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Leonardo DiCaprio: Having A Great Time with 'Gatsby'

Leonardo DiCaprio: Having A Great Time with 'Gatsby'

Leonardo DiCaprio gets close to Carey Mulligan on the set of The Great Gatsby on Friday (December 2) in Sydney, Australia.

The 37-year-old actor, wearing a full tuxedo suit, and Carey, in a sparkly formal gown, were joined by co-star Tobey Maguire.

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Leo recently told Access Hollywood that The Great Gatsby is being filmed in 3D!

“It’s the great American novel…I’m having a great time with the material for sure,” Leo said about playing the leading role in the iconic story.

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Credit: Andy Athineos; Photos: INF Daily
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  • Naomi

    Thanks Jared! What a thrill to see Leo with Tobey and Carey on the set.

  • ichi

    Leo is great!

  • Ka

    Leo looks so handsome! Enjoy your work, honey!

  • ka simply

    leo so handsome

  • LOVE

    Love you forever Leo! So the website said you are attending Conderence of parties is not correct?

  • oh

    Leo looks great, carey looks great, tobey looks great. I like carey’s dress.

  • Anon

    good lord he is cute!

  • y

    Iconic actor for iconic story.

  • Ka

    @ka simply: Nice to see you here too. Agree with you. He is so handsome. I come here for Leo (and for you too!) Dont understand why you got so many thumbs down. Just ignore those haters.
    @sab: agree with you. He looks younger with clean shaven.

  • l0nely-girl


  • Sasha

    I am really curious to discover the chemistry between Daisy and Gatsby. Carey is awesome so it should be great.

  • Ka

    ka simple and sab, and others’ comments were deleted, I had made a complaint to JJ. It’s not the first time! It made me mad! See if this one will also be deleted!

  • LondonCalling

    awesome outfits!!!

  • interesting
  • mwannir
  • Message

    I. Love. This. Man. I can’t help it. He is the best! Thanks for the new pictures, JJ!


    Hmmm. I want this man just for me. Leo, right now in my bed! Hehe.

  • raven

    Hi Ichi! Hi YUMMY!

    Wow Carey looks so pretty. They all look great. I especially like Leo’s facial expression in the first picture. The way his mouth is in that pic is just amusing :)

  • ichi

    hola Raven, nice to see you around here, well Leo makes days better!

  • tinkerbell

    Agreed, looks great. I want to see this movie even if gatsby is almost a cliche- everyone reads it in like 9th grade in the states…but I want to see this version a lot.

  • tinkerbell

    finally new thread!

  • sab

    Hi Everyone
    why was my earlier post deleted???…..all i said was how beautiful Leo is…….and how much better he looks clean shaven……..strange…..
    I also mentioned how inlove I am with his hands…..(huge sigh)…….is that unacceptable these days?….hand fetishes???…(lol)..
    when i look at him…..he reminds me of a way when you look at an object of beauty, like a piece of exquisite jewellery or something……and then you start looking for the imperfections,,,and realize that there arent any….
    BTW…hi ka…..hi raven…..hope you are well?

  • richard

    Is that frank william abagnale?

  • Swallow

    Hope he can finish shooting by christmas.

  • cute

    he’s so cute in pic 2

  • LOVE

    He’s so beautiful. Sab do you begin to love his ear too?

  • raven

    Hi Sab, Tinkerbell, and Ka!!

    Sab I Love his hands too!! They are great. I remember Canada Girl liked his hands too. I also really love his voice!! hee hee. I’m well. How are you?

  • tinkerbell

    He was great in Hoover, just saw it on bootleg—-the movie’s format was a little weird but he was great. I wish we could just love Leo for his work but then we hear of his bimbo chasing habits its too bad. But then you see what really matters to him-his work, and you remember why you love him in the first place. He’s really honing in on what he does best.

    Hoover was a tour de force….you should see it. Sorry about the bootleg thing, I just didint feel like going out.

  • Ka

    Hi raven, hi sab. I am fine too.
    Sab it’s horrible that around 10 comments disappeared in one night. Those comments have nothing wrong. One of them is from my dearest friend Ka simply who says hi to me. Some from magda mama and some from slig cute. And as well as yours. I wonder someone had abused the flagging system or JJ had some technical mistakes. Ive asked JJ to check.
    tinkerbell you make some good points here. please dont bring up those past memories and you will be good.

  • sab

    Hi Everyone,
    Hi Love…….ooohhhhh I so love his ear in that pic..hahaha…in fact that whole pic is so hot…he has a great profile and such a perfect nose…i even like his facial hair!!!!
    Hi Raven..I’m good thanks too…….dont get me started on his voice!!!!…..this guy is the complete and ultimate package……thanks to Love, I can now confirm that leo even has perfect ears tooo..(lol)
    actually what im most interested in seeing is his feet!!….i know it might sound weird….but i dont think ive ever seen them properly…..
    hey Ka…..thanks for your support re deleted comments…..i think jj is having a good sort out….im really enjoying this new thread!!!
    Hi tink…..i still have to wait till 5 jan to see j edgar here in london….its not fair…..I know his acting is great in it and his reviews have all been positive (well done leo)…..but to everyone who has already seen it….How was the kissing scene?….was it has hot and sexy as they say?…..hahaha

  • Sweet


  • tinkerbell

    @sab: No, it was kind of sad, they had a fight and armie wound up kisshing him against his will…it made Hoover pathetic, or sympathetic, not romantic.

    I know comments are disappearing. Some from you guys are kind of repetitive, maybe they edited for that reason. Some of mine went too.
    It’s because in part of certain PR reps and flacks as well.

    I agree about the past…but the past isnt past. It’s still dogging us for some reason.

  • AQ

    @tinkerbell: dogging YOU only…

  • tinkerbell

    “The past is never dead, its not even past.”

    -William Faulkner.

    (Sorry I read.)

    But I’ll give it up if everyone else will.

  • tinkerHell

    Why don`t you give up posting here already? That would be a relief for so many ( sane ) Leo fans ( excluding your alter egos of course )!

  • tinkerbell

    @tinkerHell: why dont you stop COMING here? Is there a law you have to read this?


    You’re the only one that seems bothered–that and your aliases.

    BUZZ OFF if you dont like it schweetheart.



    I am totally willing not to discuss the UNMENTIONABLE if everyone else agrees to here. The minute I hear “they’re getting back together rumors” I post every embarrassing article from around the globe in translation, including fashion critiques, which are quite nasty,BUT if I dont have to hear about it you dont either.

  • tinkerHELL

    Is there a law that you have to come here and ruin every Leo thread? It`s obvious people don`t want to read your gibberish so why don`t you buzz off already? There`s no law that forces me to come here. I`m a Leo fan and I enjoy reading these threads except for your cr*p and apparently I`m not the only one who thinks this way. So you are wrong and I`m not the only one. So why should we leave. And unlike you I don`t have aliases. It`s you who have several alter egos here so you can have a conversation with yourself. Pathetic! Creating yourself an audience even though it was made clear how much people don`t want to read your comments!


    sorry, I’m not going anywhere, you must realize that by now. We’re in deadlock. I am going to ignore you, so I suggest you ignore me. The more you protest, the more determined I get.

    Ever see Chinatown with Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway? Great movie, 1974. Saw it law night.

  • tinkerbell

    sorry, I’m not going anywhere, you must realize that by now. We’re in deadlock. I am going to ignore you, so I suggest you ignore me. The more you protest, the more determined I get.

    Ever see Chinatown with Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway? Great movie, 1974. Saw it law night.

  • tinkerHELL

    I don`t give a cr*p whether you are going to ignore me or not. I`m gonna post my opinion about you and your more than sick mental state. You just proved that you do have alter egos. You pathetic dummy! :)

  • yup

    @tinkerHELL: people are leaving Leo threads because of her. She ask herself questions and then answers it pretending to be two people!! Thats why she has all the negatives.

  • 43

    What I don’t understand is HOW Leo’s ex and her camp have such voice on his threads and JJ permits it. They insult, cat call, and work in packs. Then I noticed that JJ did some clean up of the stupid things that Tzipi/Adi wrote, and is archived now as such. Isn’t it supposed to be CREEPY to have your ex and her family commenting almost a year after they broke up?? WEIRD! I wonder why JJ let’s this happen? They even gang up on Tink, and JJ doesn’t really reprimand them. JJ can you please explain their heavy presense on LD threads….

  • tinkerbell

    ever read a bio on Ian Fleming…the guy who wrote the bond series? He was actually involved in some real British intelligence in WWII- very interesting guy and leo wants to do him in a biopic..after seeing Hoover I say its a go.

    Armie Hammer is such a cutie ! All 6’5 of him.

  • tinkerbell

    thanks 43. SMH. I think its dough..they are running out so the clean-up campaign has begun.

    BTW, did I call it, or did I call it–shes doing reality TV with Lipps. She cant act but loves attention so its a match.

  • tinkerbell

    Karlie Kloss is doing great as a model- I see her all over the place, she’s in a Macy’s campaign all over the internet and NY Times Magazine. Doing great for a 19 year old–apparently she had a really hot season as a runway model. Not that I think he should go there, but she is cute. Not beautiful, kind of bony, but cute.

  • Guest

    Kloss is ugly and stupid that is why she has a career nowadays.But i think he should go there.Nudes pics – she has a good start!I suppose she will be a great mother for his kids.

  • @Guest

    Yeah unlike the great innocent Bar that took obscene piccies with the Jersey Shore crew. Now she would have been a great mom. Something for the kids to be proud of.

  • tinkerHELL

    @48 ( aka tinkerbell ): why don`t you turn yourself and your pathetic Bar obsession off already? Everybody is tired of it!
    @43: What I don`t understand how can you be this stupid! They? They are Leo fans who are sick and tired of tinkerhell and her tiring comments. Just because someone doesn`t like her it doesn`t mean that person is a Bar fan. Seriously, how stupid do you have to be still not to understand that? You are just embarrassing yourself with this Bar and her family posts here cr*p!
    Insulting tinkerbell? Isn`t it the exact same thing she has been doing to someone else for years? Can you spell hypocrisy? How is her bashing justified in your eyes? But again who am I kidding? You are one of tinkerhell`s alter egos so you are also the product of the same sick and disturbed mind. Didn`t I say a couple of comments ago how pathetic it is that tinkerhell defends herself from time to time? LOL! Loser!

  • @Guest

    Why do you CARE if s/he doesn’t like Leos ex.
    You obviously follow her as you insist shes been doing it for YEARS
    And it clearly affects you hence harping on how unfair it is to Bar then say you’re not a fan. Yeah right
    Are you her family? Did they hire you as their defence attorney? But everyone but you is sick, disturbed an idi*t e.t.c
    Mayb Leo fans have left JJ cause of the regular bitchiness in his posts these past few months.
    K/C, Canada Girl, KingSchlong haven’t been here a while and Tinkerbell only came back recently!
    The truly devoted seem to be the ahem ‘psychics’