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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: 'Blood & Honey' Premiere Pair!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: 'Blood & Honey' Premiere Pair!

Angelina Jolie holds tight to partner Brad Pitt at the premiere of her film In the Land of Blood & Honey held at the School of Visual Arts on Monday night (December 5) in New York City.

The 36-year-old actress, who wrote and directed the film, looked stunning in a Joseph top and Ralph Lauren skirt. Angie accessorized with Cole Haan shoes and Ofira jewelry.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

Brad‘s parents Bill and Jane Pitt walked the red carpet with the couple!

Mark your calendars: In the Land of Blood and Honey will hit theaters on December 23!

In case you missed it, check out Angelina in this interview with journalist Christiane Amanpour, which aired during Good Morning America.

FYI: Brad is wearing Tom Ford.

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Credit: Steve Lovekin; Photos: Getty
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  • trt

    Ahhh, #249 isn’t me. Is that really your name?

    PT, it’s ok. I’ve been thumbing up your posts contrary to others who have been doing the opposite. Don’t know why we can’t express an opinion that doesn’t run along the view of others. If my sister wore a boring dress for an important event then it wouldn’t matter if I said that it was when I know she could do so much better. We are just saying what we feel. We are not doing it to put her down.

    To allie: don’t know who you are but I bet you went by another name before this. PT is a truer fan than you’ll ever be. Stop turning others against her. You sound like a troll or somebody with a grudge.


    Hey JP fana Luvs it!
    BTW, does anyone have a link to the transcript of the Amanpour interview? Not video, transcript. Thanks!

  • Brad Pitt Styles Angelina

    This outfit Is almost identical to the 2009 SAG awards dress that brad picked out for her to wear.

    Compare the two dresses for yourself and stop hating on Angie, it’s obvious Brad most likely chose this dress too. They are almost identical in shape and fabric.

    Brad Pitt styles Angelina
    February 12, 2011, 3:40pm
    Brad Pitt chooses Angelina Jolie’s clothes.

    The 47-year-old actor – who raises six children with the “Tourist” actress – stunned the brunette beauty’s styling team when he selected a blue Max Azria gown for his partner to wear at the Screen Actors Guild awards in 2009.

    Speaking about the fitting, Lubov Azria, chief creative officer of BCBG Max Azria Group, recalled Jolie had three gowns to choose from. Azria said: “We were going to dress Angelina Jolie and we had a choice of three gowns with us. When we got there, she said she wanted Brad to pick.

    “There’s usually a staff of 10 people who all have an opinion. But Brad was very decisive. He’s an architect and likes geometric things. He chose the dress that everyone thought was backwards, and it was. He likes boat necks – that’s all she wears.”

    A boat neck – also known as a bateau neck – refers to a wide neckline that runs horizontally, front and back, almost to the shoulders.

    While Brad takes a strong interest in Angelina’s wardrobe, the 35-year-old actress has previously claimed she doesn’t worry about being fashionable as long as she feels comfortable.

    The Oscar-winning actress explained: “I don’t think too much about what to wear on the red carpet. I usually have three basic colors and I get the same shapes in different colors! But I like to get dressed up and feel like a lady every once in a while.”

  • trt

    Angelina Jolie said she wouldn’t be where she is today if not for her support system.

    Namely, partner Brad Pitt and his parents, Bill and Jane.

    The actress was flanked by the trio Monday night at the New York premiere of her directorial debut film, “In the Land of Blood and Honey.”

    “It means everything,” Jolie said of having the family’s support. “I couldn’t be standing here without them.”

    Pitt’s parents told reporters they were “very proud” of Jolie’s accomplishments, both as a professional and as a mother to six children.

    As for how she balanced her directing duties with motherhood, Jolie credited Pitt for being a reliable support.

    “I have a wonderful partner in Brad and we take turns working always,” Jolie said. “So I was with the kids when he shot ‘Moneyball,’ and when he finished he took a few months off while I was shooting this.”

    But while Jolie and Pitt remain happily unmarried, the couple’s children can’t stop asking what the rest of the world wants to know: Will they ever get married?

    “The kids asked me the other day and I asked them if it was just because they wanted to have a big cake,” Jolie, 36, said during an interview with “Nightline” Monday night.

    “They’ve asked because they see movies that have people getting married or you know … the happily ever after. Shrek and Fiona are married, you know,” she laughed.

    The actress said the couple had a good response to their children’s inquiries.

    “We’ve explained to them that our commitment when we decided to start a family was the greatest commitment you could possibly have,” she said. “Once you have six children … you’re committed.”

    Read more:

  • Love B&A

    Few videos, interviews from last night’s ITLOB&H.

    Both Brad & Angie love chatting with Jerry Penacoli, they never skip him on RC.

    “Extra’s” Jerry Penacoli caught up with busy mom Angelina Jolie to discuss her directorial debut with “In the Land of Blood and Honey” in NYC.

    From AP.

    Published on Dec 6, 2011 by AssociatedPress

    Angelina Jolie dazzles at the world premiere of her directorial debut in New York, with partner Brad Pitt at her side. The actress said ‘In the Land of Blood and Honey’ was a team effort with the cast and praised Pitt as a stills photographer. (Dec. 6)

  • trt

    Now I know that there is a great divide going on in the JP threads. Somebody/ies are trying to split the fans. Trolls are trying to win the day by thumbing down posts from the real JP posters.

  • Love B&A

    Another video from last nights RC.

  • TC

    LenLT (or whatever your name is) – I understood your point perfectly well, hence my response at #297. You were thumbed down because others don’t agree with you. Period. It was nothing to do with your group think nonsense. Stop trying to create some conspiracy theory that doesn’t exist. People have varying opinions and they are expressing them by thumbing you down. That’s the democratic process in action. End of story. No one on this thread is a “sheep” or “putting their heads in the sand.” They just don’t agree with you. The name calling by you is what I resent. Get over yourself!

  • Love B&A

    Two more videos from last night.

    Uploaded by HollywoodCIA on Dec 6, 2011

    They are the golden couple of Hollywood. Everybody is interested in the lives. They have six children (three biological and three adopted) and have both been selected as the sexiest celebrities alive in the past. Yes we are talking about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Watch as the pair walk the red carpet for the premiere of Angelina’s new movie “In the Land of Blood & Honey”.

    Published on Dec 6, 2011 by SplashFashionNews

    Angelina Jolie looks glamorous on the red carpet, but dons a chic and understated business wardrobe during the day.

  • an oldie

    I saw the Pinacoli clip at JJB. Angelina is really comfortable talking to him. She is at her most open ever that I have seen. He looks like a very kind person, and I think that’s why they like him.

  • No shiit

    @Grow Up: those are beautiful pics even if they are older. I am happy for everything that is happening for Angie.Angie with Brad parents looks cute. It is great they come to her carpet. I am not much in to her dress but she looks nice regardless. Brad look real good. I got to read through a couple threads I was so busy.. Angie Rock Brad must proud of his girl. They are the match.

  • LenLT

    LOL I was thumbed down because people don’t agree with me??? OMG I said this would be the last time I said about this matter but this is just too much. And TC is this really your name? Why don’t you post under your real name. I know what a democracy is and I know people can do whatever the heccck they want. The point is do you see posts that love the dress thumbed down? No huh? So don’t give me it’s the democracy crrrrap. If you don’t like it or talk about how you don’t like it, you don’t belong here, you’re troll, you’re hypocrite. But if you like it, you belong and people will agree with you despite its just equally “shallow and hypociritical” Baaaaaahh. Besides, I said I’m talking about the attitude of some fans who think they’re better than others. You have fun thumb down posts that you don’t agree with. Thank God I don’t hear this nonsense from others such as lylian or groundcontrol otherwise I’d be off this board faster than a speed of light.

  • gracie

    Hi JP fans, just came on, I have missed a few pages. Thank you fans for posting links and pics, You have all outdone yourselves. There are lots of great pics of Angie, with the cast, with Brad and with his parents, so many to admire, I just saw one where Brad gave Angie a kiss — Haha. — trolls heads spinning? One of my fav is Angie and Jane looking into each others eyes with big smiles on their faces. You can’t beat that. It’s been a memorable few days and more wonderful times ahead. Poor trolls must be having migraine.

    FALP, thank you for your honest views. We all have a lot to learn from you.

  • juju

    what’s this drama w/ thumbing? ahaha
    i’ve been thumbed down so many times
    ’cause some didn’t agree w/ me
    that’s what the thumbs r for

  • No shiit

    As usual they both look more good in motion (videos) They are sexy. I am loving brad long hair more and more.
    The actress all look cute. They all look young. Thanks jp fan and other who put the pics and videos.

  • TC

    LenLT (#312) – My screen name is and always will be TC while yours has gone through a few iterations, so who knows who you’ll be next. Which isn’t surprising considering the content of your posts. I’m so thrilled to know you understand what a democracy is. So then why do you fail miserably to put that knowledge into action? You ask why posts expressing love of Angie’s outfit are not getting thumbed down? I think the answer is quite simple. Most people actually like it her outfit. Therefore, the thumbs up. Those that don’t are in the minority. Therefore, the thumbs down. Looks like someone needs to go back to civics class.

  • Love B&A

    @an oldie:

    They both like Jerry a lot. When Brad was promoting AOJJ , he had his mother flew from Miami to meet him because she is a huge Brad fan. The intherview is on Youtube. Jerry also did the Mr. & Mrs. Smith interviews in 2005 & every year after that for all of their RC moments. I believe it was thee Beowulf RC interview when Angie talked about their Thanksgiving plans and they were ready for another child.
    Jerry has been battling cancer for a few years,I can see why Angie & Brad are very fond & kind to him. He really seems to be a very nice guy.

  • jpfan

    On the Calmest Red Carpet With Angelina Jolie – NYT

    …on Monday night, Angelina Jolie was the picture of placidity as she strolled the red carpet for the premiere of her directorial debut, “In the Land of Blood and Honey.”
    Of course, her arrival, with Brad Pitt, was followed by a wave of hysterical screaming, mostly from the assembled photographers. (“It wasn’t this loud for Madonna,” Mr. Schaefer whispered.) After posing for photos, Mr. Pitt shirked the press line, but Ms. Jolie, in a black gown with her hair tinged gold, talked at length, following her cast of unknown (in the U.S.) actors. The Bagger’s colleague Larry Rohter got some one-on-one time with Ms. Jolie, so we will leave the particulars of discussing her unlikely film, set during the Bosnian war, to him. In the meantime, here is a little clip of Ms. Jolie discussing her work. “My passion,” she said, “was to get a great education in Bosnia.”

  • No shiit

    @a fan: those idiots are dogs and things that must be on. Because they are hurting hehe

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Thanks Love B&A for the vids. That was funny when the photograhers screaming at the woman to get out of the way.

  • Good Answers

    There were some really good questions* in the 6 min video. We learned a lot about her choices as a director…what a challenge she had without ELECTRICITY in some instances- candlelight? Vermeer light (?)? Wow- she is so creative- of course, some silly person had to shout- when/if/are you adopting from Bosnia- I thought it was a very cool way Angie answered, talking about the SOS Children’s Village- clever girl!

    *hard to tell from whom- there were several people holding little recorders- no recognizable mikes…indy bloggers?

  • LenLT

    LOLOLOL this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I have been here 2+ years and never once try to change my name. Suddenly here’s this person called me a name changing troll. Oh this is rich!!! Let me explain to you again “TC” I have no problem with thumbing. Don’t ut words in my mouth like it’s the only thing I cared about and I knew nothing about democracy. Anyone can do whatever the fuuuck s/he wants. As I said in my previous posts I don’t give a flying fuuuuuck if my posts are up or down; it’s the attitude of some fans that bother me. I know a lot of them think the dress is ok; I don’t. Do I have a problem with them liking it? No. Do I call them suck up? No. They have their opinion. I have mine. Could we leave it as that? No. Gracie said we’re shallow trolls because we couldn’t see it. Wow pretty high and mighty of her to say that when she has been commenting Angelina’s dresses herself. So when she or people like the dress and comment on it, it’s not shallow??? However, its shallow and troll if you don’t like it and speak about it? AGAIN, do i have to agree with what she thinks or others think to define as a fan? I hope the answer is no. If not, then why are we shallow or trolls? When she called us trolls, it meant we must went with what others said, didn’t it? Henceforth, baaaaaahhh. You focus too much on the thumbing without understanding why I said it sheep like and you think you understand my posts? Hardly!!! I don’t call people sheep. I said her attitude is snooty and sheep like.

  • Love B&A


    Angelina Jolie To Star In Luc Besson-Directed Dramatic Thriller Film
    By MIKE FLEMING | Tuesday December 6, 2011 @ 4:22pm EST

    Comments (7)

    EXCLUSIVE: Angelina Jolie is in talks to star in an untitled big-scale movie written and directed by Luc Besson. Besson currently has The Lady in the Oscar mix, but this film sounds like a closer cousin to early Besson efforts like The Professional, La Femme Nikita and The Fifth Element.

    I’m told that there are serious talks going on for Jolie to star next spring in a dramatic thriller that is rooted in true scientific elements. Besson’s EuropaCorp developed it and will co-finance, and negotiations are already underway with a studio for domestic distribution. The Besson film would be Jolie’s next as an actress, and it would come before she teams with director Ridley Scott on a historical epic about Gertrude Bell that The Constant Gardener scribe Jeffrey Caine is currently rewriting. I’m told there’s a high likelihood that both films will land at the same studio.

    The latter film is an epic adventure about a British aristocrat who helped define the current Middle East and the borders of Iraq after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. She became a seminal figure in Middle East politics during the run-up to WWI, acting in roles that ranged from archaeologist to diplomat, photographer and spy. Jolie is also moving quickly on Maleficent, the Linda Woolverton-scripted revisionist take on the Sleeping Beauty tale for Walt Disney Pictures, and she is getting closer to playing medical examiner Kay Scarpetta in the Fox 2000 drama based on the Patricia Cornwell novel series. Kario Salem has turned in a script he wrote in close collaboration with the author, based on her bestselling novel series.

    Jolie is getting ready for the release In The Land Of Blood And Honey, her feature directorial and screenwriting debut, which is being released by FilmDistrict in the heat of the Oscar race. Jolie is repped by Media Talent Group chief Geyer Kosinski and Robert Offer, and Besson by EuropaCorp’s Christophe Lambert.

  • INTLOBAH, WWZ, Hunger Games

    Angie’s comments to MTV are good RE: young people being interested in “what if this happened to me” side of the film. Books like Hunger Games & WWZ (fictionalized war/post-war accounts) are super popular with that demo.

  • Guidian

    I’m sorry but they just don’t look very into each other and they know the camera’s are on them every second. I see no warm fuzzy here:( Brad’s father looks unusually uncomfortable to be there…wonder what that’s about? Anyways they both look nicely color cordinated at least.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Awwww, the look of love. I always love how they look at each other.

  • Asianfan

    @LenLT: detached retina, maybe?

  • me

    Wonder if Christiane Amanpour was with her husband James,who is a member of CFR,at the premier? Watched her interview with Angie so many times,the way they were interacting,it’s like they had known each other for a long time.So comfortable talking to each other.Unlike Diane Sawyer,who mixes tabloids with her interviews.Congrats Angie!!!!

  • Asianfan

    @Guidian: go get your eyesight checked

  • Asianfan

    @Asianfan: sorry, this comment is for #325

  • deea

    OMG! this 2 are a match made in heaven! they truly deserve to be Hollywood’s Golden Royal Stunning Couple! incredibly beautiful people; angi is a goddess like always.

  • Old man fan

    Brad’s hair look so much better long! He’s looking almost as good as he did back in the day. I do wish he would stop coloring it to match Angelina’s, they both have such different complexions, her’s is stunning in dar and he looks best with lighter hair I think.

  • Love B&A
  • Yes

    #328 me- yes, they were there…I wonder how they got to film at the CFR- thru Angie or hubby James :). CA is in the 1st row, end and again in 3rd row with Brad, James & another CFRer

  • Love B&A
  • Lara

    —————————–New Thread——————————

  • Passing Through

    # 303 Brad Pitt Styles Angelina @ 12/06/2011 at 4:28 pm
    You took a story about one event, an awards show at that, and extrapolated that Brad chooses Angie’s clothes for EVERY event? If you truly believe Angie lets Brad dress her for every big event, then you’re off your rocker. Jen Rade has been on the fashion after-shows and told stories of Angie herself choosing her dress for the event. I don’t doubt one bit that Brad has chosen other dresses, but to say that he dresses her EVERY event is just plain ridic. I really can’t see Angie letting herself be any man’s dress-up doll – not even her baby daddy’s.

  • me

    @Love B&A
    Thank you guys for posting the links.Love watching all the pictures.

  • maria

    What is she wearing?? She looks ancient, and her face is looking pretty sunken.. She needs to put on a little weight.

  • lsam2

    It is so nice to see Brad’s parents there too. They are so close to Angie too. Proud of Angie’s achievement in her directorial debut.

  • Aand B Fan

    Bless You Angie , what a wonderful sucessful director you are.

    Congratulation on your film. Can’t wait to see it.

  • Patti

    Angie is absolutely stunning and i am so proud of her i could burst.

    Brad and Angie are a perfect couple together.

    Bravo Angie on your new film.

    Congrats Brad , i am so hoping this is your yr. for an oscar have always loved you and Angie.

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  • Jane Patton

    Does anyone else notice that Knox looks like Mr. Pitt, Brad’s dad?

  • http://n/a Marcus From PA



  • One Go

    Wish them the best.They both do so much for those in need.