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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Trevor Project Live 2011!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Trevor Project Live 2011!

LeAnn Rimes and her husband Eddie Cibrian attend the Trevor Project’s 2011 Trevor Live event held at The Hollywood Palladium on Sunday (December 4) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old entertainer, who wore a Nini dress and Alexander McQueen heels, hit the stage as one of the performers for the night.

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“What an incredible night w/ @TrevorProject beautiful night,” LeAnn wrote on her Twitter account after the event.

The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian at Trevor Live 2011

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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47 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Trevor Project Live 2011!”

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  1. 26
    Gisele Says:

    @Hope4U: I like the comment about her being his “bonus wallet”. Totally true, It is too funny that her paid fans have to resort to the “your are all fat, ugly and jealous of her hot husband” garbage. Jealous that she is married to a known adulterer, liar and that to top it off she gets to pay all of his bills as well. Gee, what a lucky gal! NOT.

  2. 27
    Emiliee Says:

    Since he is out of work again and he used to be in a boy band, maybe he could open for her at the empty casinos and chili festivals she is now singing at. That way, she could keep an eye on him 24/7 to make sure he doesn’t stray although it would just be delaying the inevitable. At least he would be earning his keep.

  3. 28
    btuno Says:

    @Emiliee: So true. Why would anyone be jealous of someone who married a no talent pig who called her a speedbump. He was not going to leave Brandi but, she threw him out because he cheated on her before. Yes we are jealous of a squinty eyed has been who has to worry about her husband cheating & what is going to happen when the money runs out. There’s not a lot of cash left because her album bombed & she can’t sell out a casino. So get ready to see EC run & the excuse he’ll use is LR is not stable. Mark your calendars. And JJ you suck for always posting about these 2 with ur lame exclamation !

  4. 29
    Schea Says:

    @Emiliee: It’s already too late. A zebra doesn’t change it’s stripes and this marriage isn’t any more sacred that the first one was. No amount of lovey, dovey photo ops will ever change that nor will wishful tweeting on the part of his new wife. This time, there’s just a bigger financial payout in store if he keeps up the facade for as long as he can. You get what you pay for and she paid for and is paying for a man with no honor.

  5. 30
    Londongirl Says:

    @btuno and @Schea you are both right. I keep telling LR’s ‘fans’ and that there is a big difference between someone walking out of their marriage and being kicked out.

    Brandi kicked Eddie out and since he had nowhere else to go he called on Leann.

    Why did he marry her? For richer, for poorer. He will get to be a kept man for as long as he can get away with it.

    I’ve said this one and I will say it again. Brandi should be patient.

    Leann’s humiliation will be 100x more more painful than Brandi’s.

  6. 31
    jk Says:

    I’m with you Nina. I think people are jealous. They protest too much how much they are not.
    All I see when I look at this pics are people who have obvious chemistry. And I don’t think it’s just sexual. I think it’s love.

    p.s. to Everyone – thumbs down – bring it own! Who cares about it.

  7. 32
    Londongirl Says:

    JK – what exactly are we jealous of?

    A woman who cheated on her husband and stalked her married lover until his ex wife kicked him out?

    A woman who has shown no humility in the aftermath of the mess she helped create?

    A woman who who is always trying to justify her affair?

    A man who has no job and is using his sugarmummy’s money to try and bully his ex wife?

    A man who slept with his ex wife when he had moved in with Leann?

    A man who also had an affair with a waitress at the same time he was seeing Leann?

    Yes your right. We are jealous of them!

  8. 33
    btuno Says:

    @kaylyn: LR how many names are you going to use. Yes green gives her that grinch like hue. Secret language……..neigh, snort, oink, oink…..

  9. 34
    Bobbi Says:

    Gwen must be in jail. No way she would miss this many LeAnn post without commenting over and over and over and over again. Hope the big house is treating her well.

  10. 35
    Joanne Says:

    @jk: Seriously, I know some people go to town with the mean comments, but do you really think it is because of them being jealous? That is kind of a cop out excuse for her falling out of favor the way she has. Her career has really fallen from where it was.,She is married to a man who everyone thinks is a major cheater and slime bag and who most people also think is only with her because his wife kicked him to the curb and he had no where else to go, not to mention she seems to be funding their lifestyle. She appears to be paying this site to post positive things about her as the coverage she gets here is totally disproportionate to where she and her husband’s celebrity status, or lack there of, is and she has completely lost the respect of the public for her handling of her private life. I don’t see how people could possible be jealous of someone who has sunk to such a low. The negativity is obviously coming from something else. Why would people be jealous of a woman who so many people have such a low opinion of? On other sites the posts about her are always calling her delusional and obnoxious or worse and the comments are even harsher and more cutting. Surely you can;t think that all of these people are just jealous of her? Maybe she needs to take a look at herself and how she is coming across and make some big changes. What she is doing now is failing miserably and making things worse.

  11. 36
    btuno Says:

    Bye JJ one tooo many posts of the grinch & lizard. Had to put them in the headlines because of course RHOBH was on last night and Brandi is kicking ass. I know you are being paid because the picture was taken on Sunday & you post it again on Tues. Adios

  12. 37
    janie Says:

    If eddie had his balls back,which are being held hostage by Leann, he would just leave. go home to his parents, leave Leann and her wallet and get his own house in order. He might just be able to get another acting gig if he just showed he has SOME manhood left.My guess is, he will stay with her because he is getting used to the life style she provides. WHAT A MAN. Sad pathetic little man who HAD to marry his speed bump. All he’s doing now is just getting older and losing his looks.

  13. 38
    kaylyn Says:

    What a beautiful couple!

  14. 39
    Denise Says:

    Their desperation for approval is repulsive.

    NO amount of paid for positive posts on here will help them regain the public’s good will. She should stop wasting her money on it because once it starts to dwindle, he will be onto the next one. I can think of some adjectives to describe this morally bankrupt pair and beautiful certainly wouldn’t top the list, but then again, I guess I am just jealous.

    I too wish I could be married to an unemployed, aging, serial cheater, with a dying career and enormous ego who needs my deep pockets and that I could be relegated to paying for websites to post inane and banal stories about my life and “love”.

    Yeah, that is just so appealing.

  15. 40
    divagirl715 Says:

    Wow! She’s never looked more beautiful. This is the loveliest she will ever be photographed. Good for her. She must be really truly happy, as it shines through in pictures. She glows. Radiant. Good for them, And yes, I’m the normal girl (this thread is clearly filled w/so much anger & crazy).

  16. 41
    risa Says:

    G@divagirl715: Leann you are so transparent. This is the loveliest she’ll ever look? Get ready for a lifetim of truly ugly. Filled with anger & crazy. We are not angry or crazy for stating our opinions. Get over yourself LR. You are an ugly psycho who lives in a twitter bubble. You believe your own lies. I finally listened to one of your songs, give. Horrible. Did you lose your voice with your morals?

  17. 42
    Schea Says:

    @divagirl715: This thread isn’t filled with anger and crazy, but it is filled with disgust and amazement. Disgust at the weirdly disproportionately huge amount of exposure they get on this site despite their mutually flagging careers. Disgust at the constant pathetic attempts to shove the relationship of LR and EC into the faces of the public, who clearly don’t like or respect them or don’t care about them and amazement that her camp still try to plant glowing comments about her. I don’t think Leann is ugly but her looks are not her strong point. If she was so happy, she wouldn’t tweet every 4 seconds to let people in on her supposedly fabulously contented life. She would be too busy living it. Most in people I know in really great relationships, keep that part of their life private as to protect it. They usually are fiercely protective of their private lives actually. Oh, and anyone can “glow” with the help of a makeup artist and a good bronzer. As for Eddie, his “glow” appears to be from alcohol consumption lately and as he is an actor (I use the term loosely in his case) who knows what he is thinking. Probably “Don’t want to lose my meal ticket so I’d better smile” and “Hope they have an open bar in there”.

  18. 43
    Schea Says:

    I meant most of the people I know in great relationships, not most in people/

  19. 44
    Schea Says:

    I meant most of the people I know in great relationships, not most in people.

  20. 45
    betty Says:

    @jk So did Kim K.&Kris Humphries. Looks can be deceiving because you don’t know whats going on privately.

  21. 46
    yep Says:

    the dress is so different – with a belt would be cool! love the shoes!

  22. 47
    janie Says:

    Eddie looks as bad as Leann. he looks like an aging playboy. don’t see any acting gigs in his future. He will be with her for the long haul so he can at least have a cushy life style. He needs to become best friends with tori spellings husband, what ever his name is..They can compare notes on having to sleep with ugly women to get their bills paid.

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