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Stacy Keibler: Mon Cheri Barbara Day!

Stacy Keibler: Mon Cheri Barbara Day!

Stacy Keibler hits the red carpet at Mon Cheri Barbara Day, held on Saturday (December 3) in Munich, Germany.

The 32-year-old actress, who wore Herve L Leroux, checked out a celebration of Barbara Day, where cherry branches are placed in water before they bloom on Christmas Eve, promising happiness and joy for the coming year…especially in love.

“I can’t get over how beautiful Munich is. They are already decked out for the holidays!” Stacy wrote on her Twitter account while in Germany.

FYI: Stacy accessorized with Giuseppe Zanotti Design shoes, a Swarovski clutch, and 80 carat Chopard earrings!

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Credit: A-way!; Photos: Splash News Online
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  • Anna

    loool do people care about her in Germany? American’s don’t even care about this girl anymore. Does she really think she can go to these events with the title of “George Clooney’s GF”? So delusional

  • jane

    since when is she an actress?!?! Isn’t she supposed to be a “boxer”?

  • danielle

    This is the best she has looked since she has started dating Clooney!

  • roy

    I think Blackwhite’Planet.COMit’s a good place to meet friends. I am certain I can meet a ri;ch man there, because I am at the beginning of my career and I would like someone’s support. Maybe you want to check it out!
    Does she really think she can go to these events with the title of “George Clooney’s GF”? So delusional

  • Lol

    Jared, it’s an insult to call this woman an “actress.” She is George Clooney’s latest accesory or generic girl-toy# ???.

  • Gossipgirl

    Yawn; Kind of sad for a woman in the 21st century to be proud that her claim to fame is as Clooney’s hired piece.

  • Lucy

    Charlie Brown from the Peanuts eat your heart out!
    Her publicist has acute myopia.
    A hairdo like that on such a fathead???!!!
    Good Grief!

  • Growth Hormone Overdose ?

    @Brad Pity: Amazonian body??? But way too big for a woman.
    There are models her height. But they’re lithe & slender.
    She’s BIG!!!!!
    And with that Helium inhaling voice, so out of proportion.
    Is Clooney queeer???

  • huh

    She is a hooker-escort, NOT an actress. What the hell has she acted in? Jared, you are seriously lacking in scruples.

  • Brad Pity

    Clooney strings them along.
    “You & me, hon! We make a good team!”
    Randy & Kid Rock said we’d get along…
    We’re making money! And we’ll remain good friends….
    Ely wanted more. Had to wipe Sardinian mud off my boots a.s.a.p
    And God, she stunk. I had to get so wasted whenever I boned her. Method acted the whole ordeal….. But you & I, Stace… Well, you can’t ride me coz you’ll break me, being such a huge mothertrucker that you are, but with a strap on, I’ll Method-Act that to…..”
    Blah Blah….
    Waldo Sanchez is his real companion. Look him up on imdB..
    And Facebook.
    Big cheesy grin.
    Queeer Cuban hairdresser.


    “oh, hello! I’m Stacy the Home Coming Prom Queen.
    Look at my plastered perpetual fake smile…

    I’ve morphed into a refined lady fit to accompany Georgie to the Oscars for his glorious moment. So historically, this goes down on record!!!
    His management thought I’d make a perfect Eliza Doolitle.
    Even though she didn’t show her crack to the world like I did.”


    But I do cleanses so no one ever saw much excrement coming out of my crack in my longest career of showing it to the proletariat blue collar randy zit-faced, McDorks eating males….

  • Frozoid

    Just saw the Descendants. Good movie, and good supporting performances but Clooney was blah. His performances don’t move me.

    That would explain why he apparently has a string of shallow relationships with these women.

    This Stacy woman seems nice enough and dang, she is in really good shape. But Clooney leaves me cold!

  • Bobbi

    Why do various media keep calling her an actress and supermodel? I never even heard of her until she started dating Clooney. So, I googled her and came up with tons of pics of her wrestling days and other pics that were stripper quality, but nothing that I would categorize as acting or modeling.

  • yep

    stacy looks so pretty! i really like her a lot when she was on dwts! the descendants is worth your time!

  • yep

    stacy looks real pretty! i really liked her when she was on dancing with the stars. i saw the descendants worth your time.

  • jess
  • Okay?

    @Bobbi- It is actually worse. On Facebook she lists she is a actor and director. The sad thing is that George just to prove a point will bust his a.s.s. to make this happen. Talk about destroying and self sabotage. I feel they both have become delusional.

  • fafafa

    she is much more than you losers here

  • dr

    @Brad Pity:


  • danielik25

    First step for all unknown actress and models to be famous – date with Clooney!

  • Tiziana

    Her false nose is fitting perfectly to her false smile.

  • Brad Pity

    @ Marta
    yeah, noticed those armpit lovehandles too…
    She’s desperate to lose weight.
    Canalis keeps referring to her as fat.
    I mean, Canalis is so fugly anyway, she looks retarded…

    Clooney is sadistic enough to play with their heads anyway…
    How does he play Stacy?
    By not giving them a termination date yet!
    And telling her she needs to lose a few pounds coz it ain’t lookin’ compatible given she’s a BIG MENACING GIANT. Hideous head too.
    He tells them it’s how well received the PR campaign is & how much money they’re making….
    Strings them on!
    Messes with their heads.

    In the meantime, they’ll stretch it 2 years, is the objective.
    That’s what the corrupt management syndicate who profit of Brand Clooney have choreographed this routine…

  • George Clooney

    She was a cheer leader for the Ravens before her spurt overgrowth?
    Now she’s built like Quarterback!

  • Kiko Rouf

    Critical expert
    You’re probably a model worthy of L DA VINCI or probably created
    we want your pics

  • Speak Now

    Wow, you people are clearly unhappy and it’s a shame you have to take it out on someone you don’t even know.

  • d

    so all what george does is making them famous???????
    he dates no bodys and all of the sudden, they are every where


    Oh pity
    pity Gorgo

  • Brad Pity

    @CHCAMILA: pity him for what?
    This is all his choice.
    Drunk again?

  • Brad Pity

    @George Clooney:
    what’s the next hoooker lined up like, George?
    Already searching for one on the net?
    Gonna stretch this for a while?? Can’t exercise your saddistic streak on Keibler much. Like she’s a “Buddy” & stuff…
    RandY Gerbil & the other in mgmnt want to keep the fiasco up.
    It’s paying.

    Then a redhead? Try petite so you look more virile in your old age.
    I know… I know… short man complex. Always date tall women.
    And tall men date the small ones…
    How about checking out the scene in Sydney on the weekend??
    Might find a soulmate there too..

    Is Waldo joining you? Or is that a rhetorical question?

  • signage

    Keibler takes her orders from Opus Dei. OD ordered to wear that black spider legs dress in Toronto followed by the spider’s nest hairdo. She’s scum. George is also scum for continuing to associate with her.

  • signage

    I wonder what George would do if he ever met a woman who doesn’t take orders from anyone. I guess he would run away scared.

  • signage

    How ironic that he said in an interview that he doesn’t want to have regrets in life, when all he does is run scared, and everyone knows it. Stan’s press releases no longer fool anyone except the most ignorant of people. It’s become evident that what George says has very little to do with what George does. He’s locked himself up in an ivory tower, too afraid to live his life. He flies in private planes and has fake relationships and takes orders from others, never being the person he wants to be. Stan still keeps trying to sell the wild guy image, but it’s not working. A real man doesn’t date escorts. A real man dates women who aren’t for sale, especially ugly crazy ones like this giant prozac poster child. Oh well, as long as Opus Dei gets their cut.

  • Dealbreaker

    He has true love.
    He has all my love.
    The problem is, I’m just a fan and we will never meet.

  • signage

    @Ah…Bite Me! ©: A smart woman wouldn’t play games. If he’s too stupid to appreciate her and too cowardly to pursue her, then he doesn’t deserve her. He can go pound sand while a worthy man wins her over.

  • Brad Pity

    Silverscreen/ signage has started the Opus Dei crap again…
    She’s on George’s payroll. Her YouTube page is JillAngie3.

    @Dealbreaker/ Silverscreen… sigh.. “fan” is an abbreviation for “fanatic.”
    Awful terminology.
    You & his management all run his life.
    His a commodity. A dispensable product who’s making money.
    That’s your problem if you love him. How can anyone love an illusion of an public persona they haven’t met?? Pretty weird… Oh, but you have..
    He’s Waldo Sanchez partner.
    Look him up on imdB. They’ve been going steady for nearly two decades. Homoerotic secret affair…
    But George is bisexual. Not gay.. gay.. gay….

  • My Rant

    Don’t despair about being just a “fan,” dear.
    Slash’s wife saw him on the cover of a Rolling Stone magazine, fell in love with him, showed up at a Guns n Roses concert. Got backstage…
    And he fell in love with her. A groupie, mind you!
    Some REAL men want reality.
    And Perla Hudson is no beauty. Massive hooters but fat..

    It’s a fantasy and rare, but if you find him attractive, Dealbreaker, go meet him. You might be the kind of woman/ man he likes :-)
    I don’t believe in fairy tales, though.

  • signage

    @Brad Pity: I just now noticed that Dealbreaker is a poster and you thought we are the same person. No, I’m not Dealbreaker, and I’m not a George fan.

  • Ah…Bite Me! ©

    dealing my posts again?
    Controlling as usual.

  • signage

    @My Rant: Well, I wish her luck. Whoever she is, she would be an improvement over the last couple of Clooney “girlfriends.” Maybe you could be his penpal. “Strawberry Letter 23″ is a song written by Shuggie Otis for a girlfriend who used strawberry-scented paper when she wrote letters to him.
    Good luck to you.

  • Ah…Bite Me! ©

    @signage: deleting my posts again, I meant…

    @ signage- I think My Rant is talking to Dealbreaker about her fantasy about Clooney. She’s saying Slash married a “fan.”
    ..Nothing to do with penpals & whatever you’re implying..

  • signage

    @Ah…Bite Me! ©: Geez, what’s your problem? Dealbreaker is a fan, so maybe she could be Clooney’s penpal, that’s what I meant. You should take some of Cray Cray’s happy pills.

  • signage

    Nevermind, it’s a stupid idea. Dealbreaker would be better off not wasting her time. Her feelings for Clooney are based on his public persona, which let’s face it, has little to do with who he really is. So forget I said that about good luck and the penpal idea, it was too stupidly optimistic. I stand corrected.

  • Ah…Bite Me! ©

    @signage: yeah, well I don’t know or care who are either. Maybe you’re Linda Stevens, or one of the other fake asss pr correspondents who write for Clooney! Deadly ones too..
    Bottom line is, he’s phony!
    I have zero respect for him.
    Severe antipathy!
    A coward with a severe case of arrested development.
    Controlling, suspicious, arrogant and stubborn.
    He can shove his Golden Globe where the sun don’t shine next month!
    And I hope a Funnel web spider bites his asss in Sydney next Monday.
    There’s plenty of them down by The Rocks, Georgie….
    And go to hell!
    Now he’s stuck with Stacy Fugly-Head Klobber, who not only lacks physical beauty, but can’t even stimulate his mind mentally….
    He thinks she’s an improvement from hermaphroditic-looking, obnoxious Canalis though.. So he comforts himself that it’s a step in the right direction.
    That’s his problem!
    What a way to live, George the imbecile!
    Lies.. deception… to himself.. to his followers.. to the world….
    Keep deleting my posts! And clear my typo errors too, while you’re at it…
    And kiss my asss!!!

  • Pari

    As an investor in brand Clooney, I have to say, that we advise Clooney collectively what’s best for his public image. After all we all make profit.
    Yipeeee!!! And George has the right to refuse.
    I pushed for him & Ely.
    Those of you who recall, I’d post on Milano Cookie Crumbs blog (now how much in love George & Ely were in Feb 2010!!!
    Now I’m all pro Stacy & George.
    This sells.
    No he cannot be in a relationship with a nobody…
    Yes, my dears. It’s all fake.
    Cosmic imbalance.
    But he does what’s best for him.
    No initiative… We advise.
    There’s a formula.
    And rocket scientist intellectual George agrees with us all.
    Parimal Selvaraj


  • Yuri

    What really happened to Ronnie Chasen?

  • Kirstie Alley

    @Yuri: why? who wants to know?
    What’s it to you?
    She was mugged…
    End of story!
    Have a nice day! LOL…LOL…wink…wink…
    Btw, Clooney will ALWAYS do as he’s told.
    And he’ll be with Keibler two years straight..
    When we decide.
    Though he wants out by next October.
    I’m researching the next one with him….
    Waldo stays hidden behind the scenes.


    What a way to live your life, George.
    A lie…
    You’re pathetic.
    No wonder you’ve lost credibility in the eyes of millions.
    Speculation is rife.
    I pity you.


    He made his choice indeed.
    Public fake relationship with Keibler.
    She’s making $$$, so couldn’t be happier for the deception.
    And he gets to prolong his secret liaison, away from the peering eyes of the world… Just as he’s been doing for years..
    Just as he likes it.
    Like he thinks he’s outsmarting the world.

    Coz he’s a rocket scientist/ phyisics major …. genius…. cough… cough….
    Pseudo-intellectual extraordinaire.