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Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: LAX Lovers!

Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: LAX Lovers!

Kate Bosworth and her boyfriend Michael Polish make their way through LAX International Airport on Friday (December 2) in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the week, the 28-year-old actress and her design partner Cher Coulter were a part of a special Cyber Monday event for their jewelry line JewelMint. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen also participated with their StyleMint line, as well as Rachel Bilson and her ShoeMint collection.

After running the festival circuit for the past year, Kate‘s film Another Happy Day hit theaters late last month in a limited release. Have you had a chance to see it yet?

FYI: Kate is wearing cute JewelMint pins!

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kate bosworth michael polish lax lovers 01
kate bosworth michael polish lax lovers 02
kate bosworth michael polish lax lovers 03

Credit: Justin; Erik; Photos: National Photo Group
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  • Jack

    DAMN that guy is ugly.

  • WOW!!!

    Michael looks just like Alex in the “East”. HA HA HA!!!!!!!
    You know this was the look Kate made him do.

  • PRPro

    Seriously? The only thing she has to promote now is that crappy film no-one wants to see? Better practice your skills as a checkout girl at the Piggly Wiggly Kate.

  • Dieter

    JARED !!!! I just saw Straw Dogs !!! Kates is such an amazing actress – I guess she will get an Oscar nomination for that !!!

  • @Jack

    You are extremely STUPID. STUPID STUIPD STUPID.
    HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BlueCrushed

    Where’s the awkward hand holding the life partners usually display? Molish looks like he’s through already. NEXT!!!!

  • Hans

    Why are these ” life partners” not carrying any bags. Are they faking again. Pretending that the are flying in or out to work. Really?! what a joke. They are true losers.

  • tweet

    LMAO!! Wow, cute boyfriend Kate.

  • Arlene Moon says…

    only 3 pics. what gives?!

  • BlueCrushed

    Michael Polish deserves much better than sloppy 100ths.

  • Jeannie

    Bon voyage….you won’t be missed.

  • I can relax now!

    I am very happy for worth-molish they look so happy (sarcasim) HA HA and still together and going really stronge …………….. thank the lord.
    because there was a tweet that askars was seen at the chateau and I thought that bosworth might have tried to stalk him there being back in LA now I can relax MOVING ON!!!!!!!!!!

    kristindonnelly Kristin Donnelly
    I think today is the best day of my life. Alexander skaarsgard just sat down fifty feet away #chateaumarmont
    8 hours ago

  • i can relax now

    I am very happy for worth-molish they look so happy (sarcasim) HA HA and still together and going really stronge …………….. thank the lord.
    because there was a tweet that askars was seen at the chateau and I thought that bosworth might have tried to stalk him there being back in LA now I can relax MOVING ON!!!!!!!!!!

    kristindonnelly Kristin Donnelly
    I think today is the best day of my life. Alexander skaarsgard just sat down fifty feet away #chateaumarmont

  • Jewel Mint

    @Arlene Moon says…: Really one pic that Just Jared cropped into three. Gotta keep those Jewel Mint checks coming!

  • Mollie

    OMG, Kate left Alexander Skarsgaard for that super ugly dude??? Starving herself must have made her crazy. ;)

  • Dani D

    in all her yrs of being in the buisness?! all she cud notch up is sum cyber event for crappy-jmint line? and some director/producer guy? who I have never heard of or seen his work? nice! well played kbos,

  • mforman

    I cannot believe some of us were just commening on Thursday and Friday that we hadn’t seen these two for awhile and then low and behold their they are.
    Does she really think she is to good to carry even a tiny piece of her own lugguage or is this once again an arranged photo op, to show her, her life partner and their matching rings. Since she started dragging him all over the place, those rings are always on display.

    Also, I do find it interesting she isn’t doing any press for this film, with her co stars; Ellen Barkin, Ezra Miller, even Demi Moore (with what is going on in her life), are all doing publicity whether together or alone, yet she is doing nothing.
    From the reviews I have read, once again she gets her standard very stiff performance but they seem to like the other cast members.

    Next JJ phot op will be the hair salon.

  • Shannon

    he looks like he’s well on his way to becoming the next unibomber

  • http://ShelooksOLD! Blackcat99

    LAX LOVERS?! Where is the Strange hand holding and Kate clinging all over MP trying to prove to the world how “Happy and in Love ” they are? Kate does not look too “Happy” and I love how Kate is walking ahead of MP. Also, the photo is rather blurry.Kate probably needs a little more time to” Heal”.This is just a photo OP to pay for some “Freebies”.Give Kate another week or two and we will see her smug face coming from some random place.Like the Vet or the Gyno.

  • ladybug

    @Blackcat99: Or you could read it as they really love LAX which is why they seem to hang out there without any luggage.

  • DailyNightly

    Is her nose looking bigger than usual??

  • Mollie


  • tweet

    Do people not realize my comment was sarcasm?

  • BlueCrushed


    That’s no beautiful, talented young girl, it’s Kate Bosworth.

  • call me crazy but…..

    Ya wanna get those darn specs checked there, oldtimer! Ya seeing skeletal Kate No Talent in fuzzy focus!

  • Teo

    @Dieter: Ok…..was that ironic?

  • Teo

    @Dieter: Ok…..was that ironic?

  • Teo

    Eventualy,she’s dating someone who’s as beautiful as her =)))

  • http://justjared Super

    why mention Rachel bilson she not in the picture at all.That was a week ago.

  • http://justjared Super


  • cdc

    So she isn’t dating Chris Martin? Great,he can be with Gwyneth.

  • Rachel()

    How is it possible that there were paps around, and KB didn’t pay them to take more than one pic? Was the right side of her face not healed entirely?

  • Lasher
  • Taylor

    $hit – Catty girls at JJ! You’re an embarrassment to the female gender.

  • rina

    BUMMER! last year at thi time she was partying at the Chateau with the Skarsgard brothers…now she gets to hang out at the airport with this prize…what a letdown

  • Lasher


    Of course he’s a prize, according to Kate:

    She tells The Sunday Times Style Magazine, “He’s a special one. There’s nobody in the world I admire or respect more. When I look at him, it’s not a crazy infatuation, it’s more like we are each other’s life partners.”

  • rina

    methinks she lays it on a bit much…..she was definitely trying to sound as is AS didn’t mean that much; FAIL

  • Bella

    @#34: Thanks for the link. There were sightings of Kate in Paris. It seems they’re arriving at LAX and she didn’t travel with carryon bags. I don’t know how some of you can criticize her for that! I think she’s beautiful and she seems happy in this relationship.

  • Notsure

    I think that she is quite pretty. However, she just seems so needy. And the life partner bit and wedding rings just put it over the top.

  • ladybug

    @Bella: If the both of them can endure that long of a flight (plus all the time spent in the airports waiting for flights/layovers, etc.) without any carryons then they should both quit their current day jobs and run seminars on how to pack very, very light.

  • Actually..

    @Bella: You might be right. Maybe she was in Paris. (I really don’t care what she does as long as she isn’t constantly trying to convince me that she matters.) But who on earth takes an 11 and a half hour flight (assuming it was direct) with NO carry-on bags?

    And are we sure that they haven’t been through baggage. (They probably haven’t since that’s usually the last bit of the airport but I don’t know LAX so I can’t tell from looking at the pictures.)

  • ladybug

    @Actually..:I’ve not been to LAX in years, so am no longer familiar with the baggage claim area. However I’m presuming that they’re near baggage claim, since there’s a woman behind them with luggage that looks too big to be allowed as a carry-on.

  • Bella

    The woman behind her has carryon. Kate has a large purse in which she could easily carry some essentials. I’m sure she traveled first class and first class international flights provide everything anyone would need including pajamas!

  • ladybug

    @Bella: Not even business class? Or is that too common for her?
    I was being semi serious in my earlier comment, if they can really get through a 10-15 hour flight experience with nothing else carried on but that medium sized purse she’s got, then they really should do seminars on it.

  • Amanda

    WTF are those heart and key things on her coat??? Ugly.

  • @Mollie

    Are we sure that it was Kate who ended the relationship and not the other way around? Just curious ;)

  • Jamie

    Ya right, like Bosworth would let the thing that boosted her career the most in the past few years slip away. He booted her arse for sure. She hid out until she could get a new victim. Her hugging Bloom was designed to make Skarsgard jealous, too bad it failed.

  • Jealous haters gonna hate!
  • Actually…

    Did anyone see the ‘Mint Cyber Monday thing? It was comically bad. It looked and was run like a high school production of an infomercial. There were planned Skype calls with no sound, bloggers I’ve never heard of as guests, and the hosts not knowing any details about the products (like if a JM whistle was still in stock or if actually worked or not). Also it seemed like JM pieces weren’t selling particularly well. They’d tell you to hurry because there were only X number of a piece left, but then an hour later not that many had been sold. (Which is fine for a normal day, but odd on Cyber Monday and when there are a ton of discounts being offered.)

  • Jealous haters gonna hate!

    @Actually…: Your comment is pathetic.
    Why did you even waste time writing that? she did something horrible to you?
    XD she stole your celebrity boyfriend…