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Zac Efron: Trevor Live! with Michelle Pfeiffer

Zac Efron: Trevor Live! with Michelle Pfeiffer

Zac Efron and Michelle Pfeiffer hit the stage at The Trevor Project’s Trevor Live! held at the Hollywood Palladium on Sunday night (December 4) in Los Angeles.

The New Year’s Eve co-stars, who also teamed up for Hairspray, introduced Queen Latifah at the big show.

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Zac recently spoke about working with Michelle and said that he was initially bashful around her. Aww!

FYI: The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ teens. Learn more at!

JC Chasez also hit the stage for the first time in L.A. in six years to sing “True Colors.” Check out his performance below!

JC Chasez – True Colors

Bigger pic inside…

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Credit: Lester Cohen; Photos: WireImage
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  • angela

    I think its only a matter of time before Zac comes out

  • z

    @angela: I don’t know why people are giving your comment the thumbs down… it’s not a bad thing if he’s gay.

  • jj

    Michelle looks amazing. Eternal beauty.

  • Derpina

    Zac and Michelle looks so beautiful

  • gglover128

    @z: Yes it’s not a bad thing if Zac is gay but Angela is just making assumptions she doesn’t know if or when he going to come out or if he gay.

  • Why?

    Why I’m always seeing Zac supporting causes and Vanessa not? I remember when they was together they always participating in charity events, now I’m seeing only Zac doing it.

  • :)*

    because she is occupied whit her mans she kept busy her A$$$$$$

  • :)*

    because she is occupied whit her mans she kept busy her A$$$$$$

  • :)*

    because she is occupied whit her mans she kept busy her A$$$$$$

  • :)*

    because she is occupied whit her mans she kept busy her A$$$$$$

  • florence

    @Why?: because Zac is selfish and he forced Vanessa go to these events, now she’s a girl with a personality, have a new marvelous boyfriend who don’t support solidarity causes, she don’t need this douchebag anymore

  • lauren

    can you seriously just grow up for once and stop with you immature comments?

    YOU know nothing about her and zac’s past relationship, so stop thinking like you do.

  • florence

    Because Vanessa doesn’t broadcast that she supports causes all over the net like from does just to make himself look good.

    And I did’nt post comment number 11#

  • maria

    thank god Vanessa dumps this terrible boyfriend, now she’s have time and freedom to do what she wants, like spend money shopping clothes at the mall with her friends

  • Enna

    People, do you not read much? Vanessa is active in supporting, promoting and fund raising for causes (environmental)! She’s more active than zac! Go research






  • Guest

    @florence you need help, get one fast. @Enna who cares, they are not in a competition. Can this post not turn into a ZV war.

  • Carla

    Ah, Zac looks so good!

  • z

    @gglover128: It isn’t really an assumption. She said “I think”, which would lead one to presume that it’s merely her personal opinion.

  • z

    @gglover128: It wasn’t really an assumption. She said, “I think,” which would lead one to presume that it’s merely her personal opinion.

  • Derpina

    She said she thinks is a MATTER OF TIME TO ZAC GET OUT, don’t said THINKS ZAC IS GAY, is a big difference, the construction of the first sentence infers that she is sure Zac is gay

  • leave zac alone

    Zac can give help to gay teens without being ga. he gives to cancer charities , he doen’t have cancer, this is the second charitable thing he has done in a week. he is a truley humble and great person. Vanessa has her causes she helps too. so people if you can’ty say something nice grow up.

  • Derpina

    And if Zac is gay, so what? Let’s not be hypocrites and say that nobody talks like this would be funny or a reason to criticize him, people use “gay” as an negative adjective here, but doesn’t mean it is

  • cutie

    both looks good!!!

  • pita

    looking good Zac…..

  • Molly Griffith

    just because he supports something to do with gays doesn’t mean he is.

  • z

    @Derpina: Reading comprehension, you’re doing it wrong. Anytime anyone says “I think,” whatever comes after that means it’s an OPINION. And even if she is sure that he’s gay, what does that matter? She can think whatever she wants, it isn’t going to change the fact of whether he is or isn’t.

  • zacwack

    What a douchebag…and he has thicker eyeliner than Michelle. Soooo….

  • zacwack

    @florence: that guy is only good when there’s pr mileage he can get…it doesn’t mean that he really cares for all the causes.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • florence

    @zacwack: That is what I am saying and as I said I never posted comment 11 everything he does is purely to make himself look good, look when they split he went off into hiding acting like the heartbroken boyfriend when he obvioulsy did’nt care that Vanessa had to deal with the press and that she was hurting to. But she had a job to do and could’nt go and hide like him.

    Love JJ comment on his other post how Zac is holding on tight to Michelle well that’s no suprise in a press junket they did he was bragging yet again how good it was to kiss a co-star and how good it was for him so once again it was all about what he got out of making the movie and that was making out with Michelle. And no doubt when he starts promoting TLO we’ll have it all over again and funny how both of these women are blondes it certainly seems to be his now favourite colour for girls. He can’t keep his hands to himself even groping Michelle’s knee in another interview they did.

  • Guest

    @florence it doesnt matter any longer, they are no longer together he is free to do whatever he wants so can stop judging him now.

  • wicked wench

    @z: “Assumption” is the word that seems to be the cause of trouble here. I believe GGlover used the word to indicate that the first writer has no objective knowledge of Zac’s sexuality and that it was only opinion. The purpose of GGLover’s statement, however, is to point out to less astute readers that opinion is not fact (to prevent the haters from running with it).
    You, as a discerning reader, correctly understood the first speaker’s statement, so it seemed redundant to you to point out that opinion is not fact.
    Linguistically speaking, you’re right, but GGlover’s anticipation of those who commit every conceivable logical fallacy in an attempt to destroy Zac, certainly understands how this board works.

  • wicked wench

    What a beautiful, sweet, handsome young man and yes, I’m living vicariously through Michelle Pfeiffer, but at least I know it.

  • Sara

    Honestly, I used to like him but he’s become quite big headed. @florence what you said about Zac acting all heart broken is soooo true! Hoe could have easily come out and do something but he stayed inside. This guy is very clever as when he did go to the people awards, everyone wanting to get an interview with him which increases ratings, publicity etc. I think Zac is kind of creating this ‘co star romance’ with Michelle but her body language suggest otherwise. You see, she is okay with the flirty thing, but her body is slightly turned away as she keeps her distance from this hungry teenage boy. And yes, i mean hungry as in sex. However, he probaly gets plenty regarding his looks and smooth talk, but they are probably ‘normal’ people in his eyes. Michelle is famous, making him more famous real love or not. Vanessa on the other hand went for this guy that anyone has barely heard of. This probably means they like eachother just cuz they do. Their ody language indicates A LOT of sex, and I really mean a lot. But behind that there is a lot of passion. She holds onto him as though he is going to run away, indicating that Zac broke up with her, not the other way around. But Austin seems like he genuinely likes Vanessa and their probably so similar to realize it.

  • mia

    Michelle Pfeiffer is jst so beautiful. wish she was in moooore movies.

  • Just sayin’

    WOW ….. she looks amazing!

  • ?????????

    Not one person here know’s what happened between Zac and Vanessa so noone has the right to say what happened. Everyone is guessing when they blame either one. It could have been Zac or Vanessa that caused the break up.

    This is getting tiredsome so stop speculating and let both of them lead there lifes the way they want.

    Zac has his career and Vanessa her ne bf

  • Michelle

    Oh my gosh you people are getting ridiculous here! The reason Zac wasn’t around after the breakup and popping up everywhere in tabloids is because he was filming The Lucky One. Vanessa had to promote her movie. And who are you to know that even if he was hiding from the paps it was simply because he wanted to seem heartbroken? Seriously, this is beyond speculation and moving into fantasy land. No one knows why Zac and Vanessa broke up, but they’re broken up and moving on so stop coming here and bitching about how bad of a boyfriend you THINK Zac was, because you quite frankly have no damn idea of who he is really like– only what you see in two minute interviews and photographs.

  • maria

    I think some of you have sunk to new lows…..first someone is posting disgusting, inappropriate stuff under florence’s name, and now I see someone did under mine as well. Not cool.

  • Guest

    @Michelle: Doesn’t matter to those vanessa fan. They find one news about Zac, they will bash him forever. What they hope is he leave this world, or else this is end less war for them, that is why I stop fighting with them.

  • Guest

    @Guest, who are you? Should i put mine as Guest2 now?

  • Guest

    @Guest: Dont worry, you don’t have to change the name. I am just the person who can’t stand on some of those fans that are still fighting about zac and vanessa, so I put the comment as a guest, but I will leave shortly, in fact, this is my last comment at here.See ya.

  • Night1001

    Michelle Pfeiffer and Zac Efron are so hot!