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Angelina Jolie: 'This Week with Christiane Amanpour' Interview!

Angelina Jolie: 'This Week with Christiane Amanpour' Interview!

Angelina Jolie opens up about her upcoming directorial debut, In the Land of Blood and Honey, in a new interview from This Week with Christiane Amanpour.

The 36-year-old actress was joined by the stars of the film, Zana Marjanovic and Vanessa Glodjo, to speak about the powerful new film.

“I was thinking and meditating on these international themes of violence against women, lack of intervention and how human beings are changed and warped by war and how some people come out stronger and some people are truly broken,” Angelina said.

“Our fear is the silence, our fear is the ignorance. Our fear is that people won’t know what happened. And being ignorant about what happened leads a chance that it may happen again….It’s a stain that will always remain,” Zana added. “It kind of — it’s a scar. I think that’s maybe the best way to describe it.”

More of Angelina‘s interview will air Monday (December 5) on Good Morning America – be sure to check it out!

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  • theif

    Joe Lee Sociopath

  • The Soul Shattering In English

    shame shame

  • plez

    Can’t wait to see this movie and this interview.
    Amanpour is a real journalist.

  • busted

    Beautiful woman..Smart, big heat and just so great.

    Haters can suck it and shove it.

    So much to look forward to on Monday.. I’m sure the hags will be glued to all the Angie news.. so thanks in advance for the big ratings. We know you freaks won’t be able to stay away..

  • nwo fraud

    our fear is cardboard cut-out celebs who do nothing ,other than work on their PR

  • bdj


    Women for Women International to co-host premiere of new Angelina Jolie movie “In the Land of Blood and Honey”
    Oscar-winning actress will attend the screening, which sheds light on the Bosnian War Organization has been operating in the region since 1993

    Women for Women International announced today they are partnering with the Council on Foreign Relations to co-host Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie’s new film, “In the Land of Blood and Honey,” on Monday, December 5 in New York City.

    Women for Women International, which was founded because of the Bosnian War in 1993 and the rape of over 20,000 women there, is an organization dedicated to helping women of all ethnicities who’ve been affected by war to rebuild their lives. Fittingly, the first office they opened was in war-torn Bosnia and Herzegovina back in 1994, and the organization has since expanded their work into seven other countries of conflict including Afghanistan, Iraq and Congo. Women for Women International Founder Zainab Salbi said, “It’s ironic after nearly two decades of working in war-torn countries as we are in Congo, rape is still a fundamental issue. It’s time this stopped once and for all, and we’re glad ‘In the Land of Blood and Honey’ brings light back to this hugely important issue. It reminds the world about the atrocities women face in war and that we are a long way from stopping these atrocities.”

    Set against the backdrop of the Bosnian War that tore the Balkan region apart in the 1990s, the movie tells the story of Danijel and Ajla, two Bosnians from different sides of the brutal ethnic conflict. The film portrays the incredible emotional, moral, and physical toll that the war takes on individuals as well as the consequences that stems from the lack of political will to intervene in a society stricken by conflict.

    For nearly two decades Women for Women International has been helped over 316,000 women survivors of war to move from crisis and poverty, to stability and self-sufficiency. Although the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina ended more than 15 years ago, it toppled the economy and political system and shattered lives. Women are still struggling today: to heal, to recover and to reunite. Women for Women International’s programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina include direct financial aid, rights awareness classes, job and business skills training, and emotional support, thereby promoting viable civil societies.

    The Bosnian War claimed over 100,000 lives and over two million people were driven from their homes. In partnering with the Council on Foreign Relations for the premiere of “In the Land of Blood and Honey,” Women for Women International hopes people will be reminded how victims of war, particularly women, need ongoing support in post conflict countries.

  • CJLOVE23

    She’s glowing! Sooo naturally beautiful!! LOVE the Jolie-Pitts!!

  • bdj,,20550960,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

    Angelina Jolie & Kids Go to See the Muppets

    Sunday December 04, 2011 09:55 AM EST
    Angelina Jolie & Kids Go to See the Muppets | Angelina Jolie

    Kermit, Fozzie and Miss Piggy, please meet Angelina Jolie and son Pax, 8, and daughters Zahara, 6, and Shiloh, 5, who were out on a movie date in Manhattan on Saturday afternoon.

    Their flick of choice? The family holiday hit The Muppets.

    One witness at the Clearview Cinemas on East 62nd Street told PEOPLE that the concession-stand snacks of choice were five orders of popcorn, five cups of Sprite and one box of Twizzlers. (Another adult woman accompanied the group to the show.)

    An observer inside the mulitiplex added that the quintet sat right in the middle of the auditorium and that Jolie, 36, was “really down to earth. When they came out [afterwards] she was talking to the kids about the movie and asking them

  • bdj

    Newsweek Newsweek
    Presenting this week’s Newsweek cover: Angelina Jolie! On newsstands and your iPad, Kindle Monday.

  • teri

    Angelina is such a beauty! Love this family so much.

  • teri

    Not even sure why some of my post aren’t going through Jared? Could you fix the problem!!


    AJ – Intelligent Beautiful and Caring

  • huh

    Always beautiful
    inside and out

  • teri

    I’m so happy that Angelina had the courage to speak out on this terrible thing that happend to so many women who have no voice. I hope that this film is heard loud and clear around the world. Angelina has done her research and spoken to many that I’m sure this movie will be talked about for years to come.

  • Rose

    Angelina will be on Good Morning America tomorrow morning and Nightline tomorrow night.

  • jess
  • luvangie4ever

    So glad there’ll be more of the interview on GMA and Nightline, I was left wanting more. She’s a beautiful woman with an even more beautiful soul.

  • Jones

    Reposting – Enjoyed Angelina’s interview with Christiane Amanpour. And the beauty of this interview was the absence of tabloid journalism that Bob Simon dipped into on 60 Minutes. That’s the beauty of interviewing with a respected news reporter and journalist like Christiane. She doesn’t lower her standards with that tabloid shite. She goes straight to point allowing Angelina to talk more about her film project. It was definitely more content rich about ITLOBAH than the Bob Simon interview. Angelina Jolie is such a eloquent speaker. Ticky and her hens are clucking up a storm right now. Lol! Chistiane will have more of her interview with Angelina on Good Morning America tomorrow!


    Interview transcript snippets This Week/Nightline

    JOLIE:You see these great pictures. There’s a great photograph that I had in the office. You remember with the woman? She’s got the pearls, and she’s dressed. And she’s done her hair. And it’s just, you may shoot at me, but you will not remove my humanity, my dignity, my self, my person. I am going to continue to keep my head up.

  • screenplay stolen? naww

    Angie just permanently borrows things

  • bdj

    4 Clips and Over 30 New Images from Angelina Jolie’s IN THE LAND OF BLOOD AND HONEY

    Last week, we brought you this stylish poster from Angelina Jolie’s directorial debut, In the Land of Blood and Honey. Now we have a host of new images and clips to share with you from the Bosnian war drama. Set against a backdrop of the Bosnian War in the 1990s, the story centers on the relationship between a Serbian soldier, Danijel (Goran Kostic) and a Bosnian native, Ajla (Zana Marjanovic). In the Land of Blood and Honey explores how the dynamics between the two change with the outset of the war, in which Ajla becomes a captive at a camp overseen by Danijel. Also starring Rade Serbedzija, the film will be released both in English and BHS, the native language of Bosnia. In the Land of Blood and Honey opens in limited release on December 23rd with a wider release in January. Hit the jump to check out the clips and images.

    The clips and images from In the Land of Blood and Honey can be found below. Click here to get caught up on all our previous coverage. Here’s the synopsis for In the Land of Blood and Honey:

    “In the Land of Blood and Honey” is a melancholy drama set during Bosnia’s 1992-95 civil war and follows a Christian Serb (Goran Kostic) and a Bosniak woman (Zana Marjanovic) whose lives are torn apart when violence flares between ethnic and religious groups.

  • bdj

    McGreedy and McNeedy borrow air time and wasted space.

  • Ninaj09

    @screenplay stolen? naww: She didn’t stole anything. The guy, when she started filming, said that she took his idea from is book and now it’s an article. Beside, the plot of love between two people from different camps when in war is one of the most used. That man just wants attention


    Beauty and brains. The whole package !
    So happy to be the fan of a woman with depth than a boohoo sister of a juvenile aging bimbo who cries for a single gray hair.


    I LOVE IT when the name-changing troll is agitated and running amok to different sites and blogs TRYING TO DEFAME Angie with all her might!!!!!!BWAHAHAHAHA

    NOT GONNA HAPPEN troll. No matter how much you HENS try to sabotage Angie, she will and ALWAYS will come out ON TOP. You lot have been trying it for 7 YEARS. So good luck! HAHAHAHA

  • Jones

    Poor hens. Looks like Ticky’s got you all working overtime. BWAHAHA! That’s when you know Angelina has yet again made another strong showing. Because the hens start clucking. Cluck. Cluck. Cluck. Cluck. Cluck. Cluck. Cluck.

  • Rose

    @screenplay stolen? naww: If you are not a fan why are you here on a Sunday morning talking nonsense? I’m here because I’m a fan what’s your excuse? Looking for attention? You are not going to find it here, the fans don’t care what you have to say.


    LOL at jens 2 remaining fans 1st to post, keep changing names fool it won’t help the 47yoa tv hasbeen to get work. jenjen is a Hollywood Joke!

  • Pittsainwiglet

    Finally a fan wit brainz. @Ninaj09:

  • Ka simply

    She really miss someone

  • busted

    The best thing is to not give the guy or the hags the attention they want. This is a none news story. But the trolls are putting all their meager money holdings on it. So let them.


    LOL.. this is going to be really funny when it blows up in their faces like everything else.

  • jpfan

    You can watch the interview with Angie here! :)

  • Pittsainwiglet

    Braddock, u don’t own da war. Nobody wants to read ur book and dat is not angiez fault. Be happy dat Angie da goodwill ambassador iz doing her job by raising awareness for your country. Idiot.

  • Radar online

    Angelina Jolie Sued For Allegedly Stealing The Story Behind Her New Film
    Posted on Dec 03, 2011 @ 10:21AM
    print it send it
    Lia Toby/WENN

    By Radar Staff

    Angelina Jolie is being sued for allegedly stealing the story behind her new movie, In the Land of Blood and Honey, is exclusively reporting.

    In legal documents filed in federal court obtained by Radar, Croatian journalist and author James J. Braddock (aka Josip J. Knezevic) says an article he wrote and published in 2007 is the basis for the film, which was written and directed by Jolie.

    The film is a fictionalized account of an unlikely love story between a Serbian soldier and a Muslim woman during the Bosnian War. Brad Pitt was often on location when Angie was working, taking photographs of her at work.

    PHOTOS: Take A Look Inside Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie’s Malibu Mansion

    As an example of the similarities between the story he published and the storyline of the film, the lawsuit states:

    “The Subject Work’s main female character is subject to continuous abuse and rape by soldiers and officers in the camp. In addition to being raped continuously by soldiers and officers, she is forced to become a servant at the camp headquarters, a duty assumed by very few of the captives. The Motion Picture’s main female character is also subject to continuous rape by soldiers and officers in the camp and subsequently becomes a servant at camp headquarters.”

    PHOTOS: Style Showdown! Angelina Jolie Vs. Kate Middleton

    Braddock has also named GK Films, the L.A.-based production company which financed and is releasing the film, and several other entities.

    He’s demanding a jury trial asking the court to award him damages.

    PHOTOS: Angelina Jolie Hits The Mall With Her Huge Brood

    In the Land of Blood and Honey opens December 23.




  • Celebichy

    Angelina Jolie is being sued, and she took the kids to see ‘The Muppets’ in NYC
    Here are some new photos of Angelina Jolie taking three of her kids to see The Muppets in New York City. I guess only Shiloh, Zahara and Pax wanted to see The Muppets? Maddox was all, “I’d rather see Arthur Christmas, y’all. I’ll sit this one out.” And Vivienne and Knox are too little for Muppet movies, I suppose. I don’t really have much to say about these photos – Angelina looks pretty, and it’s totally unnecessary for her to be wearing shades, considering it’s dark out. I love the body language of Zahara and Pax, though – Pax is wearing a shark mask, and he must not be able to see, so Zahara is all, “I’ll show you the way, my brother.”

    Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie is getting sued in federal court. Croatian journalist James J. Braddock claims that Jolie “stole” the story for her film In the Land of Blood and Honey from an article (and book) he wrote about a woman who was subjected to rape in a POW camp.
    This guy has a website too, and a really long essay about Angelina Jolie and how she just stole everything from him – go here to read his rather insane rant. God knows, I’m accused of playing favorites when it comes to Angelina (it’s true – she’s one of my favorites), but this guy doesn’t seem to have much of a case, by his own admission. He claims that Angelina took his articles and books and CHANGED them into a “banal love story… that would be impossible during the war…” Which means that she didn’t copy his story, she created her own story which is set partially in a POW camp. This guy doesn’t OWN the concept of POW camps. He also doesn’t help his case by claiming that Angelina is just like a Serbian aggressor in 1992. It seems like this guy is just pissed off at the world and hoping that Angelina will just shell out some hush money.

    Angelina is in New York ahead of the premiere of In the Land of Blood and Honey, which will be happening this week. Will Brad be there? What will she wear? Will she field questions about this lawsuit?



    JOLIE: You see these great pictures. There’s a great photograph that I had in the office. You remember with the woman? She’s got the pearls, and she’s dressed. And she’s done her hair. And it’s just, you may shoot at me, but you will not remove my humanity, my dignity, my self, my person. I am going to continue to keep my head up.

  • And the Oscar goes to

    I hope that Braddock will premier tomorrow ;)

  • WhySoSerious?

    Angelina Joliena

  • busted

    Actually that CB story was not bad.. look this is going to be on site, thing is it has not merit. That is why he is pissed. He thought he would make a quick load of cash and why would Angie/Brad and GK pay to keep a fool quiet

    He should enjoy the 15 minutes now. because the lights are going off soon..

    Monday will be amazing. Can’t wait to see Angie and the Cast premier her movie. She worked hard. Hope the reviews are fair and good. But as a fan if it comes to my area I will so be there to see it. I always support the JPs and their work.

  • Dakota

    This woman will likely go down in history for all the hard work she has done with refugees. She continues to help people, teach people and comfort people around the world.

  • alexanderina

    aren’t the haters tired of hating? Some people are just plain nuts

  • Rose

    @Celebichy: I checked CB site, I would say reading about 23 comments the majority, about 80% was pro Angelina. She has a lot of support there. I don’t post there, lurk from time To time.

  • JPS

    FYI *** tomorrow on Good Morning America and Night line..and Angie talks of her Humanitarian work, life with Brad..

  • call me crazy but…..

    They did an article in a newspaper with pictures of celebrities before and after photoshopping. Angelina was the only female celeb in which it was difficult to distinguish the before and after. Seriously impressive beauty. Seriously. She has perfect bone structure. Brains, beauty and passion and, believe me, it shows.

  • Ninaj09

    @jpfan: I just saw it. It was great and I can’t wait for the full interview. You can see that Angie is very moved as well as Zana and Vanesa.

  • an oldie

    I loved the Christiane Amanpour interview. The 2 actresses with Angelina were very articulate also, even though English isn’t their primary language. Why are the haters blaming Angelina for promoting her movie, especially if she could do it for free. Ticky does it all the time on sites and programs friendly to (read bought by) her, such as Huffo, CH and AH. I hope Angelina does Charlie Rose also while she is in NYC. Hope she takes the main actors with her too.

  • QQQQ

    Loved the part of the interview they showed on This Week. Loved that they allowed Zana and Vanessa to speak. Can’t wait for the rest.

  • me

    Got home from work in time to watch Angie’s interview with C.Amanpour.4 beautiful women talking about the war.How very appropriate that Amanpour did the interview as she did cover it. And Angie,I just love this woman,sooo inspiring,awesome.Can’t wait for monday!!!

  • gracie

    Gorgeous Angie causing trolls sleepless nights. Wonder what they will do when Angie’s movie gets a norm? Lol. Can’t wait to read the whole interview and what the main characters say about the movie.