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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Kiss Kiss!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Kiss Kiss!

Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend, Austin Butler, share a sweet kiss as they arrive at LAX airport to catch a flight out of town on Saturday (December 3) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old Journey 2: The Mysterious Island actress and her beau looked all loved up as they checked in at the American Airlines ticket counter.

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Earlier in the day, Vanessa and Austin were spotted holding hands as they went for a walk together in Burbank.

DO YOU THINK Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler make a cute couple?

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  • BOJI

    #98, my guess is that Vanessa wanted to make sure it was the real deal before she brought him into the open. They certainly look like they adore each other.

  • Guest

    @zacwack: Really? Robert Pattinson? Justin Beiber? Another crazy teenager who doesn’t know what is going on with the world. Plus, leave Zac along, he is not involve with her anymore.

  • Monica

    @Guest: shut up

    Zac’s crazy fanatic fans get it started angin here

    This Vanessa’ posting

    Go Zac’s bulletin board and play there

  • Hate sucks

    I do not care for him at all, but if V is happy, it’s none of our business.

  • Danielle

    I dont know about Austin yet, I mean he is hot but does he really love Vanessa??? I really hope so!

  • sjk

    The question in the article says “Do you think they make a cute couple? ” Sorry, no I don’t.

  • maria

    I think they look very cute together, mostly because they look happy. I love the way she fits under his arm, and looks so tiny next to him. But looking good together does not mean anything. All I want is for him to treat her well and always be respectful and caring, as long as they are seeing each other. No need to be a douche in a relationship.

  • maria

    I think they look very cute together, mostly because they look happy. I love the way she fits under his arm, and looks so tiny next to him. But looking good together does not mean anything. All I want is for him to treat her well and always be respectful and caring, as long as they are seeing each other. No need to be a douche in a relationship.

  • lei

    they are cute because you can see how austin take care of V.

  • xoxoxoxooxox

    people neither zac nor austin are bad guys.
    its not that zac didnt care or so,ya’ll watch too much greys anatomy and want drama in a relationship..but,zanessa just split out of normal reason i guess,without zac being totally a**hole and not showing his love to her nor nessa being either naive fragile girl or selfish s*ut …
    they just moven on from a great teenage love,from a strong bonding.
    now they feel free and fresh again and with austin its probably the nice and sweet and not so ‘heavy’ and ‘ responsibility’ thing she enjoys..
    although i loved and love zanessa i am glad that both of them are happy. in a series like greys anatomy they would,after experiewncing and enjoying, in the end come together as real mature grown ups and so on but i trhink in real life it is just the way it is.
    atop hating on zac,caslling him a bad bf.where,pls whre ?? and stop calling her everything you call her ^^
    peace !

  • Molly

    zanessa forever.

  • nickles

    @Molly: Amen. Nothing will ever come close to the beautiful innocence, amazing chemistry, and the way those two meshed on so many levels. So sad that Hollywood became more important. Thought they were tougher than that. Oh well.

  • lei

    i really miss Zanessa.. i think they are compatible than austin butler.
    hope zaa and vanessa will meet again someday and then realize that they still love each other.

  • Vero

    I just want her to avoid as much as possible the papz. Sometimes she seems like the Kadershian sisters : wanting the stupid attention from gossip sites.
    Can someone tell her to buy a new house in a more private area to avoid the paps! I like her but am desappointed cause when she’s in LA she’s photographed EVERY DAY! It’s like a reality tv show and it’s lame.

  • maria

    @Vero: It’s really not fair to blame her for the paps following her. She has every God-given right to live her life like everyone else. She doesn’t twitter her plans or where she is, like other celebs do. She does NOTwant that kind of attention, and gossip sites have far more to talk about than Vanessa. What do you want her to do? Hide in her house and never go out?

  • tina

    @Vero: Are you offering to give her the 3 plus million she invested in her home so she can buy one in a place “more private?”

  • Lesley

    I saw the postings written by the nicknames, Fearless4Efron and zexyzefron on the twitter

    I wonder what’s gonna happen in the upcoming year! I think Austin is just using V for more fame

    He’s just looking for fame & once he has it he’s gonna leave her! I hope she leaves him before he can to her

    V needs to get far away from Austin!
    if austin really loves vanessa, he wouldnt have hold her ass

    sorry vanessa fans, but i got this big feeling austin is going to leave vanessa anytime soon

    She looks better at Zac’s side. -.-

    Austin is a kid! He’s 4 years younger than Vanessa!

    This relationship won’t be long

    I actually find it hilarious at the amount of people that don’t like Vanessa anymore because she’s dating Austin

    In my opinion, she is an Zanessa fan.
    I think She is feeling bad about their relationship

    I don’t understand why people think that she should date Zac only

    She can date whomever she wants though
    People who hate Vanessaa and Austin are just childish

    I really wish that people just leaved him alone

  • maria

    @Lesley: I wouldn’t worry too much about those Zanessa fans. As time goes on, they’ll have to accept reality. I will continue to support Vanessa. She gave that relationship her all, was never anything but supportive, respectful, and loyal. Any guy should be so lucky. I wish her the best, and just want her to be happy. The other guy? Well, he didn’t turn out to be the guy I thought he was. He’s happy doing his thing, but I no longer support him. If he hadn’t been an a$$, I would still support him as well. Oh well.

  • korina

    l don’t like him
    He is too ugly….I hope that they break up as soon as possible

  • maria

    @korina: Know what? Looks don’t guarantee a good boyfriend. And you must not have seen good pics. I don’t think he’s as photogenic as the ex, but he is damn cute, has an incredible proportioned long lean and mean body, and a very sexy voice. AND he loves adventure, like Vanessa. Again, it doesn’t matter how long they last, as long as he respects her.

  • korina

    @Maria: It’s just your idea and I think he looks ugly
    How do you know that he respects her?

    I hope she dates a guy who fits her well.

    I wish she dumps him any soon.

  • maria

    A@korina: Well his looks are YOUR opinion. You’re not dating him, Vanessa is, and she likes him just fine for WHO he is. He respects her, so far, by treating her like a lady, opening doors for her, and not tweeting or saying anything publicly about her. He flew to see her after only a few months of seeing each a as well. If he ever pulls the stuff Efron did, then I’ll think less of him as well. You have to drop this idea that looks mean a better boyfriend. It does NOT. It usually means more heartache.

  • yets

    Happy Birthday Vanessa hudgens!!!!!!!!!!

  • korina

    @Maria: He is just using her for his career

  • BOJI


  • maria

    Happy, happy birthday, Vanessa, and may you be blessed with a beautiful year of amazing memories surrounded by the people you love!!

  • maria

    @korina: Korina, that is a terrible accusation about someone you DON’t know. What proof do you have to make a statement like that??? Please stop. I support V, V likes Austin, and I respect her choices. You should too.

  • bella

    i think vanessa likes austin but i dont think austin likes her…it seems like he just wants a girlfriend but never loves her

    I wish that she splits up with him and then looks for someone else

  • maria

    @bella: Oh for heaven’s sake… can you say something so ridiculous? What even makes you say that? They have not even been a couple publicly for very long, so you have no proof of that. Geez, give the girl a chance to date someone else. Things did not work out in her last relationship. So is she never supposed to date anyone ever again?