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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Airport Snack Time!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Airport Snack Time!

LeAnn Rimes and hubby Eddie Cibrian stand perplexed looking for a restaurant to grab a quick bite at LAX Airport on Friday (December 2) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old singer and her love finally decided on McDonald’s before boarding their flight!

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“My hubby trimmed his stache down! Movember is over. He looks good either way. Now though, I can kiss him w/o something scratching my face :)” LeAnn tweeted the day before about her newly shaved man.

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  • skinner

    her purse is ginormous.

  • leann

    SHE looks annoyed and he looks bored to dealth!

  • kel

    She’s perplexed cause she’s not on twitter.

  • C

    This girl hasnt had a meal in months, who r they kidding!!

  • Viv


  • vicki

    dont follow her but does she make music anymore? I always liked her voice but seems like I haven’t heard anything new in a long while just boring pap pics.

  • Patty

    Now if only she would trim her mustache and go away, we’d all be happy.

  • Lela

    Well, at least this time they’re not pimping the kids to the paparazzi.

  • btuno

    JJ really this is news? All you do is take pictures of them in the airport or galloping out of a restaurant. He’s not working & she is performing in empty casinos. But there was a pap to snap their picture? What celebrities! What time did she call you?

  • Patty

    Is it true that Curb Records dumped her? I just read a rumor.

  • Speak Now

    It’s the holiday season, so stop hating ant focus on other things. I pity Leann’s haters. :( No life, hate has swallowed them.

  • btuno

    @Speak Now: This time you didn’ t accuse us of being jealous. Good for LR she didn’t cheat & stalk during the holiday season. Girl has standards. LR needs to not wear her hair in bun while the Grinch is on tv because, and no one can deny this, she looks just like Mrs Grinch. I heard the rumor about Curb too. Next step will be EC will be her manager so he can work her like a plough horse. He is so greedy she will be singing a bday parties & store openings. Be careful what u wish for.

  • Bluechipscookies

    Why don’y LeAnn just perform at LAX airport lounge. There for the cheapn seats and perform at the VIP clubs at the airport too. She is always there at LAX.
    Going out to whatever city goodness knows where or going back to her home in CA..
    Say what you wany, but LeAnn Rimes hs real talent, a really good, strong voice and she worked worked worked her way up from a child/reteenish to teen years before she hit big. No, she did have connected famous parents get her signed or win a singing contest.
    I say this all , which is true, but since getting withEddie Cibrian, her stellar, high, career has hosedived. Her last cd did nothing.
    It was covers. It was clever and her voice is a good and strong as ever. I feel sorry that she gave up so much for Eddie Cibrian and how she and Eddie got together.
    The public, her public, is not taking to her. They let her go. The rest of the public wasn’t hers to start with so they don’t care if she is with Eddie Cibrian, Eddie Brian, Brian Cibrani, etc.

  • cubby68

    Seriously??? Why Just Jared??? That’s it I refuse to go to a website that shows these two idiots….Later. Until next year!!!

  • Lii

    What is she wearing? Seriously? And that hair.. Horrible

  • btuno

    @Kim R.: nice try. Brandi is beautiful & very popular. LR looks like the grinch and is very unpopular. Don’ t rewrite history LR. Brandi threw EC out. He didn’t want to leave & he called Ms. Grinch a speedbump. They will not live happily ever after because only 1 person is in love in that relationship & it isn’t EC. LR pulled a fatal attraction & he won’t forgive her for screwing up his life.

  • http://deleted Ellen

    PS – she is starting to look like his Mom now with the tight bun and the severe mouth but then he’s really not aging well at all either.

  • Gisele

    @Speak Now: The only people who need your pity are Leann and Eddie. Their careers are in the toilet and the majority of the public do not like or respect them at all. They have brought all of this onto themselves. I don’t care if they had an affair to be honest but it has been their after behavior that has made so many turn against them. The photo ops of them on this site are truly pathetic as they are so obviously staged and they aren’t even doing anything interesting. They aren’t big stars so why would the paparazzi care if they ate McDonald’s? Staging photo ops with the kids are equally repulsive. Seriously, if they don’t get it together they will have no fans left at all. That is pretty sad for someone like Leann who was a country music sweetheart and now is more known for her marital indiscretions and her non-stop tweeting. Accusing people of not having lives because they judge people who choose to shove everything they do into the public’s face and demand they like it is ridiculous. They are attracting the negativity and have no one to blame but themselves.

  • Londongirl

    Wonder who payed for the meal?

  • calla

    Oh, look. There’s Leann Rimes tweeting, ignoring the people around her. Big shocker. I don’t get all the attention these two get. It has to be because it’s a trainwreck, right? I don’t remember her being in the news so much before the affair. And now it’s weekly shots of airports and restaurants, and her phone. Really, does she ever set that down? How does one claim to be raising someone’s kids, to have a deep relationship, to be enjoying quality time with their family, yet send out 150 tweets on Thanksgiving? Picture it. And tell me that’s being present and engaged with the people around you! Seems all very fake, this so-called “fated” fairytale. I’d much rather see the daily life of Brandi Granville, than these two. Leann seems a little unstable…and has been deserving of the dislike she gets. If she had any humility after this affair, instead of acting like she “deserved” respect from Brandi and her kids from the get go, and maybe showed any sense or awareness of empathy towards other people, instead of being me, me, my way all the time, she might be more endearing. I’ve honestly never seen another celebrity pat themselves on the back, as much as this woman does. On Twitter, in interviews…she’s just bizarre. Narcissistic to the core. Ugly on the inside and out.

  • Lisa

    @calla: Yes, she totally pats herself of the back doesn’t she. At one point she said “I have the biggest heart” about herself. That is hilarious. Who but a total narcissist would say that about themselves on twitter? I think the biggest thing she has is her ego. Probably hasn’t heard a lot of the word no in her life due to her early success and now, even though her career is in the crapper, she still feels entitled and has no concept of boundaries. On Thanksgiving, I barely had time to think let alone tweet 150 times. I think you hit the nail on the head with the unstable thing. Her behavior really does seem off. She doesn’t seem to have grasped the concept that there are consequences to her actions. Also, when you are putting your relationship out there the way she does, you would have to be incredibly self entitled and deluded to think that everyone is going to applaud. Rather then being apologetic about what she has done she is obnoxiously cavalier about it and her “bonus mom” garbage is just another clear example of her entitlement issues. I agree that she has brought the negativity onto herself.

  • calla

    @Lisa: Exactly. I imagine growing up, her parents told her, their “nest egg”, that any opinions that weren’t glowing about her, were due to jealousy and hate. So she has formed this opinion now, that it’s always others’ problems, that there is no value to any opinion that isn’t praising her. She doesn’t seem to have any introspection skills to say, “wow. if THIS many people are perceiving me this way, maybe there’s something to it?” When everyone around you is on your payroll, you don’t get much honesty. How could you? People don’t want to upset you, and lose their paycheck.

    It takes a lot of delusion to think that people are jealous of you: not being present for the experiences around you, but being glued to your phone; not seeming to have very many friends, except for those you work with or pay; spending most of your day engaged with strangers on twitter, having to defend yourself all day long when people react to your narcissism; and having to read and twist around cheesy quotes all day to fulfill yourself and ensure yourself that you are a decent person. I mean, what’s not to be jealous of???

    I’d be furious at my ex for bringing this woman into my life and forcing me to deal with her. I hope Brandi finds a good man to love soon, so that she has help shouldering the burden of this woman. Brandi may be crass at times, and have no filter, but she comes across as sweet and genuine and normal, with a good heart. Leann just seems delusional, narcissistic, manipulative and self-centered. It’s too bad she has to share her kids with someone of such poor character.

  • http://deleted Ellen

    She looks annoyed that there aren’t more people taking notice of her and he just looks fed up and like he would rather be anywhere else than there. Man needs a job – being unemployed is a very unnattractive quality in a man.

  • SouthernGal

    Have you noticed no on pays attn to them. No one! She always looks annoyed and he looks soo damn bored with her. On Twitter she is a snooze and if Eddie was giving her any kind of attn she wouldn’t live on Twitter. And Speaknow…please! I have a life, great life…I just don’t live on Twitter talking about it bc I’m too busy enjoying it.

  • janie

    He looks annoyed because he wants a nice restaurant to eat in N she is running low on the cash so she makes them eat at Mickey Ds. You know she pays for everything. he has nothing now, except his sugar mama. what a man. bet his parents are proud of raising their only child to be a leech

  • Joanne

    @SouthernGal: Brilliant observation about the twitter. Who with a real life has time to tweet that much and still be fully engaged with the people around them? As for Speak Now telling everyone to get lives, theirs seems to be focused on telling others what to think about Leann Rimes and her loser husband and that would indicate to me that they should examine their own life. This is a gossip site message board,not Leann Rimes fan site, If LR and EC insist on the fake photo ops, pimping out the kids and non-stop tweeting, they aren’t going to be gaining themselves any new fans and will continue to repel the ones that they once had.

  • SouthernGal

    @ JoAnne…someone stated she tweeted over 100x on Thanksgiving Day. I didn’t look at my phone let alone have time to conversate all damn day. She and Ed had the kids so why sit on Twitter all day. How much attn did she give those babies? She is a Bonus alright….my belief is those kids are ignored a lot.

    @Speaknow since you want to tell everyone to get a life..teach the has been yodeling husband stealer basic math. Her and Ed may have screwed Nov 2008 which is 3 yrs not 4 but the affair wasn’t official until Sept 2009 which is 2yrs. She claims they’ve been together 4 yrs. Umm okay!