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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: 'Blood & Honey' Premiere Pair!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: 'Blood & Honey' Premiere Pair!

Angelina Jolie holds tight to partner Brad Pitt at the premiere of her film In the Land of Blood & Honey held at the School of Visual Arts on Monday night (December 5) in New York City.

The 36-year-old actress, who wrote and directed the film, looked stunning in a Joseph top and Ralph Lauren skirt. Angie accessorized with Cole Haan shoes and Ofira jewelry.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

Brad‘s parents Bill and Jane Pitt walked the red carpet with the couple!

Mark your calendars: In the Land of Blood and Honey will hit theaters on December 23!

In case you missed it, check out Angelina in this interview with journalist Christiane Amanpour, which aired during Good Morning America.

FYI: Brad is wearing Tom Ford.

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Credit: Steve Lovekin; Photos: Getty
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  • oaktown

    Based on these photos, for the first time since Angie got together with Brad, Brad looks hotter. Brad looks GOOD! And I have always been Angie’s #1 fan. However, I do agree that Angie needed to dress down in order to have the actresses of the film shine. But, selfish side of me do wish she had worn more more fitting dress or a nice pants suit. Angie, honey, as you age, your looks will go away…enjoy it now! :)).

    I really liked Christina s interview. Christina never mentioned Angie’s “dark and wild past”. Angie came off very personable, down-to-earth, yet smart and knowledgeable. Nice!

  • Allie


    Brad has been styling her and tossed out her long time stylist. Brad chose that old maid dress she wore to the awards show and every one will moan but when it was revealed that Brad has been choosing her dress did Passing Through say anything, oh no sir because nothing negative can be said about Brad Pitt even when he looks like a homeless man all we hear is how hot he is.

    I liked what she wore last night, it was simple and classic.
    Passing Through is a miserable f*ck who thinks the sun shines out of Brad Pitt’s ass.

  • Allie

    @Passing Through:

    More like Brad’s biggest supporter. Some one is mad she got thumbed down..hahahahahahahahaha
    what an egomaniac. That is what people do here, they don’t agree with you, you get thumbed down, what is so special about you?

  • an oldie

    I am not criticizing Angelina’s dress material choice because I am shallow. I just feel she could do better, and I hate when I think that about somebody I like. Just to prove that I am very mindful of the haters, I never said anything until now about her love of satiny fabrics (her olive green dress at some award before Brad, her white dress at the Oscar in 2004 that everybody raved about, the black shirt at the premier of that film she produced about some African guy, the green shirt in that 60min interview, and now this black outfit). I hate all of them. She doesn’t have to deck out in a glamorous gown to look stunning. She could just wear a simple LBD like the one she wore at the premiere of Ocean13. She will still look respectable, and yet very stylish. I want her to blow the haters’ mind by her intelligence and her appearance, not just her intelligence only.

  • fyi

    Brad will be on Charlie Rose today

    Moneyball: Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Bennett Miller

    with Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill and Bennett Miller on Dec 6, 2011

    duration 60 mins

  • JJ

    What the hell happened to James Haven? Did you see his pics in dlisted? :o

  • http://n/a Marcus From PA


    I see you are back and still posting nonsense as always. Maybe her father could not make it. Did you think about that? GOD THE HENS ARE CRAZY!!

  • Sherry (not from JPW)

    Hey guys,

    Guess WTF Lamey’s lame azz theory is as to why the senior Pitts were there at the premier to support Angie…. wait for it,….. wait… wait….. Yeah Angie wants a GOLDEN GLOBE AWARD. Excuse me while I bust a gut…


    That is all, carry on….

  • Passing Through

    # 252 Allie @ 12/06/2011 at 12:07 pm
    # 253 Allie @ 12/06/2011 at 12:13 pm
    Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, Assley. You should use your 10 minutes of daily computer time a bit more wisely. Try Googling “baking a metal file in a cake” instead…

  • http://n/a Marcus From PA


    I think in January the rest of America will be able to see her movie.

  • http://n/a Marcus From PA


    guest25 dear he will be with Angie for a long time. Has said so over and over. Now go give Sad Spook some love. She needs

  • an oldie

    Thank you for the heads up. I hope Angelina does Charlie Rose too, especially with the main actors.

  • Jen

    Well said, Lylian. My sentiments exactly!

  • Passing Through

    # 255 fyi @ 12/06/2011 at 12:20 pm
    Thanks for the info. I thought it was odd that Brad hasn’t been on Charlie Hill in a while…

  • Pittstain&dabotox

    exactly allie. dat iz how it iz. Theze people r not Angelina fanz. they’re pittstain fanz and Brangelina fanz but only wen angie duz and sayz wut they want. jajaja @Allie:

  • Jen

    ” Angie has just done something so unique and is getting a good buzz for her incredible talent and instead of full support of her fans, some just want to talk about trival things like clothes/dresses, hair and shoes,,, ”
    Worth reposting, Gracie. Thank you for your very wise words.

  • truth

    Brad doesn’t look anything like these photos in the last photos of him on this site. check out the photos of Brad and jona hill for the truth.

  • who

    I love Jane Pitt. She’s just beaming with pride over Angelina’s movie and her accomplishments. She’s so cute smiling from ear to ear and having such a good time one the red carpet, it’s really endearing how she and Bill love and are so proud of their daughter.

  • who

    ‘on’ the red carpet

  • JJ

    Brad’s smug smirk.YUCK!!!!!!!

  • NAN

    He he he,a coward whamo The Halfman P!!ckstain on duty for earns some money for his husband Cristmas gifts huh?
    Hey whamo P!!ckstain don’t be a coward like Bitter Barren B!tchy B!tch.

  • Awards Daily

    David Denby’s Top 10 List

    David Denby of The New Yorker gives his Top 10. Read the rest of his summaries here.

    “Hugo”—In Martin Scorsese’s wondrous 3-D masterpiece, you feel like you’re inside a giant box with the entire history of the cinema playing on the walls. The movie is intricate, touching, a reverent summing up of the past of movies, and a triumphant, heart-swelling surge into the future.

    “The Tree of Life”—Yes, I know, Terrence Malick’s movie is unbearably high-minded and humorless. But still! There are sequences that rival the greatest things ever done in movies, especially the long family episodes with Brad Pitt, Jessica Chastain, and the little boys, in which the camera floats around the characters, and all of eternity is summoned in the minutest motions of love and rage. Brad Pitt gives an amazing performance; he’s a shoo-in for the Oscar.

    “Margin Call”

    “Certified Copy”

    “A Separation”


    “The Descendants”

    “J. Edgar”

    “Source Code”

    “Rise of the Planet of the Apes“

  • NAN

    OooP,sorry Christmas.

  • NAN

    Wow,HohumLaranjen be ga ga ga when she saw Angie with Jane Pitt,
    Hahahahahahaha,Angie is the winner,eeh eeh eeh,
    HohumLaranjen is the loser…….Ouch…..Ouch.
    Someone is still thinking thoughts of May98,when she spread her legs on the first blind date(Set Up) KRAMA KRAMA KRAMA…eeh eeh eeh,

  • a fan

    You should see haters at people mag blog put angie down.I will never buy a people magazine.

  • NAN

    Y we’ve to read PeepsPoops,all their fans are Dolly’s friends(Norman’s wife)
    PeepsPoops always with HohumAnustain a 1 night Ho of HW.eeh eeh eeh,

  • The Truth

    I agree with the fans the dress is fug just like she is fug .She looks old because of her emaciated body. BP is not sexy . They both look old and high IMO

  • thelookoflove1365

    I think if Angie showed up in a drop dead gorgeous outfit and looking like a bombshell, the focus as it is now, will be on HER ALONE and her outfit, not the movie, or her actors. On 60 minutes, she mentioned that she hoped that her looks won’t matter and not be the focus (paraphrase), and I think she did try to downplay her looks because she knew people, including us fans will talk about it, dissect it.
    Angie to me is a strategic thinker, which is very wise, even in her outfit. She tailors her looks on each occasion she attends. A heavy subject movie that she is not the star, this outfit is appropriate for that occasion

  • truth

    @a fan: why would we go there when we can just read the negative from the “fans” here. the fans are mini lainey’s. Lainey says lateley she’s been really into brad lol has there ever been a time Lainey wasn’t fawning all over Mr botox?

  • Jones

    I enjoyed Angie’s interview on Nightline last night. You can tell Christiane Amanpour really likes Angie. They have a wonderful rapport with each other. It’s really nice to see.
    All over the internet today is the headline, “Brad’s Parents Very Proud of Angelina” with either the photo of Jane and Angie walking arm in arm smiling and laughing with each other or the photo of Angie, Brad and his parents locked in unison on the red carpet of the ITLOBAH premiere in NY. Brad’s parents even commend Angie on possessing the ability to do everything well, including, “being a really good mom (” Oh the poor hens. This is not a good day for them. Weren’t the hens on record for saying Bill and Jane hate Angie?! Another hen untruth has been debunked. BWAHAHAHA!

  • The Truth=Defeat

    Bitter B!tch Barren Cow is The LOSER = THE TRUTH.

  • blood+honey

    FYI, I saw Angie wearing that brown dress at the taping of Anderson Cooper show yesterday and I thought she looked fantastic! Maybe, it’s the lighting… Hold your judgment until you see her on TV, folks.
    Anyway, she is promoting her first directional feature film and the movie has a very heavy subject matter. It’s anything like The Tourist or Salt… (I did have a chance to screen the film and believe me, it can traumatize you for days… I’m still recovering. What dress looks the best on you is the last thing you’ll be thinking about.) Also, she was sitting next to the lead actress, Zana Marjanovic along with other cast members in the show. As Angie said in the 60 Minutes interview, I think she wanted to have the cast to have all the spotlight, especially Zana. Her performance in the movie was so powerful! I hope she’ll get many offers from Hollywood after this. If you live in NY or LA area, make sure not to miss this movie during the holidays! It’s a must see.

  • LenLT

    @Passing Through:
    LOL Seriously, I thought the same thing!! She’s only 36. It’s a beautiful time why age yourself with granny things when you can do that in 30 years? Stop with the long skirts.

  • first and last post

    This is an important moment for AJ because it is her first writing and directorial debut. It’s a behind the scenes career, where style, appearance and dress codes have nothing to do with success. She handled it appropriately with all that one needs…grace and unassuming humility which I love about her. Having her “first” writing and directorial debut at a The School of Visual Arts and not some extravagant glorified RC hoopla says a lot about her humbleness and guarded respect for her own movie. This is NOT a moment to shine as the sexy movie star she has already proven, she shines where ever she goes, whatever she wears. She is following the path of what she speaks…in all her ITLOBH interviews, it’s about her travels to explore and educate herself…”I wake up and want to be a smarter person.” (Interview 60 Minutes with Bob Simon 12-4-11)
    Not pinpointing any particular post but it’s always amusing with all the brain power of the JP fans, sometimes the pettiness seems out of place and magnified to the point of sheer unadulterated
    laughter. As I’ve always endorsed before, our posts and how we state comments reflect who we are and our day to day attitudes in life in general about others and ourselves. Your posts are a window into you LOL.

    re: 108 gracie @ 12/05/2011 at 10:37 pm
    Let the shallow ones worry about clothes. Angie is not about clothes and she is not the main character, she doesn’t want the movie to be all about what she is wearing nor does she want to take the shine away from the main characters.”
    re: 124 trt @ 12/05/2011 at 11:34 pm
    Angie is dressed as a director and not as an actress tonight thus the simplicity in color and lines. She didn’t want to outshine her stars of the movie.
    gracie and trt,
    spot on, gracie and trt…well stated. These local actors from a small worn torn country with a prior long history of dictatorship and political dissent and now with a major civil war behind them must be thrilled to be in NYC, USA amongst the A crowd in their chosen profession. Each of these chosen actors have their own personal horror stories (Janine di Giovanni , Newsweek Mag Dec 5, 2011) about the war having lived through it for three years albeit the civil discontent was brewing for years before it exploded to full widespread open violence.

    This acclaim will hopefully bring some closure to these
    actors. It would not surprise me if the JP’s paid for their travel expenses. This is each actors moment too and with AJ’s history of sensitivity and compassion, it is reasonable to be assured she knows this and doesn’t want to take away from the major “on scene players” who are responsible for effectively moving the viewing audience with her words, thereby in a team effort helping make her “first” the success it appears to be…I use the word “appear” because time, reviews by those in the field and word of mouth will validate her success with ITLOBH.

    Yes, AJ will relish in her glory but sharing it with this special cast will bring her more quiet satisfaction and joy as is typical with people of shyness, introspection and team mentality versus the “me, me, me” obsession…Furthermore by not standing out in the facade of style or dress will give her more credibility to those who look for more than the personal projection in one’s desire for her to always look the most outstanding in a field of many. Consequently without the distraction of AJ’s innate beauty, the ITLOBH actresses look fabulous in their first international endeavor, they worked hard for this moment and they are shining in their bright colors IMO. AJ will always be noticeable because she is who she is but one doesn’t need color, style, skin exposure, nips and c.r.o.t.c.h to project class and sophistication.

  • Laranjen

    HI Marcus –I never left just a little busy.. Anj goin overboard to plug this movie. Her Dad wasn’t invited. She knew the date of this premiere ages ago. He is a retired actor wanting somewhere to go. Insultingly flaunts Brads parents….is that the kind and charitable way to treat your Dad??

  • Jen

    Thank you to all the fans for the beautiful pictures of Angie’s NYC Premiere.
    I am totally in love with the Willaim Pitts; Jane and Bill and Brad, of course, for the overwhelming show of support for Angie re: her debut movie. And for the lovely words the elder Pitts had to say about Angelina. -
    “Matching their son and Jolie in all-black ensembles, the elder Pitts happily spoke to reporters, saying they were “very proud” of her work and that they admired her knack for doing everything well – including being a “really good mom.”
    What a tribute to Angelina to have Brad’s parents praise her in such a wonderful and genuinely loving way. No daughter-in-law could ask for more. God bless them for their love and kindness to her. Especially since her own mother is no longer here to stand by her side.
    I am thrilled that they were willing to “happily speak with the reporters…”
    Jane Pitt’s face cannot contain her joy and pride for Angelina. That look on her face is the epitome of a proud mama. I think Jane is reflecting what Marcheline must look like looking down on Angie from that beautiful place above.
    I hope Jane and Angelina’s relationship will grow even closer and more loving. Angie misses her mom so much and needs a mother’s touch and Jane is so sweet and loving I hope Angie will confide in her as she would have her own mother had she still been alive.
    When Angie tried to talk about her mother on the 60 minutes show and almost broke down in tears it broke my heart. I love Jane for being there with her during this time and I hope they will always be close.
    The attacks against Angie, since she became a couple with Brad, have been so vicious and so continuous it is a miracle she has not collapsed under the weight of them all. It truly boosts my heart and my hopes that this close relationship with the elder Pitts will make Angie even stronger, knowing she is loved by the entire Pitt family, in the face of what she has to deal with on a daily basis.
    I ask God make His love the GLUE that holds Brad and Angelina together forever in love and keep their entire extended family ONE and loving in every way always.

  • Thank-You !!!

    @first and last post: Thank-You for your Thoughts.Well written.My Feelings also.

  • The Truth=Defeat

    He he he,Laranjen Bitter Barren B!chy B!tch,you always here 24/7,Halfman P!!ckstain,eeh eeh eeh,
    Poor whamo The Halfman huh?He must work for his husband..Ouch.

  • Laranjen

    Forgot to comment on her clothes…I never like what she wears BUT brace yourselves this Ralph Lauren was perfect –only other thing ever I liked were the winter white dresses. The rest of her outfits were baggy, too big or too Grandma.

  • first and last post

    re: 209 Sherry (not from JPW) @ 12/06/2011 at 8:53 am
    Focus, people, focus. This is Angie’s big directoral debut and you guys are biiitching and complaining about her outfit??? Seriously?? Come on, we should be talking about her accomplishment, not about what she is wearing.
    and finally…the perfect short and sweet commentary on an obtuse topic seemingly out of perspective in the overall panorama of AJ’s accomplishments. There is so much more to discuss and embrace on AJ’s “first” …raise the bar folks, discussing color and dress style on a very accomplished person is a denigration of her stated goals…aka “And so I wanted to learn. I felt a responsibility to learn.” (Interview with Christiane Amanpour, This Week),
    “When I go somewhere, I am always willing to learn about it. I get briefings, I read books, I talk to people,” she said. “But mainly I try to go somewhere to bring awareness, to come home and pick up the phone and call someone and try to get something done.”** (Interview Newsweek with Janine di Giovanni , 12-5-11)
    I’m not belittling fashion talk but one could argue that in perspective of this major event for AJ’s “first” writing and directorial debut, fashion is superficial fluff for those who have nothing else to discuss. AJ has so much more range and depth to her persona and character. and btw express your ops but how she dresses is not about us…no need to argue or defend or take sides ad nausea albeit it makes for lively discussions until it irritates some then that’s where the serious discussion begins LOL.
    re: 180 lylian @ 12/06/2011 at 4:58 am
    I will say that I don’t post negative comments about the JPs. With the JP’s I do adopt the: if I have nothing nice to say, I’d rather say nothing at all.”
    finely stated and to add to your comments, it’s always nice to find the positive in people, a situation or event…it’s the positive and not the negative that reflects on the individual’s character who is making the statement…snark is funny, just being negative says it all…enough said. My one JP related acceptable negative exception is I find no positives in ss as an individual LOL and I’ve tried earnestly but failed.

  • wow

    @Laranjen: Why wasn’t Jens Mother invited to her wedding to Pitt,or to meet Brad or the Pitts.Go send a card or a visit to Jens mom in the Hospital.Jen called her Mom a cancer.

  • toomuchanistontalkhere



  • The Truth=Defeat

    Since when Bitter Barren B!tch like you like Angie wears,You always here everyday complain about your 100 years married,
    Just be happy with your paid Boytoy Justin McStumpy-McGreedy which you had stolen from Ms.BV,
    Krama is sooo sweet huh?

  • toomuchanistontalkhere


    understated does not have to be grandma.
    i agree with Passing through and the other fans that actually have balss and are not sheep or with heads in the sand.

    of course there are more important things than fashion in angie’s life, but still, fans are allowed an opinion.

  • Jen

    @first and last post:

    “Not pinpointing any particular post but it’s always amusing with all the brain power of the JP fans, sometimes the pettiness seems out of place and magnified to the point of sheer unadulterated laughter.”
    Thank you, FALP, for always being a “voice of reason” on this board.
    The JPs have such great fans and I think we are all adult enough to appreciate each other’s posts. But, as always, posts that are not agreed with are usually thumbed down. No offense intended to the poster. That is what the thumbs up and down are for. I know, I have had my share of thumbs down on my posts. :)
    Gotta love the JP fans, nevertheless.
    Come on LenLT – don’t stop posting. And tell us about the premiere, that is if you were referring to this NYC ITLOBAH Premiere.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Passing Through

    # 258 Sherry (not from JPW) @ 12/06/2011 at 12:32 pm
    I told ya – Lamey ain’t ever seen a grassy knoll that she didn’t stop to graze on…

  • TC

    too much…(#295) – Why is it that people who don’t agree with you or Passing Through considered “sheep” or people “with their heads in the sand?” Maybe they don’t find Angie’s outfit ugly or unflattering as both of you do. Maybe they actually think Angelina looks good. I happen to think is looks great. I see nothing wrong with her skirt and top. Angie has always been a suit and business attire woman, so this outfit is in keeping with what she typically wears. Just because I don’t agree with you doesn’t mean I’m a sheep or have my head in the sand and I really resent your comment.

  • me

    I, for one see nothing wrong with Angie’s dress.I see a lady who is sooo beautiful,gorgeous,kind,humble that whatever dress wears,she is still the most beautiful woman in Hollywood IMO.I totally agree with Falp’s post #285,she stated it sooo eloquently.

  • trt

    I don’t know what happened but just lost my post. Anyways, here is the gist of that missive:

    People should really not take offense at the mention of Angie’s choice of attire. We take pride in everything she does and dressing up is one of those things we notice. Can’t help it but there it is.

    She’s a young, successful woman of the world…not an old matron who couldn’t be bothered to select a better cut or material for an attire. We all love her and even though we don’t wish for her to outshine her cast members, we still want her to shine nevertheless. Her pic will be circulated all over the world. Dressing up instead of dressing will not lessen the impact of her directorial endeavor.

    She has the same taste in clothes as Kate Middleton, I think. However, Kate has a more youthful flair. They have the same simplicity and elegance about them. Use it, for goodness sake.

    Angelina has been given a great gift. She is naturally beautiful and inherently sexy. Only a few could boast of the same combination. She has all what it takes but she likes to tone it down so much when she doesn’t have to. It’s not shallow to want to look good unless you make it the be-all of your existence.

  • Mrs. Chancellor

    These pictures are gorgeous. I love that the family was there including James. Fanstastic. Congratulations to Angelina.