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Miranda Kerr & Isabel Lucas: Louis Vuitton Ladies!

Miranda Kerr & Isabel Lucas: Louis Vuitton Ladies!

Miranda Kerr strikes a pose in LV at the Louis Vuitton Maison reception on Friday (December 2) in Sydney, Australia.

The 28-year-old model was joined at the after party by ImmortalsIsabel Lucas!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Miranda recently spoke with Vogue about her Kora Organics skincare line.

“I was really the guinea pig for Kora; I tested everything,” Miranda said. “Being on my heels all the time, I wanted to create a cream to put on after a long day.”

“And it doesn’t hurt that my husband, Orlando, is very good at massaging it into my feet,” Miranda joked!

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and Isabel Lucas at the opening of Louis Vuitton Maison

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Credit: Ryan Pierse; Photos: Getty
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  • Bus Driver

    I am sure Isabel Lucas use to get on my bus up in Kalamunda. She is perfect

  • Elena

    isaberl lucas skin tone doesn’t suit her much

  • nono

    Miranda only looks good with her hair down covering half that big head/face. sorry but pulled back up dos are only for people with striking elegant bone structure.

  • jenna

    Oops, too much fake tan for Isabel! And Miranda is showing too much cleavage for that kind of dress. Not classy!

  • ina

    isabel looks like a corpse!

  • zoe

    Miranda looks gorgeous. And it sounds like Orlando is her servant lol. Good at massaging is always better than good for nothing, after all.

  • strong wife weak hubby pair

    The more I read about how Miranda comments on Orlando, the more he seems to be a weak man to me. Miranda rules him. He must never ever dare to say no to her, otherwise he might get dumped by Miranda.

  • Mila

    WTF happened w/Isabel Lucas? Her skin tone is awful and I don’t even like her hair today.

    Btw, Emma Stone wore this dress better than her.

  • @6-7

    Weak? Sounds like a loving husband to me. Strong enough to want to pamper his gorgeous wife. Since when is showing affection a sign of weakness?
    If I was in six inch heels all day, I’d appreciate a foot rub too.
    I guess that you haters have never had a man be good to you.

  • @4

    Since the dress is designed to have a tight, lower cut bodice, I would say that the dress was MEANT to show off cleavage.
    Miranda looks gorgeous. Isabel…not so much.

  • Moon’

    Miranda’s dress is very similar (the same?) to the one worn by Rachel Bilson at the Met Ball I prefer Rachel’s retro style.The dress suits her better. Miranda is gorgeous though.

  • Miranda

    Could she be more nauseating? Do us all a favor and speak less. Oh and take your cabbage patch doll head and go away so we can have a break from MK 24/7.

  • bubbles

    Miranda’s head is the exact shape of the egg I ate this morning before I cracked it open.

  • tallone

    Could you delphites be any more obvious?

  • sara

    Miranda looks beautiful!
    Her skin is perfect!

  • YAY!

    Miranda was so gorgeous on the runway! And Orlando was just too sweet!
    She looks beautiful here, too!

  • Lima

    enough with this chipmunk already.

  • eru

    Miranda = perfection

  • @7

    Giving his gorgeous wife a foot rub means that he is “weak”??
    That has to be one of the dumbest things that I have ever heard from you haters. And that’s saying a lot.

  • YES!

    Miranda looks GORGEOUS!!!!

  • oy2

    Poor thing, she has to wear heels all the time! I’m sure every shop assistant out there feels for her!
    *le sigh* Oh, Miranda, please don’t speak. Just wear the lingerie.

  • YES

    The dress is horrible – she should never wear her hair like that, lipstick to red – ugly, ugly – epic fail. – again

  • @21

    Yeah, but even though those shop assitants don’t have Orlando Bloom at home, I bet that their hubands and boyfriends are more than happy to rub their feet for them.

  • @23

    You’re really taking her words seriously? Once again, I find myself in envy of your perfect, albeit imaginery, life. Oh, same goes for Miranda, of course.

  • @24

    Where did anyone say anything like that?
    I’m really beginning to believe that you haters have lost all sense of reality. You don’t even bother reading posts anymore.
    Is Miranda’s continued success really eating at you that much?
    She looks gorgeous, BTW. But I guess that’s just another burr under your saddle, isn’t it.

  • @25

    Oh, my bad, you indirect offender, you. Totally inappropriate.

    As for Miranda, I used to be all ‘you go girl!’ till she became what she became and had stans like you.

  • @26

    “became what she became”?
    You mean a successful model and entrenpeneur, wife and mother?
    And “stans”?
    You mean peoplewho defend her against haters who stalk her across the internet?
    Well, OK then.

  • Isabel > Miranda

    Miranda is so fake about her ‘earth-loving’ ways while Isabel is truly real about it…. And Isabel looks waaay better with her brown hair

    so everyone saying how ugly she is… she is actually very pretty. she chooses to look the way she does… with her usual frumpy clothes and way too bleached out hair. i don’t think she’s trying to look pretty.

  • Poor LOL

    Poor LOL! Having a hard week, aren’t you, sweetheart, what with all those stories coming out about how your idol is just a banal, vacuous moron. Those people at Delphi must be doing cartweels right about now. And you can add NYMagazine and the Vine to your growing list of fat jellus haterz.

  • @29

    All those stories? Two?
    Don’t get the “poor LOL!” bit, but those articles never said that she was a moron. In fact, one of them even admitted that she had to be smart to create such a successful skincare line. Banal, sure. But most celebs come across as banal. They are asked ridiculously boring questions, over and over again so their answere always appear banal.
    But did the reporter from NY magazine really expect to have a scintillating conversation with a spokesmodel out promoting a lingerie line? If they did, they are the biggest moron of all.
    And the reporter from the Vine came across as ridiculous. ‘Miranda Kerr is lying to us’ was referring to her statements that ‘all women are beautiful’, The reporter’s response? That she is lying because some women are just ugly. So I guess that this reporter wants Miranda to advise young women to be themselves, and to have self confidence, but ONLY if they are pretty?
    “fat jelluz haters”? No. But definitely bitter and jaded.

  • Peapo

    Isabel Lucas looks like a junkie.

  • WTH

    Being bleached blond does not suit her very much.

  • Chrysa

    Definately Miranda!

  • http://justjared sam

    this woman is a shIt!! she grabs paps attention, by doing various things, i.e covering the child’s pram with a leapord cloth (she was the one who exposed him since his birth) so that paps would beat their cameras to get his pix, ofcourse every child is innocent, so he didnt knew his mother’s motives revelead himself…. she always insults orlando to seek more attention… she always says that she always like to keep things private, but then reveals about her innermost secrets, which someone wont even tell on deathbed, her life is a sham, she wants to grab attention till it lasts, please daughter of kerr, stop talking about your labor, there are more of the women in this world who have given ”NATURAL’ births, and has gone 48 to 72 hrs of intense labors…just google it,, and i m sure u will keep ur big mouth shut and big teeth in!!! As for orlando, keep using him,until he dumps ur @SS!! it wont last, and everyone can notice it….

  • http://justjared lila

    my, with closeup, have just relized that miranda has got crow feet!

  • @sam

    Off your meds again? Or are you always an angry little thing?
    So let me get this straight….
    Trying to cover Flynn’s face is a grab for attention? LOL! OK
    Insults Orlando? When? Or do you mean her revealing the fact that he is a loving and attentive husband? Is that ‘insulting’ to you?
    Innermost secrets? Gee, I didn’t know that practising yoga and drinking noni juice were worthy of a deathbed confession.
    BTW, she’ll stop talking about her labor when people stop asking her about it.
    Now pick up the phone and ask your doctor to call in a new perscription for your pills. Maybe have him double the dosage while he is at it.

  • http://justjared sam

    @@sam: This prooves u are really a kerr’s fan, isnt it? dumbest brain these cabbage patchs band own, i must say! She was exposing Flynn like her B00bs for 10 month of his life and suddenly after the 11th month she remembers that he has to be protected… That to waering tip top desingers boots and dress and covering him in such a way, and going down the street where paps are prone to get in there!! Maybey she wanted all the attention, so she covered him, that his little man wont share or steal the limelight?? mabey, and u dumb ass, will someone share on air that she brings in the boxers to get him in the mood, or she might be aware of her chipmunk face, so she compensated for the boxers… back in 2007 ahe said that orlando stinks like hell and he wear the same socks and underwear for whole week, and has to change himself, no one would never open in the public about that, unless a fame wh@re like her, and massaging the feets, making him pee in the bottle, these r shlt lies of that slUt.. by all those things u better hurry up for an appointment from ur doctor… ask him to erase the chipmuk from ur brains before she engulfs u…
    p.s: she is only the one about who always oooh aaah about her labor pains, u dumbo interviews r pre planned, she can stike out this redundant question, but every one knows she wants to proove that she is a super hero,, going through the stupid story again and again, the only good and useful thing she has done is that she has given birth to flynn, or else her career and herself is a waste, it helps nobody….

  • @26

    Wow. You don’t have a very good grasp of the English language, do you. Maybe that’s why you don’t understand a JOKE when you hear it.
    And you actually BELIEVE the rumors that pop up on the internet? How STUPID can you be? But wait, I remember. You only believ the bad rumors, not the good ones. Got it. HYPOCRITE!
    And again, being by her side for every second of her labor, and being an attentive husband are COMPLIMENTS.
    You sound like Nienna and/or Mobt. The hateful IDIOT who wished that Flynn would get sick. You have the same syntax problems and mental imbalance.

  • http://justjared @38

    @@26: i think u have mental disabilities that why u are not able to understand what i am trying to tell, ur chipmunk A$$es are on fire, only being revengeful just want to take revenge so why not language?? is there a eng lang exam going on?? or r u a cie eng examiner that u cant tolerate it?? this is my way of writing and no chipmunk dare say…. i will not correct my lang until kerr corrects her spherical face.. and where did i wanted flynn would sick?? i have language prob and u have understanding problem… balanced!! chipmunk heads ur time is over, there orly would kick her chipmunk @$$ , and here we kick her chipmunk’s fan base out of his fan base… poor fame hungry wh0re, she wont last long…. with her naked body…. and @ssholes fans will be nowhere to be seen …orlando and his fanbase lives happily ever after, and the leaches attached to our threads will die of green face.
    p.s: if i would have been a hypocrite the story would be sth else… u would think that i would be part of chipmunk baboon group, and on the oyher hand would loathe u… i am here in front of u… with the truth.. with this i am sure u will open dictionary soon, and stop commenting on someone elses english! ta baby, shall i call a fire brigade for ur @ss???

  • lily

    @38 you are so right, fat face bitch kerr leave the poor orly alone. cabbage patch curr keep ur fat shitty face off the paps cuz ur fat face wont fit in!!!!!!