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Angelina Jolie: 'In the Land of Blood & Honey' Junket in NYC!

Angelina Jolie: 'In the Land of Blood & Honey' Junket in NYC!

Angelina Jolie dons a gorgeous Chloe dress as she leaves a press junket for her new film, In the Land of Blood & Honey, on Monday (December 5) in New York City.

An interview with the 36-year-old actress aired this morning on Good Morning America!

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“I was thinking and meditating on these international themes of violence against women, lack of intervention, and how human beings are changed and warped by war, and how some people come out stronger and some people are truly broken,” Angelina said in the interview.

“There’s no safe way to tackle these subject matters, but I think the important thing is to discuss them and tackle them,” she added.

FYI: Angelina is carrying the Ralph Lauren Collection “Bedford” bag and wearing a David Yurman cable bracelet.

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  • sorella

    It`s so funny, Angelina doesn’t seem to put in much thought to what she wears and doesn’t always choose the best style, it’ s like she really couldn’t care less about clothes, yet despite that, she still manages to look 100 times more gorgeous than every other actress LOL!!!! Now that is TRUE BEAUTY.

  • Hollywood

    She is definitely angel…

  • jane-lee

    She’s lovely but always too thin

  • anonymous

    Don’t always like what she wears but with her gorgeous face, who cares?!!!! It’s like her face trumps everything!! Haha that must kill Jennifer A. that even thought she works out 24/7, poses naked, gets her nose fixed and wears nice clothes, she will never, ever be this beautiful and she likely knows it. Don’t think losing Brad bothers her, it’s Angelina’s beauty and sexiness that does.

  • Angelina Jolie

    Anorexic Idol

  • http://website PJ

    Great to see Angie with Mr & Mrs Pitt + children in NYC.
    Very close family it’s great to see.

  • Dc

    Wow , she looks absoloutely beautiful.

  • Lara

    Beautiful, stunning, gorgeous. Love that outfit, sher looks amazing.

  • camila

    her again?? enough already!

  • just saying

    WTF is she wearing?
    looks awful!!! seriously!

  • o
  • o
  • toomuchanistontalkhere

    like others have said, don’t like the outfit too much, but angelina is so stunning it trumps all.

  • an123

    Angie looks STUNNING lately! go angie!

  • Richard P

    I love her smile

    Go Angie I love you

  • danielle

    As a Serb who grew up with a grandmother from the old country (Serbia-Yugoslavia) who hated the Croatians, Bosnians etc., I can’t wait to see this movie! Knowing Angie, she has probably captured the realism, yet at the same time managed to find something positive in the love affair. The two actors she chose are well respected, so I think it will be a really good film.
    Go Angelina!!!

  • busted

    So great to see her.. Beautiful. Can’t wait to see RC pictures.

    haters suck it.. just like you have for 7 years.. LOSERS

  • Love B&A
  • Jolie is sooooo boring

    she is sooooooooooo fake and sooooooooo ugly
    ugly body
    ugly face
    go awaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Justafan

    Angie looks gorgeous! Also the pics with her and Brads mom today really were great. They were both beautiful and the way Jane was holding Angie’s arm clearly showed how proud she was of Angie.

  • Agatha

    so beautiful! go angie go!

  • soopx1

    Just so Gorgeous.

  • Jolie is sooooo boring

    she is a perfect demagogue

  • http://n/a Marcus From PA



  • Mirbfs

    I bet Angelina’s haters are mostly spoiled brats with silly boys

  • http://n/a Marcus From PA

    @Jolie is sooooo boring:


  • Sherry (not from JPW)

    We are blessed with riches today…. you go Angie, wow ‘em girl!! It’s your moment to shine. Good luck with the movie.

  • http://n/a Marcus From PA



  • vickifromtexas

    awesome lady.

  • Justafan

    Forgot to also say that it’s nice that Angie had Brads mom there with her looking so proud and happy for Angie since Marcheline Bertrand could not be there in person but is there is spirit. She is definitely so proud of her daughter. Angie you make all your fans proud and inspired too.

  • Rose

    Angle looks absolutely beautiful. Seeing Angie with Bill and Jane must be a dagger to to the heart of the sad spook’s hens.
    The meltdown has began. By tonight, the hens will be jumping off a bridge.
    It’s a great day to be a Jolie Pitt fan!!!

  • Jones

    Sorella #2 – So true! She is the epitome of a woman of great style without having to try hard to achieve it.

  • nani

    @jolie is so boring
    You are so boring. Go away you…..

  • Agent99

    First of all, it’s nobodies business why or why not the JPs will get married. That’s a private and personal issue between that family, as it should be. Why is it such a major issue with so many people and yet other celebs have been together for years without marrying and not one mention of it. Look at Goldie and Kurt. They’ve been together 28 years without tying the knot. The almighty Oprah and Steadman? 25 years. Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber together since 2005 and have two children together are not married. Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves have been together since 2006, have children, and are not married. And finally the beloved by many (I guess) Johnny Depp has been with Vanessa Paradis for 13 years and they have two kids and no plans to ever get married it seems. But you never hear about any negative stories about why these people are not married and pressuring them to do so. But, once again, the rules are different for the JPs. These poor people live under a magnifying glass and are judged in a way that no one else are and in a way NOBODY could live up to. I don’t know if it’s because the media and hen fans are just wanting them to fail at everything or if it’s because their star is so big that everyone watches them so intensely and are wondering if they are as perfect as they seem. Which they are not. NO ONE IS. They are only human and I wish the harsh judgement from people would just stop. I sometimes wish Angie wasn’t such a mega movie star worldwide so she wouldn’t have to deal with all the negativity that goes with it. But then I see the reaction of the throngs of people who actually get to see her in person and remember that the amount of people who love her way out weigh the negative nellies who are critical of her.

  • camila

    @Marcus From PA: I didnt read the article. I just had to express that I’m tired of her! there are already 2 featured articles and now there is another! I come to JustJared to know about the celebrities and not just about AJ! I just do not know where is the hypocrisy of that…

  • Jones

    Thanks Love B&A! – LOVE the photos of Angie and Jane (and Bill in the background) in New York at the Tina Brown event. Angie looks fab in her white suit and Jane looks so stylish in her black leather jacket. It’s suicide watch for the hens. Lol!

  • Mirbfs

    @camila: Why dont you go to another website? Have you lost something in here? You have plenty to choose. Why Jared?

  • Jones

    camilla # 36- She’s promoting a film you dumb fvck. So if you’re tired of seeing her, then go the fvck away!

  • Misty

    @ Camila

    Thanks for posting on Angies thread and bringing up her numbers and making her even more popular. If you were smart, and clearly that is not the case, you would just skip over all Jolie-Pitt threads and just ignore them since you don’t care for them. Surely you don’t adore every other celeb that Jared posts on. But thanks for supporting her in numbers.

  • Love B&A

    I love this picture. The two gorgeous ladies are there together & Jane is there to support Angie, the amazing woman that made her son extremely happy, the woman who made Brad a father when he was over 40 and gave Jane & Bill six lovely grandkids.
    Angie said on CNN interview that her biggest sorrow was that her mother would not be there for the ITLOBH premiere.
    Well, Jane is there to support her other daughter just like she was there for all of Angie’s life changing & major events along with Bill for the past 6 years. They were there for Shiloh’s birthday in Namibia when her mother could not travel, they were there for birthdays, red carpets ( AMH, CCOBB)as well as visits to NYC, LA, France, Italy, Hungary etc.
    My personal opinion, these two ladies enjoy, love and respect each other very much.

  • camila

    @Mirbfs: @Jones: so I cant come here?? this is pathetic! I like here. almost everything, except the emphasis they give to AJ. and I will still visit here. and if I think that there are too many articles of her I’ll say!!! deal with that!!

  • toomuchanistontalkhere


    u are mad, u gotta luv it! :))))))))))))))

  • gracie

    This is total bliz — Angie looks absolutely gorgeous. She took my breath away in that white pant suit. She was with Brad’s parents, Jane was holding unto her hand and she had this sparkle in her eyes. She looks incredible. Love that the in-laws were there supporting their son’s wife. I can only imagine the pain trolls are going through right now. Poor things are suffering. Lol.

  • toomuchanistontalkhere


    u won’t stop jared posting the threads, don’t waste ur time moaning.
    there is too much aniston talk here, but i can’t change the fact, just like u can’t stop the angelina jolie threads.

  • theresa

    to camilla

    Angelina is extremely popular here. many people who visit this JJ admire and respect Angelina for everything that she is; humanitarian, accomplished actress and now director. also she’s a wonderful mother. as a result, there are and will continue to be a lot of articles on her. i suggest you deal with that!!! by the way, i have to wonder if you’re not, deep down, jealous of all the attention that Angelina is getting.

  • camila

    @Misty: who are you to say what actions are smart and which are not? you really think that a negative comment about her means to support? you really think she’ll be more famous because there are 120 and not 110 comments on just one site? good God! enough of her fans! youre all psycho!! bye!!

  • Rose

    Anyone been to Anderson Cooper taping today? Did any fan seen Angie around NY today? Please share with fans, thank you.

  • TC

    hey too much…, sounds like you’re the only one talking about aniston on this thread. If talk about her bothers you, then maybe you should shut up about it. Just saying.

  • Love B&A

    Angie & Jane are having a great time together. This picture is priceless.