks so skinny shes lost a lot of weight look at how small her waist is ………………………………………… i hope shes okay

  • google

    @mel: its the interviewers that keep asking her these questions

  • a.m./p.m.

    My, what a chiseled handsome face she has.

  • Sam

    “19-year-old singer “??? 0.0 Is this an archive article from 20 years ago?

  • mel

    @google: I know, but at the same time, she only speaks about this all the time because her PR team told her so instead of giving one big interview and move on, she keeps talking aout it over and overagain and doesn’t let it go.

  • hajar bessal

    love her,she looks stunning as usual<3

  • Shawna

    @mel: You are a moron. She has been more than open about her problems. Why would someone say that they had an eating disorder, a cutting problem, and bipolar disorder? Do you really think there is some type of status gained from having those problems? Because there isn’t. She is not, nor has she ever been, a junky.
    And for those who keep saying she did stuff bad in the past – she was untreated for bipolar disorder, of course she was acting out. She is part how the symptoms play out.
    At the end of the day you are all just a bunch of losers spewing garbage behind a computer screen and she is a strong, talented person who is overcoming her problems and giving hope to others who are suffering from the same things. Pretty sure she doesn’t lose any sleep at night over you.

  • mel

    @Shawna: I’m a psischology student and I can tell you that this girl wasn’t bipolar whe she was 12 or 13 that is when she bullied people and had to leave school because then she was bullied. Her being bipolar has more to do with how f*cked up she was and yes, she was a junkie. I know it because I saw it and I’m sorry but you’re being delusional. She DID lose sleep at night over people bullying her that’s why she keeps talking about it and NO, she doesn’t inspire people at all, she only inspires young girls that are stupid enough to believe what was fabricated on a PR office building to APPEAL and to PEOPLE BUY HER NEW ALBUM. And yes, she gained a different status after coming out if rehab: she’s not seen as the Disney girl anymore, something her contemporaries have not been able to do. And I’m sorry I’m killing the perfect image you had of Demi on your head. As I said before, I DO like her music and therefore, I’ll buy her albums because she’s very talented but if she wants to inspire people she should be honest and say the truth: she was the bully and that’s the reason why she was bullied in first place and THAT would be a great role model.

  • mel

    @Shawna: I’m not a psychologist yet. Duh! I’m in college and no she wasn’t bipolar at that age she was one of those girls that felt incredible insecure about themselves so she had to make other people feel bad. You’re just one of those girls inspired by her story and would never understand how bad she was and YES, I saw it with my eyes. Deal with it. Demi’s crap has been around for a long, long time and Disney executives did nothing to protect her actually, they used Miley’s crap to sort of hide Demi’s but nobody did nothing for her until papa Jonas snet her to rehab. Her mother was never going to send her because she lives off of Demi’s money and would risk her only income. Is funny how Miley’s the bad girl on the public’s eye when Demi’s the one that actually was a Lindsay Lohan in the making and she still is.

  • Joselyn

    Great photos!

  • Female

    I wish this bĂ­tch would stop acting as if she’s experienced so much trauma. Go to a third world country, and you’ll see there are worse things in the world!

  • peyton sawyer

    she looks natural and genuine. She went thru a lot, hope she’ll get better soon.

  • Shawna

    @mel: You don’t have a clue what you are talking about. And unless you can post a pic of you and Demi together I will not believe that you saw it with your own eyes. And there is no way you are a psychology student because any student who has even taken Psych 101 would know how to spell it.

  • paul

    @Shawna: I like how bitter you are because I’m telling you the truth and I love how you try to avoid it focusing on typos.

  • mel

    sorry I wrote from my brother’s computer. I’m sorry you are in denial but you should accept the fact that Demi’s not telling you the whole truth

  • mariana

    i’m tired of this girl. seriously. why ? because since she’s back, it’s all about the bullying-staystrong-beingalive-beingthankful shit. WE GET IT SO MOVE ON !!

  • what?

    becuase you can judge someone based on how they “seem” i dont think so

  • chriss

    she looks better without makeup <3

  • Shawna

    @mel: Do you know Demi personally? Unless you do then you cannot claim as fact that she was not already suffering from bipolar disorder years ago. It doesn’t just happen. It often goes undiagnosed for many, many years while a person suffers the symptoms. It is ridiculous for you to try and claim you know anything about this girl.

  • SP

    I don’t know why I write this here. Actually I don’t consider myself as a fan of Demi. I came across her music some time ago and I really do like it. She’s defenetly talented and also as everyone else I heard about the rehab. I think it is super great that she went through it very well and came out of it stronger but I also gotta say that some people are right. Just telling this story over and over again, is kind of annoying. It really seems to me that her present career is just based on her rehab and when I would be her, I wouldn’t want to be seen like that. It is a part from her but it is important that she lets go. If not, how she wanna come forward?? That’s part of the rehab. Letting go when you’re finished it. It’s a process.
    I was also bullied in high school and I’ve been also having an eating disorder. I don’t have to tell that to everyone (sure I tell it here but who of you guys know me? Right, no one!) Sure she is in the public eye but to tell about all the drama over and over again. She doesn’t seem to me as a surviver or a warrior. She’s still the victim in my eyes. And that is her own fault.

    I don’t know anything about her past and I don’t want to. But when some people say that she was the bully. Well, it is honestly not that hard to imagine. I’m just talking from my point of view. I’ve been into the disney family since a looong time and I also recognized Demi. It’s something in her way to appear, I don’t know what. I really can imagine that she can also be very mean to people and so I believe the fact that she bullied people in high school as well. Maybe she is sorry about that today. I don’t know. I just remind you guys of the video where a fan asked her how Selena is doing. And she’s answering: Ask Taylor! That is not professional and you should not do this in public to your “best” friend. Everyone makes mistakes, I don’t judge. It is just because of things like that I can really imagine that she also can be a very mean person. I don’t have the same feeling when I see Selena appearing. Just an example. Btw. I’m not a Selena Fan.

    Just felt the need to write this here even when I will earn a lot of hate now. I’m also a fan of some persons. This love can make blind. I know that. Oh and please excuse my mistakes in writing. I’m not a native speaker. Thank you!

  • K

    I don’t like her anymore… She acts weird last days… A lot of drama surrounds her.

  • Demi Lovato

    Awww do I really look sad:( But all of my fans rock:) And yes this is real:) thanxx for all of you for supporting me:)

  • Jasmine Bridgewater

    She’s beautiful Wilmer is perfect for her he supports her and loves her.:)