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Zac Efron: 'New Year's Eve' Premiere with Michelle Pfeiffer!

Zac Efron: 'New Year's Eve' Premiere with Michelle Pfeiffer!

Zac Efron holds tight to his co-star Michelle Pfeiffer as they arrive at the premiere of New Year’s Eve held at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Monday (December 5) in Hollywood.

The 24-year-old actor and his co-star shared numerous scenes together in the star-studded flick!

Abigail Breslin, who also stars in the film, met Zac, her crush, for the first time while promoting the film and almost cried.

“She played it off really well. I had no idea,” Zac said. “It’s so funny coming from a fellow artist. I think she’s so amazing; she’s so funny in this movie. She’s a darling.”

Check out New Year’s Eve this Friday (December 9).

FYI: Michelle is wearing a Dolce&Gabbana dress and Neil Lane jewelry.

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • andrea

    so cute, love him :D

  • Derp

    I always like his suits.

  • Derpina

    I never get tired to say how beautiful he is

  • Guest

    Florence you know you are losing it right?

  • A

    Handsome little devil. <3

  • ?????????

    @Florence and @alisa (ohh sorry same person)

    U r one sick twisted excuse for a human being, you do realise Abigail is young and underage. Only people like you would say things like that.

    When are you heading back to the asylum.

  • ?????????

    @Florence and @alisa (ohh sorry same person)

    U r one sick twisted excuse for a human being, you do realise Abigail is young and underage. Only people like you would say things like that.

    When are you heading back to the asylum.

    On a more positive note very handsome Zac.

  • Deb

    Ok, it’s about time that are banned from JJ. You are so obnoxious. I, too, would like to know when you will be back in the asylum.

  • florence2

    Just wanted to say that the person posting as me is not me Eve I would’nt sink that low to make comments like that about a young girl that is just sick. So I have decided to put a number 2 after my name to stop any confusion.

  • Ellie

    He’s a cute little munchkin

  • mel

    I can’t wait to see this movieeee Zac will charm everyone!

  • Guest

    @florence2 what florence are you? The one who spews hate at zac, talkin about the same things over and over again.

  • The80sRule

    Michelle looks better than Vanessa Hudgens

  • wicked wench

    Handsome, adorable, and I love the new half smile. (-:

  • lauren

    it looks like none of these celebrities want to be there.

  • Sara

    @wicked wench if u really observe his ‘half smile’ I can tell that he is half happy, but also holding something back. The dullness in his eyes suggests that he is not as happy as he makes out, as your eyes can give away your inner deep emotions (thats why some celebs wear sunglasses so the paps dont realise). He seems a bit sad, and actually before you give my comment a thumbs down, I actually like him as an ambitious actor, as a person I dont really know, but i know quite a bit about phsychology, and I know he is illustrating deep regret in his life… what do you think it is? (im being honest!!)

  • Sara

    By the way, with his NEW half smile, it means that something has happened recently in order for his physical emotions to change thus the audience noticing it.

  • Sara

    By the way, with his NEW half smile, it means that something has happened recently in order for his physical emotions to change thus the audience noticing it..:s

  • Zyonna

    @Sara That’s not a smile. That’s a smirk. He knows something you wanna know. He wants you to approach and figure what that is :)

  • turkish music

    this is just too much!!! josh duhamel, ashton kutcher and´╗┐ zac efron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Guest

    @sara unless you are camera happy, at a point too much flashes and screaming can get to you, also he does always look a bit sad, i think he is melancholy. Please don’t tell me you don’t like him as a person becos of the relationship stuff, that will be to narrow minded of you.

  • gglover128

    He is too sexy and @florence you are sick in the head

  • florence2

    yea not the one who made comments about him and Abigail, I don’t like Zac would never suggest that he would ever do anything like that with a girl of her age. So the Florence who wrote that was’nt me@Guest:

  • Deb

    Actually, it sounds EXACTLY like something that you would say, and HAVE been saying for months and months about Zac. If you think so little of him, why don’t you just stay away from posts about him?

  • Deb

    @turkish music:
    You forgot to mention Seth Myers. I think he is so cute.

  • florence2

    And that’s why I put a number 2 after my name so as stop any confusion, if somebody wants to use my name hen I can’t stop them.

  • florence2

    @florence2: And what makes you think that they can’t put a number after their name too?

  • Facts

    @Sara Oh Sara, Sara, Sara. I’d get a refund on my psychology classes if I were you. “New” half smile? As a human being, Zac has never half smilied before in his life? Did he have trainers teach him how to do it? I’m a little confused at your logic. Like most of the posters on this site, you are an idiot.A baffoon. An ignorant dyke launcher. The only thing Zac is upset about, and he’s only mentioned it once, is that he wishes he could be uncencored and free. His mgmnt and PR team have layed down strict rules for him to follow and he’s been following them ever since the end of HSM.

  • longchamp

    michelle aka dorian gray… stunning at what? 50?

  • urbigfatass

    he is a puppet tho when his strings are not being pulled he is nasty, you all only see the phony, shiny side

  • http://peggy sue

    @urbigfatass: How do you know he is nasty? Do you know him personally? Give me an example of him being nasty, I do not want rumors I want facts if you do not have any facts then do not say another word because all I have heard about him is that he is a nice and down to earth person.

  • cutie

    Zac Epron is clearly the man at the New Year’s Eve Premiere…he steals the show in NYE…

  • florence2

    Well I know what I’ve wrote and that’s all that counts to me people can choose to believe which ever florence they want too I have a clear mind.@florence2:

  • florence2

    I have never said that Zac would sleep with someone who is underage that is just sick, do I think he is a player and messed around when he Was with V then yes Deb I do and I reply as it’s my right to but that’s my choice. Just as you choose to reply.

  • mrsvagabunda

    That awkward moment when paparazzis ask you about your ex girlfriend’s new boyfriend at YOUR PREMIERE!

    Not cool

  • Merlin’s Mum

    Zac Efron always looks wonderful when he is suited up for a premiere!! Even when you are watching on line at 3am inthe morning!!@longchamp: Yes!! Michelle is so beautiful!!!

  • florence2Surel

    @Facts: Surely the rules would have been set while he WAS doing HSM not after and at 24yrs old sureley he has some say in what goes on in his life personal and professional, he has quite willingly gone along with his PR team in giving him the image he has now and seems quite happy to be known for his drinking, clubbing and messing around. If he wants to go uncencored and be free then stand up to your PR team Zac and quiet moaning like you have such a bad life, it.s the life you want.

  • Guest

    Zac just keeps getting hotter!!

  • Deb

    @ florence2Surel
    No matter what name you go by, you’re still an idiot.

  • Sara

    @Facts at least i like Zac efron its not like im bashing him. And btw im still in high school LEARNING PHSYCHOLOGY thanks for damaging my selfesteem!!

  • jaded

    @Sara: I think his deep regret is ever having agreed to do this movie. It looks like a mess. I refuse to see anything with Ashton Kutcher or Katherine Heigl. Kutcher couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag and Heigl has the appeal of wet toilet paper. Michelle Pfeiffer is the best thing about the movie. That said, you are right about the eyes being revealing. If you ever want to know the truth about someone, look into their eyes. His eyes look a bit sad or perhaps wary?

  • randy efron

    i would ride him all night long. bareback! im a guy and after ive stradddled him good and made him sore, ill take his dong out of my as s and suck on it till he exploded. i would proceed to drink every drop and shove it back in my orifice!