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George Clooney: Stop Complaining, Hollywood!

George Clooney: Stop Complaining, Hollywood!
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  • Whipped Honey

    What a big ego this shmuck has!!
    Seen the roundtable conversation footage. [[Btw, LOVE GARY OLDMAN (ever since he was Dracula) Genuine actor...]]
    Clooney is just always redirecting the conversation back to himself.
    “Me…me…me…. it’ all about me… Coz the whole world revolves around me!!!”
    “I cut tobacco…”
    “I sold shoes for hammer-toed fat old ladies.”
    “I was an extra for six months…”
    Can’t live without being the center of attention.
    But he’s come a long way ever since Killer Tomatoes. Let’s not forget that.
    As in Queen’s lyrics: ..” I paid by dues….”
    Thanks to mafia connections. Promoting Cabo & Italy.
    Great hotels in Cabo… Money-laundering paradise in hotel development…
    …and so much more… Cabo…Cabo… drum it in. Tourism pays…
    Courtesy of Brand Clooney!!
    Biggest fear he may have is falling off the A-list popularity radar.
    Can’t have that…
    So corrupt affiliates he has who profit from brand Clooney (like KIRSTIE ALLEY – who posts on as CINDERELLA and occasionally as DavidaRochelle) pimp him off in fake relationships with dispensable FUGLY hoookers like BROMHIDROSIS-STRICKEN Canalis and POTATO-HEAD Stacy Kiebler..
    The latest marketing strategy.

    “But Clooney has no choice,” HE SAYS OF HIMSELF IN THIRD PERSON…


    AND let’s not forget other corrupt affiliates in money-laundering hotels in Cabo.
    Randy Gerbil (Mr Cindy Crawford) the property developer…
    A nice tidy biz arrangement they have.
    Clooney’s lost his marbles anyway.
    He posts on as “IT’S ME” & “PHYS MAJOR.”
    A blog funded by Stan Rosenfield’s PR company – Clooney’s publicist.
    Clooney is SO egocentric that he even involves himself in conversations about…. LO & BEHOLD….HIMSELF!!!!

    As IT’S ME —- he throws in a bit of Italian (to practice) AND praises photos of himself! What a moron!!!
    As Phys Major —– he’s in assshole antagonistic mode. Pretending he’s a female redhead. Posting hints that Clooney controls the plain but desperate failed models that he agrees to have in commercial agreements.
    His usual selection when he scans for new fake relationships:
    *physical fitness important.
    And like complex stricken short men under 6ft tall, prefers them tall.
    Statistics in research prove tall men prefer petite women, and short-asss men like them tall to psychologically make up their own height deficit….
    *faces to be borderline ugly to plain. Can’t steal his limelight.. Oh, no!!!
    His EGO!!!!
    *flawed, cheap, desperate.. failed attempts at modeling & acting due to NO talent… or lack of aesthetic beauty.
    Then Clooney THE WANNABE KNIGHT-IN-SHINING-ARMOR attempts to remold them into “refined ladies.” His favorite modus operandi: Henry Higgins saving Eliza Dolittle.
    Oh, pleeaaaaassse!!
    What a predictable & pathetic moron!!!
    Wake up!!!

  • Freudian Slip

    Of course Clooney wants to be in love. It’s human nature and everyone seeks their other half. It’s an omnipotent emotion like no other…

    But it petrifies him. Like he’d lose control and be vulnerable. So he makes excuses and sabotages himself from true happiness. Runs away & destroys it, claiming it was beyond his control.
    And so he prefers an empty existence of work accomplishments, accolades, monetary gratification, benevolent work… and accepts fake “girlfriend relationships” sourced from recommendations by friends & acquaintances. All so premeditated. Similar to dating & escort agencies. Laking true love connection… Just organized like a practical transaction.

    That’s how much he fears being in love and in a real relationship.
    A control freak’s fear of spontaneity.
    Sad really.
    Little wonder he turns to drinking so much to escape his own reality.

  • Poor Victim

    It is not enough to point with your finger at what’s wrong.
    You have to do something, right now.

  • Boycott Fame Hoe Sludts

    We are doing something right now. We are boycotting fame ho sludts who parade their nasty butts in open air inviting perverts worldwide to mentally rape them. Keyblur will do ANYTHING for money with her cheap phony smiley butt. She’s a cheap classless fame ho. Let the boycott games begin.

  • Boycott Fame Hoe Sludts

    We are doing something right now. We are boycotting fame ho sludts who parade their nasty butts in open air inviting perverts worldwide to mentally rape them. Keyblur will do ANYTHING for money with her cheap phony smiley butt. She’s a cheap classless fame ho. Let the boycott games begin.


    oh, here we go again.. (The rable rousing instigator/ conspiracy theorist PR strategist also on Stan’s payroll….) “Silverscreen” strikes again…
    Yes, we know BigFoot Keibler is using the fame-ho opportunity.
    It was offered to her compliments of phony CLOONEY himself.
    WITH HIS MANAGEMENT/ PUBLICIST/ and those who have financial vested interests in brand Clooney. Big corrupt syndicate…
    While Balloon-Kopf Keibler is in Deutschland, Clooney stays in LA.. Perhaps the queeer Cuban Waldo Sanchez by his side for camaraderie.. Why not?!

    BigBoned Towering Inferno is doing what any opportunist would do. Anyone who has little money-earning potential left in her because she lacks beauty, talent, education, skills, and she’s past expiration date..
    She’ s NO BEAUTY and she knows it… No Angie. No Megan. No Charlize…
    Just an overgrown plain BIG woman who has Amazonian big skeletal structure.. So do giraffes, btw….
    It’s also got to Kyborg’s head. The adulation… Her ego magnified.


    …and this crap will drag on for years.. and then next…
    Just as Clooney’s PR & management advise for the preservation & longevity of Brand Clooney.
    For the profit earning potential.
    And Puppet-On-A-String dances to the tune…. $$$

  • Silk Road


  • Freudian Slip

    George can stew in his own misery & find solace at the end of a whisky bottle every night, for all I care!
    He agreed to this.
    And they tell him with time, he’ll feel numb & happy again…
    Complacency doesn’t last forever….
    Lick your wounds.
    Feign & protest that you can never find true love.
    But you just keep making excuses to yourself to avoid it.
    And so you never will find it.
    Too predictable. Too transparent.
    Has to act his public image too.
    How pathetic!
    To deceive future generations who will undoubtedly take interest in his personal life. Like many of us look up Clark Gable, Rudolph Valentino, etc, nowadays….


    Voila! The face & product himself of the corrupt syndicate who profit from Brand Clooney.
    Big Bucks!!!
    And earning more all round with a hooker’s name attached to him.
    Incidentally, he’s still worth a fortune posthumously, but no where near as much since he’s BIG advertising revenue.. alive..
    Heath Ledger’s passing, on the other hand, managed to bump up figures for Dark Knight immensely. 3rd highest grossing film in US after Avatar & Titanic..
    And Amy Winehouse is reaping in big bucks from the grave for her management/ producer..

  • Freudian Slip

    All this glory, accolades, achievements….
    yet he’s… empty emotionally.
    Just a duplicitous, shallow person.

  • Davida-Rochelle


    My name is Davida-Rochelle. That is how I am listed with SAG, Las Vegas. That is what is says on my facebook account. Look it up and you will see my photo. That is what it says on Las Vegas. That is what it says on the attached photo, from Cosmopolitan Magazine who shot it at Planet Hollywood where I did a music video. Etc., etc., etc.

    I have always used my own name, Davida-Rochelle, everyplace I have posted anything, and especially on COH. I am especially insulted that you would mix me up with Kirstie Allie, of all people. She got me in terrible trouble and banned me from Cheers, because I once got a far bigger laugh than she did. And at that time I was only an on-set extra and just starting out in the business. If you falsely claim that I am someone that I definitely am not, at least have the intelligence (if you have any) to make up someone with more talent and brains.

    I want to warn everyone on this site that you are obviously a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR. And if I am Davida-Rochelle (and by the way I am blond, not brunette) then everything you post dissing George Clooney is a total and complete and delusional lie.